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Tahm Kench Build Guide by ProffSjommis38

League of Legends Build Guide Author ProffSjommis38

Dat boi guide

ProffSjommis38 Last updated on June 13, 2016
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Who is this guy?

Hello there. I am Proffsjommis38. You mei recognize me from skavlan and hotel c├Žsar. i won both, cuz i am the best.

Im currently bronze 5 but you know that is just a number ;) and bronze is actually a strong material :)

I stream over on hitbox at datboi69. I give coaching.

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o **** waddup.

Let me explain this genius of a build.

You get duskblade to become zed who is a quality memester.

Then you get fire at will to become zarya from cod who does some good dmg.

Mejai is really good for people who snowball. so if u get kilss you permanantely get more dmg.

You mei be wondreing why you get all the crystals? well.. they look cool and they make like a little rainbow so you can support gay rights.

Raise morale is to maybe win with your garbage team. but this will boost their confidence so you have a better chance.

then a goddes will give you that tear becuz you cri so hard cuyz you loose. Elohell is a tough place.

Get the speed to go fast lel.

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Dat boi.

If you make league to your home of dank memes. You cannot loose.

Every game you start by screaming "O **** WADDUP HERE COMES DAT BOI" in all chat.

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Why trust me?

otherwise ill slay you in minecraft. Like the true beta male that you are.