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[6.22] Live and Die in the Jungle - Talon Jungle Guide [WIP

Pokemonred200 Last updated on November 13, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
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Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jhin Squishy with no mobility. At all. If he's in lane, camp him once you hit 6. If he's jungle, invade when you know he won't get any help in time.
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Talon jungle wasn't all that great when I first picked him up, but I considered it to be a viable pick once you knew how to do it. Due to his nature to roam as he does in the midlane, and because I had noticed he had decent solo-clear times, I decided to pick him up as a jungler, and found myself satisfied with the results. (At present, as this is my first guide, I'm not sure how to put items, champions, runes, or masteries in the text without just their names, so I'll be putting them in bold italics for the time being.)

With Season 6 though, Jungle Talon's viability shot up massively. His Q gives him sustain now, his W's damage is up and allows his clear time to be much faster, his E gives him significantly better mobility, his R cooldown is lower and his ganks are terrifying if played correctly. He's still weak to invades at times due to his lack of escapes if he's used the walls for his E, but it doesn't keep him form being able to function.

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For runes (as seen in my quick notes), you'll want Greater Marks of Attack, Greater Seals of Armor, Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist, and Greater Quints of Attack Damage.

However, the Attack Damage marks can be replaced with Lethality marks for better scaling damage, although it may make his early clears slightly weaker.

Greater Marks of Attack Damage
Talon's an AD Assassin with no AP scaling. Since all of his damaging abilities (P, Q, W, R) have high AD scaling, these marks provide a good damage increase at all stages in the game.

Greater Marks of Lethality
As an alternative to Attack Damage marks, you can take Lethality marks instead as they will A: Increase your damage against squishies, B: Increase the on-hit true damage from duskblade, and C: Have a better damage scaling into late game, as they will cut through squishy targets like they're made of paper.

Greater Seals of Armor
You're in the jungle, where every monster will deal physical damage. The extra armor will really help you not execute in the early game.

Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist
Take flat MR glyphs most of the time, as generaly you'll want to frequently gank early due to your damage and mobility in the early game. These will also help in case of invades from junglers like Elise or Zac, both of whom can make your life miserable if you play against them poorly.

Greater Glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist
Take Scaling MR Glyphs if the enemy team's AP threat isn't someone you plan on encountering often early, or if their damage isn't that great until they begin to scale.

Greater Quints of Attack Damage
Talon is an AD Champ, and you'll already have plenty of Armor Penetration from your marks and Runes. Like the Scaling MR Glyphs though, one of these can be substituted for a Greater Quint of Flat CDR or a Greater Quint of Scaling CDR.

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Rush Tiamat. I prefer getting this item before I get my Warrior enchantment, as it helps with both my clears and my ganks due to its AOE damage. However, getting Warrior first isn't a bad choice either as it gives CDR, so your ultimate will be up much more often, which makes your ganks deadlier more often. Tiamat will add a new part to your burst however, making neither rush a bad choice.

After you finish your Tiamat and Warrior Enchantment, immediately invest in a Youmuu's Ghostblade. Weather you get the Caufield's Warhammer or Serrated Dirk first is situational, as you'll get cooldown reduction from the former and Lethality from the latter, and both are two of Talon's favorite stats. I tend to go for the Serrated Dirk first, as it will boost your damage output more than the Caufield's Warhammer will.

After finishing Youmuu's, you can choose between finishing your Ravenous Hydra or buying a Duskblade of Draktharr. Unlike the Tiamat and Warrior Enchantment, this is something I generally don't have a solid 'always get this one before the other' between the two items. Generally, I go for Duskblade first as it adds true damage to my burst, and I finish Ravenous first when Teamfights are coming out fast and if I want to increase the AOE damage from Tiamat, or if I need to have better sustained damage.

When I've finished the 4 primary items Skirmisher's Sabre-Warrior, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Duskblade of Draktharr, and Ravenous Hydra, the final item I choose is rather Situational. 9 times out of 10 though, I'd pick The Black Cleaver or Death's Dance. Generally I prioritize Lord Dominik's Regards, as the armor shred will help not only me, but my ADC and other AD (or hybrid) champions deal damage in fights.

Your other major option is Death's Dance. Oh, sweet Death's Dance. This item gives you 15% Life Steal on all of your damage (including your spells, so technically spell vamp, but for physical damage). Between this item and the rest of the items I listed, this is arguably my favorite on Talon other than The Black Cleaver.. If your damage output is high enough, you can potentially out-sustain the damage being done to you, as the heal from the item is extremely quick, especially on assassins.

If they have an HP-Sustain type tank (Dr. Mundo,Swain) or a massive healer with short cooldowns (Soraka), a Mortal Reminder would be worth the investment. Because Grievous Wounds affects healing from all sources as of patch 6.22, this item shuts down Soraka much easier now, and it will stop sustain tanks from healing too much in fights.

A Guardian Angel would be a good idea if you need defensive stats. If you get nuked after diving the squishies, the revive from the item can save you and possibly allow you to kill the rest of your enemies with some backup from your teammates.

Edge of Knight is a good choice for a final item as well, as it will give you a spell shield (kind of like Banshee's Viel) on an item active. With this item, the support or midlaner (or whoever has CC, really) won't be able to stop you from diving the enemy backline nearly as easily. Furthermore, it has Lethality, which will be good for bursting said backline as well as increasing the damage from your Duskblade.

Infinity Edge is more of a niche pick than anything on Talon. It will increase the bonus damage form a Melee range Q to 200% from 150%, which is a massive damage increase. However, it is more than likely that you'll be using your Q to gapclose, so picking an Infinity Edge will make you need to take a bigger risk to see the benefit in its passive.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Ganks are very strong post-6, and still quite good pre-6
[*] Can snowball the game very quickly
[*] Very strong mid-late game
[*] You can still play Talon when Dynamic Queue doesn't give you Mid ;)

[*] If you don't get a lead, it can be difficult to come back
[*] If you use a wall to go in, you can't use it to get back out
[*] Somewhat weak to invades early, but it's not completely impossible to get away from them

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Talon jungle can be very effective when you play your cards right. He's an assassin-style carry jungler that requires a bit of skill, but in the right hands he can wreck a game. If you can survive the first few minutes and provide the map pressure you need to, the game can (and often will) snowball in your favor.