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Ok Serious Question

I bought a new rune page and I kinda wanna make it JUST FOR Sivir. No one else. lol. Well maybe other adc's, idk. Mostly just Sivir since I plan on maining her.

So, I was wondering...what are the best seals to use? I'm guessing just the plain damage ones. But I kinda wanna...Idk. I wanna break away from what everyone does and just DESTROY. I just don't really know that much about rune pages. Maybe I should go research...

Well I will. But thoughts on the best page to build for Sivir?

<3 <3

400 +rep :3 (Meiyjhe update 11)

Table of contents:
1. Latest accomplishments
2. Future

1. Latest accomplishments
So I just looked at my profile page and I found out that I got 400 +rep, BOOM! That means that I now have the 16th most rep of mobafire, which is quite a fun fact indeed. Besides that, as some of you might have noticed, Mowen recently asked me a few questions because I am a mobafire celebrity now awww yus. Everything seems to run smoothly on mobafire atm, the fights have been reduced heavily and mobafire is in peace, I like it <3

Mister Searz recommended me to disenchant the nerfed cards, which gave me enough dust for a new legendary! AWWWWWWWWWWW YUS. So I bought mister Mukla to add in my charity deck. Beware for the bananas, muhahaha >:)

Not really an accomplishment, but I got to experience the Elder Scrolls Online beta, and as a ex-WoW player I must say that this is the most fun I had with an MMORPG in a loooong time. I cannot say too much because bethesda doesn't want people…

Champion Rework Ideas: Sion

Got bored and brainstormed up another one based off some fun ideas I had, only mildly tried to balance it.

Sion, the Deadnought
Attributes: Fighter, Tank, Mage, Jungler
Special Notes: Manaless, runs on unique resource

Passive: Soul Gorge -

ADC Reccomendations?

In This Post I am going to tell you the basics on how I feel you should ADC in order to be good at it or at least decent. (My tips will sometimes be for a champ in specific)

You do not always need to have all DMG!
You need to sometimes think "Farm... or a CHANCE at a kill.."
You need to call MIA'S even if your support does to help your team
Always try to poke your enemy out of lane or bully.
Never tower dive early on unless you know you guys can win it.
Don't ever rush something like a Guardian's Angel
You may want to get stuff like a banshees time to time (It is not as good anymore but it moderate.)
Almost always build a trinity force if you have an ADC who has a ability that applies on hit effects (Like Ezreal)

Comment below with questions and more!

Yo. Been awhile. League and what I've been doing.

Not gonna make this snazzy, not gonna make this pomp.

I haven't written one of these things in a very long while, because more or less, I stopped browsing MOBAfire. I have never been one for forums (in my entire time here, I have posted only 165 times), and after a falling out with an incident occurring during 2012 and the inhouses, I slowly stopped coming to visit.

Along with that, League of Legends has been increasingly volatile to play. The current metagame is so whacked that any champion who slightly falls out of line gets destroyed, because the best of the best of the best of the best thrash anyone they are against. I have been climbing the ranked ladder despite all of that, where I currently reside at Gold 1. I could very easily hit Platinum, but solo queue is scary.

In the mean time, I've been watching a hell of a lot more anime (I blame Evangelion), a lot more worldly cinema (I blame Kurosawa), and a lot more console games (I blame Persona 4). I have also been pushing out mo…

EUW <=> EUNE transfer is FREE for now

Hello everyone!

So till next Saturday, we can transfer between Europe servers for no cost. Again - it raises the perpetual question - to go to EUW or not to go?

Possible pros:
  • slightly better community
  • better players
  • less polish ******s
  • MOBAFire community cups and stuff
  • you guys :D

After EUNE I don't think EUW can be that bad, and worse that can happen is - it will be the same as EUNE.

So, is it worth changing the server? I heard it's down every now and again, but I experienced some troubles at EUNE as well. Few times. And I heard there is loads of polish tards as well. :-/

Another option is to wait this season in here, learn how to play and next year, when the transfer will be free again, make my big move. (I guess, since last year transfer was free as well, they will make it available every year).

Best Mouse NA

So my left mouse key broke. I managed to set all of my skills and summoner spells on smartcast so I should be able to play normals/arams. My mouse was already ****py enough so I'm not very happy with this whole situation. On the other hand, this is a good time to learn how to play properly with smartcast. I generally only use it on certain skills (Ez Q for example) so I'm not that good at playing with smartcast.

Oh and to those interested I plan on finishing Part 1 of Chapter 1 in my Light Novel by the end of January. I'm looking forward to sharing it with everyone. Hopefully I'll get some good criticism and advice :P

That's all I have for today. See you in the next post! :P

Entering First Real Competition

Hello Mobafire people.

My name is Alex, and I will finally be getting into the competitive scene
aside from playing ranked. I have hit diamond and made a team that is currently
sponsored. We even have a manager and analyst so things are getting really interesting
and I can't wait for our first tournament which will be Mobafire's online tourney.
I hope to at least get in the top 3, but I see the competition is a bit tough.

Champion Rework Ideas: Fiora

So I played Fiora for fun for a few games, and decided out of boredom that I'd throw out some ideas for potential reworking of her abilities to make her kit smoother while still retaining her gameplay. This is an idea I made up in about a couple of hours.

Duelist - Every time

Introducing Myself

Hello guys, My name is Furkan. I love 9gag, league of legends, all COD and BF games, chess, smoking, hanging out with my friends, playing scrabble, running(condition), fencing (swordplay), listening to drum&bass, progressive house, electro house. I'm 17 year's old. İm playing at euw server ( can add me if you want i will enjoy doing duo). I know bit about photoshop and video editing.