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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fox Rage

AP Kog'Maw : Hyperactive mode enabled

Fox Rage Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Hello everyone, this is the first League of Legends guide I make, so please leave a comment to tell me the good and wrong point about it. This build feature how to build an Ability Power Kog'Maw : The Mouth of the Abyss. Lots of LoL player thinks that Kog'Maw is an Attack Damage - DPS champion, which is true. But, he can also make an awesome mage!

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For Kog'Maw, i chose :
- 9 Greater Mark of insight, which give you 0.95 spell penetration each. You want to make damage? You want to be useful? You want kill-assist? Then take those marks!

- 9 Greater Seal of Replenishment, which give you 0.41 mana regen/ 5 seconds. But i'm not sure about those runes, because, since you have almost 5 000 mana. Which is almost an infite mana pool for him! You can also go take blue buff once in a while.

- 9 Greater Glyph of Focus, which give you 0.65% cooldown reduction. Those glyph are really important, because it give you a LOT of cooldown reduction. Trust me, with those glyph, plus the blue buff, you WILL kick ***!

- 3 Greater Quintessence of Insight, which give you EVEN MORE spell penetration. You can also change those Quintessence for Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, wich give you 32.4 flat health, to help you survive a bit longer if you are having a hard time.

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I've put my masteries as follow : 0/6/24. Just like any mage, you need mana, mana regen, cooldown reduction and spell penetration, adn a bit of defence and magic resist,so you dont die too fast.

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Start off with Meki Pendant and a health potion. You shoulnt come back at base until you are level 6 or until you can buy Tear Of Goddess. When you have the tear, buy the boots to create Sorcerer's Shoe. WHen taht is done, finish you Archangel Staff. Now you say '' Hey, Fox Rage. I don't have enough HP and mana to stay in lane!'' That's where the Rod of Ages enter your build. Next should be Rylai's Crystal scepter, a MOST for every mage, if you want my opinion. That staff is extremely useful when chasing an oponent ( wich will happen a lot trust me) with Living Artillery. When thats done too, you can make either a Void Staff or an Abyssal Scepter ( Void Staff is only worth it if the enemy champion have over 75 magic resist)! Last could be Rabadon's Deathcap, for an extra ability power.

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Skill Sequence

Start off with Void Ooze. This is gonna be your primary farming skill. Then go for Caustic spill for the extra DPS, to help you get the last hit. Keep leveling those 2 skill, ad take a level of Bio-Arcane Barrage once in a while. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU CAN LEVEL UP LIVING ARTILLERY' LEVEL IT UP! Since it's gonna be your primary killing, chasing and scouting skill.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is useful to flee when im overwhelm by enemy or if u need to chase down an enemy or if you need to go help a teamate fast or if you need to go back in alne fast. Most polyvalent spell in my opinion.

Exhaust would be a nice choice, so you can get easier early kill, and if someone is stupid enought to attack you late game.


Revive : Just no. If you are dying enough to make this spell useful you need to go practice in training mode.
Heal : I'm not a fan of that spell
Clairvoyance : You have an ult that does the exact same thing
Smite : Did you seriously thought about getting smite? If so, you find a jungler's build.
Rallye : It's only useful if you took the masteries that goes with it. I never tried Rally with kog'Maw, so i can't say much about it.
Clarity : Its only useful early game, but with Tear Of goddess + your runes + your masteries, you wont need it.
Fortify : AP Kog'Maw is an anti-champion build. Let fortify to the tank and the support.
Cleanse : Useful if the enemy team ahs a lot of CC, but you will only see they'r champion in the ranked game lobby.
Ignite : Nothing piss me off more than seeing an enemy survive with 10 hp caus ignite coulnt finish it, and trust me, they will ALWAYS survive your ignite.
Teleport : I never tried Teleport on Kog'Maw, but it could be interesting. If you decide to take teleport, DONT FORGET that you can use it on ward and on Teemo's mushroom

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Great Chasing ability.
Awesome for harassing
Can slow
Can detect invisible enemy, if they are either in the grass, or with a skill like eve or Shaco or Twitch or Teemo.
Great passive that can finish off enemies or dmg them a lot

Cons : To be able to use his ult correctly, you will need to be able to predict the enemies movement!
Mana hungry (thats why you need archangel staff)
Living Artillery cost A LOT of mana early game
Like every mage : No mana = death

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Use your Void Ooze skill to weaken minions, then finish them with Living Artillery and your normal attack.

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Team Work

Stay behind your ally and harass the enemy with Living Artillery. You can also save your teamate with Void Ooze, wich slow movement speed. Dont forget to scout every bush, every jungle entry/exit. Don't be an *** if you get kill stealed, wich will probably happen a lot. Most important, try to let your teamate that has a snow ball item (mejai soulstealer, sword of occult or leviathan) get the kill so he can stack.

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Lvl 1 - 6 : Play squishy. Harass a bit with Void Ooze and use Caustic Spittle when available. Attack the enemy champion if he charge recklessly. If you die, make sure you dont forget to stick to the enemy champion. You will surely kill him with your passive.

Lvl 6 - 11 : Start harassing with Living Artillery and use try to get kill, BUT DON'T BE RECKLESS! Gank bot or top for kills and assist.

Lvl 11 - 18 : Spam that ultra of yours, like you never did before. Harass the enemy non-stop. Use Viod Ooze to save your ally or in combination with Caustic Spittle when a reckless enemy charge you.

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Please leave a comment to tell me what you liked, or didn't like in my Kog'Maws build. Thank You.