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Elise Build Guide by Rule34Elise

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rule34Elise

In-depth Elise Guide | Carry early-late | viable for s7|

Rule34Elise Last updated on August 27, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Im playing since Season 3, but stopped after i got lvl 20.

I started playing again in season 5.

Im a Jungle main since then and Elise is my favourite Champion.

I wanted to make this Guide to help out some people maybe, but his is also my first guide and i will improve this guide over the next months.

I hope u dont get too bored and have fun.

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Elise Pro Cons


- Good at making picks

- Great early game pressure

- High damage output

- Natural sustain

- Good Jungle clear

- NO mana costs when in Spider form

- Good base stats

- If played good you will get rewarded

- Good at preparing dives and taking down objectives

- Spiderlings can catch skillshots

- Confident counter jungler

- Can dodge almost everythingwith Rappel

- Useful the whole game

- Great comeback potential


- Doesnt scale good into late game

- Not the best teamfighter

- Stun reliable

- Really weird gap closer

- Hard to pick up

- Needs skill to play well

- Bad counterganker in comparison

- Not a good full tank

- Mana dependant early

- Lack of Ultimate

- Squishy early game

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Item explanation

Runic echoesshould be obvious, but maybe ur asking urself "why not cinderhulk"cinderhulk simply isnt that good anymore on elise since shes a burst mage and sunfire passive gives sustained damage.
Anyways u can decide whether u want to go skirmishers, stalkersor trackers. if im in tryhard mode i usually build trackers knife, since its really slot efficient and overall a good Item to have. Wards win games, but be sure to always use them. But when i dont tryhard i do prefer skirmishers over stalkers because it just gives you a lot more 1v1 potential. And it makes it easier to shut down priority targets. Skirmishers also is really good against damage heavy comps and with your rylais you dont need the slow from stalkers anymore in the mid game. So it doesnt really scale too well into the lategame(alhough the dmg is pretty cool for smite kills :D ).
Rylaisis a core item because each one of your spiderlingsapplies it. This is also the reason why liandrysis good on Elise, also the magic pen is really good since ur scalings arent that good. With a rylais and a liandrys u will melt down your enemies. But my guide focuses more on the tanky aspects.

Guardiansangelis a pretty good choice right now. Maybe i will update this in a few patches, but atm its a pretty good and cheap item to get. U get both Mr and Ar and combined with your Rylais ur runes and the mastery u r already pretty tanky but still deal a lot of dmg. Also it helps you survive team fights.

I always like getting lucidity bootsbecause Elise doesnt scale good into the lategame. So she has to focus on more utility based AP items, you will rarely see an Elise with 500AP+. So lucidity boots is a pretty good choice, because combined with ur runes and the items u get 30%cdr late game which is pretty good late game, because ur simply an offtank stun bot later on. U can of course get mercsor swifties, but after trying out almost every kind of boots i say lucidity boots are most likely the best choice, except when they are extremely based on AAs or they have a full AP comp. I sometimes buy sorcererswhen i snowballd a lot just so i can easily one shot people with the AP version.

After GA ur pretty much free to take every Tank item. There are many Tank items that fit Elise but i really like the randuinsbecause of the active slow, so u can easily stick to the target and i think its a pretty good item overall. I also recommend getting the spirit visage just so u have more sustain. Of course u can take every other tank item, but i want to explain why this is the best choice most of the time.

I sometimes get a bansheeswhen they have smth like a blitzor their comp is heavily based on gettin picks. But that is my Build to go.

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Actually i tried a lot of different rune pages from full AP to tank, but i got this one from Pants are Dragon and i didnt expect it to be this good.
I really like it because it gives u, combined with stacked strength of the ages, a lot of health late game and with 3 defensive items ur pretty good set up.

The Atk Spd is pretty good early game since skittering Frenzygives u a lot of percentage Atk spd(up to 140% for 3 secs) and ur spiderlings heal u with each AA. This way ur sustain is even better. U can also run Magic penfor more damage when ganking, but ur base damage combined with ur runes is already high enough and Atk Spd also helps u when u 1v1 the enemy Jungler.

The scaling CDis pretty good for late and mid game. And of course u need some flat AP for clears, ganks ETC.

U could also put in some Flat AP glyphsinstead of scaling, but that is up to you. I just think putting in flat AP isnt worth it.

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After the overall masteries buff thunderlordsisnt always first choice anymore although its still pretty good on Elise.

But the thing is Strength of the agesgives you 300Health when fully stacked, thats A LOT for a Mastery and u can really feel the difference between having Strength or Thunderlords.

The Reason why i didnt go into the middle tree for the cookiesis simply that they arent necessary. EliseĀ“s Sustain is so good that she can make a whole clear without using a single health pot.
And the reason why i took Sorceryover Furyis just that u already got enough Atk Spd from your Runes and u dont have that much AP or Magic pen early, so gettin some dmg in is pretty good. I think the rest should be obvious but if u have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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Skill Sequence

One Problem with Elise is, she is pretty hard to learn and even harder to master, so be sure to remember her combo and always keep an eye over your cd and always try to get the most out of her 2 forms advantage by thinking smart and changing forms when u think its smart.

Always remember the little details, for example u have more MS in Spider form+ ur spiderlingscan catch skillshots for u.

The basic combo is:
1. ur E Cocoon, u always want to land your stun first because of oppressorand because you want to get as close as possible to them when u switch forms.

2. Q Neurotoxinmove a little forward depending on the distance between the enemy and you. This spell does percentage health damage so you want to cast it when they have the most HP. This Spell has a dmg cap against monsters

3. W Volatile Spiderling try to throw it in a direction where nobody is, because ur spiderlings will attack whoever is the nearest or the one you mark with ur venomous bite

4. R-Spider formto finish your combo, the good thing is ur human form mostly deals max health dmg and your spider form deals missing health dmg. After switching u want to mark them as fast as possible with

Q-venomous bite]. Ur spiderlings will Jump on the target and stick to it. Same goes for your W. So if u throw it out in an empty direction it is sure to hit the one u want it to hit. After that u want to finish them off with ur

6.W-Skittering Frenzy
, try to get some AAs of while ur spiderlings are still attached to the target and depending on the number of spiderlings u have available and ur items they will literally MELT.

There is another combo, to catch off low life targets.

Rappelonto them and q-wthem like i explained before.

Ur execute dmg will finish them off really quick. (hopefully)

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Elise needs skill to play well, but if u get good u will definitely get rewarded.

But there is a limit to how good u can get with this champ. If u have reached a certain level it is not really possible to get significantly better at the champ.

She still is lots of fun, but i wouldnt recommend her playing if u want to carry hard. She can carry early but it will get harder the longer the game lasts. Meaning u want to pressure the early game as much as possible. Try avoiding her weaknesses and always stay with your team.

Try learning the different jungle matchups and once u learn how to pull of her combo in the most effective way.

The only thing holding u back is your decision making. Have fun and i hope this guide helped you out.

If u have any Feedback negativ or positiv just tell me. I will try to improve this guide as fast as i can.