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Fizz Build Guide by LegitFood

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegitFood

Fizz Needs To Juke - This Guide Can Help It Happen

LegitFood Last updated on May 1, 2014
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Have Fun!

We all know Fizz is one of the best champs the game has to offer. Just look at his tips playing against Fizz. Riot only recommends staying away from him when low on health, and just stay away from him if possible. Does Riot offer that for any other champ? No! The only flaws with Fizz is that his cool downs. My recent games included my e on a 0.3(Yes I remember)cooldown, when I could have juked away. This guide will give you healthy cooldowns and a great amount of Ability Power. What are you waiting for? Try out my build, next time if possible. This build is so much better than the standard Zhonya's, Rabanon's, and DFG.

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I would recommend Ignite and Flash, to secure kills and juke even more than usual.