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Tales of an Absolute Failure: Resurgence

I'm back. I'm playing on the NA server under a new name, pushing hard to 30. My original account was NOT banned but as you can see from this blog, it has a punishment history attached to it and ever since my threes team broke up as a result of an argument between our play caller and I, I've made an honest effort to wipe the slate clean.

Still, I intend to return to this blog when I can and especially post about my journey away from toxic player status, which I took a long vacation from to get my schooling in order. Sorta.


On a related note, I'm now teamless

Edit: I'm falling in gamer love with Yasuo.

Question about MobaFire

Hello everyone reading this, I have been with the Mobafire community for a couple of months now and I want to find a way to perhaps let the community know who i am. So I want to ask a question. Can someone please tell me what the "inhouses" are? I understand a lot of you communicate through the fields and justice and I would really enjoy to be able to take part of this. Also while we are on the topic about the inhouses, how do I part take in them?

Thanks to whoever answers my question.

An Open Letter to People that play in tournaments

Hey guys, my name is C4 Lasty and I actively play in LoL tournaments. I've competed in everything from Go4lol to little 10 team Z33k tournaments. I actively play in the tournament hosted by this site; the Mobafire Community Cup. I've won the tournament on this site twice. I have been noticing a disturbing trend amongst people/teams that play in tournaments. Namely people seem to be really upset about facing strong teams especially in early rounds.

Let me explain why this is actually a positive. If your team consists primarily of players that have achieved Platinum or lower in solo que it is very unlikely that your team is going to win a Summoners rift tournament. You may ask yourself, 'why should we play in the tournament then?!'. The answer is that you can achieve goals from participating in tournaments besides 'winning the whole tournament'. If you are a primarily Platinum or lower team you should have a few goals in mind going into the tournament. These include, seeing ho…

Girl Gamers <3

So I started League of Legends about 2 months ago and other than the fact that I still suck at the game I suck even more at realizing wether or not my teammate is a male or female. Now I am a dude but when I call my teammates dude and the reply is "Im a chick dude"..... its just that I have played games were finding girls on the game is really rare kind of like finding a Lugia Pokemon card in one of those 10 packs....anyway as I was saying I am just so psyched that their are so many different types of people who play this game and especially can appreciate how the opposite sex rock this game. So just a shout out to all the awesome girl gamers out their and by the way... I'm single... <3

An open letter to middle schoolers

Dear people/children aged 1-15;

Mobafire is a cool site! You can come and shoot the breeze about league and all kinds of things.

However, there is a TIME and a PLACE for making posts asking for advice on middle school problems. (EG:

The place is off-topic, and the time is never. I can see a disturbing trend arising where very young people pour their hearts out to complete strangers. This is really bad, and we don't care.

I was 14 once, and although the internet was in its infancy, I posted a bunch of silly and embarassing things. All of those things I posted are now on websites that don't exist. Fortunately, they're gone forever. You may not be so lucky.

When you begin to feel angsty, or there's a situation you don't know how to handle, GENERAL DISCUSSION AND BLOGS ARE NOT THE PLACE TO DO IT. I feel embarassed FOR you and my face hurts from face palming. If you really need to turn…


As you've probably read in my past posts I'm not good at all. I used to hardly EVER play it, but recently I have found myself playing it every day. The mute button really helps with the harassment. That's my main problem, the mean things that people's discouraging, and henders best effort! Anyway, I've been demoted to Bronze V, but at least since I'm at a lower level I will be put with less competitive opponents (hopefully)! I've been getting more kills than I ever have in Ranked, and it's just an overall great feeling and experience! Glad I'm actually get to enjoy Ranked like everyone else. :) Now if only I could get promoted to Bronze IV again.

Oh Annie

I find the game of LOL to be so peaceful you are running up your lane destroying turrets killing minions and Kill stealing from your teammates... until then out of nowhere, Tibbers The Bear of Doom comes out of nowhere and kills you while Annie is giggling and running around. Or when you are running away from a little girl with pigtails with only 12 health left and you think you are safe but you are not you are dead wrong Tibbers comes and...kills you... If anyone else has experienced this please comment and know that you too are not alone.

My Introduction

I decided to join the MobaFire community because I feel I can make an impact with my knowledge about League of Legends, I spend so much time learning rather than playing that I am not level 30 or ranked yet. Most of you might not listen to me but I trust myself to do good guides for all of you to enjoy.

Trinket team composition

Hello everyone!

As I promised in my last post, I would like to share my thoughts about how the trinket composition should looks like in a team. And as always, any of your ideas are more than welcome.

Btw. this post is mainly for teams and players, that DO think map vision is important, that DO know "warding is for supports only" is stupid, Paper league logic principle, and who DO buy wards throughout the game :)

So I gave it a thought lately...

Top lane - Warding Totem
Jungle - Sweeping Lens
Mid lane -