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Playing in a League of Legends Team but not being...

Hi my name is VyxisPrime,

I am Jungler/Support for Mirror Image Gaming.
While Mirror Image Gaming isn't that well known yet I am actually really fond that I am a part of them.
I am not lvl 30 or even ranked yet. But I watch alot of stream where people actually fight how they would do in Diamond 1 or Challenger. (Ofcourse with a joke here and there).
Teaching my self how to fluently last hit if I am needed on Top or ADC for the team.
Because there can always go something wrong with posotions of we have to hussle everything to learn new tactics.
And ofcourse how to use the map and warding.

Teaching my self new Champions isn't always fun. Some are in my eyes slow or not in my expectation
but I can live with the 4 mains I can have for my support lane(Being: Kayle,Sona,Nami & Tresh)
For jungling I know 3 to 4 champs aswell. (Being: Udyr,Lee Sin, Rengar & Warwick) Being better with Lee Sin and Rengar than udyr and Warwick is Quite normal for me. Udyr aint my way of fighting with no finishi…

Internet issues are always so great -_-

Ahhh wow, it feels like ages since I was on mobafire apart from the anime/manga forum, anyway onto the topic; this is more of a question than an actual blog post but would anyone have a clue even as to why my internet is slower when I play lol. Whenever I'm on the internet doing pretty much nothing (YT etc.) it runs perfectly and as soon as I get on lol it just slows right the **** down, my downloads are at their usual speed and even after I switch them off, which I never had to do before my ping still fluctuates between 200-400 and renders the game unplayable.

Jinx First Impressions

Welp I sure wasn't expecting another AD carry this soon. Don't worry, I have a review friends, since this is apparently a thing I do now.

Get Excited! - At first glance it might seem somewhat useless since it requires a kill or tower death to take place, but the movespeed boost is absolutely huge. Triggering this in a 2v2 duel or a teamfight gives you free reign to go as deep as you want and chase down everything or kite at lightspeed. Also if your opponents don't take it into account and hang around anywhere near a low health tower you can easily follow up with kills.

Ahri nerfs? Why roit whyyy

Update edit: Well it looks like Ahri was changed more on PBE. That renders most of this blog post somewhat wrongly informed. But I'll keep it here for the heck of it.

So with the latest patch notes rolling out on PBE, there were some Ahri nerfs. As the top Ahri guide maker, I figured I should share my thoughts (which are in no way pro or diamond level etc.) Take them with a grain of salt.
A quick summary of the patch notes:
Spoiler: Click to view

Well I Leaped Into Ranked And....IM SILVER 3!!!!!

I am so damn proud right now it's not even funny. I finally took a leap of faith and was like "Screw it, I'ma start playing ranked." So, I did. I started solo queing and it TOTALLY paid off! I know Silver 3 is no Gold or Plat. But for me it's a huge accomplishment.

I. Am. Invincible. :)

I have no idea how to master Sivir

I'm trying to master Sivir and I have no real idea as to how I should build her. I just got crushed, even though the random team I was playing with won. So I came to Mobafire, selected the guide written by Meridianprime, read half of it and now I'm going back into normal to play again. Lost. Again. But this time my stats were 4/5/4 so I didn't feel awful. Meridianprime's core build suggestion was working really well. I had just purchased Phantom Dancer before our team surrendered.



New Champions - New Guides

Every single time when they release a new champion, exempli gratia Jinx, people who have not played a single ranked game and probably less than 10 normal games, make new guides.

My suggestion is that you can't make guides for new champions. Maybe like a week after release or something. And if you have played 10< rankeds you could make it, even if it hasn't been a week.

I mean, every new guide will be downvoted to the Dante's Inferno's second circle, and I will probably downvote them, too. They don't even have any proof. So why wouldn't we simply save some space and deny the new guides for new champions.

Ples Mowin.

Pokemon X

I got it last night at midnight (since I just left from anime club; we're watching Penguindrum).

My trainer name is Kasai. My team is currently Fennekin (literally going to evolve next battle), Litleo, Fletchling, Charmander, and Pansear. I have to get to my friend's router to get Torchic since the campus WiFi doesn't work for the 3DS very well. By the way, they're all girls; I spent two hours getting the female Pansear, and I had to re-catch the female Fletchling for a better nature (+atk -spd original, +atk -s.def new).

Pokemon you can catch very early game (not necessarily grouped by route):

League Challenge #1: A charming marksman

Hi! Thanks for reading!

This is the introduction of my 'league challenges'. Pretty simple stuff. If you complete all of my conditions and terms, you will earn a point. The first 3 people to win the challenge will win a point, and I'll keep track and possibly give out rewards every couple months.

Challenge #1; A charming marksman -

This first challenge is very basic. Play a ranked game as ADC Ahri and win!
1. Play Ahri on your MAIN ACCOUNT in solo queue ranked (duo queue ok)
2. Build physical damage items and no AP items or hybrid items (build like you're ashe or something)
3. Win!
4. Screenshot the victory lobby and upload it in the comments section

-Ahri doesn't have the best AA range. If you're against high physical harass, consider armor glyphs.
-Charm is completely broken on a functional adcarry. I strongly suggest you max charm 1st for the enhanced CC duration.
-Ahri can kill at all levels with an aggressive support that either brings cc or damage. Chaining cc with your…