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I Reached Gold :)

Goodbye Silver, Hello Gold!

After 289 Games of spamming ranked with Zyra support and queuing up over 500 Ranked Games, I finally reached Gold.

I cannot believe that I actually came all the way here after I was placed into Bronze III (and once going down to Bronze IV at one point - I was at the point where I gained 2~3 LP for a win but lost 20 LP at one loss). I was about to give up when I rotated from Bronze I to Bronze IV in ranked. I saw some of my Bronze friends giving up their account and making fresh account (and they reached Silver with that), and I honestly thought "Should I do that too?" I was once a believer of Elo Hell, and while I was never a flamer or someone who got reported for offensive chats, I kept my opinion away from the chat, instead thinking "Why is this guy losing my ranked game..." in deep of my mind. I hated to hear my own mistake, and while I nodded in admit when my friends said, "You are doing this/that wrong.", I never wanted to admit that I was making bun…

Cotton Monologue #2

Yo, welcome to my second blog post.

Couple things happening right now for me:
Firstly, College, I'll be attending it. That is to say my second year of college starts next Monday, doing a computers course for those who don't know. Hoping to get into game design, though Id be fine working as a programmer as well. Due to some course changes, the stuff I learned from one of my modules (networking) has become totally obsolete and I know have to cram in two years worth of the stuff thats on the new course :(
Still, I mostly enjoy it, so it should be cool.

On a much more relevant note, I just finished up my second guide, that being 2v1 Rengar: The Bushwacka. Right now I'm trying to find a bit of art that would work well for a line divider, but since everything else is done I decided to upload it as is and I'll update it later.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

What the community thinks the better support is ...

I have been playing LoL now for quite some time now and I have tried every role in order to find what suites me the best ... oddly enough the role I hate the most is the one I am the best in xD, I am ofcource talking about support role and I tried to deny it at first, but my win ratio as a support is extremely higher than all the other roles I have tried and now I am searching for that one champion I can call upon to be my main ...

450 IP
nothing ... really don't want any of them.

1350 IP
Has a snare and a shield for ADC, downside that shield is only good for AP damage not AD.
Has a stun + a heal wich is nice, only downside is that he is gay (don't you people try to deny it ... have you seen his pink skin, holy sh*t).

3150 IP

Forum Threads I Could Make

I'd like to hear your opinion about these threads:

Scrim Arranging Thread

- In this thread I'd basically ask for people to PM me their team's players' elo etc. and arrange them with other team that is close to their skill level unless they want otherwise

Mentoring Thread

- Like the scrim thread, I'd create couples (<3). People who want to help will PM me and people who need help will PM me.

More to come....

SoloQ or not SoloQ?

I am finding really frustrating trying to play SoloQ as Support since seems I am always going something wrong because I keep losing games. I used to play Taric, but I believe they are better choices right now. In addition, I am in love with Nami and when I can't play her I use

New Rank - Scout :O

So, I've been promoted to Scout just lately and I want to do "Thank you" post because they are awesome :)))))))

'Manda (aka The_Nameless_Bard) - For being such an awesome person and allowing me to call her 'Manda

Banban pls. (aka Meiyjhe) - For being Banana and giving me some +rep

GrandmasterD - For being such a rude person towards me and making those signatures <3

IceCreamy - Just clearing some editor thingies and being nice overall :p

jhoijhoi - Thanks to your guide, I made almost perfect Satan..... Teemo! guide.

TeHaSiAn (thanks Satella) - Giving advice :)

Vapora Dark - Asking for mah help :o and being nice person overall

Vynertje - Upvoting my satan guide :)

Pølsemanden - Giving advice and playing with me :)

Xiao, Yaya, Tiny, jhoijhoi, elenah etc. - The signatures look awesome :)

MissMaw - Giving artisticicicic tips lols :p

Sona Mai Waifu - Thanks for not giving Heimerdinger skin. (Yes, I still remember.)

Koksei - Keeping my feet on the ground <4 5ev…

Improving Jungle/Support gold income for Season 4

So Xel'nath made this post on the EUW forum a while back and it's absolutely FLOODED with replies on how to improve support/jungler gold (NA link). I personally think the following ideas would work wonders at improving jungler/support gold without affecting laners:
  • Smite: Every monster kill grants a stacking buff that increases the value of neutral monsters by 1 gold, stacking up to 15 times. This buff decreases by 1 stack for every minion slain. Note that taxing lanes is still mathematically better for the jungler's wallet than not taxing lanes; this simply prevents laners from taking smite instead of ignite and farming up a storm.
  • Allow the purchase of Explorer's Wards for 45 gold, or decrease the cost of wards by 5 for every ward placed down to a minimum of 50/100 for green/pink wards respectively. Not sure if good idea, on second thought.
  • Make GP5 items grant substantially more gold (something like 10-20 gold per 10), but add a 10s cooldown on them triggered by minion/monster k

Ezreal Op? or not?

I understand the high use of Ezreal in games now and he has become one of the most loved/hated champions in the game. I feel there are something with his kit and recent builds that have made him beyond annoying to lane against and lockdown in teamfights. His mobility via Arcane Shift isn't really the problem. The blue build and the new

My fave things that I'm loving <3

Gah,school has been keeping me so busy T_T Oh well, I hope you all had a great Monday! I know a lot of people are finally returning to school. This blog post is just somethings that I like (and list of things that I like so I don't forget >_>) Boys,feel free to skip the make up section.

Okay, so lets start with food. I'm a very picky eater. On top of being a picky eater, I love junk food. It makes me so mad how fast I can gain weight. I've been trying buy healthier foods and such,but it can be hard :s These are a list of my favorite foods.

I love,love,love strawberries. They are my favorite fruit. They are full of vitamin C and help keep your digestive system on track. Another fruit I'm loving is bananas. I found this neat trick where you can make delicious pancakes made with just a banana and an egg. It's so good and its under 200 calories so it doesn't affect my weight lose. Another food/snack I'm loving are peppermint patties. I like this because it gives me that chocolate fix