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Blogedy, Blogedy.....BLOG

I keep putting off doing these and I really shouldn't , but oh well it happens. So I've been playing The Showdown Effect, Total War: Shogun 2, League of Legends, and a lot of DOTA 2 as of lately. I don't know why, but they just seem to be the games I'm addicted to lately. Other than that been busy editing a lot of stuff so if I missed a message from someone I am very sorry about that.

So let's talk about ranked shall we?(Gets a bowl of popcorn for this one.) So hidden MMR. Little Jimmie asks "What's that it sounds amazing!" Well little Jimmie I have news for you it's not. It means you get put with people of that same MMR rating. "What?" you might ask? Well it's a lot like sports you see it lets you be put with teams of equal skill or so you might think that's the case. Sometimes however you get put with players who are better than you. "Well why's that Mr. Voice in my head."

Well little Jimmie it's because not all systems work well due to the perpetual none stop flow of players in t…

[TAG] If I owned MobaFire I would...

... in no particular order of importance...
  • remove comment to vote
  • rearrange the main page to be less clustered, including reducing the news section to displaying only the latest two news articles - prioritise objectives and completely recreate the main page to meet these objectives
  • add more tiers to +reputation to make gaining reputation fun and worthwhile
  • add like/dislike buttons to comments - getting likes will increase your +rep passively according to a modifier, getting dislikes reduces that modifier until the amount of likes you earn outweigh the dislikes
  • a revamped PM system
  • a notification system that informs you when: a guide you have "watched" has been updated, a thread you have posted in has a new comment, etc
  • reverse chronological order the comments for guides in the sense that newer comments will be viewed first over older, likely irrelevant comments
  • rehaul the scout system by: removing all scouts, promoting only those who apply and meet a certain criteria (elo threshold)

Finally mostly well again

Now that I've got like 2 days of Cefdinir (antibiotic) left to take and my respiratory infection is mostly gone, I think I'll start up some work on a couple guides I'd been meaning to finish and/or write.

I started on one for support Sona a while ago and I want to work on a Leona one too.

Anyone have any suggestions?

So i've discovered something interesting with boots...

Recently I've been playing a ton of bot games trying to perfect my Fiora solo-mid build.. I found that Boots of Mobility + Enchantment: Alacricity, Can be super devastating late early game -> endgame with split pushing, and, just ganking in general.. I recently went 27/5/3 in a bot game, We lost, But only because half my team was afk.. XDIt was a pretty crazy game, Especially for a bot game, But it was super fun, just running past turrets getting triple kills chasing enemy champs with next to 0 hp. Just thought you guys might like to know this.. It got me thinking on making a fiora build guide once i finish this guide.. (( Yes I know the items i used were from recc, I was Looking at all the possibilities )) Glhf!

First Dominion Tournament

Midnight Marauders just finished its first Dominion tournament - Dominate Dominion #76.

The roster for this tournament: Kid Huston, x3picx, StankyPuscy, paytonagri23, ThrobbingWood.

In the first round, we faced off against "Last Proper Option?" and lost.

Time - 07:19.
Score - 0 to 458.

Our goal for the next Dominion tournament is to do better.

The Third Tourny Approaches

And so it continues. The third installment of the five on five bloodbath. The people who watch may be wondering "Why in the hell do these idiots keep coming back to be stomped yet again"? The answer. We are the Average Joe's. No matter how many time you knock us down, rip us in half, stomp our faces into the ground, or win a crushing 496 to 0 victory. We will not waver. We will not stop. We. Will. Prevail.

Third Time's a Charm for the Average Joe's

On the night of September 28th, the Average Joe's licked their wounds and attempted to take the lampshades off their heads after their drunk romp around last week where they managed to lose the household cat in a "feather dusting incident." That being said legends spoke of the Average Joe's triumph to come that will be shown forever on the Crystal Scar, Youtube, Redtube, newspapers, and various billboards everywhere. Average Joe swagtastic seguoi maoi ultimate drinks will be served after tonight's victory on the island of Bissagos. Look it up bro I triple dog dare ya. Google map that shiznits. Look for the large inflatable Taric outside of the bar. It ain't easy being cheezy narbs.

Jinx Guide ? - and first thoughts

Yo. The following chapters include some information and my thoughts on the new champion. Changes may and will happen I think, but we'll see from then. Overview first, in case you haven't already looked at the champion closer, but I think most of the players have;

Splash Art


Finally GOLD! Now Let's get to Platinum!!


I finally made my way Up to gold before a week(i was planning on posting this earlier but whatever)!!I am currently on Gold 2 and trying to climb up to the platinums! It won't be that hard i think! If you consider the fact that in 1 week i got from gold 5 to gold 2!
And my mmr is pretty well . I earn 25 when i win and i lose 14-16 :)
So the situation is fine and i hope i 'll get this smeeeexy glowy green badge on the season 4 !

New updates coming to my leona guide . I've been testing these changes for 1 month almost and i find a way to maximize her potential even more!!!!

Also my guide to Nasus Solo Top is under construction!
So, keep in touch , and good luck to the Fields of Justice!