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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissMaw

Miss Fortune ❤ ; A Detailed Guide

MissMaw Last updated on February 23, 2015
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mf sucks

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Pros / Cons


+ // Has a slowing ability ( Make it Rain)
+ // Great damage
+ // Great Harassing and farming abilities

- // Pretty squishy
- // Usually targeted in team fights (As all AD-carries are..)
- // Needs to be positioned well

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Mastery Explanations

// I needn't think too much over this section of the guide, as I was aiming for damage I put 21 points in offence. The other 9 points were put in utility for some extra mana, while alternatively you can put them in deffence.

Tier 1 // I put 3 points in Brute Force for more attack damage. I also put a point in Butcher to improve last hitting.

Tier 2 // For more attack speed I put 4 points in Alacrity .

Tier 3 // And with those 4 points in Alacrity , I unlock Weapon Expertise to counter those pesky tanks. Also on this tier, 4 points in Deadliness for yet more attack damage.

Tier 4 // And with the 4 points in Deadliness , I unlock Lethality and get some nice critical strike damage. And also, for life steal, I get Vampirism .

Tier 5 // Here I put 3 points in Sunder for some more armor penetration. Which brings us to..

Tier 6 // The whole reason for investing in the offence tree - that 1 point in Executioner , which increases damage dealt by 6% to targets below 40% Health.

Tier 1 // Since I usually play Miss Fortune (and any other AD Carry really) with Heal, I put one point in Summoner's Resolve . I also put 3 points in Hardiness for increased armor and an edge early game.

Tier 2 // I put 4 points in Durability for increased sustain. An increast health/ per level and increased health at level 18.

Tier 3 // A point in Veteran's Scars for more health and sustain early.

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Main Rune Choices

Greater Mark of Desolation

I made some pretty easy decisions about my runes. I went with flat attack damage quints, armor penetration marks, flat armor seals and flat magic resistance seals.
But just because I use these runes doesn't mean other runes don't work well with Miss Fortune. Other then the explanations of my main choices bellow, I've also added some alternatives and my reasons for them.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration





Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Greater Mark of Attack Damage





Greater Seal of Armor


  • Greater Seal of Armor - Armor is crucial for pretty much every game. There's probably gonna be at least one enemy champion who is doing tons of physical damage, therefore you'll need armor.
    I full-heartily recommend armor seals and therefore will not give ya an alternative :p




Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist




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Summoner Spells

The Primary summoner spells

Flash is the best summoner spell out there, even with the range nerf. It's pretty much a must for any AD Carry seeing as they are the ones usually focused in team fights and most (like Miss Fortune don't have an escape mechanism. You can use it to escape over walls, flash in range to last hit an enemy champion or flash away when ganked to safety.


Heal is quickly becoming one of the best summoner spells for AD-Carries. It can be used to survive ganks, win lane-fights and also bating the enemy team under your tower, making them think you are low health, then, heal, and with half your health and a turret hitting the enemy it's less likely they will survive.

The Viable summoner spells

Used for removing most disabling debuffs.
Cleanse can also be used to escape when you receive a form of hard crowd control. For maximum effect it is advisable to either get high movement speed or couple this spell with Flash or Ghost.

Teleport is a 'targeted' summoner spell. It is used to quickly travel from one location to a friendly turret or minion anywhere on the map. it doesn't stop channeling if you're hit, like recall. So it can also be used as a escape mechanism if you can use it right.
I don't see why it trumps Heal or Flash/ Ghost, but I guess it's personal preference.

Ghost is a 'non-targeted' summoner spell that makes your Champion move faster and ignore unit collisions with other Champions, minions and monsters for a short period of time.
You can either escape using it or catch up to a fleeing enemy. It can be switched with Flash if you prefer it.

Exhaust is a 'targeted' Summoner spell, which slows movement speed by 40% and reduces (auto/basic) attack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35%.
This is a great spell for a bot lane. If you take it, your support should take Heal, if it doesn't have a healing ability.

Ignite is a common spell which is powerful in duels as it gives you an extra damage spell that scales with levels. I'm pretty sure I play with Ignite more than any other spell, simply because it's so useful for finishing enemies off and countering self-healers, like Warwick and Vladimir.

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Miss Fortune's Skill Set

//Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after not taking any damage for 7 seconds.
// This is a pretty cool passive to have. If you run around your lane it might be hard for the enemy to use skillshots, but that's just about it. It makes her fast. That's all there is to it.

Double Up
//Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target, dealing physical damage and 115% of that damage to another enemy target behind the first.
// I think this one of the best harrasing abilities in the game. It's pretty straight-foward on how to use it. You could either hit an enemy champion directly, or hit a minion if you're sure that it will bounce to the champion.

Impure Shots
// Miss Fortune's attack speed is increased for 6 seconds
// This can be pretty usefull if gonna fight a champ head on. Other than the active it also has a passive where Miss Fortune's autoattacks deal extra magic damage on-hit, which can be really cool.

Make it Rain
//: Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location.
// I think this is my favorite Miss Fortune ability. Other than the damage it also slows enemies and reveals the area it's cast on. Which means you can check the brush for enemies.
Yup. No more facechecking for your team.

Bullet Time
//Miss Fortune channels for 2 seconds to fire a wave of bullets in a cone in front of her every quarter of a second.
// While this is awesome ultimate it's really hard to use.
You need to position it well and you also need to keep in mind that it can be avoided pretty easily. Not to mention that whenever you position yourself PERFECTLY somebody just silences you or stuns you.. or you know.. kills you.
It would be great if Sejuani would jump in stun all the enemies and you just blast away. But nah, that's probablly not gonna happen :x
In any case, if you can't stun them to keep them in place for your ult you might as well slow them with Make it Rain.

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Item Sequence

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

The Bloodthirster

Last Whisper

Guardian Angel

  • : // Berserker's Greaves are great on Miss Fortune. Gives 25 attack speed, along the increased movement speed. If the enemy has a lot of CC You might wanna switch these for Mercury's Treads either early on, or during late game when you have some of the other items.
  • : // Infinity Edge is a great item on pretty much any AD carry. I usually rush it since it gives so much damage. But always get Vampiric Scepter before it, so you can have some life steal before you get Phantom Dancer and The Bloodthirster.
  • : // Phantom Dancer is currently the item that offers highest amount of attack speed, movement speed and critical strike, all in one item.
    I normally get it right after Infinity Edge to get that attack speed boost as soon as possible.
  • : // The main reason for this item is the armor penetration. With it you can ignore some (or all) of your enemies armor. This is great for any ad carry seeing as armor counters them.
  • : // The Bloodthirster, even with the lifesteal nerf, is still quite useful. I get it either after Phantom Dancer or Last Whisper depending on how much armor the enemy is building.
  • : // This item works great with Miss Fortune, as well as with a lot of other ad-carries. Gives a nice boost of magic resistance and armor, to help with her squishiness, and has a pretty cool passive as well.

Situational Items

  • : // Obviously, if the enemy team consists of more magic damage-doers get Mercury's Treads , and start off with some magic resistance right away. Another plus, you also get tenacity ; which will decease any CC (stuns, slows, fears etc.)
  • : // Again, if the enemy consists of magic damage-doers you might want to get Force of Nature. Not only will you get a bunch of magic resistance, but health regeneration as well.
  • : // If the enemy team is full of physical damage-doers or you're getting destroyed by one of the enemy team member who deals physical damage, you should get Thornmail, it will be really useful.
  • : // I usually take this if the enemy has game-breaking ultimates (such as Warwick's or Karthus's), it is a good substitute for Guardian Angel and I find myself taking Banshee's more often. Keep in mind that if you're taking Banshee's you should build it sooner then you would build Guardian Angel, since it's build with Catalyst the Protector.

Other viable Options

  • : // I love this item on Miss Fortune and I find myself taking it over Guardian Angel recently. It has a great passive for any ad carry, seeing as they use auto-attacks to deal damage.
  • : // This is a prety sweet item, but it's pretty expensive so unless you get fed or just super-ultra-mega farm, it's better to go with another item in my opinion.
  • : // A pretty decent item, can be useful but I just prefer Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer over The Black Cleaver.

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Gameplay; Early Game

Miss Fortune is best bottom lane with a support.
Some people like to play her in the mid lane, but I don't think she is very viable mid. Or she is viable, but not the best pick.

She can lane with any support but there are some that are better than others.
The supports can be aggressive (like Alistar, Blitzcrank etc), which work well with an aggressive Miss Fortune player.
By that I mean, where you are more likely to be harassing the enemy champions constantly while last hitting from time to time.
This will usually end up with you having more gold from champion kills, while having a lower creep score.

And then there are passive supports, as I like to call them, which work great with a Miss Fortune player who is most likely to be farming the entire game :p
These include such supports as Soraka, Sona.
These kinds of supports are there mostly to help you with your last-hitting.
They are there to heal you, shield you, poke the enemy champions etc...

When you're skilled enough, you can just play both ways.
As I like to say, passive-aggressive. This is when you poke and harass the enemy champions waiting for them to be out of position so you can take the kill.
While in the meantime you're last hitting minions trying to get a good creep score.

Starting Items

You have 2 options here, and they depend on who is your support and on who you are laning against. So it's never going to be the same item(s).

Doran's Blade is an often pick for me. I take it when my lane partner will give me some sustain - either a heal or a shield.
This means when you're laning with Sona, Soraka, Janna etc.. You should get this item.

With Doran's Blade you start off with some sustain yourself.
You get life steal right away, some health and also damage.

This is a relatively safe pick. It'll synergise with your passive, Strut and you'll have a lot of movement speed early on.

Along with the boots, you should get 3X Health Potions, which will give you some sustain. Remember that the healing effect of potions don't stack.
So when you're getting bursted/ganked don't panic and activate all of the potions at once, since only one of them will heal and the rest will after 15 seconds.
So if you freak out and activate all of them, you'll be wasting the other potions.

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Gameplay; Mid - Late Game

Mid game marks the end of the laning phase, and everyone is everywhere now.
This occurs (usually) after the first tower is down.

Warding is crucial at this time seeing as everyone is roaming, ganking etc etc..
If your team isn't warding it'd be a good idea for you to get a few wards and do it yourself.

It's often that the enemy team will try to take out dragon, so always make sure that it's still there and ward it.
It's best to get a Vision Ward for dragon so that you can remove the enemy team's ward.

During this time a lot of unexpected team fights may occur, so always be ready.

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Gameplay - Team Fights

As most ad carries, you will be targeted in team fights. To avoid getting killed before the fight even starts you should stay close to you support and spray bullet everywhere :D

The one thing you need to keep in mind during team fights is that their AD carry might be just as fed and farmed up as you are, or even more.
The key to winning the team fight is positioning, focusing the right enemy champions and you know.. staying alive :D

If the teams are by the meta, there should be an AD carry, a support, a jungler, solo top laner and an AP carry. Your first target is always the AD carry. Though so is the enemies ad carry, so watch your back and stay close to your support.

After that get the AP carry, who can burst you pretty easily if you're not careful.
After that goes everything else, and the tank (which is either the jungler or solo top laner in most cases) last.

Using your ultimate in team fights can be very difficult. First you need to position your self so that you can hit as many targets as possible and avoid wasting it.
Then make sure that there are no stunners, silencers etc etc, that can intercept your ultimate. Either by being close to your allies (especially the support) or by killing them before you ulti :D

As for your other abilities, you should use your E as an AoE slow and maybe slow the enmies before Bullet Time. Double Up is for some burst, along with Impure Shots for some head-on attacking.

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Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
Green: In order to Counter-Jungle

Warding is usually left to the support. But if your support (or the entire team) isn't warding, you should take things into your own hands - at least for the important warding locations.
These include:
  • The Dragon
  • Baron Nashor

You should keep both warded with a Vision Ward. Other spots that you see on that map are all for sight wards and are crucial to defend your jungler or your lane.

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Miss Fortune in Crystal Scar

**Work in Progress**

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Frequently asked questions

Question:// Why don't you max Q first? It gives great damage and helps with harassing the enemies.

Answer:// It's true that Double Up is a great level one ability, but I prefer to play Miss Fortune passive-aggressively and therefore spend most of my time farming and poking at certain times. So since I don't harass as much that early in the game I prefer to go with Impure Shots. It helps with last hitting as well, so it's good to have straight away.

Question:// Isn't it better to max E first?

Answer:// Not really :p If there is a fight early on (like at level 1) I guess it the AoE slow and damage can be helpful, but you should stick with W or Q.

Question:// Why don't you take any mana runes? Or mana items? I tend to get out of mana a lot during laning cause of E

Answer:// That's probably cause you're abusing your E. You shouldn't cast it so much. It's mostly used as a slow to catch up to an enemy/escape from your enemy, or to push your lane. You don't need to harass the enemies with it.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, and I hope it helps.
Good luck with your MF games :3

Any feedback is appreciated ^^

Credits go to:
  • To Jhoi for her awesome Guide to making a Guide, her dividers and overall help with the guide
  • To Bree, for the amazing banners and chapter headers ^^

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V1.0.0.130 - Volibear Patch
Nothing new regarding Miss Fortune
V1.0.0.131 - Ahri and Viktor Patch
Bullet Time : base damage per wave increased to 65/95/125 from 60/85/110.
V1.0.0.132 - Sejuani Patch
Nothing new regarding Miss Fortune
V1.0.0.133 - Ziggs Patch
Nothing new regarding Miss Fortune
V1.0.0.135 - Fiora Patch
Strut now shows a cooldown timer
V1.0.0.136 - Lulu patch
Lifesteal nerf >.> Change to The Bloodthirster
V1.0.0.138 - Hecarim patch
Fixed a bug where effects like Guardian Angel broke Strut until she died and respawned.
V1.0.0.139 - Varus patch
Miss Fortune buff;
Double Up: secondary target damage increased to 120% from 115%.
Bullet Time: now deals physical damage.
Any ability power builds are now completely non viable in my opinion.
V1.0.0.141 & V1.0.0.140 - Darius and Draven patches
Nothing new regarding Miss Fortune

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Change Log

Guide Published
Changed skill sequence
Improved Farming, Tips Regarding Lanes and Team Fights chapters
Edited "About the items" text
Added "Pros / Cons" chapter
Changed "About the Items" to "Items" and changed the text.
Finsished "Warding" chapter + map
Added jhoijhoi's dividers/separators
Finished "Masteries" chapter
Edited Masteries and "Masteries" Chapter
Changed dominion text
Added Dominion Build
Improved Dominion Text
Added V1.0.0.131 - Ahri Patch to Patches
Added some pictures
Changed skill sequence, runes and items
Started working on Gameplay chapter
Completely redid chapter : Runes, Masteries and Pros/Cons
Deleted a couple of dividers
V1.0.0.132 - Sejuani Patch to Patches
V1.0.0.133 - Ziggs patch to Patches
Redid the Items chapter
Tweaked the Gameplay, Indroduction, Warding and Farming (and Jungling) chapters
Changed the guide name and the introduction banner
Replaced Exhaust with Ignite in the cheat sheet
Redid the following chapters:

  • Summoner spells
  • Miss Fortune's Abilities
  • Runes
Added Doran's Blade to the cheat sheet
Redid Masteries chapter
Fixed some minor spelling and coding mistakes
Fixed some minor coding errors
Replaced Exhaust with Heal in the cheat sheet
Edited the Skill Sequence
Switched movement speed quints for attack damage quints
Redid runes chapter
Added Lulu patch in the patches chapter
Expanded the Gameplay chapter
Redid Items, Summoner Spells chapters
Updated guide according to the latest patches
Updated masteries
Minor changes to guide, fixed some coding etc
Changed build
Redid masteries chapter
Guide Archived
Guide Republished

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