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Heimerdinger Build Guide by kawaiibetes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kawaiibetes

Heimerdinger Guide

kawaiibetes Last updated on April 13, 2013
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Chapter 1

This is my in-depth guide to mastering Heimerdinger. He is a very overpowered champion with unlimited potential. People do not realize this because everyone is trash besides me. Now, I will try to exert some of that skill to you baddies. Just take a look and you will already be amazed.

Now, you may wonder about my ELO. However, I assure you that my ELO is great. I have a Diamond V account and I am still climbing. Do not worry. I will update this whenever I feel like.

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Chapter 2

To win, you must try. This is the type of mentality that you need in order to hone your #Heimermechanics. He is a mechanical engineer that just does not stop. Now, this is how you can master Heimer.

Heimer is a MOBILE, AP BURSTER/ASSASSIN and in order to utilize his skill set and use it to its greatest abilities, you must drop your turrets right at the beginning of a teamfight. Make sure to drop it towards the enemy ADC or AP Mid. Dive if you have to. This champion is a high-risk - high-reward champion, so the bigger the risk, the bigger the outcome if you succeed.

Now, you might fail a couple of times because the skillcap for this champion is pretty high, but trust me. Once you grasp the basics of the #Heimermechanics, you will be god-like in no time.