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Let Them Feel The Suns Glory [S7]

KeyBardPenguin Last updated on November 25, 2016
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Hello everyone, I am JelleJurre, a Silver 4 (yeah, I know.) Lvl 6 Leona main with 70K on Leona. I have climbed from bronze 4 to silver 2 in two months by playing Leona/MF with my friend (QuaGuus). In this time i think i have gathered enough knowledge to build this guide, so enjoy.

(This is my first guide, so if you have any tips, feel free to message me.)

PS. In S7 i have played some ranked,with my friend again, and this is what the build gave me:

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Pros / Cons

-Heavy CC, so not much counterplay
-Great peel
-Good tank stats

-No early heal
-No real damage
-****ed without followup

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How do you play Leona

Leona is a dive/engage champion. Your main combo is: (if you have it, try to hit with ult,) W for the shield, go in with E and Q to stun for longer. By that time the ADC should have followed up and together you can kill the enemy ADC, and then possibly the support. This should only be done when you have a big advantage. For example: the enemy bot combo is low on mana/hp, of when you have a powerspike.

She has great roam potential, so when you're pushed and your ADC recalled, you can roam mid and do a gank (if your midlaner is ok with it).

In teamfights you really have to make a decision. Peel/dive. It takes some time to know when to do what, but ususally you can choose like this. 1. Do they have a fed assassin? peel for ADC with items and CC. 2. Do they have a fed squishy without a lot of mobility? Engage on him and let your team kill him, then just pick off others when spells come off cooldown. When you have your items up and your ADC/other carry is low, just use them. It's better to waste a heal than to lose a teamfight with heals/shields still up.

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Runes are focussed heavily on tank, so you can dive in lane or in teamfights without instantly dying, and because of the scaling on your w. I pick seals of HP, marks of armor, glyphs of MR and quinneses of HP.

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Masteries are, like runes, focussed on tank stats for the dive potential, and w scaling.

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Skill Sequence

Order: R>W>Q>E
First ult, because damage
Then W, for dive potential
Then Q, because maxing it gives more damage then Ee
Then E, because it's the only thing left
(i throw in a point extra in E for the extra early cdr.)

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Now this is where things get tricky. You usually build support items, which I usually put on 1, 2 and 3(Locket, Face & Redemtion, if you buy those), and warding item I put on 5. I do this because when someone jumps on your adc or another game carry, you can press 1+2+3 quickly and heal/shield them so they don't die. Then (if possible) you dive on the diver, and hard CC him with q/e/r.
I also take mobility boots, because you can roam a lot with Leona and her ganks are amazing.

Note: In preseason, I don't like to build tank items instead of support items since the new mastery already helps you, but when you're really behind you should concider them.

Reasons to build items:
Locket: gives nice armor&MR, and passive is good for protecting.
Redemtion: Nice stats, shield passive good for items, and heal from active is great.
Knights Vow: Really protects your ADC when he's fed, and gives some nice armor.
Zz'Rot Portal: Can help when you only teamfight and noone pushes.
Banshees veil: It can help you stay alive if their team is really ap heavy.
Randuins Omen: It can help you stay alive if their team is really ad heavy, and you can use it if you dive so you can slow the enemy team down a bit.

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I take exhaust/flash because of the escape/engage of flash and the extra cc of exhaust. I find exhaust on leona better than ignite because it also greatly reducec the damage of the ADC, so your adc can easily kill the enemy ADC.
If they have a healer, take ignite.