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Nocturne-- Nightmare Guide

Hi Guys,
I have a good and a bad message for you:
The good one is I´m making incredibly good progress with the Nocturne guide and think it will be really awesome.
The bad thing is I have holidays and will go out to snowboard, which will cause a at least 4 day delay on my guide.
But stick with it and you will be rewarded!
So if youre excited for my guide just wait a little and I will publish it soon!! I swear guys!!
Ok and with a gentle good night I will go to bed now.
Have fun with lol further and climb the elo ladder!
Yours Alex

Invino game turn around

as me and my team cordinated a win with our duo yes our top and jung fed early to mid game but thats not where we give up we asked them to follow us and listen to our pings and after a successful fight at baron we took the game and proved that no game is over till our nexus is down

view the video here on my duos lolreplay account enjoy and gl in the fields of justice

Guide making time!

When we all thought Mobafire couldn't get any better, the hold a guide contest!
Brilliant idea! I can't wait to start a writing up some guides C:
Shame I am a jungle main so most of my knowledge will go to waste ;-;
However I will try my best C:

Best of luck to everyone else writing up guides too!

Recently joined

Hi guys,
I recently joined and will try to create some helpfull guids, mostly about the jungle in Season 4 or sometimes about mid. Just so that you know already I like damagedealer kind of jugnlers like Nocturne, Lee Sin, Aatrox, Hecarim but also e.g. Jarvan 4.
I hioe you enjoy my guides and they are helpfull for you.
see you then Spheric

Need Guide Graphics

I don't want to select from people so I made this blog post lel.

I need (at least) the following banners and line divider and a bigger banner with the guide's name:
    1. Introduction
    2. Pro et Contra
    3. Masteries
    4. Runes
    5. Summoner Spells
    6. Abilities
    7. Items
    8. Gameplay
    9. Matchups
    10. Change Log
    11. Thanks to:

if u interstid pls PM me

1000th Comment/Post - Sorta Maybe 1 Year on MobaFire


Hit 1000 post/comment mark today :) I saw other people make these sort of blogs (for post num. rep num. 2 year on moba etc.) so I thought I should make one too. Turns out that I have been on this website for a lot longer than I thought (1 year and 2 months now), and that I'm not that active compared to other posters who joined AFTER me *cough cough*
*cough cough*. So here's a list of stuff I sorta want to do :)

1. Post more: Often times I am reading all your funny comments and sh*t and I spend half an hour reading a whole thread and then I just go back to the main page without commenting. I think I should be a bit more active rather than just (very slowly) making sigs.

2. Guides: I have a very small feeling that everyone will qq about my bronze scrub guides (hue. ad katarina es op guise sursly), but I think I want to at least try to participate in the new s4 guide competition, and also there are no very good Yorick guides that are updated for s4 yet :) I'm hoping t…

Questions for junglers

Hello everyone!

For a few days I was looking for my secondary team role (in case I won't be able to play support). And since I can't play AP casters (I fail terribly), can't go anywhere near top lane (I always feed like a gravid pig) and I find playing ADC boring, I think about learning how to jungle.

And therefore I bought Fiddlesticks. I read about him being good in jungling, although now he is not so popular, but I hoped he will be good for learning and if he fails, I still got another aggresive support for my main role. So no problem there.

It's just I can't find any good guide about jungle Fiddlesticks. All those I found on MOBAfire were written by some random people, not even ranked. And those few I read were quite bad.

So here are some questions for you, people who play jungle as your main role:

1. Is Fiddlesticks still good for jungling?

I tried some bot games with him and he is not bad. Thanks to drain, he doesn't need life potions (maybe 1 just to be sure), but is very

Statistics and ****


So me and some other guy started a LoL-related blog, Flavor of the Month, and apart from News you can obtain from anywhere I though we could add some nice interesting features, one being top WInrates/picks of the week for SoloQueue and Diamond in particular. I wanted to know what you guys think of all of this, basically :v