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Janitsu Last updated on October 11, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Hello everyone and welcome to my Jinx guide here on Mobafire! I am a moderately known veteran of Mobafire and Season 4 Diamond ADC main. I am currently not playing actively in the high Elo, but my smurf account which is Platinum Elo has a good list of ranked wins. I will try to be thorough enough so that beginners, as well as the advanced players, learn something.
What should you expect of this guide? You should expect critical tips and tricks in addition to some general things about ADCs and playing this game. I am open to questions and criticism of any kind and I encourage you to leave any kind of a comment to my guide :)

These are the primary marks you should have. If you don't have these runes, you should buy them because they are useful on about any champion that auto attacks. I take them because they help me farm better and they make my harassment more effective. Jinx's strength is that she can use her basic attacks from afar and therefore she can harass better with higher attack damage.
The critical chance can either chance the outcome of the fight/trade or do nothing at all. The 1% chance is almost unnoticeable, but it can help you deal some extra damage that you shouldn't overlook. That bonus damage can win an entire fight for you and allow you to snowball the game.
The primary seals. These runes are also runes that you should own. Most rune pages have these runes and they are pretty effective. They are very effective when you are at bot lane because you can take a little bit more harass and minion damage without it bothering you too much. they help you with trades, farming, and fights.
The primary glyphs. Like armor seals and attack damage marks, these runes are runes you should own. They make enemy's harassment a little bit weaker and helps you against some of the enemy ability power champions because lower magic resistance is more effective.
These are really optional and can be traded for more Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. These just increase your kill potential and farming capabilities. If you are unsure or don't own these runes, take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.
The core of all ADC pages. These runes will help your farming, trading and fighting greatly. They can save around 10 creeps, help throw one more basic attack during trading and help you kill people in fights. If you don't have these and you don't want to get these, Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Life Steal are both POOR alternatives.

This is the preferred page

Ferocity Tree

With the recent buffs to Fervor of Battle , I've decided to run it as the keystone mastery instead of the popular Thunderlord's Decree which is still good. Otherwise the tree is mostly clear. Fury gives you attack speed, Fury gives lane sustain, Vampirism gives lane sustain as well and it is better than Natural Talent due to giving more lane sustain and more expensive stats. Bounty Hunter is in my opinion better, since you can't rely on the enemies being CC'd all the time and three kills already makes it better mastery. Battering Blows is the better one of the two penetration masteries which is why I chose it.

Cunning Tree

I choose Cunning tree over Resolve tree, while both of them are actually viable and Resolve tree might be better in some cases. Cunning tree offers more damage and survivability when ahead, while Resolve tree gives more passive sustain and survivability. It's your choice, and you should definitely test out both choices. Cunning tree is pretty straightforward; Savagery helps with last hitting, Secret Stash gives more sustain through potions, Merciless increases damage when you get them low enough and Dangerous Game can save you from Ignites or from other damage.

Ability Description
Whenever an enemy champion or structure that Jinx has dealt damage to within the last 3 seconds is killed or destroyed, she gains 175% movement speed that decays over 4 seconds.

Tips & Tricks
  • You can use this to get a risky tower and then escape from the place
  • Great for teamfights because killing one person allows you to position yourself more effectively in order to kill another person
  • Whenever you get a kill you can run to catch another (in duel/fight scenarios)
  • Allows Jinx to tower dive exceptionally well since the bonus movement speed allows you to avoid getting hit so many times by the turret (given that you get the kill)

Spoiler: Click to view

Ability Description
TOGGLE ― POW-POW: Jinx's basic attacks grant bonus attack speed for 2.5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times, with the first stack granting twice as much attack speed. The stacks decay one at a time when she stops attacking. Switching to Fishbones will not clear any active stacks, but they will not grant attack speed after her first attack.

TOGGLE - FISHBONES: Jinx, at the cost of 20 mana per attack, gains bonus attack range, also dealing 10% AD bonus damage and making her basic attacks splash. The splash deals full damage to all enemies in a 150-radius area, and the bonus damage to her target and the splash damage both scale additively with critical strikes.

Tips & Tricks
  • When you are in a close range fight or in teamfight where you can safely attack from a close range, ALWAYS use Pow-Pow, the Minigun. It deals far more damage in the long run
  • Using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to harass is completely fine if you just remember to save mana. Using it all the time wastes a lot of mana.
  • Harass the enemy from a safe range with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. Try to only lose a maximum of 30% of your total mana and you should be fine and dandy
  • Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher's increased range allows you to position yourself pretty neatly (behind the walls in teamfights for example)

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Ability Description
After a short delay, Jinx fires a shock blast that deals 10 / 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 (+ 140% AD) physical damage to the first enemy hit, granting sight and slowing the unit for 2 seconds.

Tips & Tricks
  • Don't overuse this ability during laning or fights. It doesn't deal too much damage on the early levels and costs a lot mana. You should use it to apply CC for your support/jungler or to finish an enemy off.
  • Check bushes if you are afraid that enemies are there. It is great for stuff like that
  • If you have vision, you can try to steal a buff enemy jungler is taking
  • You can get a cannon minion from afar even if you are zoned
  • In an extended fight, you almost always try to avoid using this ability since it
    • "CC"s you (it has an awfully long cast time)
    • It deals less damage than two-three of your basic attacks and with Pow-Pow, the Minigun you can deal far more damage than with this ability
    • It can't crit while your basics can (in case you have Infinity Edge)
    • You are already low on mana

Spoiler: Click to view

Ability Description
Jinx tosses out 3 chompers that, after a 0.7 seconds arm time, explode on contact with enemy champions dealing 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 100% AP) magic damage over 1.5 seconds to enemies within 50-unit area.

he champion that sets off the chomper is also rooted the same duration. Chompers explode automatically after 5 seconds. A single champion can only set off a single chomper, but can be damaged if they remain in range when they explode.

Tips & Tricks
  • Do NOT waste this ability for nothing. It has a long cooldown and it is your only form of hard CC
  • Can win you fights because you can root the enemy ADC to a range where they can't attack you
  • Use to set up ganks or to help your support apply their CC
  • Has 0 cast time so you can use it even when you are fleeing from a fight/turret takedown without losing any of your distance advantage
  • Can block some paths in the jungle fully
  • The really difficult thing about this simple ability is chaining it with your support's CC. You should try to use this when your support's CC is about to end. let's say, Leona's three CC abilities are on cooldown and there is 0,5 seconds until the enemy can move again. That's the moment when you want to throw Flame Chompers! right beneath them
  • Use Flame Chompers! to stop enemies from flanking you and to protect you in tight jungle fights
  • When the enemy is rooted, try to be out of basic attack range in order to get the most out of the CC you provide

Spoiler: Click to view

Ability Description
Jinx fires a rocket that travels in a line, exploding on a 225-range area around the first enemy champion hit. The primary target of the explosion takes full damage (25 / 35 / 45 (+ 50% bonus AD) (+ 25 / 30 / 35% of enemies' missing health) to 250 / 350 / 450 (+ 100% bonus AD) (+ 25 / 30 / 35% of enemies' missing health), while nearby enemies take 80% of the total damage.

Enemies caught in the explosion take physical damage equal to a base amount, plus a percentage of their missing health (max. 300 vs. minions and monsters).

The base amount of damage increases by 1% per 15 unit the rocket travels over the first second, for a maximum of 100% bonus damage (200% total damage), and the missing health component is individually taken by the targets.

Tips & Tricks
  • Great way to get an advantage during laning if you manage to get kills from other lanes
  • Great finisher if enemies get away with only a sliver of health
  • You can steal dragon or kill enemy jungler trying to take the dragon with this ultimate, but only if you have vision!
  • It probably won't kill anyone with more than ~30% of their maximum health and therefore using it to get a kill on "healthier" enemy would be a complete waste
  • Using it to get a kill in a fight you are running towards can help you get there faster due to the Get Excited! bonus movement speed
  • Using this ability from a place where the enemy has no vision is the most beneficial case since it makes it way harder to dodge

Spoiler: Click to view

Starting Items

The basic start for any ADC out there. Provides you with necessary stats. Health to help you survive during a fight, attack damage to help you farm and make your harass better and life steal to keep you healthy. All the stats that you want as an ADC in one package. You can take two of these if you do think you need to, but one is a necessity.

Better than Refillable Potion and definitely better than that when you have Secret Stash . Important lane sustain so you don't lose as much farm and experience.

Gives you some bush control and/or safety from ganks. If you and your support both have this trinket, you can stay safe for a long period of time.

Core Items

Runaan's Hurricane currently has great synergy with Jinx since her rockets are able to deal a whole lotta more damage when you have Runaan's Hurricane. Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher is the weapon you use in the fights where you can't melt someone with Pow-Pow, the Minigun

The super core item of any ADC out there. Gives your attacks an incredible boost, and basic attacks of Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher can also crit the enemies around the primary target. Increase your damage output so much that this item is the main core item you should aim to get as soon as you have Rapid Firecannon.

The usual choice for any ADC when we are talking about boots. Sometimes Boots of Swiftness can be justified, as they are really cheap and you get so much movement speed and slow reduction from them.

ADCs usually take Farsight Alteration for several reasons. Two of the biggest ones why it is good on Jinx are that Jinx doesn't have to walk close to a bush in order to place a ward to see inside it and put herself in to a danger. Other is that you can use Farsight Alteration first and then use your ultimate to steal objectives or get kills.

After Core

Mercurial Scimitar's buffs were quite huge. Now that it gives you +75 AD and +10% lifesteal, it is actually almost always a great choice. I recommend getting Mercurial Scimitar if the enemies have hard CC, or they have a lot of Ignites and/or Exhausts, since Mercurial Scimitar can take those away as well as CC. If you don't need CC remove, The Bloodthirster is usually the better choice for lifesteal item.

It used to be a debate whether to get this or Blade of the Ruined King, but after the nerfs to Blade of the Ruined King, Jinx's passive replaces the attack speed needed and The Bloodthirster's passive will keep you healthy even after bursts. The shield is in my opinion very good, because it can save you from enemy's mid's burst and increase your efficiency. Get this before Last Whisper if the enemies don't have much armor (explained in the explanation of Last Whisper).

Last Whisper is an item you will find yourself buying a lot. It is really a great item, especially now that its cost is reduced. The nerf to it was that it doesn't do anything to base armor anymore, which kinda hurt it as well. Get this item as soon as they have 2 or 3 major armor items in their team to keep on dealing damage them.

The game and the champions usually decide which Last Whisper upgrade you want to get. Mortal Reminder is far better, if they have a lot of heals ( Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Master Yi) and it really helps against enemy's heals and lifesteal. Otherwise Lord Dominik's Regards is usually better, since it allows you to shred even the tanks with 4 000 HP.

The Last Whisper upgrade you will quite likely get more than the other one. Really helps if the enemies have a lot of health. Also better, if the enemies have no heals in their team, which you could reduce easily with Mortal Reminder.

Situational Items

The real choice is to choose what defensive item to get. There are three main choices. Guardian Angel is probably the most common and works against both AP and AD champions. I get this item if the enemy has equal amounts of magical and physical damage or they have high burst which they can waste in order to achieve pretty much nothing. This item does require some cooperation from the team though, so it isn't the best choice for all situations.

Banshee's Veil is a decent item against people who have high magic damage and against global ultimates and pulls. The passive can save your life or be completely useless, it is up to how you use it. If you make one bad decision while it is up, it saves you. If you make multiple, you are screwed and you only get the health and magic resistance from it.

The new Phantom Dancer is really good and really bad. It gives less movement speed and burst than the other attack speed items, but once you get to hit the enemy, your survivability will amp up and you deal more sustained damage than Rapid Firecannon's burst damage. Phantom Dancer is a good choice, if you are against people like Master Yi, who you need to kite effectively and need to reduce their damage against you.

Sterak's Gage is really good item on squishy ADC, especially against champions like Rengar and Nidalee. It will completely mess up the enemy's combo, since they have to first burst you down and then take down your shield. I always get Sterak's Gage against assassins that get on my heels and are able to pick me up very easily.

Boots Enchantments
Enchantment: Alacrity is the choice you go for most of the time. It helps you with getting away, helps dodging skills and doesn't rely on you hitting anything in order to get the movement speed.

This is your main summoner spell setup. It provides you with an acceptable escape ( Flash) and escape/chase/healing spell ( Heal). Both of these are the ones that most ADC get these days. Some people get Exhaust on ADC and Heal on support but I've never liked that because I want to control my Heal.

Support's Summoner Spells


Your support should always carry Flash so that they can escape or catch up to make some plays or, well, not die. The real question is whether to take Ignite or Exhaust.

When your support should take Ignite:
  • You have a pure kill lane and the enemies don't have any good assassins ( Zed, LeBlanc)
  • They have a lot of heal at bot and you should reduce that (against Soraka)
  • You are sure that you can rely on Blitzcrank's pull in order to get a kill

When your support should take Exhaust:
  • When there is a considerable threat on the opposing team ( Zed, LeBlanc)
  • When you are against heavy damage bot lane ( Draven + Leona for example)
  • When you are afraid of getting killed in an instant

(Warning, block of text incoming)

During the laning phase you should focus on either a) Farming or b) Achieving kills.

a) Farming

This is the primary way of dealing with the lane. You will focus on farming and harassing the enemy. In order to farm perfectly you MUST learn the damage you deal with Pow-Pow, the Minigun and Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. The damages differ a bit and that can fail some last hits. Using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to harass and zone enemies is also a great way to achieve advantage on the lane. Try to save mana though and try not to be too aggressive if there is a chance they can kill you or force you out of lane, because that loses you farm, experience and gold.

You should try to get kills in addition to CS because that way you can get an advantage faster. One way is to wait until you are level 6 and have Super Mega Death Rocket! and try to snatch a kill from another lane. The other way is to try to get your support in a good position to apply CC and peel the enemies from you and keep them in a place with Flame Chompers!. Every time you get enemy's ADC out of the lane you usually get better advantage.

Try to keep at least the bottom tribush and dragon warded. This way you are pretty much ungankable and you have vision at the objective nearest to your lane. If you manage to score a double kill at bot lane and you are healthy, you can try to get a dragon (given that your jungler is near with his Smite ready). You shouldn't try to risk it though, it is always better to stay alive than not get the dragon as soon as possible.

b) Achieving kills

This is the super aggressive way which works against squishy targets without any proper escapes ( Sona and Ashe for example). If you can score a few kills before level 6, you will have an easy lane because these champions usually can't get behind in order to be useful before the late game. This lane requires Ignite, which your support takes, and CC ( Blitzcrank, Thresh). In order to achieve these kills your support MUST force fights as often as possible (if you have a chance to win them).

Even with kills you can't disregard farm.

After The Laning Phase

After the laning phase you want to take out objectives such as turrets, dragons and barons. Jinx is an excellent champion for teamfights. In teamfights you should try to position yourself either alongside you support, given they are not in the middle of the fight, or behind your initiator and peeler. This way you will make sure to not soak up all the damage while being able to deal plenty of it. If you happen to win a teamfight, always try to take out objectives. Getting one turret or even a dragon can win the game for you in long run.

Another thing you might want to do are skirmishes and sieges. Thanks to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher's range, you can harass from afar and with Flame Chompers! you can apply fast hard CC. This way you'll keep enemies in place for your allies to stack up their CC on your enemies. Snatching a kill or two as a cause of skirmishes or sieges is always worth it because it gives you money and experience and sets them back.


Jinx's teamfighting potential is huge, and truth be told, her basics aren't too hard to learn. She can be a huge boost to your team even if you didn't have any idea of how to use her in teamfights or in fights in general. I will include a few screenshots later on but right now I can only explain it:

1) You should stay back. Behind your team, preferably close to your support if they are utility support ( Nami, Lulu)
2) Use Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to deal damage when you can't use Pow-Pow, the Minigun from a safe position
3) Use Zap! to deal with people who are trying to do some plays, apply the CC on them
4) Use Flame Chompers! in order to save yourself and keep you well and alive, wasting them for a Garen or Maokai will quite likely end up as your death
5) Super Mega Death Rocket! is worth it, when there are 2 or 3 people it can hit and they have preferably lost some health already

If you are able to have an influence on the guy who picks your support, you are golden! There are no bad supports for Jinx, but there are some I prefer over others.

Janna is a great support for pretty much anyone, but I like her especially with Jinx for multiple reasons. First of all, her shield, Eye Of The Storm, is great for saving you, helping you harass and help your ult deal more damage to the enemy if your support times it appropriately. Her ultimate can save you or it can set up some great fights or ganks. Also her knockup and slow are very great because they allow you to engage and disengage, which both are good attributes to have.

Nami can keep your health up in both fights and during the laning. She has great CC with her Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave and her Tidecaller's Blessing helps to keep them in a place for long periods. Her Ebb and Flow can keep you healthy while hitting the enemy ADC like a truck. zeke's herald

Thresh has been the top tier support ever since he was released and for a good reason. He has incredible utility, damage and CC: He can set up ganks with Dark Passage and Death Sentence. He can engage and disengage with Flay. Much more reliable than Blitzcrank in my opinion and better for teamrankeds.

Morgana has a way to keep the enemy ADC in place for Jinx to place her Flame Chompers! under them. She has her Black Shield to defend you from harmful CC or magical damage and her ultimate Soul Shackles can prove to be a useful way to peel the enemies off of you. zeke's herald

Lulu has great early game damage and mid to late game utility. Her Whimsy, Help, Pix! and Wild Growth can help you survive even the strongest burst they have and therefore keep to you healthy enough to contribute to fights.

I would like to thank few people:

MissMaw - Helped me a lot with the coding and aesthetics of the guide (also she's a really great person but shh don't tell I said that)

Foxy Riven - The tables guide helped me greatly on my adventure towards making this guide :^) Also private advice on Skype helped me a lot ;^)

jhoijhoi - The guide to making a guide :D

Vynertje - Telling me I am the best player on earth B^) (proof)

Maintained - Click on the name to find his artsy thread where you can request icons!