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6.24 | Climb the ranked ladder playing only support Vel'koz

El_Blanco_Jesus Last updated on December 22, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 0


Defense: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 12

Threats to Vel'Koz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jinx She has really low range and no dash move. The 2 basic requirements for getting rekt in league. You should be able to land w-e combo easily and consistently. She has strong burst damage though so she can kill you if you make a mistake.
Twitch FREE KILLS. This guy is so squishy and immobile. He cannot deal with your poke or your burst damage. I usually get a lot of kills in this match up.
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In my opinion Vel'koz is the strongest support in the game for solo queue carrying. He out trades most ADCs by himself. He is capable at all stages of the game. He is always useful no matter if you fed earlier in the game. Your abilities are big and noticeable so your team will always join in when you make a great play. You will almost always have top damage at the end of the game. His long range and big damage gives him a lot of potential to outplay even the worst matchups like Kalista, Vayne, Nautilus, and Blitzcrank. Although there are some champions I don't like playing against I will never hesitate to pick Vel'koz every game.

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Who am I?

Summoner Name: el blanco jesus

Have a specific question? Drop me a message in game or twitch chat. If you find success with my guide I would love to hear about it. Your feed back keeps me going.

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Pros / Cons

- highest damage support in the game
- strong poke damage with a slow to help disengage
- poke goes around the minions so you wont push the wave while poking
- he is a bully and wins almost all lanes if you play it correctly
- enemy team often underestimates your damage allowing you to make even bigger plays

- If you are careless with your positioning you will feed
- junglers will camp you (wards wards wards)
- not much peel for the adc if they get jumped on (its ok though, you are the real carry)
- all his abilities are skill shots

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The best ADCs for Vel'koz

This is my mini tier list for the best ADCs for Vel'koz. This tier list does not reflect my overall opinion of the champion. This is just how good the champion is with Vel'koz support at their side.

God Tier

Varus - You will shove almost any ADC out of lane with this poke combo. Any low range ADC will probably feed hard. Varus is my favorite ADC for duo queue. ESPECIALLY if hes a friend that will treat you like the carry you are. A have won many games from Varus + Vel'koz Ultimate Synergy.

Jhin - Ultra strong damage lane. He can set you up with traps and ultimate. Your poke is absurd as well as the all in potential. 2 long range ultimates guarantees nobody is getting away with a sliver of health. Unstoppable if you are in voice comms with a friend.

Tier 1

Caitlyn - Strong poke and extreme range. She is a bully as well so you will shove out most lanes. The ultimates line up nicely and will nearly kill someone alone. Her traps will set you up for stronger positioning and big combos with your E and W. Most bot lanes will need heavy jungle presence to keep up with your lane pressure. Without ganks you will get Tower first kill almost guaranteed.

Lucian - You should be out trading most lanes with this combo. The early game damage is insane. Take ignite for even more kill pressure. Your ultimates line up nicely. Normally get a lot of kills with this lane.

Ezreal - The poke is unreal but takes time to scale. Laning phase can be incredibly boring. Blue build ezreal will have you both kiting for days.

Miss Fortune - Really strong bully lane and your ultimates will crush their whole team. I wish more people played MF.

Corki - strong poke good kiting potential and he doesn't need much protection from his support. It is kind of a boring lane though. Corki is very much a generalist right now not much to say about him.

Graves - Really strong burst damage easy to get kills. Your long range helps protect him against poking ADCs like cait, ezreal, etc

Tier 2

Jinx - She would prefer you were a big tank to peel her while she carries the whole game. She has some burst damage though, so laning phase is decent.

Sivir - Nothing special. Her damage is ok. Her ranges are low so Vel'koz helps her get through laning by pushing the enemy adc back a bit. Her ultimate is helpful when you are in a tight spot.

Ashe - She needs more protection than Vel'koz can provide but you can make some big plays with her ultimate. If the Ashe is a beast you will get a lot of kills in lane. This combo wins against most matchups if Ashe lands her stun. Its not bad its just hard to play. If you are in voice chat with a duo it is a VERY strong combo.

Quinn- Not much synergy other than her big damage. You can definitely get some kills with her. Her ranges are low so Vel'koz helps her get through laning by pushing the enemy adc back a bit.

Tristana - Its meh. Its not bad its not great its just ok. Nothing special to talk about. She would prefer you were a big tank that peels her while she carries the game solo.

Tier 3

Vayne - Her laning is weak so all your bully power is wasted. She needs you to be a big tank that peels her while she carries the game solo. She wants to farm and you want to get kills the synergy isn't there.

Kalista - Her ultimate breaks your ultimate. Avoid this ADC if you can. She will use her ultimate on you at the worst times and expect you to dive in for the big aoe knock up but you are too squishy for that. However, her ultimate can save you from your own bad positioning or from ganks. It can work if you are in voice chat with a friend otherwise stay away.

Twitch - His laning is bad so your bully power is wasted. He NEEDS a big tank to stand on him and peel him all day long. Your ultimates combined will crush the whole team though. EXTREMELY high risk with ULTRA PRIME reward if you can pull it off. Twitch and Vel'koz will 2v5 ace if they are mechanical gods. Not worth it in my opinion. I prefer a stronger laning phase.

Draven - He NEEDS a big tank to peel him all game. He has big damage and a lot of bully potential. You can get a lot of kills in laning phase but he will get crushed in team fights and there is nothing you can do.

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Ghost is the most superior summoner spell combination for support Vel'koz. The only other choice is to swap out ghost for exhaust. If you care more about yourself take ghost. If the enemy team has olaf or some other champ that is impossible to get away from take ghost. If you care more about the team take exhaust but you will be at a much higher risk of being ganked or killed easily in team fights. It sounds crazy to take ghost on support but give it a try. You will make so many more plays with it than you will with exhaust. I use ghost to gank mid lane a lot, its very effective when used properly.

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Item Choices Explained

Ludens + Liandrys Torment is the core that makes Vel'koz support powerful. Ludens will spread the Liandry passive to other enemies giving Vel even more AoE damage. His poke becomes a nightmare for the enemy team. I know his AP ratios are huge now but his base damages are still huge as well. Vel'koz deals damage constantly due to low cooldowns and his passive. Your Liandrys proc will be on their team the entire fight just ticking away at those health bars (assuming you don't miss all your spells lol).

Morellonomicon is very important but in the support role I recommend getting it after Liandrys and Ludens Echo. Vel'koz needs CDR and the grevious wounds is super impactful especially when you are slinging around Liandrys torment on everyone. You wont notice a huge power spike if you rush this item early. I prefer waiting until later. It is needed but not as good as liandrys luden combo.

Eye of the Watchers is better than Frost Queens claim in my opinion. Eye of the watchers gives 100% mana regen instead of 75%. I don't value the active on Frost queens very highly and having that 4th ward can be crucial at times. Assuming you recalled at reasonable times you will buy frostfang first then sightstone on next recall. Its only 500ish gold to complete eye of the watchers after you have those 2 items. So basically 10% CDR and 25% more mana regen for 500ish more gold. I prefer the build path for Eye of the watchers because it builds from your 2 core support items. This makes the item feel super cheap.