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Ranked Journal #1

Well I've been playing ranekds for about 2 week now. Last season i got ranked in low bronze becouse of well... i had enough and wasnt going ranked after getting stuck in bronze I and eventually dropped lower for inactivity...

So my provisional... i just don't want to talk about it... got played in bronze IV...

Even though i learned to play all of the roles at a good lvl, jungle and adc being my best 2 and support my worst, i can carry a game if we only have 1 tard on the team (feeder/afk/utterly useless), if we got more the only chance is one on the enemy team :P

After a 10 win streak last week and promoted to bronze III im getting matched with the legendary mythical bronze polaks who claim to be pro... someone explein how can i have more armor as ADC than a jungler WW... or why do people have crit dmg runes when they dont even build crit chance???

I guess it will be a looooong and boooring run with lots of ****py matches till i get out of ELO hell... while some of my lucker friend…

[Champion Concept] Kelanor, The Bard of Ionia

this is a pretty rough concept. I just think Sona is a pretty poor excuse for a "bard" even if I love her.

Passive- Quicksilver Strings: The magical strings on Kelanor's lute cause his spells to mark targets for 4 seconds. The first ally (including himself) to deal damage to the target activates the mark, stealing 5/7/10% movement speed from them for 3 seconds. Hitting additional marked targets grants 1/4 of the original movement speed modifier per champion hit (maximum of 10/14/20% bonus movement speed).

Q- Clatterchord: Kelanor plays a dissonant chord on his lute that smashes into enemies and deals 70/100/170/200/270 (+65% AP) magic damage in a small AoE burst and lowers their armor and MR by 5/7/10/12/15% for 4 seconds (Cost: 60 mana at all ranks, 10 second CD)

W- Song of Solace/Piercing Scream: Kelanor sings a major scale that heals an ally for 40/55/75/90/120 (+35% AP) and for an equal amount more over the next 2 seconds (total base healed: 80/110/150/180/240 + 70% AP), If used…

Free Rotation Review - W3

Hello everybody!

Another free rotation is behind us, and again I managed to try them all (mostly because most of those champs I already have :D). Without further ado...


I don't think I ever played slower champion. Seems like she is frozen to be nearly immobile. Her Q shoots wherever it wants (you just point at the direction but then it goes to the end of its range nevertheless) and all in all, I did not like this champion. It takes half an hour to get back to lane from your base, CSing is terrible, and the only thing I liked about her is her dance and OP joke animation. But that wall of ice is interesting, helped me to delay enemy creeps wave when I was pushing turret really hard.

Also her passive is not good, since everybody knows it and destroys the egg in no time. Your only chance is that when you die and turn into the egg, team mates comes and scare the enemy away. Otherwise you'redead meat (dead egg) anyway. Even the recent buff did not h…

Nidalee guide for season 4

So I've been doing some thinking, some playing and a little bit of everything. I know I had said I was going to update my bruiser Nidalee guide for season 4. I generally like to keep promises, I hate breaking my word, but it's not going to happen. There are a number of reasons why, but the main reason boils down to Nidalee simply being terrible for top lane. I could say that I've lost motivation and it would be somewhat true, I could say I haven't really played top much this season and that would also be true, but more than anything, the real reason is

Banana videos and other shizz (Meiyjhe update 12)

Table of contents:
1. Getting back on track
2. Video's
3. ESO and Loadout
4. Forum Awards 2014?

1. Getting back on track
So after I passed CellBiology (my dragon, seen in Update 11), I felt empty. It is like you worked so hard towards one goal, and once you finally made that goal, you are wondering: And what now?

I was doing absolutely nothing for a few weeks, which is quite unhealthy indeed. So starting this weekend I will get back on track again and go bananas with my work. That means I will do more my best for school, but of course, more importantly, for mobafire :P

2. Video's
So I had made an environmental misconceptions blog a few months ago, which went suprisingly well (I expected 0 interest at all :P). Now I will do something similar, or at least, related. I will soon upload a few videos (~1 per month)(2-4 videos max depending on success) containing more psychological topics, with a starting topic: "CRAAAZYYY"

I will try to make some kind of animation like thing, but it wil…

Almost there!

As of the typing of this, I only need 1633 XP to reach 29 then off to 30 I go!
Been on that grind game, y'know?
Not as exciting as I thought it would be, really. I mean, I came across some friends of friends (never met them means not IRL means good chance they're good) and we played a bunch of games together so far. They extended a hand in my direction for a ranked team when I get to 30, also I've been playing more than usual as I await some important emails concerning an occupational status. Nothing better to do.

I have noticed something, though...

My aggression comes out in Dominion
I come from consoles (PlayStation mainly, and XBox) which I've been playing since I was born. I believe it helped me develop my quick adaptation abilities as I can pick up on games quickly (and not just games); show me something once I'll remember it— do it twice I've got the hang of it. I play a variety of games ranging from Tetris and Peggle to NBA2k and MNR to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and …

Ranked Diary #1

Yesterday I decided to keep a little notes about my ranked games. After the game, I put down some info, check replays and evaluate mistakes/good plays. Like this, I think I can track back my past games and to see, if I'm making progress overall, or not.

These posts are mainly for myself, I think none of you guys can find anything interesting or helpful, so feel free to skip these... Only reason why I don't post this as "unlisted" is, so my mentor can check it out (for now, his name will be unrevealed, in case I do poorly, as it will not be his fault).


Recent Updates

Bear with me guys I'm kinda getting my feet off the ground here. I'm going to be systematically going back through all my guides and placing more categories in the items section. Making notations on all the spell combos. Things like that. Thanks for all the views and good to be on Mobafire :) Yall have a nice day.

Forum Signatures! :3

I started to enjoy creating signatures on photoshop, but I do not feel that I'm good enough to make personal ones on the forums.. so I'll just post what I edit here. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Currently I'm only editing splash art from the client. All art belongs to Riot Game's artists.

Feel free to use it as your own signature ^^
+Rep or a redirect from the image would be lovely, but you don't need to :)

Epic hearthstone run scheduled tonight

Tonight at 5:30 central time I'll be playing a 12-0 deck in arena. 2 legendaries, 3 fire elementals, etc. it's going to be an epic run and the more the merrier. I'll make a highlight of the draft because it was so ludicrous and put it in the comments. The whole run will probably be VOD'es, but take a quick league break and let's have some fun Kappa