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1st Bloq :)

Welcome to my guide, i'm here to learn new skills on league of legends and hoping that i will soon learn to master all the skills i need to win a game. Let me get you started, I started playing league of legends last year and i'm an average player or summoner, i do play different roles such as support, adc or ranged dps and jungling. My playstyle is aggressively and i only play the champions that i know how to play or i see what enemy chooses their champions and i pick their counter-pick so its easier for me. Feel free to add me, i'm on the Oceanic Server "Tommymoocow". I'm currently in the bronze division V and i'm happy to play with you. cheers OCTom93
Ps: I know this is very short but i probably edit this one soon.

Ao Shin, the new Ionian (probably) support

Please note that none of the detective work is mine, this is all taken directly from a reddit post, I just wanted to inform any kind of person who isn't on reddit (altough surr@20 will probably post about this pretty soon as well).

Reddit post link:

So recently, there was a post about a new Champion going by the name, Ao Shin. The post made front page, I believe, and had quite a lot of buzz. The post was talking about the possibility of Ao Shin being some sort of "Gypsy Elementist".
I read through the entire post, and read many of the comments, and it all seemed really believable, but I wanted to look a but more into it, and I think I have found some things that may be of interest and relevance.
First off, an image was shown, showing only Ao Shin's feet and her arm, and she was surrounded by a few other Pool Party Champions, as well as other Misc Champs there for the Splash Art.



Started off at Bronze II, played 200 games and got gold in the end!

Here is the actual game:

I didn't do that well, mostly my cs is bad, since their Varus rage quit(and then came back) and we roamed around a lot, but hey, still got it.

Moving to OCE

Before I even get to so much as play a nomrla with the new friends I've added I'm moving on to OCE to be part of a team with my friends and to be able to play at school with my friends in Adelaide, owell goodbye 200+ ping and yanks complaining about 150 being unplayable and hello ~50 ping and Aussies complaining about 150+ being unplayable.

Creating A Better Gaming Envirnment

This is one of the most fun and competitive online games ever created. I think we can all agree on that seeing how far the LCS has come. It's a simple game that has a lot of complexity to it. So its easy to pick up, quick to learn, but it never gets old. Players love the social aspect of it, the cool characters, the natural competitiveness, and culture it has created over the years. The problem seems to be the people who play have created a hostile environment that can make it the game difficult to enjoy at times.

It is very similar to our society, everyone wants to point figures and blame everyone else for everything. Its a sad thing because the game is usually won by the team that uses the best teamwork. Yet, players still seem to find every possible way to bring down their teammates at the first sign of defeat. It can make the games grueling and sometimes unbearable. It has got to the point where it is almost the nature of the game. I even catch myself doing sometimes, I'll even ty…

MOBAFire and The League!

Now I tell ya, I've been using this site for years, since I started playing League. Not once did I think to sign up with MOBAFire. I never knew it tied so closely to League.

Now with that being said, I don't think they advertise enough as a site,
but I digress.

I've been called in to play in the September tournament, However it appears that my teammates are not quite compatible for it themselves.

This shall be interesting..

Elo Climbing


So you always hear about people using certain champions to "Elo Climb", but what exactly does that mean? Personally, I enjoy to play tanky champions, posing a problem when the rest of my team fails to provide any damage. So I was wondering what champions are good to "Elo Climb" with, and what exactly that means, and what you guys' experiences are with getting out of bronze/silver. Let me know in the comments and also be sure to check out my Jungle Nautilus Guide and let me know what guide I should work on next (a specific champ, a general guide, anything). As always I love feedback and hearing from you guys.

-Cdr. Sheperd

Elo Hell and Toxic Players


I envy all of those who got into silver from the get-go. No bronze trolls to deal with, even though there are trolls in silver, those trolls were good/lucky enough to get into silver. The high class trolls. Personally, I've been bouncing around bronze for awhile, making it to bronze I then falling back into bronze V multiple times. Of course everyone in bronze always says, "I don't belong here, I'm only here 'cause of trolls," and so I'd like to believe that is true for me, but if it is indeed true I should be able to get out eventually. Today I just came to talk about different types of players, specifically the ones I encountered in a game I just played.

I was jungle Nautilus and we had a top lane Garen, a mid lane