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[S4] - Lighting Up The Jungle With His Big Lampost [Gold 1]

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Jungle (Cheat Sheet)

Champion Build: Jax

Health 3427
Health Regen 17.35
Mana 860
Mana Regen 19
Armor 164
Magic Resist 79.500054
Dodge 0
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 419
Gold Bonus 0
Attack Damage 232.05
Attack Speed 59.607
Crit Chance 15%S
Crit Damage 0%
Ability Power 0
Life Steal 15%
Spell Vamp 0
Armor Penetration 52.68
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 10%

Recommended Runes + Notes

Ability Sequence + Notes

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R



Offense: 9


Defense: 21


Utility: 0

(added on 25/03/2013)

(This Was Added On 25/03/2013)


Hey :)

This is my first "serious" guide on MOBAFire *I don't know how to delete my Master Yi guide T.T* and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it and possibly trying it out ^_^

NOTE: This won't be the prettiest guide out there, mainly because this is my first time making a guide ;)

Leave me a comment and a vote :)

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About Me

I would have to admit, that Jax has never quite been my main champ on LoL, infact, I never really jungle because I have always hated jungling, however, Jax has been the one champ that I have success jungling with because of his simplicity and great ganking protencials and now I main him in the JUNGLE.

I am not the best at league, you wouldn't be either if you are looking at my guide :P I am just making this guide because I feel like I am good enough to help other people at playing Jax.

BTW - Jax is a VERY FUN champion to play !!!

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Spoiler: Click to view

Awesome Fan Section

Here are some of the results people got by using my guide :D * I HIDE ALL BAD ONES ]:)*

People submit the results in 3 different formats, I don't mind :)

Awesome game by XavierX ^^

2 Great games by Miksiiw :3

Three win streak by Solakug ^^( Had to edit out his Ashe lost :P )

Four win streak by Eliran :D

Awesome game by Tribalz :)

Thanks for sending me your scores :)
You can do the same by simply posting the image link in the comments or PM me !! :D ( AFTER YOU HAVE PWNED WITH THIS BUILD OFC )

For now though, CONTINUE READING !

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Pros and Cons


+ Incredible Survivability
+ High burst damage
+ Great Escapes With Leap Strike
+ Good at counter jungling
+ Good AoE Stun
- High Early Game Cool Downs
- No Built In Sustain
- Not Tanky Pre 6
- Copies Master Yi's Mask, just ewww.

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Summoner Spells

I run this most of the time because it is more RELIABLE than Flash in my opinion, it also provides better chasing ability on fast champions such as Singed and Garen.

This is a must have with every junglers ! It increases jungle clear time and lets you secure objectives such as Dragon and Baron , it also allows you to steal the opponent's buffs , dragon or even Baron !


You can replace Ghost with this, if you prefer :)

You can replace Ghost with this too, basically Leap Strike in, activate Counter Strike and then Exhaust them to secure the stun.

You can also use this, oh wait, who the f*ck uses this any way? Most useless summoner spell in the game. If you are going to be dying enough to use this, you probably suck anyway xD'

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For masteries I feel9-21-0 is the best way to go. Since Jax is a offtank damage dealer, you will need to be taking some of the offensive masteris, but more of the defensive to make yourself bulkier and harder to kill. Jax relies a lot on attack speed, therefore taking 4 points in Fury is a good choice to speed up his jungling time.

I also take Bladed Armor to increase jungle clearing speed, it is basically a mini Thornmail ^^ Tough Skin also helps reduce the amount of damage I take from early camps, and Feast's little heals are nice, generally keeping me healthier

Veteran Scars , Juggernaut and Hardiness give me hp and armor, which help with sustaining in the jungle better and allowing more ganks to happen.

Tenacious is taken with 4 points because it is very good, 4 armor and 2 extra magic resist when near enemy champions, this adds up to an extra 20 armor and 10 magic resist during teamfights, which is a lot in the early game.

Finally Swiftness and Legendary Guardian allows you to resist some CC and lets you stick onto opponents better, or allows you to peel for your own allies better.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

This rune is a must on Jax for early game straight up damage, since ( about ) 70 % of Jax's damage comes from AD. These runes will make Jax's ganks much more deadly, as he will do a lot more straight up damage.

Jungle creeps do AD damage, how to reduce that? ARMOR RUNES OFC ! These runes will make you have early game armor so you can come out of the jungle a lot healthier and be able to gank MORE OFTEN ! These runes also help tanking turret shots, also when you gank for bot lane you will take less damage from the enemy ADC.

Some MR to tank the AP mid's burst in late game, since you won't be in lane with them, there is no point in getting FLAT MR.

These runes help with clearing the jungle faster, which means faster jungle clear and more ganks. Also a bit more pushing power on turrets and split pushing etc.

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This is Jax's passive, Relentless Assault, it is rather nice for speeding up your jungle and makes Jax a nice duelist that can fight better in longer fights. Overall a nice passive.

This is Jax's Q, Leap Strike, it is Jax's only gap closer, but a very good one as it has a decent range ( about the range of Flash ), so even if your opponent Flashes out, you can still catch up with them to secure the stun.

This is Jax's W, Empower, you will be maxing this first to reduce its cooldown and increasing its damage, this is a AUTO ATTACK RESET so timing it right would mean a quicker jungle time.

This is Jax's E, Counter Strike, this is what makes Jax's ganks deadly, it is a non skill shot and only requires you to stand NEXT TO THEM, also it is an AoE stun! This also makes Jax a very strong anti-carry because it dodges all basic attacks and reduces surrounding AoE damage. Use this ability to engage fights or to peel bruisers off your ADC ! Max this last because it does not increase the stun duration by leveling, so there's no point in leveling it.

This is Jax's ultimate, Grandmaster's Might, it gives Jax bonus damage after every 3 attacks, the bonus damage is MAGIC DAMAGE , therefore it works with SPELL VAMP ! The active of this ability makes Jax very tanky mid/late game, gaining him about 80-100 ARMOR and MAGIC RESIST ! :D This ability has a very low CD so it is always available in team fights. Put a skill in this a 6/11/16 ^^.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I put a point in Counter Strike(e) at evel 1 because it reduces the damage you take from the jungle camps, also it does AoE damagewhich ]speeds up your jungle time.

At level 2 I get (2) to do clear my jungle quicker, AA + Empower = A lot of single target damage

Then I get Leap Strike(Q) at level 3 and start looking for gank opportunities

I leave Counter Strike at level 1 because the stun duration does not increase, so there are no point in upgrading this spell.

Ofc I take Grandmaster's Might(R) when ever possible.

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Mini Tactics Sections

There are a few fun tricks you can do with Jax

1) Jax's Q Leap Strike can be used on allies and wards, this means that if you place your wriggle's lattern down on the other side of the wall you can Q to it, basically a free Flash !!

2) When clearing camps make sure you leave Counter Strike on for as long as possible, this is because it will do more damage depending on the amount of attacks you've dodged, also you will take less damage from the camps.

3) I am sure I have mentioned already, but incase you didn't see it, Jax's W Empower is an auto attack resetter, this means that after you auto attack, use W, then your next auto attack will happen straight away. Timing this correctly will maximise your damage output.

4) When ganking, you can wait till the enemy uses Flash first before Leap Strikeing to them, this will mean the opponent has wasted Flash and has took damage too. ( This will not always work as some players don't panic, or if they are playing champs with a lot mobility such as Ahri and Lee Sin )

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This is in my opinion the trinket to go for, as it provides early game vision, or it could prevent you from doing a deadly face check ( #DoubleLift ). A free 1 minute ward is worth around 26 gold, which isn't too bad. ( come on , its free ). Although RIOT randomly nerfed the starting times of these trinkets, this is still the best to get.

This is good if used correctly, although early game it grants a scanning circle of like half an Anivia's ult ( Yea that's quite small ) . Also it is not Garenteed that you will find a ward, which means it isn't as reliable as the Warding Totem. But feel free to go for this if you are really experienced with early ward spots.

You may be thinking, ''wait what? this item is in the game? wtf????'', yea, well no one ever uses this because it is seriously bad. Basically if it isn't in the LCS , don't buy it. Unless RIOT makes this do AOE damage, global and also no CD, then I might consider using it.



It is very important to choose the right boots, as you will be walking in them ALL GAME. It depends on the enemy team comp, if they have lots of AD damage champs, take Ninja Tabi, if they don't have massive AD threat, take Boots of Mobility as this allows you to provide more ganks and snowball the game for your team.

Spirit of The Ancient Golem is one of Jax's core items. It gives you ALOT of early game health, 500 to be exact, this makes you nearly unkillable early game unless you jump into extreamly bad situations ( 1 v 5 for example :P ), it solves part of Jax's long cool down problem by providing a massive 10 % CDR, this allows Jax to spam Empower early game which is great for pushing down turrets or even take Dragon . Ofc the HP and Mana regen is nice as it allows you to keep ganking lanes for longer before having to go back. The tenacity is also really good as it no longer forces Jax to go Mercury's Treads. The extra 30 % damage done to jungle monsters is ofc also good, it is definatelly more than the 100 magic damage a Wriggle's Lantern would give. Also this item allows you to gain up to 40 gold when you kill a jungle monster, this is MASSIVE and will allow Jax to continue with his core items quicker, this also means whilst you are ganking lanes your gold income still continues as it will build up passively.

I buy the Bilgewater Cutlass after the Spirit of the Ancient Golem to sustain my self easily, the lifestealand the active slow makes your ganks really deadly,this gives you a 100 % slow chance which also means 100 % forced flash or secured stun.

Blade of the Ruined King is a must have for Jax in S3, the 5% damage at the target's current health goes really well with Jax's built in attack speed, the blade also gives Jax additional attack speed , ad and lifesteal, giving Jax immense sustain in fights. Also do not forget the active !!! The movement speed steal combined with the rest of Jax's kit will make Jax stick to his target like glue, ok, super glue. ( Brand can probably heat the glue off, but you get my point )

Welcome to the League of Warmog's Armor, basically every off tank should have one of these because stacking health is just sooooo strong right now. Although this item may take a little longer to save up for but it is definatelly worth the while.The health regen is also very nice as it scales from your maximum health, which means Warmog's Armor synergises well with other health items, such as Spirit of the Ancient Golem. This gives Jax the much needed survivability .and also extra turret sieging power as you can regen your hp back after tanking enemy poke.

This item is very good for Jax, it gives armor which stacks well with Jax's passive making him very tanky and it also gives AD depending on your health, which is why this item goes soooo well with Warmog's Armor !

This is such a strong item, it gives CDR, Health and also an armour shredding passive, perfect for heavy armor teams, you will probably be getting this in most games because armor is easier to stack than MR.

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Jungle Route

Jungle Route ! Updated !! Finally !!

So, this is the jungle section, I have one main jungle path for Jax and it works great.

If you spawn on the blue side ( the best side ! ) :


( 1 ) Start blue buff, now in season 4 riot has reduced the CD of Smite which means you smite blue as soon as possible and the CD will be ready when you get round to doing your red.

( 2 ) Now do a big clear, that's if you aren't too worried about being counter jungled, your red should be warded by someone on your team as now everyone starts with a ward. What I mean by a big clear is go do wolves, then wraiths, then red, after that look for ganks, usually mid or bot is a good option, if no obvious ganks are available do golems, usually I would try and counter gank the opposing jungler, that depends on your experience on the game and whether you know which lane he/she/it will gank

( 4 ) Go back and get your Spirit Stone when you have enough money.

If you spawn on the red side ( the worst side D: ) :


You do pretty much the same, just that the golems are now at top instead of bot, so if you decide to do golems give top a gank. ^_^

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Woah, you have actually reached the end of this ugly guide? ^^

Over all Jax is a very strong jungler, he is not the easiest to master, but with enough practice you can surely carry your team.

Feel free to send me some game results on imageshack for me to add into this guide :)

I will be adding my own results soon :D

Remember to leave a comment and vote for me :P

Thanks for reading :) and GLHF in YOLO Queue ^_^ ( or just normal games :P )

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Update Log

Just keeping you guys updated as to what I've been adding to the guide ^^

03/04/2013 - Jax Guide Created :D :D :D

04/04/2013 - Spells Explained Added :)

04/04/2013 - Hit 1K views ! :D :D Thanks so much :)

05/04/2013 - Added Jungle Path Section *woop woop* :D

05/04/2013 - General Jungle Knowledge Added !! :D

06/04/2013 - Added a bit more info on runes :)

06/04/2013 - Hit 2K views ! :D :D thanks :)

07/04/2013 - Hit 3K views ! :') Thanks :)

08/04/2013 - Rearranged some sections ( Such a lazy update, I know :P ) Jungle sections are now together ^^

08/04/2013 - Hit 4 K views :D :D

09/04/2013 - Hit 5k Views :)

10/04/2013 - Added Mini Tactics Section:)

11/04/2013 - Hit 7K Views :)

12/04/2013 - Hit 8K Views :D :D Also Hit 80 + % Rating !!! Thanks !!^^

14/04/2013 - 10K Views !!!!! Yayyyy :D

23/04/2013 - 20 K Views, woo !

04/05/2013 - Hit 30K

10/05/2013 - Added some more example builds, for the noobs :P

13/05/2013 - Added Fan Results Section !!!!! :D

23/06/2013 - 100 K VIEWS MOFOS, THANKS :D

09/07/2013 - More fan results :)

26/07/2013 - Replaced Hextech With Blade Of The Ruined OP

26/07/2013 - Updated Jungle Spawn Times ETC

03/10/2013 - Finally back after abit of a break, back to editing out the general layout of the guide, general neatening up. Credits to emoriam for helping me out alot :) Still in the middle of re-colouring text

07/10/2013 - First attempt of a custom contents table, this is getting reworked soon :)

08/10/2013 - Finally done the final content table, credit goes to Mikkkeeeyyyy for designing the pictures, all I did was choose the pictures and the layout and coded them :) Check out his Shen guide if you want. :P

08/10/2013 - Hit 230K Views :) A bit of a random number to mention but oh well ^^

10/10/2013 - OMG FINALLY UPDATED JUNGLE, images are still not here yet.

10/10/2013 - Replaced Wriggle's Lantern with Spirit of the Ancient Golem to fit more into the current meta.

10/10/2013 - Better looking pros and cons section

07/12/2013 - Came back to update masteries and item descriptions for Season 4

25/03/2013 - Added flag counter xD, and updated item descriptions and shizz

Many Updates To Come ^_^

Thanks again for reading :PP

She is amazing, make sure to check her guides out :)

Here's My Osu Profile, Ask Me For A Few Games If You Want xDD