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Hi everyone i found a game last week and it's called RIFT. please try it out it's very funny when you first understand the game so please reply to me what u think about the game or if know about another game i maybe can try! :)
I am willing and try all kinds of games


The game page:

And my name on League of Legends name is

please add me so maybe we can take a fight some time! :)

And if you have the time can you please me as a friend here on
Mobafire! :) :D

Chapter 1 of my Light Novel

Finally, Chapter 1 is complete! A little late but better late than never. The name of the Light Novel is Harukaze which means Spring Wind or Spring Breeze. I personally like the name. I don't think it's the best but it's certainly not bad. It's good enough. Before I give you the link to the LN I'll answer some questions you guys might have for me:

Q: Why "Harukaze"?
A: It's a good fit for the Light Novel and the main character.

Q: Why are there only 4 characters excluding the protagonist's parents?
A: The rest of the characters will be introduced in Chapter 2.

Q: How long is this Light Novel gonna be?
A: Volume 1 should have 4 Chapters. 5, at most but probably 4.

Q: Are you gonna continue writing it after Volume 1?
A: We shall see. If most of the feedback I get isn't "This is garbage" I'll probably continue writing it.

Q: What about illustrations?
A: I have a friend who is gonna draw them for me. Once he completes the illustrations for Chapter 1 I'll share them in another post. I …

2nd Part of "Vi Of The Day"

*Ahem* Vi's damage reached 340-350 (depends on users of different calibre) maxed at lvl 18.
Speed attack reaches 1.40%-1.50% ! That equals to faster armour break **** That is why I intended to rather add Vault Break (Q) fter getting Assault & Battery (R). Furthermore, the advantage of Vault Breaker (Q) has a sort of "Flash" ability to recover after using (R).. As for (E), delay its levelling skills point as you don't stand much chance getting 3 or more hits on an opponent at the early of the game, start it at the middle when your attack speed has at least reached a certain 0.8% yo 1.1% ! That way you master and max the capability of vault breaker (Q) and (E) ..... Provided a best teammate along!

"There's still hope" - Riven

-Vi for the day-

Ever heard Vi saying, " I am my own back-up?"
Well whoever listens that, you're heck of a Vi... Because what I found out is that Vi can have deadly advanatage over the others at the level of 13-15 whereas lvl 1-8 not much... I don't care what others said.. Well a bit of those came into use in the middle of combat...
For example:
Improving and just improving 'E' till get 'R' is a great idea.. Firstly Vault Breaker is useless itself and hence needed a support of 'R'- Assault & Battery . Why? Hence comes the item guide....
Item Guide:
Whole Maxed Item Guide-
- The Black Cleaver
- The Bloodthirster
- Phantom Dancer
- Ravenous Hydra
- Ionian Boots of Ludicity
Lastly - Zephyr
" What Plan? I dont need any plan!" Vi


I think 3 deaths is pretty good...and one of those was me taking out a turret while being bombarded by two champions XD I was pretty good at kiting (no duh), but the enemy was stupid enough to chase me until I led them to an ally at full health.

Bottom lane was Ezreal/

Banana's...banana's everywhere

Just recently been playing Soraka support and i have to say that she is an extremely underrated champion, she can sustain herself and the AD carry for a really long time early game before they have to have their first back, Soraka was the first champion i started playing but at that time i only just started LoL, i had no idea how to play. On the flip side she is very squishy, one slow or stun in bot and you're done for, also i find her movement speed early game to be a huge pain, that's why i like to wait for as long as possible before backing so i can get boots. Overall i really love Soraka and her banana's but let's hope people recognize her more in the future.

I Go Through Phases

The beginning of this year I was into DIABLO 3 and now I'm on my LOL grind hardcore. Not to the point of no return but to the point I'll play like 5 games in a row (I know that may not seem like that much to some but it is for me). I was thinking just now looking at champs if Malzahar would be a good pick up. I would much appreciate if some of you guys would leave comments below.

Anyway back to the phases, I think everybody goes through different games at different times. During Basketball season I play 2K,Football Madden, Hockey NHL (personal fav), and the occasional FIFFA (which I BLOW ****....

But when it comes to computer games it's only between DIABLO 2,3, and League. I have thought about playing Star Craft but I don't know if it is fun and or easy to learn; IE:give me some advice below.


Champion Concept: Heledhes - Elements' Fury

Tag(s): Support/Mage

HEALTH 420 (+78)
ATTACK DAMAGE 40 (+3.00)
HEALTH REGEN. 0.8 (+0.85)
ATTACK SPEED 0.550 (+4.2%)
MANA 221 (+42)
ARMOR 15.8 (+3.4)
MANA REGEN. 6.3 (+0.8)
MAGIC RES. 30 (+0)
RANGE 550 (Ranged)


Heledhes was once a happy little girl living at Serpentine River. Her parents owned a little shop by the river and she was always happy and when travelers came by she listened to the stories and tales about love and war and grief and the ancients. She always loved the tales about the ancients more than the others because the ancients seemed more intriguing.
One day some travelers came by. Heledhes went to listen them inside but when she came inside, she saw her parents slaughtered. She ran as fast as she could and the travelers ran after her. After hours of running, the travelers gave up and Heledhes had a break. Then she heard a beautiful song, which she sadly couldn't understand. She followed the voice in to a cave of some kind and found a beautiful…

EloHell eternal question SOLVED

Hello everybody!

Last few days my friends were sending me tons of funny videos about Wood 5 plays, and ELO HELL. It was hilarious, and scary at the same time. And by YT suggestions, I clicked on few videos about Elo Hell.

Generally, there are two opinions about this stuff. Either you believe in it, or you don't. Usually pros says there is no such thing, noobs says there is and it is too real.

Today,I guess dark powers shifted through our realm, black holes constellations went into conjunction and by some divine doing - while listening to the first podcast of Jungle Nation on my phone while in work - I found the thruth. I definately did, my friends. The answer is here, divided into two related, and closely explained statements:

Elo Hell does exist....

The proof is everywhere. YouTube and blogposts are full of it. I witnessed it myself - I lost plenty of games that I played quite good, because I was the only one (or we were 2 if I qued with a friend) actually palying. And I know why…

WillTheYordle Journal to LCS 1/31/2014

Welcome to Season 4 Summoners!

Man season 3 was crazy, ***asisns everywhere, supports only with wards, weeks of grinding, it was so much fun!

No time to think about it too much though, I'm still aiming for the top, and season 3 was my first season playing ranked, and I gotta say, ending in gold 3 isn't that bad! It's such a shame that the ranked resets were a lot harsher than everybody anticipated. I personally ended up in Silver 1, from Gold 1 by end of the preseason. In the last week I got back into Gold V without any troubles, and I don't think I'll have any problems getting to Gold 1, and then platinum!

Right now I'm playing with a team looking to head into an amateur LCS as the AD Carry. It's going decently and it isn't without it's challenges but I don't think we should have too many problems getting in.

I'm also streaming for the Low Elo podcast, and have been for the last two months. Every Wednesday at 6 PST, but sadly my internet has been giving me a few issues. My upload …