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First guide published / Here's Lulu jungle

Heya !

After several days of work and testing, and learning how to do a decent mobafire guide, I've finally managed to get my Jungle Lulu guide published.

First guide, i think there are several mistakes in here but I will learn from them.
Don't hesitate to come back to me if you have constructive *things* to tell me back about the guide. If this guide has some success, I'll work on some other guides. I have the basics now, it should be quickier.

I just hope you'll have fun with her, cleaning your jungle faster than ever and cupcaking your enemies to death.

Thanks for your early support all ;)

Test Blog Created..


This is a test to create my first blog. It can be Annoyed. But I'm really sorry. I am a new member. English may be wrong because I was Asian, Position Thailand.

See you next post.


Postscript : I want to create a build guide the champion, You can advise me!

It's my first time.

Hello everyone this is GrandamsterFreak and I am finding wards in the strangest places today. With that being said I have a tip for support players out there which might seem obvious but it certainly helped me; when warding, if you put a pink ward outside of the bushes, you are not granted "vision" of the bushed area while you stand in it, even if you are in range of the pink. I would like to take this time to talk about a 5's comp that I fell would work very well: Leona support, Ezreal carry, Rengar and Jax jungle or top for each, and most importantly Orianna. If you can get a Leona, Jax, or Rengar cap closer into 5 enemies with an Ori shield -> ult combo, Leona can then land her ult and set up a stun wombo combo resulting in a total victory or at least 3 for 0. I hope I can get some good feedback here with counter picks or even a team that would beat a comp like that. OF course this is assuming that Amumu and Shen are banned. Thank you for your time and I hope you learned something y…

Is it worth the trouble to get him ??

If your wondering about which champion I am considering then you should know that it is Yorick that I am thinking about getting ...

I have seen allot of people in games and in streams play him and it just looks awesome how they dominate or help there team out, his abbilities sound like you can harrass you lane opponent so badly that they just give up the lane completly and you end up carrying the game.

But then again there are allot of people here on MobaFire that say he is an utter piece of c*** and he isn't viable or usefull in the current meta.

Also he is recieving a massive rework on his abbilities, I don't know when the rework is going to be released, but it doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon (maybe in about 5 or 6 months, or I don't know maybe sooner maybe later), if your looking for a link it can be found here ...

Also I already have the IP to get him :D , so a quick response will be appreciated xD

League of Legends - Jungling Crimson Elite Riven -...

League of Legends - Jungling Crimson Elite Riven - Full Game Commentary

-Hey guys GuirdianSmash here, in this match I play Crimson Elite Riven jungle. I don't know what I am doing at all but I had a lot of fun this match. I hope everyone enjoys. :)

-Runes: 9 Attack Speed Marks
9 Armor Seals
9 Magic Resist Glyphs
3 Quintessence of Attack Damage

-Masteries: 4/23/3


-Thanks for watching
-Royalty Free Music by

MyBloodisBlack Champions Review (Part one - This is...

Greetings Fellow Summoners and Welcome to my very own review of some of the champions I have played as.

Please note this is my own personal review, some of the things I may say about certain champions may not be to everyone cup of tea and some may totally disagree with what is said but I write this merely from my very own experience playing League of Legend and not from the views of anyone else.

First review rightfully has to go to the first ever champion I played as, Soraka.
Now I understand that Soraka is like the basic of basics when it comments to Support champion however I find her somewhat endearing and actually surprisingly underrated in terms of her abilities... She may not seem it but I swear she can pack a punch if you build her correctly.

One thing I do love about Soraka is her Ultimate "Wish", I promise you this is one of the best support based Ultimate in League of Legends because a well timed Wish in a match can turn the tide of the battle in a matter of seconds…

Shiit Kaak

Where is the challenge?

The members of "Shiit Kaak" are waiting for a challenge. In the meantime we will enter a "Mobafire" tournament. This tournament takes place on the 8 th and 9th of september this year. Wish us good luck.

xoxo, King Itheuz

What should the next new champion be?

So Lucian is cool and all, but the only original thing about him is his ult. I really want to hear what others have to say. I've been thinking about it and i'm gonna go to being a star wars nerd. Like think about all the things that jedi's do, the force to push them back, allowed to throw your sword or saber. (I think it'd be cool if he had an original sword or something.) Maybe an ult where he like hits the ground hard and everyone in the path is pushed up. A dash would be cool too. I don't really know about the passive, maybe every 20 seconds if an enemy is nearby they take damage from gravitational force. Something cool that doesn't only revolve around a weapon. I don't know, comment your other idea's im really interested.

LoL Maths~ How to get Big numbers on Lucian's ''The...

Why hello there! I'm back! and this time with more of a ''kewl fax'' blog instead of a more helpful one let's say.

Yes, as you may have guessed from the tittle, I will try to find THE build that will make your The Culling deal the most damage possible, regardless of the viability of the build or of any other effects it may have on the rest of his kit.

Of course, there are always ways to cheat. For example, having a nearby Sona with a maxed