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Vision Changes

Hello Everyone!

I will briefly cover some of the vision changes coming in pre-season/season 4.

Ward Changes

Riot has added a limit for wards which is 3 stealth wards (previously sight wards) and 1 vision ward per player. This means that teamwork will be superior to selfish play. This also means that the whole team can't rely on the support and have to increase the map awarness themselves.

They have done nothing (so far) to the stealth wards, but they have changed the vision wards. Vision wards are now permanent, but always visible to the enemy, meaning that strategic placement of them will increase their efficiency. This will also mean that you can't have 100% secured bushes from now on.

Map Changes

Riot remade most of the bushes. Most round shapes are now gone and the bushes are mostly line shaped. Riot made this because it makes warding the bush easier, since you couldn't have great vision in a round bush (e.g. blue buffs' bushes).

Riot probably made this because t…


Hi guys, I'm Stattik. Im new in here so I dont really know much of mobafire. I entered here because I hear this from my friends. My friends love to create LOL guides. Today I have created Yorick's Guide. HAHAHA, Its fun to create. I love making builds and guides, especially in solo top champions like yorick. Yorick is one of my favorite champions. So if you need solo top champion guides, just message me. And if there is something wrong in my guide just comment. Your likes and hatred makes me alive...

What a horrible day..

Woke up at 6 pm..yeah..6 pm! When school start for me in the morning I have to wake up at like 5-5:30 am and I'm a night time person so I go to bed really late (sometimes around 2 am) so I sleep a lot during weekends.

Anyways I woke up at 6 pm. My mouse has been ****ty all day (sometimes it stops working). I've only played 2 games. 1 3v3 to warm up and 1 ranked game and in both of those games it stopped working for a bit. Not to mention I got camped for the 4th time while playing Shyvana Top (would you believe me if I said I got camped in all 4 of my Shyv Top games? >.>)

Such a bad day. I won't be going to bed anytime soon so hopefully things improve..

Feel bored with bad score...

Hey, what's up!

My name is jokersprank but my reals name will be a secret xD. I'm playing on the EUW server and my summoner name is nighttray00 and I'm called night (so many names...). At the moment I'm not playing ranked cause I did a break in the winter (trauma from one game). But it's soon S4 so I will start there some time.

This was a lot about me. Well, let's come to the real subject. I've played yesterday night Ahri. I bought her a long time ago, just I didn't play her (passionate Teemo-player here). She is a funny champion but i suck at her and somehow I tend to throw games with her. So here comes my question; How did I win? Seriously, I had a really good start and then died a few times too much. 5/6/8 or so were my states. The other team were also solala but it was only the 20-minute-mark. Why did they surrender? Really I just don't know why people just give up. That's also the reason I'm so bored playing LOL.

There is always a chance to…

Janitsu's Season 3 Goals/What I accomplished &...

Hello everyone!

I will give you a brief list of what I wanted from this season and what I got/accomplished ^^

The ones with a line over them are accomplished :3


  • Gold I
  • Editor rank on mobafire
  • Made new friends
  • OFFTOPIC: win a violin contest
  • Get new signatures
  • Make more threads about helping people etc.
  • Get to Platinum I
  • Get to Diamond V
  • Get to Diamond I
  • Get to Challenger
  • Get many mystery gifts.

I'd really like to thank the following persons (they aren't ordered or anything, I might've forgot someone):
  • OTGBionicArm - Funny company and theorycrafter through this season :9
  • Ban... Meiyjhe - being such a wonderful friend
  • Throatslasher - Teaching me some things :)
  • C4 Lasty - Same what Throatslasher did :)
  • BioAlchemist - Being that one noob friend who always cheers you up!
  • Thalia Keel - Playing minecraft w/ me
  • Oxide110 - Making a minecraft server
  • jhoijhoi - Useful tips and such :)
  • Wayne3100 & PsiGuard - Reminding me about bumping and how "first" -comments aren't helping commun

Learning Top

I decided that I needed to challenge myself more in the game. While I'm not a perfect ADC, I still feel really comfortable with the role and almost always do a great job playing that role. I tend to get bored with things quite quickly/easily, so I figured I would learn how to play a new role before I got sick of playing League.

At first I picked mid. I bought Annie and started learning how to lane mid. It was fun, pretty challenging and by far more difficult then ADC'ing. Lol. After I got my *** kicked quite a few times I thought that maybe mid was....well too much. I thought seriously about learning jungle. I even played bot games with Udyr to try to get a good feel for Jungle. But I learned that I wasn't the best at keep time on my buffs. I knew that in a real game, I would have been demolished in the first 5 minutes.

Then I came to top. I bought Riven forever ago after I was bullied into top lane one game. I build her tankier than most. But I can't stand how that ***** will die fa

Scammer wanted to hack/make panic me?


i censored his name, dis was a dude that time ago i played with, so he probably really got hacked or whatever, so i dont feel to tell the name.

[10:11] *CENSORED*: dude some1 just got all my info on my account
[10:11] Jack Rubino: ?
[10:11] *CENSORED*: idk how
do u know what i should do?
[10:12] Jack Rubino: tell riot.
the only way
[10:12] *CENSORED*: ok
[10:16] : fcking hate this hackers ...
[10:16] Jack Rubino: ikr
[10:17] *CENSORED*: worked hard on this account got skins from friends,spent more than a year playing than puff its gone
[10:17] Jack Rubino: whats gone? i dont think he can do anything at all
he cant sell champs skins or whatever
[10:17] *CENSORED*: ye but what if riot wont give me my account back?
if i log out dont…

205 Views'll help more than your ADC

People often say playing support is boring...but to me it isn't. I kinda like it since I don't have to worry much about CSing (partly because I suck at it). Honestly though...I feel that everyone should learn how to decently play a support character. It teaches you how, where, and when to ward. It helps to show how much of a priority warding is. Not only does it help with teaching how to ward...but also gold efficiency.

Because you lack gold from 0 CS then you need to understand what items you need to grab.
-Is Boots of Speed more important or should I be grabbing some more sight wards?
-Do I get a Nomad's Medallion or get

BRF (Biggest Rivals Forever) Art Post #11

So, we know people can get a bit frustrated at each other when we lose or get taunted, but you'll never want to get a champion angry once you see the destruction they can cause. So here's some art of champions that just can't let go of that grudge.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Shyvanna vs Jarvan

Orianna vs Teemo

Diana vs Riven