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Team-comp OP

This is a game I played with my friends, I picked this team-comp because I wanted to see how effective it is.So the game started and they got fb top (dou-top Kha'Zix and

I hate commputers

I finally got my computer working again a short time ago (a week), but just this morning the display ****ped out on me. I've been planning on getting a new computer for some time, and I've already ordered it now. Unfortunately, it won't arrive until January 16. Why does Lenovo take so long to deliver it's products?? I have no idea at all, but at least they do. And I've cancelled my APC Thresh guide, because while it works, ADC Thresh is better. Thanks to his passive soul collection for armor and AP, he can freely buy AD items without having to worry about the damage from his abilities dropping off. I've decided to make a guide for one of my favorite hobbies, AD Taric mid. So until then, I won't be playing anything at all. *Sigh...*

Battling with my own playing style

Huu, reader! I am divic, extremely weird and in some odd way veteran mobafire-member. I have rather old mobafire-account but sometimes i have been very active on site and then i may have had one year without logging in. Anyways i have always followed the way of Mobafire from rags to the riches.

I have developed a lot across the years in pretty much every way but still i feel like i am worse than in the start. (I guess I have developed more as a human than as a player) When I started at university and lived in a dorm with foreigners I used to play a lot and perhaps that was my peak as a player, I wasn't excellent player but i got into teams with diamonds and I was enjoying a lot playing league of legends. It was the time when pretty much every single game ended on victory.

Then the army came in... One whole year of frustration... Elo decay... Then, what's on now? Trying to get into it again. All previous teammates are on Plat/Dia, even those who used to be Bronze when I last time saw …

The quality of hackers these days.


After messing with PL, DerpTrolling has been on a rampage ddosing everything he could. Derp recently followed someone named "Anonymous"(TheDrunk3nPanda) and Anonymous as been tweeting
"Greetings citizens of the world, our goal is to make "Riot Games" care more about EUW and EUNE Servers."
"Hello to everyone, be online in 8 hours from now. We will give 540.000 League of Legends accounts to our fans. "
"The event will be started on 00:00 or rather 12:00(It's same)."
Should we be scared?
[4:50PM EST] He's given 1 Plat account away already. He said he'll start the event in 1 hour and 20 minutes.
[4:56PM EST] Tweets "I almost forgot to tell you one more thing, all accounts are on EUW(Europe West)"
[5:14PM EST] Seems he's giving away a challenger now.
[5:30PM EST] Gave another account away for 1k follower milestone.
[5:32PM EST] Says "30 minute…

Champion Concept: Laerorndir - Nature's Sharp Knife

Tag(s): Marksman/Assassin

HEALTH 359 (+83)
ATTACK DAMAGE 55 (+3.25)
HEALTH REGEN. 4.5 (+0.55)
ATTACK SPEED 0.670 (+3.1%)
MANA 221 (+35)
ARMOR 10.2 (+3.4)
MANA REGEN. 6.3 (+0.5)
MAGIC RES. 30 (+0)
RANGE 550 (Ranged)


He is a mysterious stranger to most of Valoran but the ones who know him well, know his past. He was once a son of Duke in Demacia. He was known to be carefree and naive, as most people are when they are young.
Then, one dark and stormy day, he heard his brother was arrested because he was trying to murder the king. Laerorndir couldn't believe that his brother could do that. The guards who told him that his brother did it and blamed Laerorndir for it, too.
He escaped Demacia as soon as soon as he recovered from the shock. He had no destination, but he couldn't stop running. After a week of running almost without breaks, he met a wanderer who was a young man dressed in green hood and cape. The wanderer offered Laerorndir a place to stay for the ni…

Solardel's Blog Guide

Hey guys, I am new to this website as an account but have been using it for years to learn new champs, tweak my skills with old ones, and even learn stuff about champions I don't play. I am going to be posting several apc and support guides on the site that may or may not help you learn more about your champion!

Hoping to be great friends with you all,
Solardel <3

I hate solo q

So I played 3 ranked games today with a friend (I'm silver 1 and he's bronze 1), and in all 3 games I played Vayne and won the lane.
First game we played bottom together, like I said I was playing Vayne and he was playing

New Meta vs. Old Meta

New Meta vs. Old Meta

There have been many discussion boards and arguments among the forums concerning which Meta is considered the best; both sides with sound and solid arguments. But I believe we need to approach the topic with a more objective perspective, what their respective strengths are and why the new Meta came into being in the first place. It also requires an explanation to the newer players that have joined since the old Meta was done away with, as to why it worked as well as it did.

The Old Meta

Classically in league most teams were compromised of solo/duo-cueing players, meaning that few teams had the upper-hand of knowing how to synergize to an extreme scale. Anyone who has pushed through to lvl30 knows by now that just because you know how to work with a particular character doesn’t mean you understand the play style of the player themselves, and that it can be a huge detriment to a laning or team scenario. The old Meta enabled a very balanced quality to a team so …

Hey guys A little about me (first post

My name is martin and I'm a full time dad slash audio engineer. so there's time on the computer. I've picked up playing league of legends from one of my best friends. since then I've been a proud summoner.I hope that You find my future blog posts and guides helpful.

if interested in me as a person u can visit my band page here
Happiness Through Hurt as im am into music and like to share it anyways. Peace.