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First post!

Since I made my account on MobaFire about 3 months ago I still haven't posted anything. Welcome to my blog! This would be my first post with more to come, you're welcome to read up on ALL the whimsical things that I will be posting here!

That would be about it for this one, so since it's so short I will post a Lulu as well:

Random blog - 2 Mill

Wooohooo! 2 Million views on FOXFIRe AHRI HERE SKT AHRI WHERe! Thank you to everyone who's supported the guide through upvotes or views! Since it'd be lame to make a blog with 2 sentences, I shall use this opportunity to just say whatevers on my mind since this is a blog after all.

Guide name change: Yeah, I decided to re-name my guide. It's kinda sad to see me finally change the name that began it all. But FOXFIRe AHRI WHERE was a joke so long ago that I'm positive 99% of the people seeing my guide have no clue on what it means. I read that an SKT Ahri skin was hinted at and I'm excited about that, so I figured my guide might as well represent something more up-to-date. A new season, a new start! (i know my sig and banners and stuff still all say the old name, but I'll keep it for now)

Ahri post-nerf: Hmmm. Well, to be honest, I'm kinda scared to try her out since I might discover she's really really weak and that'd make me sad. I tried Ahri out in a normal game and got stomped by…


Just out of curiosity has anyone been experiencing major lag issues since the latest patch has come out? ever since 3.13 has come out whenever i play it just lags until i dc then come back on just to dc a few minutes later... pretty sure its not on my end either cause i play a variety of games on my computer and leagues is the only one with this much issue.:(

any help would be appreciated!
thank you!

Help on Twisted Fate ...

Twisted Fate has been part of my champion roster for quite some time now and I finaly decided that I wanted to become a pro with him, the reason for this is because he is one of the most fun champions I have everplayed and with the harrowing here I also bought the Underworld Twisted Fate skin so I reaaaly need to learn him better or I will feel asif I had wasted 975 RP ...

It's not to say that I'm total garbage with him I am quite addiquite with him wich doesn't help when you wan't to climb the elo ladder so here are a few questions I had on him ...

.1 THE BIG ONE ... what counter's

Items make the Champion Viable: Items are Important...

In League of Legends, we are always discussing strategies and builds and which Champions are viable, etc... Summoners may not realize the importance of Items play in making a Champion viable. A Champion can exist and be considered 'not viable' for numerous reasons, but one of the biggest factors is Itemization. If items do not exist that compliment that Champion's kit, then that Champion will continue to be 'not viable'. I want to discuss the importance of Itemization and Champion viability.

This Article is divided into
-History of the League
-Recurring Themes in League History
-Items = Champion Viability
-Mixed Damage: Magic and Physical Damage and AP Scaling Ultimates
-Item Niches still unfulfilled

Historical Context: This is my description of League History to the best of my knowledge.

Season 1 Dominant Strategies:
-S1: Alistar and Roaming Supports and GP/10: Back when there were 4 Items that gave Gold per 10 Seconds, a Champion could build any combination of the 4 and roam the S…

About Me

Hello, my "user" name is Jonasx45, but my real name is Jonas. ^_^


My summoner name is, AsongTumatalon12 . You must be asking why my name is that, because... I'm a player from Philippines. I'm in silver IV but originally, I'm in Gold V. My teammates screw me all over and I'm demoted by many.

My best heroes are AD's and Farmer. I hate AP and Tanker also support. I'm having troubles creating my own guide because of proper usage of code's, picture's and correct information. Soon, I like the role ADR because of Draven. Now I'm a AD, ADR, and FARMER summoner.

SKarma: a Rework gone wrong

Skarma is an abomination. While I do find it fun to play her, I don't consider her viable in any way. Old Karma had a better kit that only needed some minor tuning to make it viable.

Old Karma's kit emphasized 'karma' and duality. If you damaged her, she would hurt you back even more. Her Q did Damage/Heal. Her W was a Slow/Speed. Her E was a Shield/Damage. Even without Mantra's, her abilities did what they needed to do (W was undertuned though).

Karma's old kit should be brought back and polished.

This is my take on Skarma's current abilities. Her kit is not cohesive, the abilities fight each other, and she is like a Mordekaiser that deals no damage. And Riot never fixed any of the issues Karma had such as long CDs, needing too many stats at once, and poor CC.

Passive: This passive suffers from Shyvana and Renekton Passive syndrome: it's not a 'real' passive and should be moved into her kit and be given a new passive.
Q: This is Damage + a Slow ranged Poke. Mantra'd makes it de…

Champion Idea: Hektor, the Harbinger of Assimilation

I wanted to create a hybrid caster-ish champion and came up with this. Think of Hektor as some greedy Hextechnician who aspired to embody perfection by trying to do everything at once.
  • Health 440 (+80)
  • Attack damage 52 (+3.825)
  • Health regen. 6.5 (+0.7)
  • Attack speed 0.620 (+3.3%)
  • Mana 270 (+65)
  • Mana regen. 7.1 (+0.8)
  • Armor 15 (+3.5)
  • Magic res. 30
  • Range 550
  • Mov. speed 340

Techmaturgical Erosion: (Passive) Champions damaged by Hektor's abilities receive a debuff that causes them to take increased damage from Hektor for 6 seconds, stacking additively.

Damage amplification per stack: 7.5% / 10% / 12.5% / 15%

Hexiler Strike (Q): (Active) Fires a beam of destruction at a target location from orbit, dealing damage to all enemies hit and leaving behind a hex core that grants vision in a 350 radius for 6 seconds. If a Hex Core already exists elsewhere, it is destroyed.

If Hektor has more AD than AP: Deals 30/70/110/150/190 (+0.4 AD) (+1.0 AP) magic damage.
If Hektor has more AP than AD