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[7.1] Godyr opens d gatez!

Dragging Korpsez Last updated on Yesterday
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Don't go Runic Echoes if you wanna play seriously.

Here's some eye candy for the plebs.

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Marks - Using AS marks helps you proc your Phoenix' third attack faster.

Seals - Pretty much still the best choice. They scale really well with Cinderhulk.

Glyphs - Getting to 30-40% CDR helps you cycle faster, meaning more survivability and speed. For example being chased/chasing.

Quintessences - Be fast, like Sanic.

As you can see, I need 3 more AP@18 runes.

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Sorcery - Increases the damage you deal with your Phoenix' third hit and AoE.

Fresh Blood - Pretty much the only useful one. Expose Weakness is good only on full tanks that specialize in CC.

Natural Talent - I'm choosing this right now for some extra scaling on Phoenix and Turtle, and why not get some bonus AD too? Helps with the gates because of your Iceborn/Triforce.

Bounty Hunter - Better than Double Edged Sword because you take less damage, and better than Battle Trance because there are a lot of situations where you can't maintain combat.


Unyielding - Since the new masteries, you can get a lot more Armor and Magic Resist.

Explorer - Useful in chasing your enemies or running away. If you have problems with early jungle, take Tough Skin. Siegemaster is trash.

Runic Armor - A bonus to your W. A lot better than 50 hp. You can heal more than that in 1 hit with W later in the game.

Fearless - In combination with Unyielding and the item build it works really well.

Swiftness - You need more mobilty to actually do something. If you get slowed or stunned and lose 3 or 4 seconds because of that you are pretty much dead.

Courage of the Colossus - Pretty good for initiating and survival in team fights. Good even in other situations like stunning someone that's chasing you but can hit you after that. RIP Strength of the Ages.

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Cinderhulk - Scales pretty well with HP runes and Strength of the Ages.

Mercury Treads - You get slowed or stunned for less time. Also, bonus MR.

Iceborn Gauntlet - Armor, 20% CDR, slow and extra on-hit damage after casting a spell.

Abyssal Scepter - Ability Power, Magic Resist, 10% CDR, magic resist reduction scaled with level. You can replace it with Wit's End depending on the situation.

ZZ'Rot's Portal - Magic Resist, Armor, Health Regeneration and very useful for pushing.

Guardian Angel - A second chance in teamfights as you will most probably be focused when you go after the enemy ADC or mid laner, bonus AR and MR.

Elixir of Iron - Gives you an extra bonus of 25% tenacity, 300 HP to scale with Cinderhulk, bonus MS for the allies behind you, but makes you bigger, so you have a bigger hitbox.

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Skill Sequence

This is the easiest part. Initiate with E, move to his face, follow with R and pop a W whenever you need it. After initiating you will basically try to rotate between R and W or R and E, depending on the situation.

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Q - The attack speed is useful at pushing turrets or inhibs, or even ending the game.

W - Great defensive ability.

E - Great CC and escape ability. When chasing a target or running away rotate betweeen E and W.

R - The main damage ability, scales on AP which you don't really need because the base damage is enough.

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Godyr noob reking builds m8.

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Ranked Play

1. Right now Mercury Treads are the best choice for giving you Tenacity and extra MR, because you will use the MS quints,


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Pros / Cons

1. An enemy Vayne or Kindred will most likely melt you however tanky you are.
2. Pretty good in teamfights late game.
3. An enemy stun will most likely end your gank with no rewards.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start Blue, then Gromp. You should be able to clear your whole jungle without problems as long as you keep your smite up for Red after using it on Blue. Use your pots whenever you're having problems.

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Team Work

Nice joke.

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Additional Notes

- Coloring the first line in the guide's chapters looks bugged to me. For example I used Orange or Red and it ended up displaying White.

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6.20 > 6.21
Changed guide name from "[6.20] Godyr opens d gatez!" to "[6.21] Godyr opens d gatez!"
Edited the Phoenix builds because my brain hurt trying to balance AR and MR.

6.21 > 7.1
Changed guide name... again. (Won't mention namechanges in the future.)
Edited the runes and masteries. The item builds are pretty much the same.
Edited guide chapters to match the item build and current runes and masteries used.
Added some build order notes.
I believe I covered everything for this patch, tell me if I forgot anything.