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[Nami Support] Patch 6.24 [WIP]

Siiepher Last updated on December 8, 2016
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Natural Talent
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Defense: 18

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A passive that should not be underestimated, the movement speed bonus it provides scales with AP and even procs when your allies are hit by your bubble. The ability shines most however when allies make contact with your tidal wave, this gives them double the normal speed bonus of your other abilities.

Nami's primary form of crowd control. It has a surprisingly wide radius, making it one of the easier skillshots in the game to land. It has a slight delay from the time you cast it; to the time it lands, so you need to lead your targets if they are moving too fast.

Ebb and Flow is what separates a good Nami from a great Nami. You need to know the range that the spell will bounce from target to target. Mastery of this knowledge will allow you to make extremely efficient trades, dealing steady damage to the enemy whilst simultaneously healing you and your carry. The mana cost early in the game is a bit high though, so you need be careful you don't end up empty in a crucial situation.

This spell adds a surprising amount of damage and crowd control to your teamfight if used correctly. The ideal goal is to keep the buff up as much as possible on your Marksman, allowing them to deal more damage and more efficiently kite the enemy team. However, your Marksman might not always be around, your next priority would be allied melee, it the extra slow will help them stick to their targets.

Tidal wave is one of the strongest crowd control abilities in the game. To use this most effectively; you want to be in the back of your team. This makes it more likely that each of your allies will gain a massive speed boost from your passive. While this is an extremely effective engaging tool, you must remember that your primary role is to ensure the safety of your carries, so if you feel that they will likely be jumped on; then you should save this to help peel.

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Starting Items

Spellthief's Edge is the standard gold income item for most AP supports. It boosts every stat you need and is very easy to keep up your procs with auto attacks and two for ones with Ebb and Flow. The Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation help sustain your health and mana, keeping you in lane longer. The Warding Totem is the standard trinket for all supports until they get their Sightstone.

Core Items

The Ionian Boots of Lucidity are necessary because you want to reach the 45% cooldown reduction so you can cast your spells as much as possible in the late game. Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives you a huge chunk of health and ability power, along with a powerful slow on all of your abilities; adding to your already insane amount of crowd control. Eye of the Watchers is your primary vision tool, the reason you build into this instead of Frost Queen's Claim is to free up an inventory slot for more powerful items later on. Oracle Alteration is for reducing enemy vision control throughout the game.

Offensive Items

Mejai's Soulstealer
If you are doing very well early on or feel extremely confident about your laning phase, it is a good idea to purchase The Dark Seal. It's affordable and the stats you gain if you stack it up make it an extremely gold efficient item, helping you take your lead even further. The low cost of it means that if you don't end up doing well you can always sell it later on and not lose a huge amount of gold.

Luden's Echo
Sometimes you might find that your team needs a little boost in the damage department. Luden's Echo is that little boost you can provide. The massive AP bonus synergizes well with you kit, and the AOE ability proc's the slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

Rabadon's Deathcap
The game is 50 minutes in and everyone in the game has their full builds, you're drowning in gold with nothing to spend it on. This is the point where you wanna sell one of your support items and slap on the death hat. The AP bonus it provides to your healing, along with the pure damage you get will more than make up for losing a support item.

Support Items

Mikael's Crucible
This is an item you want to pick up if you end up against too much crowd control. If your carries can't move then you can't win. Good champs to pick this up against are initiators like Maokai, Nautilus, or Sejuani. It's also sometimes good to grab it when you're against a bot lane that can chain CC for easy kills, such as Ashe and Zyra.

Redemption is the more defensive pick of the big two support items. You pick this when you need a strong stream of healing for your entire team. The added health makes you more durable and the passive boosts your healing. But what is most important about this item is the incredibly strong active. The AOE heal / damage effects a large area and has a huge cast range, as well as having the ability to be cast while you are dead.

Ardent Censer
When you have at least two champs on your team that rely on auto attacks this item is golden. The healing buff it gives to you, as well as the on hit damage and on hit healing it gives to people you heal make it synergize extremely well with Ebb and Flow. That, along with passive stats you get from this make it very strong.