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Cotton Adventure #3

Sooooo, hello. Don't wanna ramble so I'll be alittle bit more to-the-point than usual :)

#1: Im headed to the eurogamer expo tommorow!!
For anyone who isn't familiar its the biggest gaming convention in the uk every year. Its gonna have ps4,xboxone,the occulus rift, dark souls 2, the new batman and *** creed games AND A WHOLE LOT MORE :D
So yeah, Im hyped :)

#2: Well, on a not so awesome note, my long ethernet cable has been broken by a certain someone who'll go unnamed (my brother matthew) and now I can't lol :(
Ive ordered a new cable since they're way cheaper online and I should be getting either tommorow or on monday :/

#3 In terms of actual lol based news I WAS messing around with a couple of builds up until a couple of days ago. The first one was a Gangplank build (what did you expect XD) and the second being a jungle Galio setup.
Right now the theme of the

Plat in TT worse than Silver in SoloQ? Don't agree.

After spending a whole month playing 3v3 exclusively I managed to hit Platinum V with my 3v3 Team with a 14 - 0 (we don't have a 100% Win Ratio due to one of my mates being dced during Champ Select on Promo to Plat, so it counted as a Defeat Game for our Team) and we all are very happy with the result, specially me since I wasn't expecting to reach this "high" due to me being a Silver player on SoloQ.

That was the happy side of the story, because now, only 5 or 6 players of my friend list congratulated me, the rest laughed and made fun of me because for them 3v3 is considered a "joke" and Platinum V is much less worth than Bronze I in SoloQ.

Other went further away and, after checking who were my teammates, started saying to me that I was simply a carried to Platinum V in 3v3 that don't deserve anything, since my mates are a Diamond V and Gold III in SoloQ, while I am still Silver II.

I was feeling a bit low due to all the **** my "friend list" was throwing onto me, so the Diamond V…

Tunnel To Diamond Day - 004(Forgot to Do 3): Demoted...

Man it keeps happening, I'll shoot up to plat 3 win like 2 game in a row then go on tilt and like lose 4. Putting me back at plat 4 with 75 points over and over again. I have reached what i like to call the infinite loop because, i have yet to see my team play at its full potential because for some reason my junglers think camping top wins games. :/

In true honesty Some of these games I know I myself can be the issue due to the fact of me not stopping my lane opponents from roaming, even though I warn my teammates ahead of time and push my lane as its happening, They still get frustrated and say you should of followed, but couldn't they have just disengaged lived and we get a turret out of it?

Play making is made by the players, every move your enemy makes allows you to make a play either good or bad, That is something we should all take into account. Just barely avoiding a skill shot can be crucial, but body blocking for a more important damage role is also crucial.

Everyone plays …

Gold :D:D:D


So as some of you already noticed, i've finally managed it to climb to Gold. (Yay!) And am now pretty much trying to decide how exactly I proceed in League. One of my ideas was to actually finally learn all the other roles aswell. I don't say I want to master them and play them perfectly, but at least at a decent level would be nice. The thought behind it is that I will be able to enjoy games where I don't get my favorite role aswell and will be able to play whatever I get at least decently. And I think it might help me understand the game further. It's always different when you just see one thing and another if you experienced it yourself.
I don't think I will be able to climb much higher as a Support only... but yeah.

I'm still always looking for feedback to my gameplay. trying to learn from the mistakes I make. ^^' So, whoever ends up playing with me, keep pointing them out.

I noticed that since I'm gold I tend to do a lot more positioning mistakes... not sure where that c…


Why hello there.
#1 Ahri guide maker here.
Before #Worlds, I firmly believed that Ahri was balanced. I'm by no means an expert on this game, but it was my opinion. Maybe I just didn't want my favorite champion nerfed. Maybe I was able to carry in ranked with Ahri and nerfs would make it harder. While Ahri has a high skill-cap, I'm starting to change my mind after seeing her 80%+ pick/ban rate in worlds. After seeing Faker land 4 Charms in a row to win the game. After seeing like every Ahri go 7/1/6. Ahri might be OP. Not crazy op, but I'm seeing small nerfs in the future such as +10 seconds on Spirit Rush cooldown. Maybe +2 seconds on

S4 Possible support changes (Not confirmed, based on...

So towards Season 4, Riot is making changes especially to these things:
  • Visual Upgrades
  • Baron changes
  • Melee ADC vs Ranged ADC
  • Support & Jungle gold income
  • Stomped champions back to live
  • Balancing

I don't care to read much about things that don't matter my role, because I will know them later on when Riot makes the changes and starts confirming / explaining the reasonings more.

I am however very interested to see how the support changes are going along. I've done some researches and collected red posts and this is what I've come up with (a little sneak peek for S4 support changes)

Support gold income, Warding and role

This is the current situation and issue;
  • Supports are expected to not last hit, thus gaining no income
  • Supports are expected to shoulder most of the gold burden for purchasing wards
  • Supports are expected to roam the map and ward
  • Supports are expected to buy expensive activated items
  • Supports are expected to be effective without gold revenue
  • Supports are often tie

What is in a name...

I am considering changing my summoner name. When I chose Atropa72 it was out of habit than a real enthusiasm for the name.

Atropa being a version of Atropos the third aspect of the Greek Fates. The one known as the crone and associated with cutting the thread of life. All well and good but kind of gloomy.

I think perhaps I would like to venture away from that association, only now I can't decide on what to change too.

Not that it really matters, just sort of 'thinking out loud' via cyber space.

Karma Ultimate Re-Work/Buff

If anyone actually reads these or looks at my guide than you will know that I'm an avid Karma player. While I have found a way that I feel makes her work I still feel that as a champion she is still a bit weak compared to others and that's not okay to let it keep going. I think her re-work did her some justice in terms of a good kit and I believe the Mantra mechanic is in a good place at the moment. But I think her "ultimate" could use some work to really give her a presence outside of laning phase. To really be effective with her ultimate it basically requires you to always be in the right spot at the right time to utilize it to the fullest, which almost isn't possible. So Below I will entail some ideas that I believe could work for Karma without warranting another massive rework.

The first ultimate I have really put a lot of thought into would work similarly to her old move Heavenly Wave. It would basically work something like this:

At rank 1-5 she would only have her Mantra mech…

Oh hey your ranked is broken.

So ranked queue's seem to be a little bit broken in my opinion lately. I played a match where I was the only one in the match who was in silver 1, meanwhile my team is all bronze 3-2 and the other team is in gold 4-5. Now I'm not sure why that was, but similar games ensued after this for about 3-4 games. I'm not really qq-ing about this I'm just curious if it's a rare occurrence or if that's normal now these days.

Other than that I'm climbing back up to gold thankfully since I have a new modem now because my old one was so outdated it was no longer being supported. (Yay for ISP's for telling you these things! Cough, Cough.)Any who that's my rant for the day. I might make a blog later about something else....who knows and I hope you all have a good day , and win lots of matches!