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Man, it's been a dream of mine to be up this high... I still remember back in season 1 when I was still stuck in 1000 elo complaining about how i thought I deserved to be in gold. Never actually imagined I'd ever get this high up.

I'm so close to the top now, only three steps away!

Feels so good to have finally won over a challenge.

Gonna take a break now.. That climb from plat 4 to dia 5 was rough on my brain!

1000th POST!

Hey guys I was hoping to get to this point a few weeks ago but then life happened, and I got busy. but I just wanted to say thank you to every one here on the site. I have had a blast being here, and plan on staying and hope to give something back a guide maybe hmm maybe just maybe, don't expect to see it anytime soon I may just end up trying to beat Master for the title of worst guide haha.

Since coming here my gameplay has improved greatly, and I have got invited into two closed betas thanks to Embracing and DeadlyDave for the Smite and Dawngate Keys. A big Thankyou guys for being awesome!!! I was also able to give a few keys away as well one to Dota2 to every ones favorite Banana Meiyjhe and a copy of Pennies arcade 3 to MrCuddowls

I have also had a blast in the inhouses and thank you to everyone who has been part playing in them and hosting you guys are awesome for putting up with my noob skill level to many people to list but I had an awesome time learning with you all and look…

League of Legends - Jungle Rengar - Full Game...

League of Legends - Jungle Rengar - Full Game Commentary

-Hey guys in this video I play Rengar fairly well. It is still kind of confusing to me how his mechanics work but over all I think I did well in this match.

-Give me any input you can to help me get better :)

-Runes: 4 Armor Pen Marks
3 Attack Speed Marks
2 Armor Marks
9 Armor Seals
9 Magic Resist Glyphs
3 Attack Damage Quints

-Masteries: 9/21/0


-Thanks for watching

Gold again!

After a long long LONG climb in Silver league I'm finally back at Gold! Yes, it's something I'm very happy about since it took a lot of patience, hard work and IRL raging to get back to Gold. My bf didn't quite understand why I was obsessed about it, but let's just say it was a personal goal and achieving personal goals usually makes people happy. Well, I'm happy.

When Season 3 started I started playing Ranked pretty much immediately which put me together with those who had never played Ranked. I soon found myself in a lose streak and losing -45 elo each match pretty fast dropped me down to my lowest elo ever 1188. Yes, it was such a rememberable moment I'll never forget that shame.

When League system came I had climbed up slightly and found myself in Silver III and I was actually quite happy there until I realized I didn't need to be there. Climbing to Silver II was relatively easy since I got plenty of points, but getting to Silver I and staying there was the problem. I remember wr…

5 Guys You May See In Ranked

1. The Trainwreck (similar to win by feeding)

The Trainwreck Approach is where you attempt to create a snowball for your team by initially feinting troll. You give up one kill in the hopes of getting 1 or more in return and putting the enemy out of lane for the first few levels (which is very critical and can even lead to an all mid strategy for an early tower). You barrel out of your base down mid lane and feed them a kill.
You then tell them in all chat that you are going to feed more kills, just be sure to come to the dragon pit for their prize
(you guessed it, coordinate a 5 man gank in river)
Use at your own risk, works moderately well in low elo. Best to try in normals first with an all mid lane strategy.

The trainwreck is not limited to proxy singed, but is probably the most useful when he is on that champion. Other notables trainwreck champion favorites: tryndamere, teemo, master yi, fiora, nidalee and jayce.

2. The Overwarding-Safe Guy

The overwarding-safe guy is usual…

Elo Climb #2 (Repost)

(Discalimer: This is just a repost of my #2 diary. happened because I accidently posted it already before noticing i didnt even write anything interesting. :) )

Alright, the first day is over and i think I´ll just some sort of a summary of my ranked games today. I played three of four games with a friend, but not all went well there.
So the first game i went Rumble, one of my favorite champs, against Riven while my friend went with AP Tristana because she has, in his opinion, has no real counters. The Laning phase went actually really well, although Riven can give Rumble some good trouble, but thanks to my friend who roamed a lot after getting kills in mid, and thanks to my jungler i came out of lane ahead in Kills and CS. But the downfall began in Mid Game when more than once my Rumble ult only one enemy and was pretty useless, and also i was not able to protect my carries. So this was a lost game which really hurts because I love Rumble so much.
The second game i was forced into th…

Elo Climb #1

This is the first entry of my Elo Climb diary, i hope it will be interesting at least for some people and if not, i dont really care either. I´m starting today in Hecarim´s Foxes Silver V. My goal for the end of Season 3 is getting into Gold Division. I dont know if I should "main" only one champion, mostly because the only champs that i am very good at are perma banned (Shen and Malphite), or if i should become an "all-rounder" for my team. Anyway i´m gonna play some rankeds this evening, so let´s hope i can gain some LP. Cya

So many Champions, so little time.

(warning probably going to just ramble on a bit here)
I am finding it so difficult to pick just one of each type to focus on and play with. There are so many interesting champions that do fun stuff.

I started out with Teemo he was my very first champion foray into LOL. But I have since been 'schooled' on the fact I don't play him in alignment with the Meta. Thus, you know, I play him 'wrong'. heh
So I hesitate to continue using him as I am not sure I'd enjoy him as much in his 'assigned' mode in the Meta.

I really like Kog'maw for both ADc and potential as APC. His versatility makes me happy. Plus he is such a cute little grub! I've also enjoyed the ADC Style of Caitlyn and Vayne, though they require a lot more of my patience to play. I have also used Sivir but she seemed so slow to me, not sure why. I also recently picked up Tristana but have only played a few custom games with her.

I've played quite a lot with Sona as support but find myself often tempted to build her AP heavy…

College ;_;

Just flunked a computer science test. I feel so sad right now. I didn't study the best for the quiz, admittedly. I studied, but I guess not for a long enough time.

I just don't know what to do. I've never failed at anything before!! I had a B+ in the class before, but with this test, idk if i can pass the class with something above a C. I actually feel scared.

first world problems, peeps.

Gotta study some more now.