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Team Work for the win

Hey guys my name is 233jason or jason233 depending on where you find me. In League of legends I am 233jason, team leader of the League of Grim Reapers (currently provisional). I just wanted to let ya'll know that I am going to make several guides and post trips, tricks and strategies (probably meta breaking) and even some videos showing off our exploits. Current favorite game was Yorick mid lane with Jinx bot and Diana top. We did win



Hi everyone. i gonna take a test now and see how much people hate school.
    I love school
[list=2] I Hate school very much.

[list=3] I love school of all my heart.

[list=4] The school can burn down.

[list=5] I think the school is (OKEY)

Please comment what you mean about the school


Redefining Daily Life

For being around here for almost two years, I haven't really posted much. But after slapping down my first few blog posts, I'm beginning to enjoy sharing stuff with people who are on the same page gaming-wise. That, and writing is an enjoyable thing to take my mind off of stressful stuff.

That little tidbit aside, my life is changing rapidly from what it used to be no less than a month ago. I was deep into a relationship that I was not at all happy with. The direction my life was heading was not something I wanted and I was not progressing intellectually in any way. Although it's a sad ordeal, the aforementioned relationship ended about three weeks ago and I have my whole life opened up ahead of me, able to go in the direction that I want, rather than the direction somebody else wants. So, other than sleep deprivation due to emotional stress (which I didn't know could happen) I've got a lot of good back in my life.

With the end of one heavily emotional chapter of my life comes anothe…

Free Rotation Review - W2

Hello everyone!

As a part of my "get better at League" plan, I decided to play each all of the free champions every week, just to see what they do and how they work.

Last week I played just 1 bot game with each, and went for recommended items. But from now on, I will play about 2 bot games with each and at least 2 normals with the ones I like. Before the game I will check quickly the usual builds and read something about them, to have better insight.

The reasons for playing bot games and not customs are 2:
  • 1. In bot game you play with humans, so you have to try harder to get those kills, and also they are not going to let you farm and just fool around, as they don't want an hour long match. So I will have to try my best, get better at CSing and overall gameplay, if I want to have some items. Like that I can improve more.
  • 2. I like the idea of getting paid (with IP) for playing a game, and learning something new :D

And here are my findings:

I own this champ for …

Hello There!

Hi. I am John and I play the name Crysis in the EUNE server. I am level 30, I have been playing since release Talon mostly to have fun. In late Season 3, I decided to start play ranked games exclusively, and went from Bronze III to Bronze I. With the Season IV reset I was placed again in Bronze I and moved a weak later to Silver V. I am a top lane mainer but can't play pretty much anything if my team needs so. I prefer late game champions and tanks but I can play some early/mid game monsters quite well too.

I don't play that much as I prepare for my final school exams next year and I pursuit an entrance at the electrical engineering school of NTUA.

I joined the site, because I like theory crafting and I think that I can help by sharing my ideas, as well as learning from those who are better than me. My first guide will be definitely for Jax, I've mained this guy since level 5, and I enjoy playing him very much in the top lane.

So I am really happy for joining and I plan on doing a…


Hi everyone. i just wonder what is your best score on LoL comment your best score of ~kills~ of ~minions~,~Champions~ and ~Death~. and your best stats from the first day you started to play LoL


Mkay, New Season

Got my gold back quite easily, first had 4 wins and 4 defeats then won 12 ranked games in a row. With 6/4 I was placed into silver 1 but after those 10 wins more in the row i got also Gold V really fast. Then after that amazing win-streak i found myself in situation where i was only gold in my games and i was faced against platinums and diamonds. MMR was a way better than my actual league-placement. Then i just started getting my accounts on other servers on ranked elo. EUW account OrganizationXII had some difficulties since i had no playable runes and only couple champs i could actually play. Well, I managed to get it in silver 3. Still not as good as that 9/0 w/l i got in last season. While on my NA-account divic I won 2 first games and lost 3rd one while playing against platinum and challenger on unranked account that has never been ranked on any elo. That was a bit weird.

Soon after getting Gold V on my main, my mmr started to drop down. I just couldn't beat those games anymore. T…

Who am I?

I am Antishyguy

A brief history about me

And I'm just a fellow League of Legends player. I'm nothing special of a player just Bronze I (at the time of this post) not much of a achievement for most but it took me 3/4 of Season 3 (first season of playing) to climb up the ranked ladder from Bronze 4 which where I ended up getting seeded after my placement matches. Overall the climb has been a good a learning experience which actually molded my new attitude towards the game.

There was a nice quote I found about the end of season 3 which sums up my feelings entirely:

"If you feel like you've actually improved since last season, or if it is your first season and you feel like you already know something - rejoice. Be proud that you are better than before. Be it bronze 1, silver, gold, platinum or even diamond.

The best reward is feel of accomplishment."

- Ксин

So there's my brief history of my League of Legends journey (Up to the time of this post). So your all wondering what I hav…

Provisionals gone wrong

Hello everybody!

Yesterday I decided to rush my last 3 provisionals, which was a mistake. But I really wanted to have it done, not to have that stress about where will I be in the end.

So I'm Bronze 1 now, which would be OK, it's just dissapointing.

I ended up with 6/4 in preseason, and I was Silver 2. Now I got exactly the same result - 6/4 and I am Bronze 1, while my premade duo, who was 5/5 (and in preseason he was Silver 4) was thrown to Silver 5.

I was very pissed yesterday.

I'm OK now, though. I rushed it, wasn't playing very well yesterday, so I guess I deserved it. Also in Bronze there will be no stress, as I can't fall any lower than that and as my friend Nautilus says - when there's nothing else left, there is just forward. (Or something like that.)

In S4 I'm gunning for Gold 3 or Gold 4. But as from now, I will play rankeds only on weekends, fresh and fully in OK mood, no stress, no rush, just pure plays. Week days will be just for training.

I owuld like to say "se…