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7.1 Kha'Zix Jungle Guide

Khannuuuuur Last updated on January 16, 2017
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Classic Assassin Build


Bruiser/Tank Build

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Kha'Zix Read my guide and you will kick his ass.
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About Me

Hi, I am Khannuuuuur, a Kha'Zix main. I have recently seen a couple of Kha'Zix players in my games who are, in my opinion, not playing Kha'Zix right. So I thought that I could publish a guide on here just for fun. While I may not be a very good player in general, I still believe that I am able to create an exceptional guide on the champion I am most experienced with.

My goal is to teach you how to play Kha'Zix to an exceptional degree even if you are still relatively new to the champion. Not only that, I hope that you will be able to take something you learned from this guide and apply it to other champions.

Bare in mind that I am still working on this and there may be tons of typos/grammar miztAke5.

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About Kha'Zix

Kha'Zix is a melee assassin who relies on a a lead to do well. His unique isolation mechanic makes him the best at assassinating targets that are alone. He has an evolution mechanic that allows him to evolve any of his abilities to adapt to the situation.

When playing Kha'Zix, you must be able to adapt to the current situation to pull off your job of killing carries. Adaptations would include but are not limited to: changing your play style, targets in teamfights, build path, evolution order, deciding who to focus in fights, choosing and prioritizing objectives.

Out of all the assassins, I would say that Kha'Zix would be one of the easiest assassins to pull off. Now I am not trying to put down the work of the many Kha'Zix mains out there because all assassins are damn hard to pull off consistently. I would even argue that assassins have the most difficult play style to pull off in the game, but I will save this for later.

Kha'Zix is not skill shot reliant like Zed or LeBlanc nor does he need to outplay opponents to assassinate targets like Zed, Fizz(yes he takes skill), Katarina. He also does not have high cooldowns that he must play around like Rengar or Zed. In fact, in Kha'Zix's quotes, he tells you how to play him:

"Isolate and Devour"

You wait for an isolated target and then you kick their ***. His isolation passive even tells you if a target is isolated so you should know when to go in. So if you are new to assassins, Kha'Zix is the champion for you.

However, just because he is the easiest assassin, does not mean he is ineffective, Kha'Zix is probably one the top 3 strongest assassins in the game because he is the most versatile. He can outplay, duel, better sustained DPS than all other assassins(with his evolved Q), he is great at split pushing, and he can even get pretty easy pentakills. Aside from characteristic related to killing people, he can be a strong front liner if you build tanky and he can play a supportive role with his large AoE slow on his evolved W. Most assassins would be lucky to have 1-3 of these traits.

Since Kha'Zix is so versatile, he can pretty much adapt to most situations. You will never find yourself in a really hard match up if you are a great Kha'Zix player. I assume you are now convinced to learn how to play this champion. Let's begin.

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Pros & Cons of Kha'Zix

- High mobility
- Has high burst damage
- Exceptional at picking off players who are out of position or roaming
- Can hard carry games
- Has huge snow ball potential
- Has decent outplay potential with Void Assault
- Great at split pushing

- No hard CC
- Very squishy
- Has mana issues at all stages of the game; take the blue buff whenever you can
- He gets boned by hard CC
- Useless in team fights if behind

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Here I will talk about the uses for Kha'Zix's abilities. I recommend that you throughly read his abilities before reading this portion of the guide.

Passive: Unseen Threat

When Kha'Zix is not in vision of the enemy, he gains Unseen Threat which makes his next basic attack against champions deal extra magic damage and slow them.

You can take advantage of this ability in duels by going in and out of the brush to deal more damage. Just keep in mind that if your enemy warded the brush, your passive will not proc.

The magic damage on this ability scales off of AD.

Q: Taste Their Fear

This ability is your main damage source. You should try to use it when enemies are isolated to as it does more damage that way.

The way this ability marks isolated targets makes Kha'Zix quite a good noob friendly assassin. If an enemy is not marked as isolated, do not go in, if an enemy is marked as isolated, go in and fight.

Just to let you know, like auto attacks, your Q will cancel if your target goes out of sight. Like if you are in a duel and you cast your Q on your enemy and the target walks in a brush while doing so, your damage will not go through.

You always max this ability first.

W: Void Spike

This ability has multiple uses. It can be used for sustain, poke, checking brushes, and wave clear. This ability has a low cool down so it does not matter if you waste it often. The evolved version makes this ability very good for checking large brushes and peeling for your carries.

It is also handy to note that the evolved W gives vision of all enemy champions hit by it.

You always max this ability second.

E: Leap

This ability is fantastic for escaping, and catching up to your targets. However, you do not want to waste this ability in fights. If you waste it in the middle of a fight, you could potentially lose your only form of escape and die or allow multiple enemies get away from fights on a sliver of health. If you use this ability correctly though, and if you have it evolved, you can easily clean up entire team fights much like Katarina.

You also should never use this ability just for its damage, just think of the damage as a cherry on top or the icing on the cake. Even in the most butt clenching duels, do not do it. Use this to get away instead.

You always max this ability third.

R: Void Assault

Use this to dodge skill shots(preferably hard CC), juke your enemies-like walk in one direction, go invisible, and walk in a different direction, or to surprise enemies.

The evolved version pretty much makes you so much better at dueling in the jungle.

When you are starting out on Kha'Zix, you probably will not see too many opportunities to use this ability effectively. Most new players just use it to chase enemies.

Keep in mind that this ability has a very short cool down(relative to other ultimate abilities) so do not be afraid to use it.

Some handy things to note:
  • Unlike Shaco's Deceive , enemies cannot see the "going invisible" particle effect if you are in their fog of war(or out of their vision).
  • However, if you have this ability evolved and you run into a brush, get the passive invisibility, and then use the active Void Assault while you are still invisible, your enemies will be able to see the "going invisible" particle effect if they have vision in the area your are in.

If you did not understand what I just said in that last bullet, here is a scenario that will explain it:

- You want to gank an enemy mid.
- You have your R evolved.
- You run into mid lane from the side brushes and the get invisibility passive.
- If you cast Void Assault while invisible, the enemy you want to gank will see the "going in invisibile" particle effect.

Take a point in this ability whenever you can.

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Evolution Order

in the season 7 pre-season patch, Riot tried to make Kha'Zix's optimal evolution order/evolution choices depend on the match up and situation. However, I think they have not done a very good job in doing so. They have not made all kinds of evolution orders viable, but they have created a couple more evolution paths. The one below is the one I like to follow.

Evolution Order: Q/E --> Q/E --> W/R

I would evolve Q first if:
- The first dragon is an infernal or a mountain drake
- The enemy team has strong duelists.
- I am behind and you need to keep farming.

I would evolve E first if:
- Having the extra leap range will help in ganks
- I am fed and securing kills is more important

The decision of evolving W or R last is still a bit tricky though:

When to evolve W: If your team needs to peel away from divers or assassins such as yourself, the evolved W is OK for peeling away from them. You can also use this to poke multiple enemies and for ranged wave clear which is good for defending or taking towers. It honestly depends on the match up and the state of the current game.

When to evolve R: Evolve this if you get super fed early and your are 2 or more levels ahead of the enemy. This will allow to get away with going in super deep. This evolution is not very strong if there are no team fights in the jungle so pay attention to what objectives are being prioritized. Like if towers are being prioritized, you will get little value from this.

There are some other pretty niche evolution orders. Some evolve R first for traversing the map quicker for more map pressure. I recommend you try different evolution orders.

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For masteries, aslong as you run 12/18/0 and you are building assassin Kha'Zix, you should be A-OK. A lot of the maseties you can choose from is just down to personal preference. Just pick whatever makes you feel good.

However, the decision between Bounty Hunter , Double Edged Sword , and Battle Trance is a little bit tricky. I personally take Double Edged Sword as it gives stronger jungle clears and I do not notice the extra 2.5% extra damage intake. Bounty Hunter is good if you really like to gank and you are bound to get multiple kills. Battle Trance is only good on bruiser builds.

Stormraider's Surge > Thunderlord's Decree

I think that Stormraider's Surge is now the optimal keystone for Kha'Zix now.

Before the pre-season, with Thunderlord's you could one shot a squishy when you get your warrior enchantment and if you are about one level ahead, but now you cannot do this.

Since the rework has decreased his upfront burst damage, removed the slow from his pre-evolved W, and requires him to get off multiple Qs to kill targets, I think that being extra sticky to your target takes priority when it comes to assassinating people and Stormraider's Surge gives exactly that.

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I personally think that you can run whatever rune page you want as long as it gives you AD or lethality and some defensive stats. Other than that, runes have very little impact on the game. Just set up your rune pages in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

I prefer to run x9 AD marks, x9 armor seals, x6 CDR glyphs, x3 Scaling Magic Resist, and x3 AD quints.

The the AD, armor, and CDR helps with jungle clears. I take scaling magic resist because jungle camps do zero magic damage, which means I can have my magic resist scale up while I am in the jungle.

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In this section, I will be covering Kha'Zix's pool of items and talking about in what situations they are good in.


Standard Items

These are core items. Buy these every game if you are playing assassin Kha'Zix

Enchantment: Warrior
You should buy this item first every single game. If you team really, really lacks a tank, you could go Enchantment: Cinderhulk but other than that scenario, get this. Once you get it, you will get a massive power spike and you should be able to one shot squishy targets if you are one or two levels ahead.

Boots of Speed
You should always be being boots. They make you go fast, and fast is good. I tend to like to buy these on my first back just because it feels good, but you may buy them on your second or third back.

The final boot you upgrade to does not make much difference, so buy whichever one tickles your fancy. However there are a couple guidelines. Usually, Boots of Swiftness are the go to boots, as they make you go super fast and reduce slows. Mercury's Treads are better against teams with hard CC that is hard to avoid. Ninja Tabi Is strong when it comes to dueling and assassinating targets that may inevitably get multiple auto attacks on you such as Vayne or Yasuo. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are only good for getting you to that 45% CDR limit.

Boots of Mobility are a very niche pick up. These are for map pressure, however buying these hinders your ability to stick on to targets as you are super slow in combat. Buy these against low mobility carries, and if you want lots of map pressure.

Offensive Items

The Black Cleaver
You should be buying this item in most of your games. If the enemy builds armor, this item allows you to duel them.

Although this item does not give much AD, you shred armor with this item which means your damage will ramp up and you will deal more damage than you would with any other item. That said, you only make use of this item, if you make use of the armor shred, which is most of the time.

Buy this item first or second after your Warrior enchantment if you do plan on buying it.

Death's Dance
This item is like The Black Cleaver as it offers better dueling potential.

This item is better than any life steal item. Its passive heals you for ALL physical damage you deal, while life steal only heals you for auto attacks, making this item much better for healing Kha'Zix. This is why you do not buy Ravenous Hydra or Mercurial Scimitar for its life steal, you buy them for its utility.

Buy this item either second or third after your Warrior enchantment if you do plan on buying it.

Last Whisper
Great against champions that builds two or more armor items. However, if you can ignore this champion in fights, this item is not as worthwhile. Tanks like Darius, Malphite, and Yorick are champions you can easily ignore due to your mobility and their lack of mobility. Tanks like Rammus, Vi, Hecarim, and Gnar can easily get in your face and force you to deal with them, and thus you should build this item.

Upgrade this to Lord Dominik's Regards against most tanks but against champions with strong healing and sustain such as Zac, Aatrox, and Soraka, Mortal Reminder is stronger because it reduces healing.

Buy this third after your Warrior enchantment if you do plan on buying it.

Need wave clear? This has wave clear. This item is pretty good for clearing jungle camps too. I think that having this is just personal preference. You can pick this up anytime during the game if the wave clear makes you feel better.
Feel free to upgrade this to the Ravenous Hydra for tons of AD and life steal.

Buy this anytime during the game, but preferably early in the game so you can make full use of this item.

Lethality Items

These items are essential to Kha'Zix's build as they provide lethality, a very important stat that increases your damage significantly.

However, lethality is only strong later in the game, which is why you shouldn't usually rush these items and instead pick up an offensive item that will do you better early on. You should be buying these items sometime in the game though.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Very strong item, because of its lethality and movement speed buff. This item is better than all the other lethality items in most situations.

Duskblade of Draktharr
UH-OH. DID SOMEONE SAY DAMAGE? This item used to be pretty niche but it is very strong. I do not even need to explain, just read up on what this item does. It yells SALT and AFK ADCS all over the description.

But there is one problem I have with this item... it lacks utility. This would be the primary reason why I would buy Youmuu's Ghostblade over this. If you do ever build this item, you would need to build some utility to go along with it such as Death's Dance or The Black Cleaver.

Edge of Night
Very strong situational item. This item's active allows you to dive into fights and potentially avoid some high damage spells or hard CC. The spell shield can also be used for jumping on enemies with easy to land hard CC like Xerath, Ahri, or Annie.

This item is especially strong against Vayne. Since the only spell she uses on you is her condemn, you can block it with this. This will allow you to jump her and not get stunned or kited around.

Defensive Items

Dead Man's Plate
Simple armor item. The out of combat speed boost is good for roaming around especially during mid game when you will be running around killing people left and right. However, you usually do not build this until the late game.

Randuin's Omen
Same as Dead Man's Plate except it is better for chasing down enemies due to its active AoE slow.

Basically you would choose Dead Man's Plate for running around and picking off targets around the map while Randuin's Omen is better for teamfights where you will get more out of the slow and the extra armor and reduced critical strike damage. All in all, the choice depends on what your enemy team is doing.

Spirit Visage
Good item against magic damage in general. You would want to buy this if the enemy APC deals sustained magic damage like Azir or Swain.

The 15% increased healing is also really nice. Pair that up with a Death's Dance and a Ravenous Hydra and you will heal for a lot of health, which is very handy for duels and getting those pentakills.

Maw of Malmoritus
Buy this is you are having trouble with burst and/or magic damage. This is a defensive item because you would only buy it for its passive and magic resist. If you did not need its defensive stats, you could just buy a Death's Dance

Banshee's Veil
Buy this if you find yourself being caught out by single abilities like Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab or Ahri's Charm. This is also good for those assassins whose damage comes from one ability(like Kha'Zix) as it completely blocks it. However, I usually prefer Mercurial Scimitar over this item in most situations.

Guardian Angel
Very strong item on almost every champion. A 2400 gold investment that could win you the entire game. Build this late in the game where dying could swing the game.

Quicksilver Sash
A majority of Kha'Zix's power comes from his high mobility, which is why crowd control that takes away his mobility is very scary. Some team compositions may have lots of crowd control that is hard to dodge/avoid. In those cases, you buy this item.

You almost always upgrade this item to Mercurial Scimitar for its bonus stats.

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Bruiser/Tank Kha'Zix

Go to the top of this page and click on the Kha'Zix icon next to the "VS" text to see my bruiser build. If your team lacks a tank, feel free to try that out.

For tank/bruiser Kha'zix, I would evolve my abilities so they are optimized for maxiumum sticking power. Q, W, and E are the best at doing this. W for slow, Q for sustained DPS, and E for moving around fights.

I will be posting my games where I play bruiser Kha'Zix.

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Other Champions

As of now, there are 134 champions in League of Legends. A handful of them create very different situations for you to deal with. Here I will be talking about how to outplay certain champions and synergies.


I will be going under the assumption that you and your opponent are going even in gold and levels.

Vayne: If you ever played a melee or duelist champion, you know how difficult Vayne can be. Early-mid game, she is just any normal ADC you can kill over and over again, but in the late game she is probably the best duelist in the entire game. She can kill you in about 4-6 auto attacks.

Edge of Night and Oracle Alteration are fantastic items for outplaying a Vayne. Since the only spell she uses on you is her Condemn, Edge of Night's spell shield will block it, avoiding her stun and being peeled away from. Oracle Alteration will allow you to track her during her stealth.

Before I explain how to outplay her, I want to show you this graph I made.

As we can see, we deal bursts of damage, and deal almost no damage during cooldowns, while Vayne does consistent damage throughout a fight.

The grey line labeled as "death" represents the amount of damage each of us(since we are almost both as equally squishy) can take before dying. It is clear that the longer we duel the more in favor the fight is in for Vayne.

So, to beat Vayne, you have to not fight her, which sounds odd at first. Basically, you got to engage on her, burst her, quickly disengage, wait for cool downs, engage/burst her again, and rinse and repeat until she is dead. The engage and disengage part can be done using your E, R and maybe a flash.

Annie: She will most likely have her stun up all the time. Chances of you dodging any of her spells are very low and you will have to at least burn a flash.

If she does not have any big items yet, you can probably tank her damage, but from then on, you're best off waiting for her to use her stun on someone else.

Zed: You dodge his Razor Shurikens, you dodge most of his damage. Use your ultimate after he uses his so you can avoid his auto attacks and possibly dodge his shurikens with some jukes.

Kindred: The only thing tricky about Kindred is their ultimate. You will be faced with the dilemma of running out of the ultimate or staying in it.

In a 1v1, you should keep auto attacking her to make sure she will be at the lowest health possible. Once the ultimate ends, use your stealth to wait for spells to come off cooldown and then quickly burst her down.

In team fights, you should be running away especially if you are the only one on your team in her ultimate.

Garen: I found out that you can cancel his ultimate by activating Void Assault right before his animation goes through. Very neat trick.

Miss Fortune, Jhin, Xerath, and Vel'Koz: These three share something, their ultimates. The moment they cast their ultimate, their team usually(but not all the time) abandons them to follow up on the damage. This is your time to shine. Since they are alone, you can usually pick them off very easily and turn a fight around.

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Initial Jungle Clear

In this section of the guide, I will be talking about one of the more important parts of playing any jungler; the first jungle clear. Kha'Zix's first clear gets him low on health and he his very vulnerable to an early invade and if you do not clear the camps right, you will probably end up being executed. I will be covering how you can stop yourself from feeding the stupid Gromp and how to stay safe from invades.

Jungle Camps Diagram

Starting Items

Hunter's Talisman is good for sustain clears while Hunter's Machete is good for quick clears; you can decide which one you buy, however I prefer the Hunter's Machete. Take the refillable potion if you are confident you can do a full clear or if you are going to do a full clear. Take the 3 health potions if you want to invade or gank after your clear or if you are just not confident in your clear.

Clear Routes

Clear routes are very simple on Kha'Zix.

Full Clear: Blue Buff > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Buff > Krugs

**You should learn to do the full clear with the refillable potion and without taking scuttle crab**

Since smite buffs have been removed, you generally want to just save your smite if you get low on health and for the hard camps like the raptors and krugs.

Generally do the full clear if the enemy jungler does not typically invade. However, if the enemy jungle is any of these champions- Shaco, Rengar, Lee Sin, Evelynn-you should just clear your buffs first. This throws off the timing of their invade and it also ensures that they cannot steal your buffs.

Clearing Tactics for Each Camp

IN GENERAL: Do not use you Leap to kill the camps as you could use it to kite the camp or escape. Use your Q and W when ever you can. Make sure you hit all the monsters with your W and make sure you are close enough to get the sustain.

Blue Buff, Red Buff, Gromp: Single monster camps... piss easy for you to take. Kite these to your next jungle camp for faster clear speeds.

Wolves: Focus the smaller wolves before killing the two-headed one. You may kite the camp towards your Raptors.

Raptors: Save your smite for this camp. Q+Smite+AA the large raptor first. You will one shot it. Kite the camp and focus each raptor one by one.

Krugs: Kill the small Krug, then start focusing the large Krug. Once you kill the large Krug, just focus which ever Krug is the biggest. It is damn annoying I know.

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Early Game

Early game starts as soon as the minions spawn and ends right about when people stop going into their assigned lanes and begin grouping up.

This part of the game is very important for Kha'Zix because your performance heavily changes what you will be doing in the mid game. You should be really focusing on one thing:


It does not matter how you acquire this lead, but it is usually from killing other players and out farming the enemy. Keep in mind that getting this lead is not easy. Your early game is OK, but not as good as someone like Shaco or Lee Sin.

In and ideal game, you should have at least 3 kills and be 1 or 2 levels ahead of the enemy before the early game ends. You need this lead because when it allows you to snowball and carry games.

So... how to get this lead. Well from the moment you finish your first clear or recall for the first time, you should be looking for kills and farm.


When you're not ganking, you should be farming. Don't be one of those people who run up and down the river just waiting for a gank opportunity, don't be one of those people who hide in a warded brush thinking the enemy will push. That's wasting your time.

As an assassin jungler, you really have to farm hard to stay relevant. In between ganks or moving around the map, you should be taking whatever jungle camp is closest to you.

You may also take the enemy jungler's farm. If they show up someplace on the map that is quite far from you, if you are quick, you can take their camps for free. Just make sure when doing this you are safe. Ward areas that people trying to stop you may go through you that you know when danger is coming.

If one of your laners backs, you can go to their lane and farm for them there, especially if the enemy laner is at the tower. Just remember not to push their lane too much otherwise you may have an angry teammate.

Also do not be afraid to just walk into the enemy jungle. You can duel a majority of junglers early on if they are not too fed. If you find some camps to take, drop a ward somewhere to make sure that the enemy jungler is not coming and farm away.


You want to constantly be looking for ganks in the lanes as it is a key part of getting kills. When you look for ganks, you want to find the lanes that are the easiest to gank.

The more pushed up --> Easier gank
Less mobility --> Easier gank
Low CC --> Easier gank
Smaller minion wave -- > Easier gank
Lower health --> Easier gank (This is the most important factor)

Consider all these factors before ganking. It will take time to learn what lanes you can or cannot gank, but I will not go over this because you can only learn this through many games of experience.

Also keep in mind that you do not always have to gank for a kill. It is OK to just force the laner to back, burn a flash, or even just give your laner the health advantage.

Now that you know how to find ganks, here is a step-by-step guide on how to gank:
  1. Make sure that there is not a new minion wave coming in. Very important to avoid minion aggro and get off your isolation damage.
  3. Walk into the lane behind the enemy. If you come in from their side, they can easily run away for free.
  4. Q, W and auto attack them until they die. Use your leap only if they use their escape.
  5. If you end up tower diving, make sure that whoever has more health is the one tanking the tower. DO NOT TOWER DIVE IF YOU ARE BOTH LOW ON HEALTH OR IF THE ENEMY HAS LOTS OF HEALTH especially in the early game.

Just remember that you should only take what is safe to take. Suppose if the enemy burns his or her flash and gets away, that is fine because you can just come back in another minute or so and get the kill.

Minion Tax

If you burned the enemy's flash or if you guys get a kill, don't be afraid to tax your laner. However this does not mean you can be a ****head and take the next wave, just take like 2-3 minions at most. If you do not get the kill, you should feel free to take 1-2 more minions or smite a cannon minion on top of the normal tax.

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Mid Game

Mid game is the phase of the game can be horrible or the time you go ham. If you stayed on top of farming and you might have gotten a lead, that's great, but if you are maybe 2 levels behind and you have died a couple times... it's going to be a rough ride.

But no matter what happened early game, you should be prioritizing objectives and this includes taking them and defending them. If your team is behind just try to defend, push minion waves, and try not to die. If your team is ahead by all means, go for those towers and dragons. Do not forget about the Rift Herald too. You may give it to a split pusher or to yourself if you are fed.

If your team has good wave clear champions(e.g Azir, Anivia, Caitlyn) and is ahead, you can group up and take towers everywhere. However this is usually not the case especially in solo queue.

If you have fallen behind, just start building tank. You may start building damage items if you have caught up in levels.

If you did manage to keep up in levels and gold, you want to get as many objectives as possible and possibly end the game. As an assassin, the way you would usually take objectives is by assassinating key targets and then forcing objectives with a numbers advantage. Now just remember: Objectives > Kills. I have seen some people go ham mid game but do not get any objectives and then when late game comes, they get stomped.

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Late Game

Late game is the same as the mid game. The only difference is that you are now prioritizing baron and you should be focusing the carries more in fights.

It is also very important to note that your damage has slightly fallen off. Keep in mind this power loss and you should be fine.

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Split Pushing

Split pushing is when a champion diverges from the team to push lanes and towers(typically side lanes) in hope of either:
- Distracting multiple enemies so your team can take objectives
- Taking towers
- Distracting one key member of the enemy team for a long time

Generally split pushers have these characteristics:
- Can take towers fast
- Decent waveclear
- Many escapes, tanky, and/or can 1v1 most champions.

Kha’Zix has decent wave clear and takes towers fast, he can 1v1 most champions in the game and can take on 2 or more people if your enemy has bad positioning. He also has very strong escape abilities, but he is not tanky. If you get bursted down and/or if the enemy team can chase you, you’re dead.

To prevent dying, make sure that there is no one sneaking up on your to kill you. As you push your lane, drop some wards in paths people may take to flank you.

Make sure to tell your team(via pings or chat) to take objectives when you have drawn attention from multiple people on the enemy team.


Kha’Zix is not the strongest split pusher. Typically he is only strong in certain match-ups.

Split pushing works exceedingly well against strong teamfight compositions. Champions like Orianna, Azir, Wukong, Amumu, Twitch, Braum, etc are all strong team fighting champions. If you force one of these strong teamfighters to deal with you, that means your team has an upper hand in say a 4v4. Make sure to exploit this in the right situations.

Strong 1v1 champions can easily shut down squishy split pushers such as yourself. Champions like Riven, Yasuo, Vayne, LeBlanc, and Rengar can shut you down easily. If more than one champion on the enemy team can 1v1 you, I would suggest not split pushing.

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Making Picks

Work in progress.

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Team Fighting

Work in progress.

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Carrying Games

Work in progress.