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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by EventHorizon610

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EventHorizon610

Fiddlesticks-Season 3 Jungle: Post Freljord

EventHorizon610 Last updated on May 29, 2013

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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The majority of champions used to Jungle tend to be tanks. After the season three update, this champion shone brighter than he had in a very long time. Fiddlesticks base stats do not exactly qualify him to be called a tank by any means. However, this far from hinders Fiddlesticks from being an incredible jungle champion. Fiddlesticks has quite a few characteristics that make jungling with him quick, fun, and way, way too spooky.

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Crowstorm? All the Time!

This is the question many summoners ask when deciding who to jungle with. Nautilus is known for being an impressive jungle champion due to his incredible size and unmatched obnoxious crowd control mechanics. Malphite has a passive that gives him a shield based on his overall health making him another ideal choice as well as his size helping in scaring away oncoming foes. So, why the fragile little Fiddlesticks? The answer:


It has a slight charge up, but once you target an area for the Crowstorm , it is too late. You just erupt from your cover dealing massive magic DOT (damage over time) and can still spam other abilities while the ultimate dissipates. Sure, you are not resembling a Big Daddy from Bioshock or a Rock Biter from The Neverending Story,but while playing Fiddlesticks, you quickly become the most feared champion on the Fields of Justice.

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Fiddlesticks' Role In Early/Mid/Late Game

I am honoring a special request dropped in my comments back around the 4th page to include a section about what to do with Fiddlesticks during stages of the game other than early on in the game. That being said, here it goes.

Early Game

Fiddlesticks is rather squishy throughout the entire game, but his early game is by far his most vulnerable point during the game. It is very important to have some members of your team watching out for you during the earlier stages of the game. (See Counter Jungling Section) This is the stage where you will be landing your earliest ganks which is important as well as deciding whether or not to take on the dragon solo. (See Soloing Dragon Section) It is vital that you stay alive at any cost during these stages so that your time can be optimized through careful planning and the dunking of your enemies.

Mid Game

This portion of the game actually begins once the part of the game known as the Laning Phase is completed. This phase is over once the first towers are taken during a game, whether it is your towers or the enemy towers it still ends the laning phase. The post-laning phase time period is known as mid game, also called roaming phase. This is when both teams are worried less about towers and more worried about gaining some advantage over the other team. Around this time is when you really start to shine as Fiddlesticks because this is around the time where you should be level 6. This is where playing gets a little tricky my friends. The idea is that you are the unsung hero of your team. You are to hide quietly in the bushes and evade any passerby enemies so that when the 4v5 team fight starts around 800 units from your position in your safe bush, you Crowstorm directly onto the team fight and annihilate the health bars of the enemies therein. This is how the team fights should go every time. Enemies will begin to expect it after the first few encounters so it is important to get creative with your positioning every fight.

Late Game

This really is not as complicated as the mid game. By this point of the game, your team is either bludgeoning the enemy team with their own legs, or your team is cowering in terror because some ****py champion got fed and is somehow now OP. You should continue to assist your team in team fights in the same manner as before. The idea is the element of surprise. Being very utilitarian in your build structure, you should have everything you need to make your main source of area of effect damage, i.e. Crowstorm, deal more damage than any other ability in the game. By Late game you should be packing the base 6 items from my build and therefore lowering enemy magic resist by 30 whole points simply from being near them. (See Fiddlesticks' Item Procession) You have the tools you need, but there is one thing that you are not going to be very good at in the least. You are going to have difficulty split pushing alone. Fiddlesticks has one of the worst basic attacks in the game. Pushing a lane is not his strong point, coupled with a strong damaging team mate like say Caitlyn and you can take over lanes like crazy. Using your Terrify you can make pushing a lane easy by shutting out anyone who stands in your way. Remember though, your strength is in your surprise. Always be looking to catch them with their guard down.

I hope this was helpful and that you understand a little more about your role as Fiddlesticks in all stages of the game.

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Fiddlesticks' Masteries


In my Mastery Tree, I decided that an unusual tree for this unusual champion may be what is necessary. I went with a 21-9-0 build. I started in Offense, and kinda ran with it. Fiddlesticks is a burst heavy champion with abilities that depress and demoralize the enemy team even if they are not killed, you leave a 3 second fear in your wake and a silence that will not stop bouncing around.


: This is your big stopping point in your offensive tree. Magic penetration is pretty vital late game and will make all of your ganks hit harder.


: This is a great stopping point and the extra 30 health helps your early game make it through the jungle so that your ganks will be stronger in the early gameplay.

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Fiddlesticks' Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Working through the jungle and still trying to manage taking out every possible enemy champion can be a hassle and sometimes your team does not really make it easy on you. This is an obstacle you will have to overcome and just work through and make sure that you are the best you can be for your team. Be a part of the solution and you will never be a part of the problem.

: Your passive. Greatly takes advantage of your opponents who start off building armor instead of magic resist. Maximize and be sure you check out your opponents build and let it influence who you choose to gank in any particular lane.

: Known and well respected as the longest fear in the game. I recommend maxing it second. It is a 3 second fear. use it well.

: Best tool in sucking your opponents health away. combined with your late game items and your Q ability, you become pretty rough if you catch someone alone in the jungle. I recommend taking a point in it at level 1 and maxing it first.

: Bounces between multiple enemies but not so easy to predict. I recommend maxing it last but picking up an early point or two in this skill. Takes out jungle animals quite well and with the additional silence, makes for a wonderful tool when slaying enemies. I suggest maxing this ability last.

: Use it well, use it often. Grab a point towards this ability at the respective levels; 6,11,16. Make certain that you do not miss. and when you do miss, activate Flash to chase whoever you missed. Make sure you Terrify whoever is the carry to keep them in your ult for as long as possible.

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Fiddlesticks' Rune Build


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

: Duh, Great advancement in ability power and can really make the difference in an early gank gone wrong or team fight

: Powerful in late game and great for the enemy who forgot to build Magic Resist. Take advantage of these endless opportunities.

: The best seal in the game I would venture to say, and quite essential when jungling with a champion as squishy as this one.

: Expensive as they may be, these bad boys are worth the trouble when playing this jungler. Your soul purpose when playing is to ult in as much as possible because of the heavy damage you dish out. Cooldown reduction glyphs allow you to do this more than the enemy is ready for and much sooner during the gameplay as a whole.

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Fiddlesticks' Item Procession

In this section i will discuss in slight detail each major item on the build as well as suggest other items for specific situations i.e. a heavy Attack Damage team.

: This item is a staple to any mage type character in the game. This item provides additional magic penetration and of all things, it is flat penetration instead of by percentage. This will still contribute late game, but at early levels it is a real heavy hitter, especially on Fiddlesticks due to his passive, Dread.

: This is a perfect item for a non tanky, mage jungler because of the additional cooldown reduction, the passive which allows you to deal more damage to minions and neutral camps, a good amount of ability power, and finally a decent buff to your spellvamp, which amplifies the power of Fiddlesticks main one on one damaging ability, Drain.

: The most important item for this champion by a long shot. Puts you into stasis for almost the full duration of your ultimate and causes everyone on the enemy team to despise you deeply.

: This item is also extremely important for your build for the following reasons; The health from this item gives a little bit more to work with from the defensive standpoint, The ability power is a great amount considering the cost and what else this item provides you with, and finally the slow that applies whenever you use an ability on an enemy unit. Whether you got the drop on one person and your Terrify into your Drain combo, or if you land Crowstorm on a group of enemies, the slow is going to ensure the enemy stays around to die some more.

: This item is another staple to any mage anywhere for the most part. Providing an amazing increase in ability power and a huge chunk of ability power itself, you cannot go wrong from including this item in your build.

: This decreases the magic resist of nearby enemies by an additional 20 points and coupled with your passive can cause severe indigestion for those opponents who call themselves worthy.

Enchantment:Distortion This enchantment is essential in this build. It reduces the cooldown of the summoner spell, Flash. Late game for this champion is all about using your ultimate and when they try to flash away, you flash after them in pursuit so that they do not escape with their lives. I honestly do not see how any one could take another enchantment besides this one.

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Fiddlesticks' Summoner Spells

: Very helpful in getting that extra gold and cutting blue golem or red lizard by quite a bit of health while in the jungle. This only makes your journey to ganking a lane at level 4 assured even more than before.

: Ever activate your ultimate and watch enemy champions Flash out of it? NO MORE I SAY! Grabbing this summoner spell allows you to chase after champions who try and escape their murderous demise.

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Fiddlesticks' Team Work

I am a huge fan of using team chat or Skype to communicate with your team to assist with your own personal map awareness. Using your teams knowledge of the enemy champions abilities, ganking and overall gameplay can be improved the most based on opposing team composition. Consecration is pretty much your worst nightmare as far as passives go. Second to that is Runic Skin. Knowing that Soraka possesses Consecration and Galio possesses Runic Skin could at least prepare you to face your enemy with more caution than usual. Communicating during your first run through the jungle letting them know how far along in the jungle route you are can save your life as well because if they decide to anti-jungle, the right people know where you are and can come save you from almost certain demise. Also, do your part to ward your way around the map. This will make you a team favorite because you will be making it very difficult for the opponents to gank you or your fellow team members. It also provides extra eyes in the sky to protect you from nasty anti-junglers.

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Fiddlesticks' Jungle Route

Fiddlesticks is, as aforementioned, a powerful jungler because unlike most junglers, he can start at Ancient Golem without a leash of any kind. Drain coupled with your 9 Greater Seal of Armor gives you a great start. your route should be as follows:

[*] Wolves- Drain the larger wolf first then finish the other two accordingly
[*] Blue Golem- Use Smite here to finish off the Big Golem to ensure no one takes it
[*] Wraiths- Simple enough, kill them all
[*] Red Lizard- once again, use Smite to finish off the red lizard to ensure no steals
[*] Golems- Take them out
[*] Wraiths- Take out as normal
[*] Wolves- same here

After wiping out the wolf camp for the second time, assuming your timing has gotten pretty quick at clearing the jungle, the clock should read that you are around 4:10 into the game. This allows for a gank at top, middle, or bottom as needed around the 5:00 mark. Sometimes sooner, results may vary. After ganking the appropriate lane, return to the shop, spend your plethora of gold, and make your way back into the jungle to run your route again. Kill as much of the jungle as is available. This should bring you to around level 6 where you acquire Crowstorm and are now a brainless ganking machine. After acquiring your ultimate, roam the map, dropping wards, ganking lanes and slaying anything in the jungle that moves.

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Taking the Dragon by myself? At level what?

The truth is you could most likely take Dragon at level 4 if you already possess a Spirit of the Spectral Wraith. However, assuming the only items you have been able to buy up to this point are Hunter's Machete, Boots of Speed, and a Hextech Revolver, let's say that you can safely kill the dragon all by yourself at level 5. Here is how its works and why this is the safest time.

UPON REACHING LEVEL 5, you should have 1 point in Terrify, 3 points in Drain, and 1 point in Dark Wind. Assuming this is the case, your drain will be at 60% max damage at base damage. Also, due to the fact that despite his size, the Dragon is indeed a minion, your Hunter's Machete you bought at the start of the game will allow your abilities to deal an additional 10% more damage to minions and neutral camps.
The Hextech Revolver is giving you 40 ability power and 12% spell vamp. So, for every 100 damage you deal, you heal for 12 of that damage. This may not seem like a whole lot, but your Drain is throwing out some great damage and the spell vamp is only going to help. The last component that makes this all possible is back before the game even starts. Your glyphs that you should have in your Rune Build is the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction.
These glyphs give you somewhere in the neighborhood of 8% cooldown reduction towards your maximum of 40%. Also, in your masteries, you should have built the predominately attack page which at the start of the ability power side provides you with 4% more cooldown reduction for a total of 12% cooldown reduction. Having things set up in this exact manner will provide you with the tools to take down Dragon .

As far as how to take down the dragon...ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS DRAIN! Over and over again click your Drain on the dragon and the rest will take care of itself. It is that simple. Make sure your team is aware of your intention to take the Dragon upon reaching level 5 so everyone on your team can be ready to keep you posted on the position of your opponents. Map awareness is going to be key in taking down the mighty beast, it is not the Dragon you are worried about, it is the enemy team showing up to stop you.

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Countering Counter Junglers

I would caution you when using fiddle as your jungler. A fellow summoner brought up what about counter-junglers. I have been counter jungled a few times while playing Fiddlesticks and you can still take necessary steps to prevent such a travesty. Knowing how squishy you are, take a friend such as the champ playing solo top to blue golem. Fiddle does not need the leash, but a friend close by to save your behind is great to have. Then if trouble strikes, call on mid and at least you have 2 people to start the team fight instead of just you as the squishy little scarecrow. After that initial stand-off, most teams back off if they do not secure the kill. If they do not back off, this can make for a very uncomfortable jungling route during the first crucial minutes in the game. Be careful and be aware of where your enemies are located at all times if possible. Build smart and carry hard when playing this champion and you will be feared by all you face.

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This guide is geared towards those who have faith in their ability to trek through the jungle with ease. It is not an easy task to accomplish properly no matter how easy Fiddlesticks makes it. Remember that he is still a squishy, brainless scarecrow, despite his subtitle; The Harbinger of Doom. Thanks for reading, please rate, comment, and +rep but be constructive with anything you say. I would also like to go ahead and place a dedication on this guide. I dedicate this guide to a very special woman whom i never met. My good friend Steven inspired me to start writing in some form and it spawned me writing this guide in the first place. Without that wonderful woman, who is Steven's mother, I would not have the wonderful friend that inspired me in the first place. So, thank you. I could not have done this without one of the greatest friends I have ever been blessed to have known. Thanks a lot and keep gaming.

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