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Pro Guests/Challenger Guides

Why is it that Challenger guides written by pro guests automatically get 100%? It's kind of aggravating when you work on your guide almost daily every week to ensure that it's in top shape only to have a challenger guide get posted and rated higher than yours. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much if these guides were actually updates for the current season.

What's this? A blog?

This is entertaining, in a masochistic way: blogs on a LoL-dedicated site. BWAHAHAH! Seriously!? What is this, My_Space™? Maybe a forums group of some sort but... blogs? (Ugh, I hate that word. So cacophonous.)

I guess this is my first one here. Might as well try to "reach out to the community." Don't know if I want to do that here, since I've already had a negative experience, and I just joined. (Makes me wonder if all that blasphemy about LoL community being horrible not blasphemous.)

Pretty basic stuff here. I guess I'll stick to the game for now.

I play (nearly solely) Soraka as an AP-focused support who averages 30.1 assists per game* as of this writing on normal-free pick matches and just under 20 in Normal Draft-Pick. Since I give no more {cares} than 0 about elo (whatever that means/is/used for/named for) I'll try out some solo-match-up Ranked when I get to 30. I decided to put out a guide in commemoration of my steady string of 26-37 assist games and it was scoffed at. Hi…

S4 SoloQ Experiences (27.01.2014)

If there was a certain way of beating every champion, that would be so easy for all of us. But unfortunately, some players still do not understand, that this game is much more complex and it takes more to win a single game just to dominate your lane opponent. This takes me to my recent game where I played Lee Sin in the jungle. Right after our picks, I was 90% sure that if we do not win this game in a 20 minute mark, we never will. And I was right. Our picks looked like this:
    top lane: Heimerdinger vs. Yorick
    jungle: Lee Sin vs. Vi
    mid lane: Nidalee vs. Yasuo
    marksman: Twitch vs. Jinx
    support: Thresh vs. Annie
Right there you can see that our team comp is all about poke and ranged harrass. So even when we were winning 10/1 and it looked really good for us, we lost it eventually. There are many reasons why. Yasuo got fed on top lane ganks, Heimerdinger was not able to make an impact in team fights, I should have gone for more defensive build even when I was 5/0 in 8 minutes and many mo…

Cool idea for this Blog

I'm not sure if I'll use this idea. I'd like to share it first and see what you guys think about it.

So, would you guys be interested if I stared doing certain types of blog posts in certain days? For example, a blog post about animes every Monday and then a blog post about League every Wednesday. This is just a suggestion though. I don't know what types of blog posts I could add.

The reason for this idea is I don't want to post random blogs all the time. If I'm gonna post on this blog properly I think I should use this idea. What do you guys think?

Oh and right now it's 6:45 AM in the morning where I live. I didn't get any sleep :/ and I had to get up very early today cause I had to study for a little bit. I'm probably the only person who studies in the morning instead of doing it during the day like a normal person xD


Thanks for reading xD

P.S - Don't worry. I'll get some sleep at school! #420BlazeIt Eyyy~! =D

Olympics International Students

It funny being at a boarding school and being one of few Americans playing LOL. I was playing and one Korean kid saw me and just laughed. It wasn't mean or anything he was joking around. Then he kept poking fun and I brought up the Olympics. He said previous to this Americans stink at LOL, (which is somewhat true)but I had to stick up for my country and be AMERICAN! Anyway, he kept going about that, then I interrupted him and made fun of the fact how Korea is going to get their ***es whopped in the Olympics by U.S.A! He just left my room silent XD.

The Ranked Grind. (Struggles)

Currently trying to work my way out of Bronze 2, despite going 8-2 in my placement games. It seems that it is the same every time. Win 5 games. Almost get to promos, then lose. Every single game it seems like bot lane feeds. Despite being 11-1 or anything my team seems never to be able to pull off a win when i really need it. I guess all i can do is keep trying and maybe i can escape bronze. I'm hoping by the end of today (1-26-14) i can be in Bronze 1. With 71 points currently i would hope so. It's up to me and Ziggs. ( And the occasional Akali)

Lo que nos dejó este 2013 como equipo

Siempre luego de un largo y arduo año (como lo fue el pasado 2013) es bueno sentarse, repasar lo realizado como equipo y analizar de cara al futuro los aciertos y los errores para poder comenzar con el pie derecho este nuevo año.

Queremos partir agradeciendo el apoyo de todos los que nos siguen, que aunque no son miles siempre nos brindan su apoyo tanto en Facebook como en Twitch y de verdad hacen la diferencia con tan solo un ¡Vamos UMAD! en los streams, el cual nunca falta cuando jugamos.

La escena competitiva de LoL en LAS está creciendo cada día más y es mucho más complejo que antes permanecer en el tope. Existen por lo menos unos 16 equipos extremadamente fuertes dentro del servidor a los cuales para ganarles necesitas el 100% de tus capacidades (tryhardear).

Cuando entras en un torneo sabes que siempre tendrás que toparte con ellos en alguna de las fases y si no estás preparado al 100% es seguro que perderás. Pero el estar siempre al 100% significa dejar muchas cosas…

Trinity Force Removal/Rework (Part 1)

Regarding the infamous Trinity Force, it surely is an iconic item in the League of Legends game. Known often as "jack of all trades, master of none" item, it represents a triumvirate of auto-attacking dynamics, one of the reasons it is usually a preferential items. However it had its ups and downs and when it had its ups some champions met nerfs. Otherwise they may simply remain unpicked. A most recent example was Corki's nerfs due to his domination in late Summer split and Worlds, where he was a very contested pick. This domination was due to his ability to siege and damage turrets with aid of

Scowet LOL "EAT"

So I was playing top lane with Nunu and was using a build that makes him OP like crazy. Well there is this annoying teammate, like we all know exists, and he kept telling me what to do and how to play as Nunu. Well, one thing led to another and he kept saying "EAT" (Nunu's "Q" move that only works on minions) I kept telling him it does not work on champions. He kept getting on my case every time I did something wrong. Next thing you know I told him I could not "EAT" because I was too bust eating his mom's ***** out. I got banned a few days, but it was definitely worth it.

2014 / Season 4

Hooray, Season 4 is here!

Season 3 was pretty fun. Started in Silver 4 and climbed up to Gold 2 which ultimately led me to going 5-5 and being placed in Silver 1 for S4. I'm not mad about being bumped down to Silver, since I should be able to climb out of it if I'm truly better than that. However, it seems like Silver 1 is like the same level as old Gold 3/4 ish and it's actually kinda hard.
Before, I always thought of divisions and leagues as a set level for your skill, so I was pretty happy that I went up 6 divisions last season. However, stagnating at Silver 1 now made me realize that leagues are simply your skill relative to other players. Sadly, that means I didn't improve as much of a League player as I originally thought, and half of my division gains were due to "skill inflation". Oh well, it's not like I'm on an LCS team or anything.

Solo Q is getting to be a real pain. I planned on grinding to Gold, but the rudeness and toxicity of some of the players are really starting to…