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Make Teemo great again! Kappa Teemo the rise to respect

Kappa Teemo Last updated on December 17, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Irelia Be careful for when she gets 6 and above play it safe.

Laning Phase and late game of Teemo. The Kappa way

First I want to start off stating how Teemo's nowadays don't get very much respect. In fact when
you're in champ select and allow your team to have the honor of seeing Teemo's face, they might just ban the guy. I am here to say no more! I am here to stand up for all the Teemo's and all of the soon to be Teemo's. I however, can't do this alone. It's going to be very difficult, but
I believe if we can join together, we can make all Teemo's get respected/loved and if we work together, we can MAKE TEEMO GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!

Now, on with the laning stuff. As you know, your first Ability will be your E. With this in mind you need to shoot your powerful dart at your opponent when you get an opportunity such as if their positioning is bad or if they go to pick up ONE OF YOUR MINIONS!
This will make them become extremely frustrated, but don't worry be happy :) .

Once you hit level 2, pick up blinding dart. This is where things can become complicated but
can be VERY rewarding. What you are going to do to your enemy is, throw an auto, then
Q, and lastly an auto if not multiple more autos. This combo over short amounts of time will
make your opponent become critically low. If this case if true you must use your combo once more and ignite them along with more autos if possible and you will kill them.

Now you can back and hopefully you bought a Blasting Wand. The Blasting Wand always puts a smile on my face and I hope it will put one on yours too. Why does the Blasting Wand put a smile on my face you ask? Well its because the enemies don't know it yet, but they are about to get demolished! + when your turrent shoots a caster minion you can now single auto it and
receive the gold! but... but.. Kappa Teemo. My Blinding Dart is on cooldown, what do I do now? Will the enemy not respect me? Will I get wrecked? No and No, just because Blinding Dart is on cooldown does not mean you must beg for mercy! You still have auto attacks and may even depending on time of game, have mushrooms. First I must say DO NOT call your
ult shrooms and or mushrooms. From now on you will call them as what they truly are... Kappa
Shrooms. Why call them Kappa Shrooms? You will call them Kappa Shrooms because, Shrooms are for troll Teemos and we are trying to make Teemos become GREAT AGAIN! remember?
Okay so where was I... Oh yes, just because your Q is on cooldown does not mean you are useless. What you will do now is auto when you can and if they enemy comes close and attacks you you will not show mercy. You will auto and throw a Kappa Shroom under or if you think you must run, kite and throw the Kappa shroom ahead of you. They will beg for mercy.

Speaking of Kappa shrooms this brings me to the next topic. Kappa shrooming. Kappa shrooming can get some getting used to which skills will come over time while playing as Teemo.
If you want to be respected by your opponent you must Kappa Shroom at certain locations to protect yourself in lane which would become useful in a case that will happen almost every game. What are you talking about Mr. Kappa? What in the Rift should I be placing Kappa Shrooms to protect myself from that happens almost every game? Well, Junglers of course! I seriously thought you would have caught on to that one. Okay, so as I was saying you need to place Kappa Shrooms where you know the Jungler will most likely come from and or if they do come into lane you can allow them to chase you while kiting and bait them into running into an already placed Kappa SHROOM! Works every time if I do say so ma self.

Okay, so we got the combo, the first kill, the Blasting Wand, and the Kappa Shroom LCS play out of the way. Now we can talk about what I truly love having on Teemo. This thing I love having on Teemo is such an amazing thing. Usually when I get this said thing on Teemo I roam
to other lanes and or go back to my lane and kill my laner. but... Kappa Teemo you haven't told us what this thing is. How are we supposed to get successful roams and or kill my laner ? HOW HOW HOW HOW!!!! Okay, Okay, chill out dude. I'll tell ya. It's red buff.. Red buff on Teemo is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It allows Teemo to kill almost anyone you want. Junglers will usually let you take their red if you ask. Otherwise you can just take it lololol. What the red buff will do for you is slow the enemy of your choice to make beg for mercy. It will do overtime damage along with your E which shreds the enemy like shredded beef in your tacos. Believe me!

Another thing that you would want to ask your jungler for help is to get Rift Herald. Many players tend to forget about Rift Herald which makes it an easy grab if you time it right/be sneaky hehe. Rift herald will help you shred turrents and enemies its just OP believe me.

Okay so we got laning phase out of the way now lets go into the future of the game. In this part of the game you will have Attack speed boots, Rageblade, Hurricane, and Nashors Tooth. Once you get to the point of Nashors tooth its Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OP. You can shred tanks (especially with red buff!) and assassinate squishies. An effective way to kill people is place Kappa Shrooms around and go invis. When someone (preferably a squishy dude) you can
kill them before they even have time to react. Even if they flash, because if you placed your Kappa Shrooms around you will slow em all any direction they so choose to die at (auto, Q, auto, auto, auto kill killl kill kill kill). At this point I really don't care what your last item is I like to go Crystal Skepter because it slows em and gives you HP.
Torment is a good item but you can still choose what you really want and kill everyone and anyone still.

Now that you are killing everyone and anyone you can just split at the right times and (if you have Rift Herald this will help) Shred turrents while your team 4v5 you can take turrents/inhibs. I once while my team was 4v5 took bot turrent and inhib and killed nexus turrents and nexus before the enemies backed. Teemo is just a turrent destroyer late game.
You will have to see it to beleiber it.

Well, I guess this is the extent of my guide. If you really want to go all the way to show everyone in League of Legends what you represent you can invest in putting "Teemo" at the end of your summoners name. This will show people that you are part of the "Make Teemo Great Again" movement

I hope this guide helped you and you can gain all the ELO you want.
Watch out for Riven/Irelia these champs can be dangerous if you don't play it right. Good Luck Teemos.
Don't forget Top primary and Mid secondary! :)

Oh I almost forgot DO NOT BE A TOXIC PLAYER we must change the way people perceive Teemo players so please don't be toxic. Its for the greater good and your LP.
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Link to my Youtube Accout. More Teemo Videos coming SOON! :

Here is a Video of Teemo killing shen with the power of TEEMO!
Here is another Video where I show some examples as stated in the guide. Teemo 1v3? :
Kappa Teemo is outta here. Peace!