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First looks on yasuo.

I'm not gonna lie, this guy is my favourite champ to have recently been released. His sustain is crazy if you build him right, his damage can be put three ways (Depending on how bronze you are that is) And he's not teemo.

Looking in from my point of view, I may not have people agreeing with me on this. However I believe that yasuo, much like lucian, is a well thought out and balanced champ. Now I am prepared for the comments from other summoners such as "but the crit doubling doe" or the summoners who prefer to... capitalize their 'opinions': "BALANCED?! I BET YOU CALL YOURSELF THE PELICAN BECAUSE YOUVE GOT THE ****ING BRAIN OF ONE! HE IS OP LIKE EVERY NEW CHAMP RELEASED AND NEEDS NERFING, <3 TEEMO4EVER BUFF IRELIA #HEIMERMECHANICS" The reason for this is because of two things, the first being one word: PANTHEON. The second is that like any balanced and normal champ, you can shut him down early enough to make sure the only time for him to do damage is the 5 seconds before you kill him…

Oh dear god

I guess I'm on tilt again. I've been losing non-stop lately. Thankfully not in ranked (too scared to play ranked with this awful losing spree). I also felt kinda weak in every game I've played I wasn't useful to my team at all. Not that the teams I've gotten recently have been that good but I'll refrain from blaming my teams. Even if they were bad I was just as bad. I'm so sad now cause I hate being on tilt :(

I might just take a break from playing and focus on the project I've been working on. For those interested I have started working on it but it'll take longer than I expected. I'll show it to you guys as soon as I get the first part done. The actual thing won't be anywhere near done after the 1st part is finished.

Well..that's about it. Thanks for reading ^^ comment if you want. I'm going to bed because I have school tomorrow (yes on a Saturday) but I'll read your comments when I get back for sure.

This is gonna sound gay but...


It's become this kind of disease. I just go around shopping for hours and spend so much time trying out new shoes. I swear I have pairs I only used like once. I don't even have a feet thing, it's just those things are the best about clothing, I can't even enjoy a guy if he's not wearing good shoes (****ing ricky martin, yu're so hot but that wardrobe needs a nuke)

So my closet is out :3

Truly outrageous store for my champion Ideas


Well, I don't know how you came to this, but as you are here now, you might aswell blow your mind with the most idiotic fabulous champion ideas you have ever seen. I basically do these when I'm bored and got nothing else to do, and if I like my Idea, I'm working on it to make it as balanced as possible.
I posted my first 1 or 2 champ Ideas with completed stat and damage numbers and so on, but I figured out it is probably just boring to read and also takes too much time for me. Besides, a champion that is pure theorycrafting will barely ever have the balancing of in-game champs that have been tested out for months anyways.
So, you can always ask me if you want precise numbers (I got them ready for most of my champion Ideas) but I wont include them in the text. Numbers that will be in the text are cooldown, range and effect/CC durations, as they are essential for balancing purposes.

So, let's get on to the champion Ideas:

Ghora, the Dreadful (AD Bruiser)

About Me


This is to anyone who bothers to read it,
I'm a relatively new LoL player, I play on the OCE server, was silver V at the end of Season 3.
Will be looking to climb in Season 4. Honestly I made the mistake a lot of new people do, and jumped straight into ranked at 30. Did well somehow and got placed into Silver III, bounced between Silver III and IV for a bit, before falling to Silver V and just playing poorly, so I left ranked and been back to normals ever since.

Climbing I think will be slightly challenging for me, as I'm still not a great League player, though my understanding of the game is very good. I still seem very poor at executing what should be done. I know my weaknesses and am constantly trying to improve on them, but I still panic or get over excited or tunnel visioned and it means I make very simple and stupid mistakes. It's frustrating, but I guess it's part of the game.

I mained Akali for my climb to 30, and now mostly play Akali, Anivia as mid and Kog'Maw a…

Psychological Warfare

Hello everybody!

Today I would like to talk about taunting stuff I recently tried out, and got some results. Firstly I must admit, it was not my idea, I just groomed it a little.

Some time ago, wile playing pvp, one player used /l command any time he killed someone on my team, or if they destroyed our tower. For first few minutes it was pretty annoying, until I realized that this is what he was aiming at. I tried to ignore it, but it was really hard.

Later on I tried this tactics myself. And it works!

I started to "laugh" any time me and my ADC managed to get a kill in lane or if I was successful in poking and denying CS. Soraka has a really good taunt. There is nothing better, than after winning a lane fight or get kills with a help of our jungler, to use her /t so they all can hear: "Do you always fight so poorly?" And then use /l to finish them off, while my ADC is farming free waves of creeps. Draven's "Too easy." is also a godlike taunt.

The results really surprised me.



Well i bought this champ about 5 days ago and, i absolutely love playing mid with her. So far i havn't run into any major counters to her aka Mordekaiser or Swain but i think she matches well with most mid lane champs. One of the few problems i've seen though is her ability to burn mana extremely fast. Leaving you unable to keep fighting sometimes or resulting in death. This is just my two cents on the champ. Comment if you have any suggestions to make me a better Diana or tell me about some counters that could destroy me.


Published : Dec 10, 2013 By Harriet

S4, Draven, DoubleLiftIt has been weeks since the launch of Preseason 4. Now players all pay attention to the jungler and support. Recently, with DoubleLift’s article on S4 ADC champions, players are hotly discussing the role ADC. In his article, Draven is on T2 can counter trump cards in S4 like Lucian and Jinx. But there is the premise – you never miss catching the axe and are able to deal much.
Some players complain that the bottom lane bush makes it more difficult for Draven to catch the axe. For normal players, Draven is not a champion on T2 since he’s difficult to operate.
“The new bush on bottom lane makes me unable to judge the direction of my axe! You can catch it only if you are a senior Draven player. As to me, I mainly play Draven and have played over 500 matches. Even though, I missed the axe many times. I hope that the bug can be fixed in next patch.” A player complained. It’s noteworthy that there was also player complaini…

Rant about people ranting about Pre season 4

So far, I've seen countless blogs reflecting on the state of the game in Preseason 4 and it's all about how everything is wrong and worse than before. Apparently this patch was the worst thing riot has ever done.

Well, I STRONGLY disagree. This is simply a change in the game, just because it's drastically different compared to what we were used to (season 3) doesn't mean it's bad. Maybe AD carries and traditional supports are going to be suboptimal champions now, so what? There have been a lot of champs that used to fit a niche role/ couldn't find their place in the old meta but nobody cared; Now, when two "staple" roles start feeling weak people complain and want things to get changed back to what they were instead of getting used to the changes.

Maybe if people stop being afraid to go out of their comfort zone and actually look for new ways to play instead of blindly sticking to the meta, there would be less complaints and this game would be more enjoyable ._.

S4 Changes and Reflection

So I've taken some time to look into the Season 4 changes, but also experience the changes and play through them. I wanted to share my observations and some possible issues, maybe even some solutions to some problems I see:

1. Right off the bat a major concern has to be pink wards. Controlling them is nearly impossible, even if you're winning lane. Giving pink wards 2 extra health is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things, although increasing the health wouldn't be that beneficial and might be detrimental to gameplay. I think pink wards should be given Evelynn treatment in the sense that you can only see them within a certain radius, that would cut back on the ease of killing pinks. I feel that in a lot of ways right now pinks are a massive waste of an investment, which is saying a lot considering they only cost 100g and supports have more access to gold.

1a. The obvious problem with pink wards is a champion like Evelynn. Eve is OP and it's not her fault, the problem is Riot …