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Don't Disrespect the Vern

Big Tonka Last updated on November 27, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 0


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Ivern with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Syndra Careful she can pick up daisy making tower dives very difficult to do on her as you hit level 6, and get rid of your ultimate which is essential to making you effective.
Brand His ultimate can make your ultimate work against you be careful.
Caitlyn If shes against you, and you place your bushes wrong you can make her proc headshots every auto-attack.. trust me you don't want that.
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Ability notes

Sorry for the long list on ability notes this is my first guide, the notes are crucial for game play, but I have done them in the wrong place creating a large mess of words that is hard to read I will try to fix it.

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Why Ivern?

Frankly with he pre 2 minute gank capability, and a 70% spammable shield, aoe slow Ivern is broken, and a nerf is needed on his slow to balance him to a degree. He is a supporting jungle the instigates the carry potential of his allies. He can provide peel, cover, damage, cc, mobility, and ultimate body blocking for his team that create great opportunities. Also post level 6 you gain strong 1v1 potential with daisy that most people don't expect. Learn to kite and be an annoying little ****, and you will have mastered Ivern.

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Jungle pathing

Level 1 if you choose to gank level 2 you should start either red or blue, red is preferred for the healing, and slow, but blue can be very effective for cdr.

If you choose not to gank than start raptors, but do not smite them than go red right away and smite it. I would recommend heading your blue side asap and always warding it because you are very suspecitble to invades and you receive less benefits from krugs than other junglers.

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Invading is both incredibely easy, and painfully difficult on Ivern. Level 1 its expected of you to invade which can make it almost impossible if your team doesn't back you up especially if the enemy's red is topside since bot can not easily assist in the invade. You can only really invade when you have smite up, and I recommend taking raptors as much as you can because they provides lots of xp, and gold.

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Your role.

You are not a carry, you are a support. You provide gold, opportunities, shielding, and peeling for your teammates. YOU INSTIGATE THE CARRIES, whether that be your adc, or making your bruiser top unpeelable, and unkillable.

I do not recommend taking Ivern in low elo solo/duo because teammates will not take advantage of what you provide, unless you have a solo laner you trust. As your teammates get better, or work with you more the better the champions potential can be reached.

P.S. if you have a caitlyn you can make her feel so much stronger with your bushes I recommend trying it.

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Pros / Cons

    Pros: Great peel
    Great early game pressure
    Great team synergy potential
    Fun to play
    Can get out of stick situations
    Amazing objective taking potential
    Very rewarding when played well
    Cons: Very team reliant
    Easily counter jungled
    terrible 1v1 fights or 2v2 fights pre-6 unless a god at kiting
    very difficult to play both mechanically and decision making wise

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Early game (laning phase)

This is the time where you have the most map pressure on the game. You should make the enemy laners feel like their is an support or for bottom lane an extra support in all lanes. This is the purpose of the relic shield to keep your gold income up, and not taxing lanes when you provide map pressure. Remember that if you gank and blow a summoner that is a succesful gank. Your job in this portion of the game is to make the enemy laners feel uncomfortable, and the enemy jungler feel like he has to give up farm for match your pressure so as not to tilt his laners. When you hit level 6 your tower diving potential is insane you can send daisy in first with your E to tank the tower and slow the enemy and do the most disrespectful tower dives possible, this will utterly infuriate a laner when daisy comes in and bashes them to hell while you and the laner come in to clean up the kill. Make sure to take advantage of using your ultimate to solo dragon if the opportunity arises.

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Mid/Late game

The later the game progresses the less time you should spend in your jungle and the more time you should find someone to support as much as you can while they push lanes. This doesn't mean you can't go off solo to hold a tower, get jungle farm, or clear a pushing lane, but you should mostly focus on finding someone to support and protect while they travel/push lanes/ teamfight.

As the game progresses to the late game your jungle farming becomes next to non-existant since you will likely be constantly busy and don't have time for your time consuming clear this is where relic shield shines it still provides you a steady gold income, and has provided you a steady income since your first back. Since Ivern has a very unstable form of gold income this is essential to getting him money for being relevant.

In teamfights become hyper aware of daisy try to focus her on the best target to either peel for carries, body block in fights, abuse enemy carries, or cc as many enemies as possible with her three hit knockup. Using her to her max potential is the most vital part to being an effective Ivern. It can be hard to know when or who you should shield, but keep in mind you are a tanky spell caster support, while daisy is your frontliner so stay a little out of the fray unless its detrimental to your team but close enough to make use of your sunfire or be ready to react to abilities in the teamfight, remember you are tanky, but not as tanky as a true tank. Many times in a teamfight you can both peel and create picks an example is casting E on your adc to peel a jax off of him, while casting your root on the enemies apc to create opportunities for your team to kill the apc.

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This is what gives you the potential for so much map pressure since you clear in in cycles not continuously, just make sure to heavily ward your jungle to protect yourself, and save smite for important objectives like a fast blue or scuttle to assist your team.

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This is what gives you such great mobility, use to assist your teammates getting in range or jumping over walls to enemies or jungle monsters.

Make sure to ask your allies if they know how to use your q it can make the difference between a successful gank or not if they don't understand how to use your kit.

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Use this to hide objectives like dragon, and baron from the enemy when you are taking them. You can also use this to make a bush line to increase your movement speed because of your explorer mastery. This can be used to make a defensive or offensive pre-teamfights to set up your team for vision control in the fights. Never underestimate the power these bushs can give for mobility, damage from auto, attacks, vision controls, and to avoid both point and click spells and skill shots.

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This is your main form of peel, chasing, shielding, aoe damage. This is your bread and butter of your kit learn whether you want to use this to peel for your carries or make your bruisers/carries feel unpeelable from the perma slow.

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This is your most powerful skill by far. It can be used to body block skills shots, knock ups tons of enemies, increase your dueling potential, and tank towers without minions.

Your E can be used on your Ultimate to tank towers without minions to make pushes available without a minion wave which is one of Ivern's strongest unique skills he brings to a team. Also tanking rift herald/baron/dragon is a useful purpose for this ultimate.

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Final thoughts

This is a quick guide to help people understand how to build and utilize utility Ivern, which I feel is far better than ap Ivern especially in the shield bot you turn into during teamfights. You'll be surprised at the burst you can make your adc's withstand with your full shield combo.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please tell me.

I Will later refine the guide visually, and content wise, but I feel the important information is provided.

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When I get the chance I will upload some of my best Ivern gameplay videos so people can watch and learn from games where I average 4 kdas + win or loss so a solid idea of the how to play him.