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Rank: Administrator
Rep: Esteemed (481)
Status: Online

Summoner Info

Gnar, Sivir, Thresh
Fighter, Marksman, Tank


Mowens Angels
Oct 11th, 2012
Oct 18th, 2011
Apr 10th, 2014
MOBAFire Staff
Sep 26th, 2013


PSA: Please don't put a space in front of question & exclamation marks. It's painful.

Personal Info
Name: Wayne
Age: 25 (30-12-1991)
Lives in: The Netherlands
Nationality: English/German
Interests: Gaming, Game Design, Football, Table Tennis, Drawing/Writing

Sereth (level 30)
a little goat (level 30)
Wayne (level 30)
Sevelas (level 30)

NA Account
Wayne3100 (level 13)

EUNE Account
Wayne3150 (level 10)

Memorable Moments
03/08/2011: Joined the site! \o/
14/12/2011: Promoted to Scout!
08/03/2012: Promoted to Veteran!
29/07/2012: 1000 normal wins ^__^
02/10/2012: Promoted to Moderator!
17/04/2014 / 17/02/2015: Hit Platinum Elo!
29/07/2014: Promoted to Administrator!
08/11/2015: Hit Diamond Elo!