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Why I buy RP

So as anyone who has read my previous posts can tell, I am not a power gamer. I am not the worst player but definitely have miles to go to be considered 'good'. That being said, one might wonder why someone with my rather low LOL Status would bother spending money purchasing RP.

There are 3 reasons really.
1. Quite simply,because I can. Plus, as far as hobbies go it can be as cheap or expensive as I want it to be.

2. I like the diversity of having pretty skins and new champions to try and experiment with

My third reason really is the primary one though.

3. Its my way of giving back to the Riot Devs and assorted folks who put this game out there Free to Play.

So no, its not contributing to the end of world hunger or peace for all, but it is my way of contributing to an enjoyable diversion that I am glad to have around.

New rep level+ranked updates

So first of all despite most of my posts being quite dumb I have managed to get to the 'notable' rep level (idk how) thanks to every one that +repped me I must've been helpful for a change.

Next I will update my blog occasionally for my ranked games as I have had some success recently (I'm currently in series due to getting my 3 best champs in a row) and hopefully can get myself promoted and stay there, marking the start of my long climb towards my goal of silver before the end of the season.

So I'm 1-0 with my promo's great Sona match got my Quinn fed to bursting in lane and then finished 1-3-12 2 of those deaths got my teams

Top Facts: Zac (By OTGBionicarm)

Berzerk is a lazy RPG maker obsessed jerk, so I, OTGBionicArm will be filling in for this particular Top Facts. He also apparently dislikes Zac and, I, for one welcome our new gooman overlord.

Champion Overview:

Zac is ironically tanky champion that excels at initiation, sustained damage and healing. In lane, Zac is an almost unmovable force that wins trades easily with most enemy champions. Zac is a good pick if your team needs CC, a tanky initiator, or more magical damage. Zac brings a unique sustain mechanic into lane which forces the enemy laner to be aware of blobs flying off him. Zac has an amazing laning phase for a tank and deals heavy sustained damage even with a tank item set. Zac is generally a safe pick in lane and can be picked for almost any team.

Skills Overview:

Cell Division(Passive)- Each time Zac hits an enemy with an ability, he sheds a chunk of himself that can be reabsorbed to restore 4% of his maximum health.
Upon taking fatal damage, Zac splits into

Tales of an Absolute Failure: Working Hard to Fail

Just got done playing a normal 5s with a friend-of-a-friend whom I have had problems playing with before. Last time she, myself and her friends went up against an organized dedicated 5s team in normals. They whooped our *** all around but didn't rush to take turrets. She and one other decided to block surrender votes, forcing us into playing an hour long game that she herself admitted she knew we would lose. Having wasted about an hour of my life, I was frustrated as piss but tried to be reasonable about it.

Today, she drops me an invite and we go in. Normals, so it's just call order. We call Mid within half a second of each other and despite me clearly having gotten it in first (Confirmed by the rest of the team) she didn't change from her Kat pick or the mentality that she was going mid. So I picked myself Teemo and went solo top where Garen and a jungle Yi fed me and made me feel better about the fact that the one time I attempted to play my favorite lane with her (I usually allow …

"Its only a 'bot' game"

Some food for thought on 'V.S. AI' games. I play a lot against the A.I. and admittedly its because I lack confidence in my understanding and delivery of the META. However, when I am playing versus bots, I am always practicing things I would need to do and be aware of in a real PvP game. I place wards and use map maneuvers. Also I am often playing with my friend who is teaching me via Vent on how to read situations, advising how to use terrain to advantage, etc.

Now I totally get that for a lot of players Bot games are for IP. I also get that I need to get over my 'fears' and just dive in to PvP for real experience and learning.

All that aside, I still think its a good stop thought to have when playing V.S. AI that even if it is just a 'bot game' to you, it may not be that way for someone else.

League of Legends - Jungling Commando Jarvan IV -...

-Hey guys GuirdianSmash here. In this video I jungle as Jarvan IV with the Commando skin which looks amazing. I do need input so please comment and leave any advice you can. Thanks for watching and as always don't forget to Like Comment and Subscribe!! =]

-Runes: 3 Crit Damage Marks
4 Armor Pen Marks
2 AD Marks
9 Armor Seals
9 AD Glyphs
3 AD Quintessences

-Masteries: 9/21/0


-Thanks for watching

Which ADC to get ???

Since I have been informed that I do not have a single ADC champion and that I should get one instead of getting another burst assassin (Rengar is the one I'm talking about), as my 16'th champion for ranked play, the champions I have in mind are ... Varus, Vayne, Draven and Ezreal.

I played him when he was free and really liked him, his combo of R>>AA>>E>>AA>>Q and his presence in teamfights was really strong due to his ulti and Q, only complaint was his lack of escapes and relative squishyness (but that is the problem with all ADC's, so not gonna bring that problem up again), he would be one of my top picks outoff the 4.

Played her aswell when she was free and enjoyed it allot aswell, her endgame is unbelievably strong and her Q ability (though only when mastered) has the potential of allot of funny youtube videos, only complaints are that the range of her AA's is really short, she has a problem early game and she is REALLY squishy, also one of the top choices for me.

Anyone good at Chem?

I'm redoing a quiz from my Chem II course. I'm having trouble with one specific part of the problem.

Part 1) Find pH of a sol'n that is 0.50M HA (Ka = 1.2 x 10^-7) and 0.40 M NaA.
I calculated the pH using Handerson-H***elbalch:
pH = pKa + log (A-/HA)
pH = -log(1.2 x 10^-7) + log (0.40/0.50)
pH = 6.8

Part 2) Find pH at the equivalence point when 10mL of the above sol'n is titrated with 1.00M of NaOH (strong base).
I have no idea how to do this. I think the equivalence point is when [HA] = [A-], but I have no idea where to go from there. Help?

Part 3) What's the best indicator (given a chart) for the above titration?
This one will be no problem, since I'm just looking for a colorband that goes through the given pH approximately in the middle of the band.


Update: Here's what I eventually found:

I have (initially) 5 mmol of HA and 4 mmol of A- (via the NaA). Meaning that when I titrate, the sol'n with NaOH, the table looks like:

Top Facts: Karma

Karma has always been one of my favorite champions. Ever since the buff spam riot has been giving her since her rework she has had a huge power spike as a top laner and has become one of my go to top lane champions. I have been thinking of making a top lane karma guide but for now just decided I should get done her TOP FACTS.

Champion Overview:

Karma is a Support-Mage. She starts the game with very high damage numbers which allows her to be an aggressive bully (especially against champions with no range). Karma is a very strong duelist due to her amazing kiting abilities. When you factor in mantra to the karma equation Karma's kit becomes really strong. Karma will scale well into the late game due to her support style abilities.

Skills Overview:

Gathering Fire(passive)- Damaging enemy champions with abilities refreshes 2 seconds of Mantra's cooldown, and half that amount on basic attacks against enemy champions.

Karma's passive reduces the CD on her mantra by a few seconds …