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Getting started as a LoL noob

A friend introduced me to League of Legends and within a few days I'm hooked. Riot are such a refreshingly open and creative company and the game is surprisingly tactical and deep.

Other than the tutorials and bot games I've been trying some champions and looking to settle on one or two to level up with. Nunu is my current favourite. I must admit I'm apprehensive about joining some player matches after reading about the flaming and general unfriendliness towards newcomers. We shall see.

Big Fat LoL Quiz

Big Fat LoL Quiz
So on the 4th of July 2010 I made my EU account on League of Legends. So to celebrate the 3 years I've spent enjoying League of Legends, I decided to make this quiz to share the joy.
The irony being that as of right now a hacker has the details to my account and I'm currently waiting for Riot Support to get my account back ;(
But nevertheless. The show must go on.
The person who submits with the most correct answers wins 6450RP. There are 200 questions exactly.
All these questions have definite answers and any additional points are clarified in the questions. There are no assumed relationships or comments on fan fiction in questions about canon. Any Lore that has been rewritten is assumed as correct and unless stated, questions will not relate to older lore, canon etc.
Once you have your answers, send them to the email provided at the bottom of the document. Once a winner is chosen, they will be contacted to know they have won. Arrangements for the RP will be made then…

Mechanics and How it Relates to Elo

I practice my mechanics for League of Legends a lot. I consider myself to be very disciplined in that regard, but as we all know: "ain't nobody got time fo dat."

I read an opinion piece about getting to diamond on reddit today and how a "diamond player" can mean someone anyone that plays like diamond tier. I agree with that, but there is everything to indicate that there are also bad players in every tier and division. The main point being that if you play like a diamond, eventually your MMR, Tier Division and LP will eventually denote that. Maybe you only play mid and top lane at diamond level and have a hard time jungling. At the end of the day if you aren't able to get diamond, you are still not diamond. For the purpose of this discussion we will assume that every player has the potential to be diamond and will have different expected MMR/ELO outcomes for each role. Now what does this mean?

As mentioned in that thread, there was a big emphasis on players being able to play mu…

Competitive tournaments For Lower ranked players

Hey, Chinese Paradise here.

this is my first blog and I just want to say thank you, for taking the time to read this poorly decorated one.
But of course, I wrote this blog for a reason, and the reason is up there in the title.
I would really like to reach out to the LoL community, if there is someone, that can organize tournaments for lower ranked players, < Gold 3 leagues. there are specific reasons I am here requesting this idea.

- First, most lower ranked players, including me, ALWAYS love watching streams and LCS games.
It inspires us to play and get better. Whereas, in ranked 5v5's, we try and recreate that exciting moment making plays and stuff, but, you can get matched up with diamond and plat players. Which is, kind of, stupid. The skill difference is so high, lower ranked players just give up at the start of the game. However, if we have our own tournaments, hosted by a bunch of kindhearted people, (cough) MOBAFIRE COMMUNITY (cough) we can get that kind of competitive scene …

Meiyjhe Update (8)

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

Quite a lot of stuff has happened the last couple of weeks, and I just realised that I didn't tell anything about it, so here are my topics for today:
1. School
2. Blog
3. Indonesia
4. Getting views guide (finally, something on-topic)

1. School
So as some of you guys now, I am following the course Environmental Sciences for Sustainable Energysources and Technologies (ESSET), and it has been quite an amazing year. It was my first year at this course and in the Netherlands, we have an "elimination" system. Basically, if you do not get above 50/60 points within a year, you are kicked from school. So, it has been quite an exiting last few months, but finally, with a lot of stress in mind, I nailed it :D

Now I can go on in peace, and now I also have holiday :D
I iz very happiez rite noa :D

2. Blog
For school purposes, I had started a blog about environmental misconceptions, and it is pretty much finished right now. However, the reason I mention this, is…

New Jungle Guide!

Hey everyone, long time no... talk? Well, good enough. ANYWAYS...

I've decided to put my fizz guide on the back-burner for now. Recently I picked up Skarner, and about 90% of the games I've played with him I've done very well, and of those I win about 80% of them. After playing many games with him, I realized I really didn't like the builds presented here on MOBAFire, as they all seem to focus more on tankiness than any sort of damage, or are set on damage but do it completely wrong. I believe Skarner can do both very effectively.

The runes/masteries are going to be set up for a more tanky/utility chaampion, but the build is gonna be very focused on having some serious output while still retaining the incredible tankiness that is the trademark of Skarner.

I'm really looking forward to writing this guide, and I'm planning on it being released in about a month. I believe this is going to be one of the most in-depth guides I'll write, as there are so many niches Skarner fills, it'll ta…

Riot Announces New Stat Scoring System KDA(E)

In one of the upcoming patches Riot plans to unveil a new scoring metric for games, temporarily being called "Escapes". They are unsure on how the exact details of this metric will be calculated yet but they plan to implement it as soon as they can because they don't feel Kills, Deaths, and Assists really tell the fully story of a game.

From a Riot Programmer speaking on condition of anonymity, "Too often during a game, in team fights, but especially in laning, sudden deaths are avoided because a player is able to maneuver away from a fight with less than 100 of their hp. Either drawing an opposing champion into a turret or acting as bait where the opposing team chases them. When you see one team lose 50 kills to 25 kills, there's another side of the story that we feel isn't being told. How many near deaths did the team with 25 kills have on the team that got 50 kills? Was it because of the skill to avoid death at low health that this team was able to limit their enemy to only 25…

SkullDraker lol Channel.

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