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Day three of streaming with a loose schedule and I'm loving it. I get to see the games I've played, share them with the whole internets, and highlight those key moments for everybody to see. Fellow players love to see themselves in their matches, I get to meet other streamers in the process and I even got a two followers! Popular right?

The future

So what do I plan on doing next? I've noticed that some streamers have webcams of themselves playing for the whole stream and I've thought about doing this as well, if I can find my webcam. Another thing I've noticed is special overlays while they play LoL. I've also thought about doing this, but I'm not sure I really want/need an overlay. I enjoy the traditional LoL Hud too much.

Soon I will be holding special streaming events alongside the normal streaming I do. For instance, "Energy Day" where I play only champions who use Energy or "Juke City" where I showcase jukes that I think will get me at the cool kid's table! And even further on …

Personal Updates

So, the Season 4 reset came. I think I'm gonna wait a little but until I play my 10 placement matches. I rushed them right away in Season 3 and ended with 2 wins and 8 losses. Don't wanna repeat the same mistake. Plus, I'm sorta rusty atm and I need to practice some more. Not to mention my mouse could stop working again at any time and I wouldn't want to lose because of it.

For those who are curious, I actually started writing Part 1 of the Light Novel I've been working on. It's actually very hard because I have to write in a certain style. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it with practice but atm it's pretty hard. Hopefully Part 1 won't suck xD

Anyways, that's about it. Thanks for reading!

Hi there, I'm Tzimitce, nice to meet you...

A little about myself:

I started playing LoL right before Aatrox release and immediately got hooked;
unfortunately I can not play it in my house because my computer does not have the necessary requirements so i play in my parents house.
I'm from Argentina therefore i play in LAS and i loved watching the S3 worlds, as I'm loving watching the LCS in Europe and NA.
I used to main support a lot in S3 (mostly becouse nobody actually wanted to) but with the changes to vision now people is starting to actually compete for the role. My worst rol is ADC mostly becouse i'm not used to CS, a consequence of maining support in the first months of the game i guess.
I've never played ranked yet but i'm 1 champion away to do so. I got 4 rune pages and i NEVER pay for games :P i haven't even used the free RP.

Champions i have:

My League of Legends skin collection


Total Skins purchased in April 2014 - 50
Total Skins purchased in May 2014 - 50
Total Skins purchased in June 2014 - 65
Total Skins purchased in July 2014 - 55
Total Skins purchased in August 2014 - 71
Total Skins purchased in September 2014 - 38
Total Skins purchased in October 2014 - 29
Total Skins purchased in November 2014 - 27
Total Skins purchased in December 2014 - 8
Total Skins purchased in January 2015 - 5
Total Skins purchased in February 2015 - 10
Total Skins purchased in March 2015 - 3
Total Skins purchased in April 2015 - 10
Total Skins purchased in May 2015 - 9
Total Skins purchased in June 2015 - 17

Recently Added -

01/06/15 - Ace of Spades Ezreal, Queen of Diamonds Syndra, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, Wild Card Shaco, Star Guardian Lux and Sandstorm Ekko

04/06/15 - Order of the Lotus Irelia and Knock Out Lee Sin

08/06/15 - Nightmare Tryndamere

17/06/15 - Prehistoric Cho'Gath, Prehistoric Anivia and Prehistoric Renekton

Learnin' the ropes!

Who am I?

Hi! I'm GeekNeff/Gunnysack Man. I get called Neff or Gunny a lot. No, I was not in the military, and no, I don't plan to be. I live with my parents in Everett Washington and I'm currently going to school at Everett Community College. I have not yet figured out which degree I am going to pursue, but I know that I want to. I love art, games and my family.

Life before Leagues

Two years ago I used to play a lot of Garry's Mod. 1500-hours-in-two-years a lot. Through my constant exposure to Steam I noticed DotA 2 on the front page one day. Only having heard the name on a basshunter song. So I researched it, figured out what it is and then tried it out. It sucked. I didn't know what in the world I was doing, the people were rude and not helpful at all. I had enough of DotA 2 after one game and never picked it up again.

About a month or so after finding DotA 2 I was talking with a friend of mine over a game of Warhammer 40k. He mentioned how this game called League of Legends was…

Zed gameplay strategy.


I'm a zed player and really love zed >w< 1st champ I was ever good in. Lvl 13 right now in leagues username: ChaoticNeko. Anywho I wanted to talk about Zed and how to play him. Video on youtube helps a lot I know but also want to read and talk to other Zed player out there. Youtube you can't really talk to them v.v So I came and found this blog thingy. Now :3 ready to read some zed gameplay from other zed players ^~^

WTF Is Up With Ranked?!?!

Yeah know, sometimes I do lose games because I'm a ****ing idiot. But ever since I started playing ranked this damn season I've had nothing but the worst teams NA. I always get a team where someone dc's all game or my supp doesn't act like a supp. Like seriously it never fails. Now Im stuck in ****ing Bronze until I can get back out. I love it. From Silver 3 to ****ing Bronze. How cute is that? Idk what's up with ranked man, but it needs to be figured out fast. Seriously.

Almost ANY champion can be a support

Greetings and Salutations, It is I, MyBloodisBlack with yet another blog which will hopefully be more successful and alot more pleasant than my last blog that caused alot of issues and has taken my a while to get the confidence back to do another of these.

Since the pre-season of Season 4, the support role has become alot more player friendly due to the burden of warding being shared amongst team mates instead of the support rushing around the map getting bollocked for not warding then bollocked for not being with the team (A lose/lose situation if there ever was one).

But I have started to notice that some champions who may not be classed as support are actually pretty strong candidates for a good "Break the meta" as they say and I am about to mention a few that some of you may think "Oh god here we go" but seriously when you try it you may find some of them are actually decent support lets start with a absurd one to really confuse the enemy.


Now I know what so

How Do I Become A Better Player

Hey, is it me or everyone else, but when i play lol i like to have fun, and change things up a bit and i think (in my head) that the community would welcome change or help support my experiments like APC Kayle Bot,
but no... im just met with negative comments and not great team mates which result in me having bad games as i feel like ****,

Is there any way of me becoming a better meta player e.g. where can i learn to play kayle/ other champs

Hello world!

hello all! I am rather new to the Mobafire community, only just joined, but have been looking up guides for months. I would LOVE some tips, tricks, or people to play with. I usually go top with tanks, but sometimes i go bot with Ashe or Master Yi. I probably won't be writing guides any time soon, as I get all my builds from guides on Mobafire, and I'm not that knowledgeable about items. So, I hope you've enjoyed this first blog post of mine, and as always, feel free to drop a comment!