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Katarina Humor Guide by Tempystt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tempystt

how playing katarina

Tempystt Last updated on November 2, 2014
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how to play katarina

thanks for readingm y guide on how to play katarina... im bronze 3 (stuck in elo hell cause of my team) and i hope this helps u get to diamond [where i belong]

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sunnomer spells

take smite because CSing is suuuuuper hard and it helps u get some money and take fire too to burn ur enemies xD

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take lots of ability power runes

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this is the most imrpotant chapter..

rush liandrys no matter what. its the best item on katarina nad its SUPER OP omg. it melts tanks SOOO good and thats what katarina's purpose is. :)

U also want to buy a Warmogs armors and Ryali scepter because katarina need to be tanky =P


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