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Attack move / Stutter step ?


What is this ****? Stutter step ? Attack move ? Sounds like a magic trick or new dance game, but it's actually really useful tactic that it's killing me not to see people using these. I think this is quite commonly used among silver at least. I don't know about below 30 lvl or bronze, but I'll just address this to anyone.

Attack move in the other hand I don't think is commonly used at all, which also burns me a little from the inside. I'll explain the following 2 strategies however, so no problem if you are not using them at this very moment. These are basically ADC strategies, but can be applied to all ranged-characters. Melee is not so effective with them.

Stutter step/Orb walking

This is really easily explained and won't require wall of text. The general idea is to attack between attack animations. Some of you already know, but you can release basic attack before attack animation is finished. This means you get more time to move between auto attacks. To put it really simple…

About my Ryze gaide

In case you did not know, and i am pretty sure that this is the case for most of you, my ryze guide never was the lowest rated guide of the site.(Special thanks to YeaISupport for pointing it out.)
The guide that was lower than me is an olaf guide from season 1 with a whopping 9% rating(it was 8% when i saw it the first time, someone must have upvoted it)

So why has nobody noticed it before?
The reason for this is that when you search all guides(you sort by rating obviously), it only shows the ones from season 3 by default. It looks like this:

to see the olaf guide, you have to include all guides, and it looks like this for ~50 pages(no, i don't know why the unrated guides are shown here, but not when you choose s3 only):

then, finally you see the lowest guide of the site:

One MILLION views & my thoughts on Ahri's...

Thank you guys so much for 1,000,000 views on my Ahri guide, FOXFIRe AHRI HERE. I never imagined that I'd ever get to this point. It's been a long journey. 14 months ago I was hammering away for the creation of this guide, hoping for just a thousand views, maybe a few upvotes, but now it's sitting at the top of Ahri guides. Once again, I'd like to thank each and every 1 million people who took the time to read my guide.

On an unrelated note, I'd like to discuss Ahri's current state. First for some background. For the past year or so, Ahri hasn't been touched by patches at all. She got nerfed a few times after her release, but the changes ended there. The only direct change she received in the last several months, would be that charm no longer resets jungle monsters. lol. However, something that mildly empowered Ahri was the new Deathfire Grasp. The new DFG is incredibly strong on Ahri and gives her some crazy burst. I feel like those are the only 2 even remotely close Ahri changes tha…

We are rising from Ashes...

After many times trying to decide with my friends about creating a team for starting to compete in League Of Legends here we are.

Step by step, we want to improve our gaming, being as one as a team and play lot of League of Leagends, of course!

Today, we start like another team of friends...

What will happen tomorrow?...

Genesis: Musings

Mobafire wrote:
You don't have any entries in your blog yet. Why don't you try it out and create your first blog post right now? It's really easy and a great way to reach out to the MOBAFire community.

Unsure of what I might catch, here I cast my line.

I have played League of Legends for a while now. I have had this MOBAFire account for approximately two years, but never have I tried to fit in with its community.

Many of my friends make fun of this site, saying the quality of the guides here is questionable at best. They wonder why I have an account here. They wonder why I stay.

Let them wonder. I am allowed autonomy, agency.

I am not sure, though, where this path will take me. I only hope to make the most of it.

After all that: Greetings.

How To Change Color To Hp/Mana/Energy/Shield Bars.

Yo Guys, this is my first blog post and i dont know if im gonna make more, but i would like to share you "How To Change Color To Hp/Mana/Energy/Shield Bars"!!
Little Note

Here we go.

Let's start going to your league of legends folder ( Usually is C:\Riot Games\League of Legends )
Go RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/ folder name may change for any patch, but isnt really important)/deploy/DATA/menu/hud. Now you should see a file named "GeneralCharacterData"
Rename the file "GeneralCharacterData" in "GeneralCharacterData_Legacy"
Open it with block note(should be done automatically by normally op…

You gain some, then lose some

I had an entire week to try and climb in ranked and I ended the week with 15 more lp than when I started. I started the week trying to be convenient for everyone and just fill, which kept landing me as support. The few times I got other roles my support would suck or be mad because they didn't really want to support so it didn't matter that I was like 7-1-0 in lane as Renekton and tried to draw pressure top lane because my team would pick dumb fights without me. By the time I could get there, I might get a kill or be able to hold, but the fight would usually be over(because they would have to fight bot or near dragon and not mid lane where I could at least have a shot at getting there). IDK why so many people think that once they get fed, they should go randomly sit in the enemy jungle without any wards. Sure, you get a kill the first time, but then they start warding and all show up to kill you and leave your team in a 4v5 disadvantage.

Anyway, back to the story. I decided to t…


Cześć jestem Kuba, Pochodzę z Śląska.
Chęć pisania poradników naszła mnie ostatnio ponieważ zauwazyłem że dużo polskich graczy poprostu nie rozumie tego co czyta, i mnie to smuci i zapragnąłem pomóc dlatego nie będę przepisywał poradników od innych tylko postaram się wytłumaczyć wiele postaci najlepiej jak to jest tylko możliwe i mam nadzieję że, wam się spodoba : )

Back from holiday and projects

Hi everyone!

Just a short blog post to alert you that I'm back, and to notify everyone of my upcoming projects (?)

First of all, I am still working on a support guide but I'm too lazy atm to keep working on it. I can never find the focus to work on something for an extended period of time because it gets boring, so meanwhile I found myself another project: a Xin Zhao build. I have always been wanting to get into jungling again (I used to play tons of tanky junglers before the jungle changes) and I really like the early aggression you get from playing Xin Zhao.

Also, I'm looking to do something cool for the upcoming EU playoffs and Worlds. Perhaps write an article (I have always been into strategy) and possibly make a comparison in playstyles between EU/NA/Korea.

Anyway, I hope everybody is, just like me, having a great time during the holidays :)