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Garen Build Guide by XxSHANNYxX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxSHANNYxX

Garen AD OffTank Build Shell

XxSHANNYxX Last updated on July 21, 2014
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Do with this what you want.

This is a very intentionally empty guide. If anyone that reads this is not a noob member like me, please expand upon this, make it better. Make it a legit guide for Garen for this season. I don't have the experience to put runes and such up. I only used the items and the summoner spells. When i used these items my stats were as follows: attack damage:245, attack speed:0.95, movement speed:405, armor resist:125 and magic resist:101. My health was 3,233 at full. The battle started Garen at around 725 health.
Note: the items are not in order.