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Alright Guys, Serious Moment. AP Ezreal or AD?

I was trying Ez out in a custom game just to see if I'd like him when I realized...IDK IF THIS MOFO IS AD OR AP! All of his skills seem to point to AP, but in the back of my head I was like "Well wait, he's supposed to be adc."

So fellas and ladies, HELP A LADY OUT! lol.

I archived my Ahri Guide ...

Hello everyone,

this is my first blog post here on MOBAFire and I hope you can understand everything I am going to write because of my lack of English skills.

Before I start talking about the fact that I archived the guide I want to tell you why I created this guide and how it develops in the last months:
First of all I created the guide because my friend and me (or I, don't know) were bored or so and he created a guide for one of his most played champions, Diana and I created a guide for

obligatory 1000 posts blog

F*ck my life, i have to make annother blog just because i have 1000 posts. how great. I am so motivated that i could kill myself. and i forgot my reddit password( i obviously have not given them my e-mail, so i can't reset it), which makes my mood even better.

Damn, i think it would be better if i acted like i would be happy or something.

Ok, serious mode on.

Thank you guys for being an awesome boring community. as one can see by the number of my post, it is a great place to waste your time at. some people say that it is fun to be here, but i think this is only a rumor. there are no awesome people here and the only reason why i am not gone already is that i am too lazy to find a new community. i also learned nothing about league in here because there is not a single good guide in here.

I think it might be better to be actually serious.

Ok, serious mode on.

I'd like to thank everyone here for being awesome. I am proud to be a part of this community.

sorry for not writing anything …


GUYS GUYS! HE'S OUT! After this long wait, we can finally play Morpheus-I mean Lucian, the revenge obsessed, certain lantern-wielding ghost hater with guns! I started this just as I got in-game with him, so this whole thing will be done over a period of like 45 minutes! His abilities are all lots, of fun, but they're also all skill shots. Does lots o damage, but he CANNOT take it. The first game I played with him, a Talon ruined my early game, then again late game. He has high mobility, and can escape a lot of tricky situations. Over all, he is a very good champion, and he has great potential. I think I'll be playing him quite a lot in the next few days! Not so senior senior citizen, signing off!

No internet ... again...

So..for the 50000th time there's no internet at my home so that's why I was inactive after I previously posted on my blog that I'd be more active. Once I get my internet fixed I'll start being more active. I think I've already thought of something awesome to do for my next project here on Moba.

Look forward to it! :D

Thanks for reading and till next time (which will be when I fix my freakin internet)

P.S - I'm on a PC at my brother's office. It has internet so I can watch my animes :O

What would you like to see in a Leona guide?


I'm currently working on a Leona, as some may know. I wish to pick up some feedback in the meantime, so I may adress any possible issue that could worsen its overall quality.

Is there something in particular you'd like to see? Videos of "how to", item paths? A support synergy section?

I'm really curious in knowing what issues most Leona lovers have with the champion, or people that wish to learn her but don't really get how she works.

I am by no means an expert player, but I play her a whole lot and I think that I mostly know how she works. I still do mistakes, though. :)

Introducing... iR0NC0CH

To whom it may concern,

Hello Ladies and Germs. I'm iR0NC0CH, and I've been playing LOL since close to the end of Season II. Now I know I've not been here since the very beginning, however, I like to think of my self as a rather astute observer and thinker. I enjoy a good game as much as the next person. I enjoy good teamwork even better. I can even enjoy a loss, provided it was legitimate (I'm sure you know what I mean).
All that said, I'm here just to let you know that I'm blogging now about my experience and thoughts on LOL. Hope you enjoy what I have to say. Please feel free to leave comments, so long as you don't troll. Don't get me wrong, we all troll, whether intentionally or unintentionally at times. I don't mind the trolls I know who are my friends, 'cause I know it is just good friendly ribbing. It's another thing all together to be inconsiderate. That's what I'm really getting at here. Be considerate to those around you. Think first how what you say or do may b…