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Lux - Poke. Burst. Carry. [Season 7]

Schroedha Last updated on December 22, 2016
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1. Introduction

Hey, my name is LuxLikeAWin and I am a Lux Main since the beginning of Season 3. In the years of playing and in hundreds of games with Lux I have gathered some knowledge about this champion I would like to share with you. Note that this guide is based on my personal experiences with Lux, so feel free to criticise and comment on my playstyle. In Season 4, I was listed as the #45 best Lux worldwide and #12 best EUW. I am not a native speaker, message me if you find any mistakes.

Total (Ranked) Lux Games played: 253
Total (Normal) Lux Games played: > 600

(I changed my name to LuxLikeAWin)

Lux is a long-ranged Mage, mainly played in the Midlane. She seems to struggle in the metas of the past years and is not picked very often. Is there hope to master her and win games? YES, there is. And in the following, I want to teach you how to be a useful glass-cannon for your team and get along with the current meta.


- long range (outranges nearly all other APCs)
- relatively safe (+ safe laning)
- good scaling into late game
- AoE damage
- good poke
- strong burst
- splendid utility (snare Light Binding, slow Lucent Singularity, shield Prismatic Barrier)
- Final Spark pew pew pew
- very fun to play
- OP laugh


- all skills are skillshots (hard to master)
- looong cooldowns (exception Final Spark )
- no escape
- reliant on team composition
- difficult positioning
- squishy
- mana hungry
- has many and hard counters

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2. Runes


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health
I have two runepages for Lux midlane in use, depending on the opponent. I have tried out many alternatives and finally created two runepages that suit Lux and the respective matchup best.

Runes vs. AP

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Marks of Magic Penetration help you to shred your opponents magic resistance (MR) and therefore help you to fulfil your purpose as a Mage: deal (more) magic damage. I chose them over Marks of Hybrid Penetration because they scale better into the late game, even though Hybrid Penetration may give you a very good laning advantage.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health: I chose Seals of Scaling Health because they significantly increase your survivability in lane and throughout the whole game. I chose them over Seals of Armor because AP opponents deal nearly no physical damage.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Those are necessary to lower the (magic) damage output of your opponents significantly! If you feel already safe enough, you may choose AP glyphs.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Nothing to talk very much about, this quintessence provides you with 5 ability power and therefore increases your damage and the power of your shield.

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction: Two of them help you to reach the crucial 40% CDR cap. You may also choose two more AP quints.

Runes vs. AD

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: Marks of Magic Penetration help you to shred your opponents magic resistance (MR) and therefore help you to fulfil your purpose as a Mage: deal (more) magic damage. I chose them over Marks of Hybrid Penetration because they scale better into the late game, even though Hybrid Penetration may give you a very good laning advantage.

Greater Seal of Armor: Seals of Armor are crucial against AD opponents. They work similar to Glyphs of Magic Resistance but lower the damage dealt by abilities which deal physical damage (e.g. Zed's Razor Shuriken ) and auto-attacks. Always pick them up when against AD opponents!

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction: One of the best choices on Lux! Nine of these glyphs will give you 15% Cooldown Reduction at Level 18. In addition to your masteries and items you will reach the crucial 40% cooldown reduction. It is very nice to be independent of Blue Buff's CDR, therefore these glyphs are a really good choice.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Nothing to talk very much about, these three quintessences provide you with 15 ability power and therefore increase your damage and the power of your shield.

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3. Masteries


For Masteries, I chose standard 12/18-Masteries. Most of the chosen masteries are self-explanatory. Nevertheless, I want to explain some of my choices.

Precision vs. Intelligence : Precision gives you (scaling) magic and armor penetration and therefore increases the damage you deal. Intelligence gives you 5% cooldown reduction and increases the CDR-cap to 45%. Choose the mastery that you prefer. Either you want to deal more damage or you want to cast your spells more often.

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4. Summoner Spells

Barrier is rarely seen but one of those spells that are good on specific champions. In this case, it is the best choice (besides Flash) for Lux. Barrier has an incredible good synergy with your Prismatic Barrier and helps to deny any source of damage. If timed right, this is the shield to save you. Karthus is about to use Requiem? Use Barrier! Zed is ulting you ( Death Mark)? Use Barrier! Your shield is on cooldown and Ignite is ticking? Use Barrier! Besides that, Barrier has a really low cooldown.

Flash is THE indispensable summoner-spell on Lux. She lacks any source of mobility, gapcloser or dash and therefore is extremely reliant on Flash. This spell is great to escape ganks, dodge several deadly abilities or to get in range to kill your opponent. Always pick up Flash!

Exhaust is a good choice for playing Lux. It shreds your oponnents resistances, slows them, lowers their attack speed and denies 40 percent of their damage. Choose exhaust if you have to face hard counter matchups and wait until you get the opportunity to use it right. For example: 1. Exhaust your opponent when your jungler is about to gank. It will deny him from getting to their tower. 2. Exhaust your opponent if he is about to burst you down (e.g. Zed's Death Mark). You will receive far less damage, therefore hopefully survive and use the opportunity to kill him.

Cleanse can be a very good spell if used right. If you have to face hard matchups with hard CC and burst (e.g Annies Summon: Tibbers or Veigars Event Horizon), I would recommend cleanse. It will help you to deny your opponents CC and help to escape and survive. In addition to that, it removes Ignite and Exhaust!

You could think about picking up Teleport if you get a matchup that likely won't be in your favour or if you have the certainty to win a lane (e.g. ). If behind, use Teleport to get back to your tower quickly or gain feed from other lanes. If ahead, use Teleport to snowball even harder and wreck other lanes, too.

Some Lux players like the combination of Ghost and Flash (probably members of the Secret 1%-Critrune Guild). Ghost can be used in a defensive and an offensive way. You can use it to escape a gank or to get in range to finish your opponent. It can be a viable choice on Lux. Feel free to try it out!

Some Lux players choose Heal over Barrier, because heal gives a movement speed boost. Personally, I pick don't pick Heal very often. Your opponent likely picked Ignite (if you are ignited and activate Heal, you will only get half of the heal) and has some sort of CC like a slow or stun. The movement speed will not help you with that.

We do not play very aggressive, we poke, burst and (try to) carry. Therefore we do not need ignite. It can bring you ahead in lane, but using it in mid/late game can bring you in serious danger. And a dead Lux is not a good Lux ;) Personally, I choose survivability over risk. It is a question of playstyle.

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5. Itemisation

Personally, I prefer starting with Doran's Ring and two Health Potions. This Starting Build provides you with both mana and health sustain. In addition to that you gain 15 Bonus AP, therefore it is the most solid starting build.

Sorcerer's Shoes: The Sorcerer's Shoes give you +15 magic penetration. You will need this extra penetration in order to shred your opponents MR and therefore deal more damage. Do not buy cooldown-boots because my build and runes will provide you with the necessary 40% cooldown reduction.

Morellonomicon: This is your main core item. It is extremely gold-efficient and grants you all the stats you need: 100 AP, 20% CDR, 400 Mana, a Mana-refund passive and the Grievous Wounds-effect. Allways pick this up!

Luden's Echo: This item is really strong on nearly all AP midlaners, but it is especially good on Lux. It gives you 120 AP, 7% MS bonus and a really nice passive. You gain stacks from walking around and using abilities that will give your spells bonus damage of 100 + 10 % AP on up to four targets every time you have 100 stacks. This is what makes this item so good for poke and waveclear. Moreover it increases your burst potential significantly.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Zhonya's Hourglass is a very gold efficient, strong and important item. It provides you with 70 AP, 10% CDR and 45 Armor, what makes it very useful against AD matchups. Especially the glorious active effect can save you in so many situations.

Rabadon's Deathcap: It is the standard item for most AP midlaners. It will give you a huge amount of AP (120!) and an extra 35% AP bonus. Buying Rabadon's Deathcap will give you a strong powerspike and increases your burst-potential.

Void Staff: Void staff is an important item on almost every Mage. It will provide you with +80 AP and causes your spells to ignore 35 % of your opponents MR. Voidstaff will give you a huge powerspike, especially in combination with Rabadon's Deathcap.

The build order is very situational. Rush Morellonomicon as fast as possible against AP midlaners and follow up with Luden's Echo. If you play against AD midlaners, go for Seeker's Armguard and Lost Chapter. Then finish Zhonya's and then Morellonomicon.

When against AP opponents, go for Luden's Echo after finishing Morellonomicon. Then finish Sorcerer's Shoes. If your opponent is stacking MR, go for Void Staff first.

You have to decide between maximizing your burst potential or increasing your survivalbility after you have completed your core build. Go for Zhonya's when against heavy AD teams or if you need to feel saver. Go for Rabadon's if you want to maximize your damage. If you get focused hard, you may go for Guardian's Angel or Banshee's Veil.


Liandry's Torment will give you 80 AP, 300 health and +15 magic penetration. The passive effect will deal damage based upon your enemies current health (6 % or 12 % if the target is snared or slowed). Buy Liandry's if the enemy team is very tanky and stacks a lot of MR.

Elixir of Sorcery provides you with 40 AP, 15 Mana Regeneration per 5 and bonus 25 true damage on your abilities and auto/attacks. This works against turrets, too. Always pick this up if you completed your build or if you are very ahead in midgame.

Try out Mejai's Soulstealer if you are very very very ahead in lane. Then try to stack it up by roaming bot or top. This item will help you to snowball even harder and totally wreck your enemies. But be cautious, this item is high risk and high reward. If you lose all your stacks, it is wasted gold.

If you want to save your 20/0/15 KDA buy Guardian Angel. If you are in need of more defensive stats, you should try out Abyssal Scepter or Banshee's Veil. If you want to support your team even more, try out Ardent Censer.

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6. Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Feel free to skill Light Binding or Lucent Singularity on Level 1. I prefer Lucent Singularity, but Light Binding is far more useful on invades. Max (E) Lucent Singularity first. It is a long range AoE spell with decent AP-scaling and your primary farming and harrass tool. Max (Q) Light Binding second because it provides great scaling and poke. Max (W) Prismatic Barrier last but you may take early points in your shield if you get harrassed very hard. Skill (R) Final Spark when ever it is possible. For further information on Lux' abilities check out the next chapter.

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7. Abilities

Illumination is Lux' passive. All of Lux' damage spells (//) mark enemy champions, minions or monsters for 6 seconds with the Illumination debuff. Illumination gets triggered if you use auto attacks on the target or damage it with Final Spark. Final Spark triggers and refreshes the debuff, therefore you should attack the enemy with your other abilities first. Illumination deals 10 + (10 x Level) + 20 % of AP damage.

Light Binding is Lux' Q ability. It is a long-range snare with great AP scaling. But be aware that it is a snare, not a stun! It immobilizes enemy champions, monsters or minions but does not prevent them from using abilities or auto-attacks. Light Bindung has a range of 1000, deals 250 + 70 % of AP damage at rank 5 and snares for 2 seconds. It is able to snare two targets. Light Binding has a great bandwidth of possibilities: Use it to catch your lane opponent if your jungler is about to gank, to immobilize the enemy jungler if he tries to gank, to snare enemies while they are chasing you or your teammates or as the first ability in the ability chain to burst down squishy opponents. Note that Light Binding has a very long cooldown, especially at early ranks (15 sec.)!

Prismatic Barrier is Lux' W ability. It is a long-range boomerang-like skillshot that shields you and your allies from 110 + 20 % of your AP damage for 3 seconds (at rank 5). If it reaches its maximum range, it returns and refreshes the shield (both cast instances add up). This ability can be super useful and save you and your teammates in various cases from certain death. In lane, it is very useful to survive a gank, hard burst, a ticking down Ignite or that last tower hit that is going to kill you. It has a great synergy with Barrier and makes it possible for you to survive that Requiem even if you have 50 HP because Barrier and Prismatic Barrier deny all the damage. In order to refresh the shield faster, throw it in the direction you are moving.

Lucent Singularity is Lux' E ability. It is a long-range AoE damage spell with a cooldown of 10 seconds at every rank. If you cast Lucent Singularity, you place a sphere of light on the ground that slows for up to 36% (at rank 5). You are able to re-activate Lucent Singularity in order to deal damage (and to re-activate it while mid-air in order to explode it immediately). At rank 5, it deals 240 + 60 % AP damage. If you don't re-activate it, it will detonate after five seconds. Lucent Singularity is Lux' primary farming and harrassing tool. In Lane, always max it first and utilise it for wave-clearing, zoning and pokeing your opponent. If the laning phase is over, use this spell to poke down the enemy team, siege them and for waveclear. In addition to that, Lucent Singularity gives vision when casted. Use this spell to scout Brushes or Dragon/Baron pit.

Final Spark is Lux' ultimate (R) ability. It is the famous ultra-long range (3000 range!) laser of death and rainbow destruction that can burst down your entire team. When people think about Lux, they think about this awesome ability first. It deals 500 + 75 % AP damage (644 + 95 % AP if Illumination is applied to the target and you are Level 18) at rank three. If you use my build and make sure you have the Illumination debuff on your opponents, this spell will deal up to 1300 damage on 5 enemies while having a cooldown of 30 seconds! Final Spark channels for 0.5 seconds and can't be interrupted. Use Final Spark to kill squishy opponents, secure (not steal) kills, deal insane AoE damage, steal the enemy blue buff or perform great dragon or baron steals. Because of its low cooldown, you may use it for waveclear in lategame.

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8. Ability Chains / Combos

What did I do in the picture above? Well, the picture shows what you have to do as Lux. You have to search for a safe postition, then utilize your long range to catch squishy targets (the enemy ADC by preference) and delete them with your ability combo. What is your ability combo? Good question. Basically it is the way how you link your abilities in a certain array. While laning, try to hit Light Binding, trigger Illumination with AAs, throw out Lucent Singularity and cast Final Spark. Then detonate Lucent Singularity. If the target is not dead yet, trigger the Illumination again. Check out if you have enough mana and whether the target has tenacity before performing this combo. In mid/late game, catching squishy targets with Light Binding, throwing out Lucent Singularity, casting Final Spark and then to immediately detonate Lucent Singularity should be enough to kill them (A fed Lux kills squishies with Light Binding + Final Spark). If you play against Lux, you will recognise a good Lux player by how he chains her abilities + passive in order to maximize her damage output.
Bursting down squishy targets is the most awesome feeling while playing Lux!

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9. Laning and Early Game

If you want to play Lux effectively, you should have a good knowledge about her laning phase.
You need to know that her laning is very reliant on the matchup. There are matchups you will win easily by outfarming and killing your opponent and there are matchups you will have to ride out and wait for your jungler to gank. This fact should be considered in terms of item build and choice of summoner spells. In addition to that, you should know that I am writing about my personal playstyle.

As I told you before, your first skill to max and Lux's primary farming tool is Lucent Singularity. This skill is super useful in terms of trading and in controlling the minion waves via waveclear and freezing. Keep in mind that Lucent Singularity's mana costs increase over the ranks to the absurd amount of 130 mana at rank 5. There you should keep your mana household in mind. If your opponent is zoning you out you are forced to use Lucent Singularity. If you do so, try to hit all 6 minions (there are 6 minions in one wave) with Lucent Singularity and decide if you want to push fast (detonate it immediately) or to push slow (wait for it to detonate, it is slowing incoming minions). Keep in mind that Lucent Singularity affects minions with your passive Illumination. This is very useful in terms of last-hitting. Lucent Singularity is also great if you want to prevent the enemy laner from last-hitting your minions or gaining experience (zoning). Just throw it next to him or in front of your minions and he will have to decide between last-hit and getting damaged. Do not use Light Binding to farm minions. It will likely deal not enough damage and its enormous cooldown could prevail your opponent / the enemy jungler on engaging on you. Wasting this Spell makes you extremely vulnerable!
When should I go back?
There are two possibilities depending whether the matchup is AP vs. AP or AP vs. AD.

AP vs. AP: Try to stay in lane until you have around 900-1000 gold. Port back and purchase Lost Chapter (900g) and pots. If you have more gold, buy wards and boots.

AP vs. AD: Try to stay in lane until you have around 1300 but at least 1200 gold. Port back and purchase Seeker's Armguard (1200g). Depending on your gold, buy boots, pots and wards. Finish Zhonya's Hourglass on later backports or complete Morellonomicon first.
Warding wins games (and lanes!). That rule should be absolutely straightforward. Lux' mentioned lack of mobility makes it even more important. A small overview on warding should provide you with the necessary information.

Yellow dots: Ward-Spots
Red dots: Pinkward-Spots
Blue dots: Highly recommended Ward-Spots
Purple dots: Enemy Blue Buff (try to steal it with Final Spark)
Harassing / Trading:
Now, as you already know how Lux' kit is working and how to chain her abilities, there is not that much to explain on how you poke down and kill your opponent. It is all about utilising your very long range and good mana-managing. Lux has a relatively high auto-attack range (550), therefore it can be very useful (at early levels (1-4)) to attack your opponent with auto-attacks, even if he does not have the Illumination debuff (also triggers Thunderlord's Decree ). Avoid auto-attacking ranged midlaners with higher range (e.g. Annie), auto-attack steroids (e.g. Orianna's Clockwork Windup) or marks of hybrid penetration. If you want to poke your opponent, try to throw Lucent Singularity (as your primary harassing tool) behind him. Since he wants to dodge the ability, he will instinctively walk back and will be hit directly. Believe me, this trick always works ;) If it is possible for you, that means you are not low on health, you would not get into your opponents tower range or you would not miss a lot of minions, try to trigger Illumination by auto-attacking him. This will deal a high amount of damage, especially at early Levels. You can force your opponent to use all his health potions if you manage to engage on him if you hit Level 2. Catch him with Light Binding, throw Lucent Singularity on him, trigger Illumination, detonate Lucent Singularity and trigger Illumination again. This should bring the average midlaner to 20-25 % of his health. If possible, try to hit him with even more auto-attacks afterwards. You should use the time between Level 3 and Level 6 to farm and for small trades ( Lucent Singularity + Illumination). This will help you to manage your mana consumption. If you get Blue Buff spam Lucent Singularity and force your opponent to backport. If you hit Level 6, you are able to perform a chain of abilities that will likely kill the enemy midlaner, depending on your lane advantage. You have to options: First of all, you could poke him down with Lucent Singularity + Illumination until he is very low on health. Try to finish him off with Final Spark while he is trying to get back to his tower. Secondly, you could try to perform your standard Lux combo. Catch him with Light Binding, throw out Lucent Singularity, cast Final Spark, detonate Lucent Singularity and (hope to) finish him off with a last auto-attack that will trigger Illumination.
You are getting ganked! What now?!
There are a lot of possibilities to get ganked on midlane, but there are a lot of possibilities to escape ganks, too. The following picture should help you to react to ganks. Try to escape into the opposite direction of the gank, but prioritise to get to your tower. However, you will get a personal feeling for ganks and whether you should use Flash to escape or not.

Red arrows: Lane gank
Yellow arrows: Standard gank (80 % off all cases)
Green arrows: Surprise gank (very rare)
White arrows: Most annoying ganks (luckily rare)

Do not exspect your Jungler to be always ready to countergank. Care for your own safety and buy wards.
If you keep in mind how to handle Lux' kit, her strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to get through a good laning phase. Winning your lane is a good combination of farming, harassing and killing. And after reading this guide, you will hopefully be able to connect all three. But you should know that winning a lane is worth nothing if it caused other lanes to lose. It is not worth it to get an advantage of 20 farms or your opponents' tower if he roamed bot/top three times, killed 5 people and helped his team to get the dragon. Follow up roaming enemies if possible and always tell your teammates if they have to expect a gank on their lane.

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10. Midgame

Lux reaches her full potential in mid game. Even though she stays very strong in late game, her true powerspike is in mid game. Once you have Sorcerer's Shoes , Morellonomicon and (parts of) Luden's Echo, you are able to one-shot the enemy midlaner (if squishy), the enemy ADC and the enemy support (if squishy). Midgame is the time when your true task begins. If laning is going well (or even really bad) you should leave your lane and roam top lane or bot lane (personally I prefer bot, more squishies). Help your mates to kill their opponents (and leave kills to them!) and work with your team to get objectives like the Dragon or towers. If teamfights break out or are about to break out (see chapter: Teamfights) you should care about your positioning (stay in the backline) and use your long range to poke down the enemy team until you get the possibility to kill one or hit as many as possible with Final Spark. If possible, try to catch the enemy APC / ADC with Light Binding and burst him down with your combo. You should know that Light Binding will be your key ability in mid/late game. A good Lux defines her ability to hit her Light Binding. Keep in mind that either bursting down enemy carries or poking/kiting their whole team should stay your primary task throughout the whole mid and lategame.

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11. Lategame

In late game, a good Lux can decide games. Your task is still the same (AoE poke and Single-Target Burst) but your success is even more important for your team. Death-timers get longer and longer as the game continues, therefore your task is more defining. Even if your team is behind, if you manage to burst down the fed enemy ADC and help your team to win the fight with your utility ( Light Binding/ Prismatic Barrier/ Lucent Singularity), you may win the game. It does not matter how far the enemy team is ahead, if you fulfil your task successfully, the enemy team will stay dead for > 40 seconds. Enough time for your team to turn around the game by getting two inhibitors or Baron. On the other side, you have to be even more cautious of not get focused by the enemy ADC or Mage / Assassin. In late game, you should have 40 % CDR. That means you should spam your abilities to poke the enemy and even spam Final Spark (30 sec. CD) in order to force squishy enemies to go back to base. Moreover, Final Spark can be game-deciding in another way. This ability is extremely good for stealing Barons or Dragons. In order to deal the maximum amount of damage you should hit the Baron with Light Binding (applies Illumination ) before casting Final Spark. Throw Lucent Singularity into the Dragon or Baron Pit if you do not have any wards. If you should not be able to steal the Baron/Dragon, you may be able to kill 1-2 opponents with your combo.

As Baron/Dragon Steals are one of Lux specialities, I made a personal Steal-Counter :)

Baron-Steals: 12
Dragon-Steals: 26

Shatter all the carrys!

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12. Teamfights

Lux is a great champion for team fighting. She brings nice AoE damage and great utility into the fight. And this fact is deciding for your behavior while team-fighting. First of all, let us talk about positioning. Due to your low mobility, your extreme squishiness and long range you should not be in the frontline. Always stay behind your teams tanks and engaging champions. You are part of the backline and you should stay there. Your range is long enough to poke the enemy front and backline! So please stay safe. Use our utility ( Light Binding/ Prismatic Barrier/ Lucent Singularity) in two ways. On the one side you can lock down enemies with Light Binding and suddenly they are a helpless target for your teams engaging champions. On the other side, you can use Light Binding and the slow of Lucent Singularity to prevent the enemy team from engaging your team. Spam your abilities and kite your opponents as much as possible. Use your incredibly good AoE shield to shield damage from as many as possible teammates. Feel free to "spam" it too and deny a decent amount of enemy poke. If we come to damage, there are two ways (I have already mentioned) for you to behave in a fight, too. Option 1 is to burst down the squishy enemies (Midlaner or ADC by preference) with your combo. Option 2 is to deal as much as possible AoE damage by applying Illumination to as much as possible enemies and then hit them with Final Spark.

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13. When do I pick Lux?

That is a good question and reliant on different factors. First one is your personal experience and skill with Lux. You should know best about this factor. Second one is the enemy midlaner. Does he counter Lux hard? Does he have a good sustain? Are you used to play against him? Third one the enemy jungler. Is he able to assassinate you, keep you out of fights or lock you down? Fourth factor is the enemy team composition in general. Is their team good in the early game? Is their team focused on very mobile and bursty champions? Fifth factor is your team composition. Do you have CC champions that can protect you and lock down targets? Is your team focused on champions that bring good poke into the fight? These are factors you should keep in mind when picking Lux. By now, you should know what are Lux' strenghts and weaknesses. Keep all those factors in mind and ponder whether you should be able to play her successfully in this matchup or you will likely be focused down and feed.

To help your with your decision, i will list some champions and matchups (not all of them) in the following.

Lux Team Synergy: Poke and Tank Champions (e.g. Nautilus Jungle/Support, Jayce Top, Corki ADC, Thresh Support)
Lux Jungle Synergy: Amumu, Sejuani, Maokai, Jarvan IV, Elise, Vi, Nautilus, Hecarim, Warwick

Disadvantageous enemy teams: Mobile and Lockdown Champions on Mid, Top and in the Jungle (e.g. Nidalee Jungle, Zed Midlane, Rengar Jungle)
Disadvantageous enemy junglers: Jarvan IV, Udyr, Vi, Nocturne, Rengar, Kha'Zix, Shaco, Evelynn

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14. Helpful Links

I will list very helpful links for Lux players here:

1. Lux Reddit Thread

2. Lux Champion Statistics

3. Lux Champion Statistics 2

4. Lux Champion Statistics 3

Thank you very much for reading my first guide on how top play Lux!