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[7.1] Full guide how to dominate Top with Fiora

Fiora15 Last updated on January 22, 2017
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sion Easy lane you can dodge his with both your Q and W and should bully him from the start
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Hello, I'm an avid league player and have been playing since Season 2. Fiora is my main and most played champion with 194k mastery points. She is a great champion but really hard mechaniclly, but if you invest time in her you will get the grip of the champion. I will list some pros and cons of the champion.


    High sustain
    Great splitpusher
    W is a miracle maker
    Great late game
    Fun champion to play and you will learn something new every game

    Depends on W
    It's hard to come back if you fall behind
    Hard to be played good

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Masteries and Runes

I take fervor because it goes really well with the att. speed masteries and the Fiora kit. It's easy to get to 8 stacks and you can do that really fast. Sometimes i take Grasp if my team is squishier and i need to be more of a front liner because it helps with surviving. As for the laning phase fervor is better in almost every mathcup. You can change the att. speed quints for damage quints, depends on personal preference. I like att. speed because Fiora is sticky and you will attack more, can stack fervor faster and are better for longer trades than AD quints. You can take AD quints when you are against squishy ranged champions when the trades are short because you won't use much of the additional att. speed.

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Items and 30% CDR

The first time items are almost always the same. You rush Tiamat into Hydra. This helps her with clearing waves because she has no natural wave clear and is really good about the auto attack resets. After that I like black cleaver, but some times you can take Trinity Force. I like the black cleaver more and build in 90% of the situations. It gives better stats than Tri Force, is cheaper and Fiora capitalizes better on Black Cleaver. The armor pen. and additional ad is better than the att spd. you get from tri force and sheen is a good item but it isn't a must.
As for boots i usually go with CDR boots, unless they have way too much CC than i take Merc's or if they are full AD or have fed AD carry go Ninja tabi.
As 3rd item I usually go Bloodthirster because with the lifestile from it and the ultimate you can heal so much. I go 3rd item Gage if my team is squishier because this way i can be a bit more on the frontline.
If they have a lot of AP i take Merc's, because you will get that 10% CDR from the Spirit Visage which i take as 3rd item. After that a good item is Maw.
If they are full AD i take Ninja Tabi's and build Gage 3rd item and Bloodthirster after that. Every build I finish with Guardian Angel
CDR is so important on Fiora and 30% CDR is almost a must. You can also get 40% CDR but there isn't a lot of difference between 30 and 40 percent on Fiora and I think that 30% is enough. Once you get 30% CDR you get to use Q so often and you are a lot more slippery and sticky. You also have more AA resets with your low CD on E. Also the CDR is sweet for your W.

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Laning Phase

In the laning phase it's all about wave control. I usually want to push the first wave (but not too hard) and pop vitals whenever i have the chance to. If the vital is placed on the south just move away and you will lose that vital and get a new one. At around level 3-4 I reset the lane. The most important thing about doing the most damage in lane is the AA reset. Make sure that you hit someone when you use your Q because it will have way lower CD than using in a spare space.
General Combo: Proc vital with Q/Auto Attack/AA reset with E/Proc another vital
Also it's very important to properly use W because in some matchups like against Jax or Riven that one skill wins you trades and it's the difference between dying and surviving. At level 6 you can kill most enemies once you get them to 50% of their HP.
After level 6 you will have your Tiamat which also serves as an AA reset, and you can proc vitals even faster. When you are against champions like Garen and Trundle it is very important to know when to pressure and go in and when to back up.

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Mid Game

In this phase of the game you should have at least 20% CDR and even maybe 30% CDR if you have built Ionian Boots. I get this boots 75% of the time, because having 30% CDR on Fiora is a must. At this point of the game you should push side lanes and TP if the team needs you. If you don't have TP and your team plans to do an objective you can group with them. Fiora is a pretty good splitpusher because she wins almost every 1v1 at this point and if your team wants to play with splitpusher pretty easily splitpush.
This is the most important rule about team fighting with Fiora. If the enemy ADC isn't next to you DON'T CHASE THEM TO ULT THEM. This is a very common mistake that the players new to Fiora make. You focus the target closest to your team and that dives your team (usually the enemy team jungler or top laner), or the enemy with lowest HP. With your true damage you melt tanks and if you proc 3-4 vitals your team will be healed fully (more than Soraka heal) and that can be game changing. I only use ult on the enemy adcs if they are next to me, pretty much out of position and if I am sure that I will kill them, because if you chase them and they survive you can lose the teamfight.

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Late Game

You should splitpush at this point of the game and make TP plays. You can also make TP flanks and you can melt ADCs with 4 items and your ult, it's almost like a 1 shot. If you can't flank don't chase the enemy adc and focus the tank that dives your team as I said previously. At this point a good W makes the difference between won and lost teamfight. If you get a good W you can stun a valuable target and even if you don't dodging the stun can win you the teamfight.
If you decide to splitpush make sure that everything is warded and if you have 3 items they must send at least 2 people to shut you down because Fiora wins almost every 1v1 late game. If you splitpush you can use your Ultimate for the additional move speed and get away, or if one of the enemies is low you can turn on them and if you kill the one fast you will win the 2v1 and get a double kill.
I like to teamfight more than splitpushing because a good ult heals more than Soraka and will surely win you the fight.