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Tristana Build Guide by Quathor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quathor

AP Tristana - The burstiest yordle in the universe

Quathor Last updated on June 1, 2013
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Hello guys! I am Quathor (Quathoreq in game) and this is my first guide on Mobafire. I really want to show you how good AP Tristana actually is. She has higher single target burst than LeBlanc, she resets her W after every kill or assist and she is extremely fun to play. I'll cover her Pros and Cons now.

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Pros / Cons

-EXTREMELY fun to play
-No counters besides AP Yi and Galio (rarely played anyways)
-Highest burst in game
-Low cd on ultimate
-CD reset on W every kill/assist
-Low mana costs

-Weak without ultimate
-Autos don't really hurt
-Q is useful only for pushing towers
-You just jump into the middle of enemy team if you want to kill someone

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Skill Sequence

I max E first. Why? Well, you can miss with your W, and you can't with E(unless you will hit the minion). I poke every time my E comes off cooldown, and I can harass enemy easily if he is close to minions by simply CS'ing. Ofcourse you take ult every time it is viable to do so. I don't really get a single point in Q till I have to max it, because it's nothing to level up anyways.

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Flash and Ignite. Clarity sucks on AP Trist, cuz you will get blues from your jungler probably and you have no mana issues anyways. Barrier and Cleanse are not bad, but if you take them you will find yourself in situation when enemy survives with 20 HP so many times. Flash should be taken always(to make plays happen)

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I will talk about item paths. You buy DFG first every time. You want to get NLR asap. Then you go Rabadon and Void Staff. By now the game should've anded, but if not just complete the Zhonya's and buy a defensive item such as Warmog's(remember to buy the most expensive parts first)

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It's so easy to farm with AP Tristana. You should 1hit the caster minions with a single W. If not finish of one of them(rest will die from E passive)