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Morzanoth Last updated on October 24, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Elise Can Stop most your drain with her cacoon but if you can get the drop on her its a dead spider most of the time
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So this is my recommendation as of Patch 6.21. I have added in most of what I wanted and am a bit happier with the guilds look. I plan on updating the content in the guild as I go especially with the changes coming to the jungle but will only do so after having played in the new jungle.

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About Myself

Hey Guys, the name is Morzanoth. This is the first guild I've made. I hope you find it helpful.
A little about myself. I first started playing league towards the end of season 4. In season 5 I started out in silver 5 and ended in silver 2. I have played many games in low elo and I feel this can help some what. I have also started a blog so check that out for more jungling tips ^_^ If you have any questions, add Morzanoth on EUW and ill be happy to try help you as much as I can. Please leave a like if you found the guild useful, it does help me a little. Otherwise enjoy, and goodluck.

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Summoners spells

Smite is your essential damage spell when jungling and is take with all junglers.

I recommend Flash for quick escapes over walls or to help you keep up with enemies escaping from your Crow Storm or who are out of range of Dark Wind

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Mark of Magic Penetration I recommend penetration marks over flat AP marks as fiddle has pretty good base damage but struggles against tanky targets

Seal of Armor Basic seal I take on all champs. The extra armor lower's damage taken from jungle monsters though you regen most of your hp using Drain

Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction So I recommend scaling cdr as you get about 15% at max rank along with your 5% from masteries it gives a nice 20% cdr in total. If you go for Flat CDR runes you need to use Flat CDR quints as well

Quintessence of Ability Power More ap for extra damage early on. Can be replaced by CDR quints as well.

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Wanderer Extra movement speed is always good. Early it helps you clear faster( cause you get to camps quicker) and with ganking

Runic Affinity Basically always take this on junglers. Longer buffs are just better.

Merciless You are an assassin... killing low health people is your thing. This just helps with that.

Dangerous Game This has saved me soooo many times. You have no escapes so heals in any form help a lot

Intelligence So the nice 5% cdr early along with your masteries is nice. Since fiddle is a champ with a high impact ult you want that thing up as often as possible.

Thunderlord's Decree I like taking thunderlords on Fiddle because he is able to proc it very easily and provides a nice amount of burst. Alternatively you can get Strength of the Ages as a keystone mastery if you would like the extra HP and Swiftness instead of Intelligence for the tenacity.

Unyielding More survivability, and better than hp regen.

Explorer The more movement speed you have the better. You can gank and clear a bit faster.

Runic Armor the first reason you go down the resolve tree. The increased healing is amazing on fiddle as you are surprisingly durable because you heal for so much.

Insight The main reason for going down the resolve tree. Flash is your most reliable gap closer and allows you to do so much as fiddle so the lower cooldown is a much on him.

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So this is probably your most common smite and enchantment you will be getting on fiddle. The AP, the movement speed and the passive are all needed on fiddle if you are going to go a high damage build. The chilling smite can be used to slow people while draining them or for that swag "smitesicute"

So I personally love the movement speed these bad boys give. It just allows you to move around the map more efficiently and helps you get in range of most fleeing targets.

This item I would say is the most crucial item on fiddle. The CDR it now gives is essential on fiddle. The active is nice as well though only really needed when you get focussed. Most people tend to run from an ulting fiddle so only really use it if people start going for you.

Now this isnt normally an item i rush but its nice to get as your 5th/6th item. It's mainly purchased with the cdr and magic resist in mind. Really useful when up against heavy AP teams or if your team has many ap champs. The passive mr shred just increases your damage.

Now this is your standard AP buy if you basically like dealing a lot of damage. Not much to say about it. If you are ahead id same maybe consider this as a 3rd item but more often than not you get this as a 4th.

If they start stacking mr and have a support with a Locket of the Iron Solari get this. It's your best late game option that helps deal with tanks if you go the full AP build.

so this is an item I used to buy back when Enchantment: Runeglaive was still around. The reason being, since you got no use from the empowered auto attack from Runeglaive, you'd get more use out of the passive burn while draining camps. It's a nice buy when you are going for the off-tank fiddle build as it allows you to stack a massive amount of HP with it's passive. Note!!!!!!!!! NOT highly recommended but provides a tanky alternative as mentioned before.

This is a nice buy if you need some HP to survive burst champs and the passive slow gives you amazing sticking power and some extra cc in teamfights all the while giving you a nice chunk of AP.

So you'd only buy this item if you are going to use the off-tank build for fiddle. Rylai's is a must with this item as they compliment each other. The penetration and the % damage helps take down tanky teams.

MR,HP and some cdr with a passive that buffs your healing. A really nice buy if you need more magic resist.

This is a situational buy, the stats it gives are nice buy you probably use it more for the passive. Movement speed is an underrated stat on most champs and on fiddle it allows you to reposition and get flanks on enemy teams. The auto attack that follows provides a nice little slow... and hey, extra cc is nice to have :D

So if you decide to take fiddle into the mid lane this is generally your first item. It gives you 20% cdr which is very useful on fiddle as well as much needed mana regen.

You mainly buy this for some surprise burst and a nice gap closer in its active. It also gives a nice amount of HP for a bit of tankiness.

Generally you buy this if a game goes really late to replace your runic echoes as it gives more AP and a bit more damage that you might need. Or if you are mid lane you get this as probably a 3rd item as it still gives some much needed stats.

basically if you are up against teams with a lot of single target CC or you need more mr or ways of preventing people from interrupting your ult channel.

If you are going tank and then enemy have a lot of auto attack reliant champions get this. A lot of armor and the passive does a lot in fights.

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As Fiddlesticks, it is extremely easy to jungle thanks to drain, however, Fiddlestick's basic attacks do not do a lot of damage. The point of this build is to reduce your cool downs as much as possible so you can occasionally go on the offensive.

When playing Fiddlesticks, your first target should always be the Ancient Golem, which can be located in the bottom left jungle for Blue team and top right jungle for red team. As a Jungler, your main objective is to clear out the jungle as quick as possible and to place wards in enemy territory for vision control. Fiddlesticks is not the ideal choice for vision control as he is not very fast, but he is an exceptional ganker. Even at low levels with the Ancient Golems buff, Fiddlesticks is capable of killing any lane opponent at lvl 3.

At lvl 6 when you have Crow Storm (R), I suggest looking for a lane to gank. Ensure you have enough mana or the golem buff, as Fiddlesticks is quite mana hungry. Use Crow Storm to initiate a fight, and terrify your main target with your Q so you can get as much damage done with you R. you can then Silence your opponents with your E and then Drain them with W. BE WARNED!!!! Do not start the silence/drain combo too early. If your opponent has a crowd control ability (Like Alister) they can end your drain early and you'd probably end up dying. If there is no Crowd control, I recommend saving your E for when your enemies are running away, its long range and bounce allows for effective last hitting.

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Jungling in depth

Your general jungle route is Gromp(the frong thing) Golems, wolves, wraiths, Lizard. after this you have 3 options. You can gank either bot lane/top lane (depending on your side) or mid lane, you can continue jungling or go back to base. I recommend going back to base. At this time in the game you should have enough gold to buy boots and upgrade your Jungle item. If you dont have enough get a hunters machete. Try to rush your level 6 as fast as possible as it's your strongest ganking tool and the damage is pretty good too. While clearing a camp you need to check the map. See which lanes are pushed up and which might need some help. If you notice an enemy laner pushing a turret and your laner is backing/dead and you are nearby LEAVE your camp and go hold the lane (well if you almost killed the large monster finish that then hold lane). When holding lanes you need to be careful. Generally fiddle doesnt have HP issues ( and if you are having problems with HP please think hard about how that happens), but he is very squishy. The whole idea of holding lane is to soak up any exp that could have been lost if no one was around when the minions died, so risking your life for a little bit of gold may not be the best idea.

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When/How to Initiate

When playing Fiddlesticks, knowing when to jump into a fight is key to your success. Once Fidllesticks has his Ultimate, your engage paths are almost unlimited. When engaging, try channel your Ultimate from behind a wall, this will allow you to catch your opponents off guard.

As Fiddlesticks, your main objective in team fights is to focus on catching the most enemies in your Ultimate, preferably the high damage squishy carries. Fiddle is generally one of the last to engage, but your timing is important. With a Zhonya's Hourglass, your engage is a lot safer and enables you to jump in a bit earlier. Without it, you need to be very careful as you are very squishy and easily killed.

Let your tank engage a team fight, following closely behind. When the enemies start bunching, start channeling your ultimate. Aim to land as close to your target as possible, immediately terrifying them to activate your passive. In the jungle, this is a lot easier as you can easily engage over walls. If they start focusing you, use your Zhonya's Hourglass, your ultimate will continue even though you are in stasis. At this time, you have 2 thinks to think about, SURVIVAL and DISRUPTION. Giving away kills can turn a seemingly easy win into a crushing defeat, so try escape ASAP if you think you are in danger, but stay in the area to help pick off anyone left. If you think it is save, use your W(Drain) and continue fighting, BE WARY ON CROWD CONTROL . Depending on where your team fight is(in the jungle or in a lane), disruption is one of you primary objectives. Using Dark Wind (E), you can silence most of your enemies and Terrify(Q) for general disruption. Despite both only lasting for a short duration, they can make a major difference in a team fight. Using Terrify and Dark Wind on the enemy Carry(Such as Miss Fortune or Katarina) could allow your team to burst them down or allow your team to kill their team mates, and with you Enhanced Cooldown Reduction, you should be able you keep them busy for a while

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Generally when people play Fiddlesticks, they save their Ultimate for team fights as it does tonnes of damage. I, however, recommend using to your discretion. Fiddlestciks is (although some wont believe it) one of the best 1 vs 1 champs there is. If you manage to catch your opponent is a crow storm, you can assassinate High priority targets with ease, even if you are at a lower level. But, there are some champs who excel at taking down fiddlesticks solo, like Udyr. Be very careful of who you chose to fight.