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An (6.21) Alistar Guide for Beginners (still working on it x

weewei Last updated on October 25, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Blitzcrank hook me, please!
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Hello, fellow readers, my name is Tong, I'm Chinese ,and just like you guys, I got attached to this game and can't stop playing it. I’ve been playing Alistar support for around 3 years now. I have pretty good KDA and played over 100 games of ranked this season with Alistar .

I decided to play Alistar because at that time riot was giving out Alistar and Unchained Alistar skin for him for free if you subscribe or support? to their channel (how to get alistar for free.. I continued to play Alistar because he was easy to play and master. The reason I like Alistar is, because he has a strong peel for his squishy teammates, and carries, and can make a lot of plays with his combos. I learned a lot by watching how Meiko plays aggressive champions. so here in this guide, I’ll teach you some simple combos that you can easily pull off against enemy champions, and get your team fed and win the game! I decided to make this guide, mainly to practice my English, but also to teach some people who are new to Alistar .If you guys have any suggestions or things I should improve one just tell me in the discussion section! I hope this guide helps you out! Thanks, enjoy your day!!

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Combos (I was thinking of using Cowbos..ok I'm lame)

The two combos I love to use and everyone should know about are the w, then q combo and also the flash, q, then w combo. To do the w, q combo firstly chooses a target. Once you get in range of the target, press w, immediately press q as you arrive at your target. This will knock the target up, and stun them for a brief second, kind of like a Malphite ult. This is extremely good in team fights because you could catch the enemy team off guard. The next combo is harder or should I say you should use it wisely, because if you screw up, you might get killed. To pull this next combo off, either have flash ready, or you have a good amount of health you can feel confident about charging in. Ok now flash right on top or next to the target you desire, or the second choice is to just walk up to them, but chances are if you just walk up to them, they will just run away from you, so using flash can catch them off, guard. Now press q, and knock them up. The knock up would make the target stay airborne for a brief second making it possible for you to walk behind the target you just knocked up and push that target towards your teammate with you knock back (w.)

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Who Works Well With Alistar?

Jhin can root a target after you do a combo onto a enemy target. Your q stuns the enemy for around 1 second, not only that, they have to stay rooted for another second from Jhin 's w. This grants a free kill onto a target once this has been pulled off.

Vayne and Alistar can be really dangerous. When you flash, q a target you will have time aiming where you want to head butt your target. When playing with Vayne you might want to try to aim the target towards a wall so Vayne can follow up with her condemn (e.) Vayne can easily finish them off! True damage boom boom boom!

Tristana and Alistar are a great combination as well. You use your w, q combo on to a target, while Tristana slowly detonates the bomb on that target.

When Alistar knocks a target up, it gives time for Jinx to place down her trap right beneath the target, which roots and deals 70 damage I believe to the enemy target.


I'm no longer sure if he works well with Alistar after the rework of his w.. AGAIN ! But Alistar used to work great with Kog'Maw , because Alistar can peel for Kog'Maw as he dishes out tons of damage at maximum attack speed.

Don't do this in ranked tho..

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Can't Afford Tier 3 Runes? No problem!

Buy Tier 2 Runes

If you can't afford runes, you can always buy tier 2 runes to start off, I mean they are only slightly worse than the tier 3 runes! The tier 2 runes are just 1 Ip each! I'm 100% sure after you play one game of PVP, you can already buy them all.


This tier 2 rune costs only 1 Ip, and is only 0.94 armor worse than Greater Quintessence of Armor If you have 3, which costs 3 Ip, it's only 2.82 armor worse than Greater Quintessence of Armor .


This tier 2 rune is only 0.22 slightly worse than the tier 3 one, Greater Seal of Armor . When you have nine of these, it's 1.98 armor worse, but it's still pretty good!!


This is the only reasonable tier 2 mark rune we can take. Unfortunately, there's no tier 2 armor rune for marks.


Compared to the tier 3 rune, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist this tier 2 magic resist is only worse than it by 0.3 magic resist, and 2.7 when you have 9.

In all, buying these tier 2 runes I just recommended, will only cost you 30 Ip.
Having these runes are at least better than having no runes at all. Here's how your rune page should look like...

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CUNNING 18 Points

I take five points on Wanderer because it's obviously the best choice especially for roaming, escaping, and of course getting back to lane. Wanderer works well with Alistar because he has a slow movement speed to start off. If I get Ninja Tabi for example, I would only have 385 movement speed, so clearly Wanderer is the better choice here. Next, we would take Secret Stash so that the Health Potion would be replaced by yummy Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation instead. This item is extremely good, because normally the Health Potion will only regenerate 150 health, but the Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation however grants you 165 health restoration over time, and upon consuming, you will instantly get back 15 health and 15 mana back. Then I would take Bandit as my next point because you want the gold whenever your ADC kills a creep, also whenever you auto attack an enemy champion, you can get 10 gold for doing that! Next, I would put five points onto Intelligence so I can have an extra 5% bonus cooldown reduction . Finally, I would put one point onto Thunderlord's Decree (thunder cow!!) Thunderlord's Decree is extremely good on Alistar , because you deal extra damage onto a target, you might as well ONE shot them early game. Also Thunderlord's Decree is really easy to activate, just do a w, q combo onto them and Thunderlord's Decree will proc onto that target.

RESOLVE 12 Points

I take 5 points onto unyeilding as it would give me bonus armor and magic resist, great for a tank champion like Alistar .I would then either take Tough Skin or Explorer next, really depending on the match up or what champion my teammate picked as their mid laner. I like Explorer because I can travel a lot faster in the river, and obviously, I can roam faster across the river and surprise the enemy mid laner, with a shocking headbutt. In conclusion, I would take Explorer if my mid laner has a lock down or slow skill, so my roam wouldn't go to waste. eg. Morgana LeBlanc . I personally use Tough Skin more than Explorer because I don't want to take as much damage when I'm trading with the enemy bot lane. Next, I would take Runic Armor (who wants bonus 50 health rito? Veteran's Scars ,) because it gives me a bonus of 8% to all shields and healing. Remember Alistar has a healing ability, Triumphant Roar so this mastery works really well, as it heals you more, for longer sustain in the lane! Finally, I would take Insight because well it's broken! I wouldn't take Perseverance because normally when Alistar has 25% health left, I would just use ult to keep myself alive.


I had tried using Strength of the Ages but unfortunately, taking this really decreases the damage Alistar dishes out, so I prefer Thunderlord's Decree over strength of ages

I've also tried using Windspeaker's Blessing instead of Thunderlord's Decree , it is pretty good if you are going protect your carry build (see below) ,because shields and armor are 10% stronger when you take Windspeaker's Blessing .


(protect the carry support items.. Face of the Mountain , Locket of the Iron Solari , Mikael's Crucible etc...These items all have shielding or healing abilities, so it works well with Windspeaker's Blessing .

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(starting items)

1.I like to go with a relic shield and 3 biscuits at the start, and rarely do I start with ancient coin, but after the changes onto the coin, it's pretty good.

(first recall)

2.For my first back, I would want to upgrade relic shield and buy a sight stone.

-sell green trinket after you buy sight stone!!

(boot choices)

3.After that, I would either choose tabi, or merc boots, depending on their team comp

I buy merc boots, when there's 2 or more lock down/slow abilities on the enemy team

( Frozen Heart, or Locket of the Solari next??)

4a. If ADC, support, or jungle are ad, then I would go for frozen heart first

4aa. If the enemy ADC depends on attack speed to deal damage eg. Jinx (sorry no Kog'Maw ,) then I'll go frozen heart first no matter what.

4b. If ADC is not really a threat or support and jungle scales on ap, then I would get Solari as my second item.

4bb. This item is super good because it gives you magic resist and grants a shield to every teammate within range when cast!!

(ok what's next?)

5. If you bought frozen heart first, then you could either get Solari next, or if the enemy team is mostly ad or Atk speed champs, then I would get Randiun's Omens next.

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The spells I like to take with me are flash, exhaust, and sometimes I would take ignite. I take exhaust when there is little peel on our team or say they have zed that can just dive right on top of my adc. Finally, exhaust is so much better for late game and team fighting. I sometimes take ignite to have more kill pressure in lane (fear the cow!) since Alistar has tons of kill pressure, ignite is pretty good on him. In all, I like to take exhaust over ignite, but I mean it's really your choice what you take.

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Pros / Cons


-Alistar is a tanky support, he’s even tankier when he has his ult on which reduces damage back 50%!!

-He has good engages, his knock up (q)

-Has good peeling, his push (w)

-Has heal and stun, a perfect support!


-Super long cooldowns (13 second ish for one q, w combo)

-Can’t really pull off your combos against a champion that could dash eg. Ezreal , Lucian (fk this guy so annoying late game)

-He has slow mobility, compared to other champions

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Laning as Alistar

Early game:

In the early game, I love to always level up before the enemy laner does, so I could abuse my level advantage. So at the start, sometimes if the ADC approves, the ADC and I would do the krugs and level up before them. I would also like to use up all of the relic shield charges, when the first waves, so we can have faster clearing aka faster EXP gain. Now that I’m a level ahead of them. They're level 1, and my bot lane is level 2, I could use my combos onto them. It’s harder for the enemy to dodge or escape my combo when they are level 1, because chances are, they haven’t learned their dashing or escaping skills yet.

Mid game:

When sight stone and sweeper have been bought, then I would try to go around clearing wards, and ward up the enemy jungle, so we can have vision of the enemy jungler. At this time, I would also want to roam mid, and possibly pick up a kill or two for my mid laner. Of course, before doing all this, make sure to check if your ADC is ok, or if the ADC is playing safe.

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Teamfight, Peeling For Adc

Your job is simple, either push away threats away from your team/adc or knock one poor victim towards your teammates. When using your q, of course, try to land it on as many targets as possible, because the knock up stuns the targets that have been knocked up for a brief second, enough for your team to finish them off easily. The most important thing you should always remember is, never run off, always stay close to your carries and peel for them!!

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Alistar Buffs and Nerfs history (s6)

Riot almost changed Alistar 's Headbutt into a skillshot. Damn it Riot!!


Triumphant Roar heal amount nerfed 50% to 33%.. -.-"


w, q works more smoothly. Yay

Triumphant Roar cost nerf: 40/50/60/70/80 mana to ⇒ 50/60/70/80/90 mana

Triumphant Roar cooldwon nerf: 12 seconds ⇒ 16 seconds

Over the years, riot has been targeting Alistar 's Triumphant Roar ,because it gave Alistar tons of sustain.