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Blitz is back with Solo Q!

haAnswiNkor Last updated on February 14, 2017
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R


Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Welcome to my Blitzcrank Guide!

Currently: Solo Q Stream up!

Please Watch Live-Streams + Videos if you want to truly learn the Champion.

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Season 3:
Season 4:

Season 4 (1 Trick Yordle):
Platinum 1 (0 LP) to Diamond 5 in 8 Games:

Season 6:

This Guide will be updated very frequently, so please check back.


1. Displacement + CC Kit
2. One Grab Game Changer
3. 2nd Life with


1. Zero Sustain, Danger of Getting Harassed
2. 0 Escape Ability
3. Unreliable Skillshot
4. Mana Hungry

One Grab can Change the Game

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- Strong AAs +

- Self-Explanatory

- More Pulls + Higher Passive Shield

- Run faster, reach farther

Why no MR blues?
Passive Shield Bait too OP vs. Flat MR.
Not worth unless ADC, Support, Jungle all do magic damage.

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Please change your masteries according to your play style and by patch.
The information here may be outdated because Riot likes to change it like every week.

Cunning Mastery Tree:

MS Food Mana Gold

Resolve Mastery Tree:

Colossus OP

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Summoner Spells

- Mandatory. NO EXCEPTIONS. Combos are too strong.

- Kill Lane Always

- Defensive Spell (for weaklings) vs. burst champs

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Ideal Final Item Build

- Mandatory on all supports for vision control

- AMAZING for the Movement slow Overdrive

Finish LATER - Shields + Tankiness

- Save your Carries!

Always get - Mana + CD + AoE AS Slow vs AD Comps

- hello new OP item

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Build Order

1. Always buy for Early Laning Phase.

2. - Roaming + Catch Potential
3. - Vision Control

After this, it's up to the enemy team comp.

- Carries need saving!

- vs heavy AD comps

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Skill Order

1. - High Burst Damage + Lower CD? More Grabs!

- Positioning + Chase + Run + Roaming!
- this becomes very low CD and you will be amazing in teamfights for the constant CCs, level this first if you think you are going to teamfight soon.

Level whenever you can!

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Champion Match-Ups

If you are going to grab him, grab away from your ADC.
He is considered a hard counter, but he is extremely squishy pre-6.
Burst him down and get an early level 2.

She will beat your Pre-6 if you land no grabs and get Harrassed down
She will beat you Post-6 as well with her .
Please land a grab on her or the ADC for the much needed early lead.

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How to Grab like CLG Doublelift

There are MANY DIFFERENT WAYS to Rocket Grab

1. You can just do a casual in-lane + in-brush at the AD Carry

-Diagnoal OR Blind into Second brush
-Remember that your Range is a bit longer than the Target Missile Display


2. You can the low hp Minions in front of you in order to

A very good example is in this video. CLG vs. Dignitas IEM Hanover Match

There are 3 Moments of the Combo in this video.

The 3 different times in the youtube video are at:

42:00 AND 48:10 AND 51:00

Carefully watch how Doublelift the LOW HP minions in front of him in order to land

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Early Game

Invade or at least ward their jungle. Be annoying to the jungler or just go to lane.
Your job is to hit level 2 ASAP. ADC MUST SHOVE WITH YOU. IF THEY DON'T THEY HAVE NEVER PLAYED WITH A BLITZCRANK. As soon as you lose that early game level 2, you will forever be behind unless the bot lane throws really hard.


1. SHOULD be zoning out the other ad carry from farming or getting any experience.

2. Try sitting in brushes trying to get some diagonal grabs on the ad carry.

Passive Lanes are a no-no for Blitzcrank.
It should be done with an Aggressive AD Carry Champ and be able to KILL the lane.

If your ADC picks something super passive ADCs like Ashe after you picked Blitz (idk why you would pick such ADCs in this meta...) Play passive until you get boots of swiftness, and just roam because you are gonna get NOTHING done with an ADC like Ashe in lane.

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Mid Game

The best time for me to shine with my boots of swiftness. Bot lane turret should be down almost always before you get into the Mid-Game mindset.
Roaming is by far the best option at this point in the game as it pressures ALL the lanes and jungle as well.


AGAIN: Hopefully, you have shut down the bot lane and got the tower first before you do this roaming...

Your ADC should be rotating to mid with you if bot turret is down and the wave is too pushed up. Let's hope that your ADC isn't dumb enuff to actually overextend for that CS.

It is HIGHLY recommended you roam with a jungler with some CC
Roam with a mid laner who can push lane really hard and can have global presence

Go Gank Mid, go ward their jungle, go steal their jungle, take dragon control. Be Annoying.


You must remember to upgrade your trinket. Be level 9 ASAP, then roam fiercely with the sweeping lens. DENY VISION.

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Late Game

This means you have already landed not enough grabs early to mid game or your team just loves to throw.

1. Be at important places around the map, dragon, baron, YOUR jungle side.

2. Be an obnoxious scout, Press W, and run around, to check for enemy wards with sweeping lens, or enemies who are caught off guard.

3. Force Dragon Control and Baron Control

4. Scare people away (zoning, having control of space, disorient their formation)

You CAN be an initiator as long as you have a 5v5 teamfight comp, otherwise remember to peel with your abilities.
This is of course VERY VERY risky, and forces you to flashgrab someone. It almost never works unless you get very lucky so be patient.
This is why I highly recommend picking Blitzcrank ONLY if you have a snowball team or a full engage team with someone else Stunning or engaging the enemy which makes it SUPER easy for you to grab priority targets in skirmishes.

Don't show yourself on the map so much. Always be MIA. Sweeping Lens. Roam. Look for Grabs. Rinse Recycle Repeat.

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Can you grab an enemy? or will you peel?

Your Rocket Grab can COMPLETELY turn around the game to your Favour or the enemy's favour

1. You should be able to grab the carries in low elos as their sense of positioning and distancing is very off.

2. Give yourself some room, sweep around, go around the map with someone ALWAYS.

3. A sudden FLASH and then ROCKET GRAB combo can work really well as an initiation, but if you fail, you might lose the game.

A HUGE teamfight has started before you did anything. What do you do?

You have to act quick on peeling my carry OR if you can grab a carry then do it right away. This only comes with experience so there is no special way to make this happen, neither am I a connoisseur of these chaotic situations. I almost never let this happen as I always create the teamfight first.

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Final Comments

Thanks for Reading my Blitzcrank Guide!

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Things to Remember and Keep in Mind

1. You are an INITIATOR/PEELER. (Highly Recommend another Reliable Initiator)

2. Practice your (Go practice any other champs that require skillshots)

3. Go EXPLORE the map for any possible grabs that you can pull off. (THERE ARE SO MANY PLACES)

4. POSITIONING IS KEY. (Be Hidden, have Sweeping Lens, take vision away, play sneaky)

5. Have GREAT team communication and synergy. (Knowing when to grab is very important)

When you get real good with Blitzcrank, you can steal Dragons as well!