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A newcomer appears.

Um I guess my name is Karukatsu i've played moba games for awhile in the shadows I have 1200 hours of Dota 2 and 700+ games of League. I hope my personal experiences can help to give you some insight and you all can give me some! Well this is my first post on this section of the internet. I'm new to making guides and I hope to contribute more as time goes on. I hope some of you will be nice though I know I expect criticism and will get some obviously. While here I want to gain some insight and polish my own personal play experience and hopefully climb the ladder to Silver or Gold potentially.

That being said I published my first guide on AD TF I was dumb enough not to require a comment when voting and it got down voted. I also have no idea how to add fancy images and graphics yet but, i'll get to it at some point. Thanks for taking the time to read my mindless dribble!

Mobafire Community cup

I've been trying to win the Mobafire Community Cup for the past 6 months. It always irked me that the teams that were winning it weren't a part of the community. Literally the winning teams would have no posts/guides/blogs etc. After 6 months of trying some friends and I finally won the tournament.

This particular tournament had a lot of problems. It started 2 hours late, some teams with challenger players were kicked while others weren't. They stopped the tournament in round 3 or 4 and told us to schedule games vs our opponents at our leisure. All in all it was the most poorly executed tournament I've played in on this site. Apparently the main moderator got sick (I hope he's made a recovery), so the problems with the tournament are understandable.

Anyway just wanted to let you guys know for the first time since I've been participating in it the Community Cup was won by an actual member of the community.


Need to make Silver before end of season3

Ok I really need to make it to Silver tier by the end of October, that ward skin is calling to me xD

I really don't care much for getting to Gold tier by the end of season3, because I can't care less for that Elise skin (because I don't own her :D), unless somebody can answer me this: If I make Gold, but I don't own Elise will I unlock her and that skin or will I only get the skin after I buy her with IP/ RP ??

I am currently in Bronze tier devision 1 and I can surely use any advice in order to climb to Silver (I don't care what devision, aslong as I am in Silver), I'll make the effort for Gold if I unlock

I remember why I don't play ranked much

Well I tried to play a ranked just now and everything was going good, mid was called and even though I was first pick I was courteous and called top since I am good at both (usually), then my second pick starts raging about me going top because he mains it and then when our time to pick comes he instalocks tryndamere (reminded me of the song) and starts abusing the **** out of me and the guy who called mid. I remember now that I don't avoid ranked because of the baddies that can't play because as long as they don't troll I should be able to carry them if I actually deserve to climb, I avoid ranked because of the trolls and flamers that ruin the games because they don't get their main role (I hardly ever get my main ****ing role and I don't troll) and then if someone relents you figure out the hard way that they actually suck at their main and you are stuck with a role you can't carry from because it's your 3rd choice or something like that.

Well I know people probably won't care but I…

First guide published / Here's Lulu jungle

Heya !

After several days of work and testing, and learning how to do a decent mobafire guide, I've finally managed to get my Jungle Lulu guide published.

First guide, i think there are several mistakes in here but I will learn from them.
Don't hesitate to come back to me if you have constructive *things* to tell me back about the guide. If this guide has some success, I'll work on some other guides. I have the basics now, it should be quickier.

I just hope you'll have fun with her, cleaning your jungle faster than ever and cupcaking your enemies to death.

Thanks for your early support all ;)

Test Blog Created..


This is a test to create my first blog. It can be Annoyed. But I'm really sorry. I am a new member. English may be wrong because I was Asian, Position Thailand.

See you next post.


Postscript : I want to create a build guide the champion, You can advise me!

It's my first time.

Hello everyone this is GrandamsterFreak and I am finding wards in the strangest places today. With that being said I have a tip for support players out there which might seem obvious but it certainly helped me; when warding, if you put a pink ward outside of the bushes, you are not granted "vision" of the bushed area while you stand in it, even if you are in range of the pink. I would like to take this time to talk about a 5's comp that I fell would work very well: Leona support, Ezreal carry, Rengar and Jax jungle or top for each, and most importantly Orianna. If you can get a Leona, Jax, or Rengar cap closer into 5 enemies with an Ori shield -> ult combo, Leona can then land her ult and set up a stun wombo combo resulting in a total victory or at least 3 for 0. I hope I can get some good feedback here with counter picks or even a team that would beat a comp like that. OF course this is assuming that Amumu and Shen are banned. Thank you for your time and I hope you learned something y…

Is it worth the trouble to get him ??

If your wondering about which champion I am considering then you should know that it is Yorick that I am thinking about getting ...

I have seen allot of people in games and in streams play him and it just looks awesome how they dominate or help there team out, his abbilities sound like you can harrass you lane opponent so badly that they just give up the lane completly and you end up carrying the game.

But then again there are allot of people here on MobaFire that say he is an utter piece of c*** and he isn't viable or usefull in the current meta.

Also he is recieving a massive rework on his abbilities, I don't know when the rework is going to be released, but it doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon (maybe in about 5 or 6 months, or I don't know maybe sooner maybe later), if your looking for a link it can be found here ...

Also I already have the IP to get him :D , so a quick response will be appreciated xD