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Stealth Totem - what a piece of... trinket

Hello everyone!

Lately I was talking with my friend about trinkets, and that how I was dissapointed, that I (support), have to take Oracle's Lens all the time.

At first, I was pleased with the idea of trinkets. Can you imagine, that you can take warding trinket and therefore you can dump that stupid Ruby Sightstone, and use your 6th free slot for some useful AP/AR/MR item to be either stronger or to have more sustain in team-fights?

This wonderful dream was shattered when I learned, that support is suposed to take

Gonna be _LESS_ active for a while

So as the title says, I am going to be less active for a while, meaning that Scouts de Mobafire and the review shop thingy of mine are unactive, too (unless the people in Scouts de Mobafire want to do something).

I am going to be hospitalized because of my anemia and pneumonia (and the migraine). I am going to need a bit stronger medicine and a bit more observation because they didn't get better with just me taking medicine and not doing as much as I would've usually done.


Enjoy your time with me being less active (still on Skype and Mobafire with phone though, might occasionally be on Steam with laptop (if I use it at all)).


So I had a blog about me hating soloQ in which i talked about how i can't carry vs 2 fed solo-laners and how mad I am. I was playing that with my friend Gatuso97. A lot of you told me to dumb him so I can advance, I was thinking about doing that but I finally decided not to do it. So we jumped back in to ranked yesterday. I had around 70, 71 LP at the time, now i have 98 LP, and I am on my way to promotion. We had some really good games, some hard games and some bad games, but all in all we climbed a lot despite him being Bronze 1. He played Blitzcrank most of the time, and he jungled 3 times. Anyway here are some resent games from last night and this morning.

Pre Season 4 changes: Summoner spells, a few...

Hello everyone, Quite Nomible here. I decided to do a blog about the changes of the new summoner spells that are coming up in PBE, as they are going to be reworked for the next season, and to give some ideas about how they will be effecting the new season. I usually read all information I want to know about the PBE patch on this site, so if you want to check future updates out by yourself then this is really helpful for you. Other than that, this is the first time I do a review blog, so feedback would be more than appreciated for possible future blogs :).

So what are the actual changes to the summoner spells for the next season? Well, to answer that question, I took over the full changes right here:

spoiler because it's pretty long

Best gaming computer for the money?

Tax time is coming up, so I'm going to have a little bit of extra money that I would like to spend on a new computer. Currently I have a Windows 7 HP Pavilion G4 with 4 GB of RAM and a 265 GB hard drive with a 15 inch display. It's not the best computer in the world for gaming, but the only game I play these days is League. I'm looking for a computer that would welcome exceptional League game play while having nice specifications for social networking, e-mail, and things of the sort. I've thought about going with a Lenovo IdeaPad. My first choice was a Macbook Pro 13 but after some very helpful feedback I've decided that it may not be the best choice, lol. If anyone can give me some tips I would be so thankful. Also, I do NOT know ANYTHING about building computers, so that option is out the window.

S4 starting jungle routes + 2 ideas

Hello everybody!

Today I was thinking about jungle routes for the new season. Still I can't find any blog, site or video about how to walk the woods in new season. So these are my conclusions:

Full jungle

- blue buff > wight > wolves > wraiths > red buff > golems

Now this one is really greedy and selfish way. I use it when I feel like my team is strong and intelligent enough to play defensively. Later on I make it up for them with often ganks.

PROS: you end up as lvl 4 with about 850 gold. If you get help with first buff, some champs end up with 1 Health Potion left, which means you can possibly just go gank bot (if blue) or top (if purple).

CONS: you spend a lot of time in jungle, without any chance for help, gank or counter gank. If you don't do it right or play with squishy jungler, you have to recall - therefore you are not helping your lanes for few more minutes.

Early gank

- blue buff > wraiths > red buff (or vice versa)

If you have a champ that can gank at lvl 3 effect…

How Is Leagues Community?

A lot of people play League of Legends, but why? Is it because they are bored and they find league a fun and entertaining game, they wish to strive to be the best league player in the world, or are friends forcing them to play with them? Considering this, how do these different people react to league and its community?
I personally am one of the many players who want to be a great player. Even if I don't live to see that dream come true is a small part of it. The mentality in which I play league is to try and be the best I can, I will pour over my old games for flaws or things I did right (which are few and far between). I will watch hours of YouTube videos on the pros, and how they play. I feel actual stress when I do bad and bring my team down.
To me, league is a very serious thing. Of course its a game, you should have fun, or if you are one of the people who believe that video games are a waste of time then you might argue that. Either way you do have to accept that people who make…

Leave of Slight Absence

jhoijhoi's blog

I have been slaving away at work like mad. For those of you who don't know, I'm currently employed in before and after school care (primary); it pretty much entails being hit by flying basketballs, running around to investigate dobbing children and their stories, painting masterpieces, organising obstacle courses for Happy Heart Hour and ensuring there's enough rubbish littered around the place for the kids to pick up "Three for the Sea".

> In short, it's exhausting, fun, sometimes emotional, hard work. My shifts sometimes start at 7am (which means I have to leave home at 6am, due to peak hour traffic) and go to around 3pm, or I start at 9am and finish at 6pm during vacation care days. As you can imagine, that leaves little time for ANYTHING, let alone keeping up to date with MobaFire.

> But wait! There's more! I also have my last teaching prac (supervised teaching of high school classes), followed immediately by my internship (teaching high school classes with no s…

Miami, FL

Contrary to my last blog post, I was in Miami for the last 4 days. Woo! I was able to skip the arctic blast that swept through the northern part of the country, thankfully. Gosh, so many stories to tell. I went to Miami because my grandparents' siblings live there, and my grandfather wanted to visit them (he and GranGran came for Christmas) before they went to see Allah. Anyways, so we got there I got to try real native Arabic food. I have to tell you guys that the food tasted absolutely ****ing amaz-scratch that, it actually tasted like ****. I wanted to throw up just by the scent of it, but then when I tasted the food, I felt like I died inside. It was horrible, I had to chug the food down because my father said not to be rude or they'd blow me up. Just kidding, but yeah, the food tasted like ***. On the bright side of ***es, I got to see many in Miami beach and it was amazing.

Mids you shouldn't be playing in ranked

Tier list is coming. In the mean time, here are some ap champs you should never play in mid, and possibly just never ever if you want to climb. Most of these will be 'duh', but some might surprise you. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

Disclamer: With dedication and hard work, you can climb with these champs. Your climb will be much more difficult, but there is at least 1 mordekaiser main in diamond 1. There aren't any underpowered champs, but some champs definitely have stronger kits than others. Also this is my opinion.

List w/ quick explanations;

Swain - He's not a mid anymore. Practically every mid champ outranges and dumpsters him. Play someone else

Brand - Ziggs is way better