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Nidalee Build Guide by Lwar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lwar

AD Nidalee DPS Pubstomper

Lwar Last updated on November 23, 2011
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This is my build for nidalee, it is different from most builds because i don't get guinsoos or any AP items. This means that your spears, traps and heals will do less damage, but your auto attacks and cat form will do much more.

AP builds use Javelin Toss as there main damage attack. This ability is strongest at mid game but doesn't scale well at late game. This means that late game you are reduced to a support bot with subpar damage and no crowd control.

You should like a carry rather than support, using Primal Surge as an attack speed steroid and pounce as a distance closer.

Early Game sheen and brutaliser allow good use of skills, then as your spells start to lose potency you can become a fully fledged range/melee carry

High Damage
Will get you more kills than assists
Strong late game

Less heals
Spears are not so brutal