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Optimized - AD Guinsoos Mid Mordekaiser

Aqua Dragon Last updated on November 28, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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The Author

Aquaired Skillset

Hi! I’m Aqua Dragon. I ended Season 4 at Master 1 with AD Jungle Malzahar, among others, and am also the co-creator of !

This build is part of a series of guides that is given a playstyle and then optimizes it. The guide does not give an opinion on whether the build is good/strong/viable/competitive, nor whether the playstyle is the optimal way to play a champion. Other guides will provide why you should play a champion that way, but this one will not.

The guide only answers: regardless of strength, if you are playing X, how should you do it?

This guide was brought to you by FungusTime.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive guide. It is meant to outline the basic principle, items, runes, and playstyle. As such, I won't be delving into why certain customization choices were made. However, my hope is that I will have explained this build enough that my rationale will be a self-evident extension, and to also allow you to make personal customizations as well.

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Pros and Cons


  • Powerful early-game all-in
  • Attack speed accelerates the triple-hit
  • Transitions into a potent splitpusher
  • Waveclears extremely fast with Guinsoos
  • Obliterates squishies holding towers
  • Obliterates the towers themselves


  • Less lane harass than standard Morde
  • Less kiting potential without Rylais
  • Weaker teamfighting contribution; squishy
  • Needs nearby minions to reach full power

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What is AD Guinsoos Mid Mordekaiser?

That's a Long Build Title

This build is interesting because its concept was centered around three limitations: It must be Morde at mid, it must be AD, and - most notably - it must include Guinsoos as a core rush.

Initially skeptical, I found that there lied potential within. Guinsoos at full stacks is worth over 5,000 gold in value! The issue is, most champions can't actually use every stat it provides. Morde is not most champions, abusing all 5,000+ gold of Guinsoos. The other issue, however, is that living long enough to get those stacks is mostly untenable. Reliability is only created by constantly hitting things, preferably ones that can't fight back.

And so we answer: AD Guinsoos Mid Mordekaiser is an all-in lane burster that transitions into a split pushing monster by abusing the power of Guinsoos and Hextech Gunblade.

The build offers significant all-in power with Ghost, Exhaust, Stormraiders, and Harvester of Sorrows. The early max on Mace of Spaces brings the AD scaling up from 50% AD, Rank 1 all the way to 90% AD - far faster than a standard Morde build, making the early burst extremely potent.

Around the time Guinsoos is completed, the build leaves the relatively safe mid lane and moves toward a side lane, where Morde abuses the massive stat advantage from Guinsoos to push and push and push. Any person that tries to contest near a minion wave or tower, when the stack are maximized, suffers a horrible fate.

The build is supplemented further by a host of hybrid damage-survivability options, the most mandatory being Hextech Gunblade, which only further accentuates the gap-closing reach of the build. This then transitions into harder defensive choices like Maw of Malmortius and Sterak's Gage. AD may not offer as much teamfighting contribution, but everything instead works to create a split pushing monster.

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Build Order

Guin Soo Spare Some Gold?

Starting Items

Choose a Situational Rush


Magic Resistance

While tempting to just build for your lane matchup, consider how the choice will impact the later stages of the game. If your lane opponent is physical damage, but most of the enemy team is magical damage, then it may be worthwhile to play passively with a more magic-resistant focus.

Alternatively, getting a big item from one category, but the boots from the other, can help in providing for both situations.

The Core:

These are the big two. They nearly singlehandedly provide the huge stat sticks needed to make the split pushing so insane.

Final Situationals

Remember that Maw and Steraks share the same passive. If you complete one, it's not recommended to complete the other.

Trinity Force isn't as good as the other items, but if you have no need for the magic resistance granted by the other choice, then it's a good pickup.

Neither of the Hydras reset Morde's auto on Mace of Spaces. Only get one if Trinity Force is already completed and there is no need for the magic resistance choices.

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Stage of the Game


In the early game, your goals are to
  • All-in for kills
  • Farm safely with spells
  • Pressure when the shield is up
Don't be too afraid to cast some abilities, especially Mace of Spades, to farm and to maintain some shield. Just remember that with the lack of AP, Harvester's Sorrow will not heal as much as usual.

Keep an eye out for good all-in opportunities. Two really good levels for this are Level 3 and Level 6, as both offer noticeable spikes in power that other champs can't compete with.

Even if you have to use both Ghost and Exhaust and only get Flash, that's still a success, as Flash is on a significantly larger cooldown than either.

Be wary of the jungler, more than usual. Part of why the build goes mid is that it's unusually susceptible to ganks. If you all-in at the wrong time, you might find yourself in an awful 2v1 situation.

If the jungler isn't around, don't be afraid to stand closer to the enemy's side of the lane. Iron Man makes it possible to tank several spells that would ordinarily be used to farm.


The split begins
  • Pick a side lane and begin split pushing
  • Spam abilities to clear minion waves quickly
  • Try to space out attacks to stay at max Guin stacks
This is the more interesting point of the build. Minions provide an easy way to stay at maximum stacks; anybody who tries to fight near a minion wave is good as dead.

If two people must be sent to stop the pushing, you have succeeded, as it means the rest of your team will be fighting a 4v3, conferring a significant advantage.

If the enemy team sends one person to stop the push, look for a chance to divebomb using Ghost and Exhaust to secure the tower.

Look for camps to farm between waves. Additionally, if an enemy is camping at the tower to defend, look for opportunities to split off and to help the team in a fight instead.

Buy a nice stream of Control Wards to keep an eye out for the enemy. If you get caught in a 2v1, you are still likely to die, even with Guinsoo stacks.

Don't try too hard to be part of teamfights. AD Morde is fairly squishy in the mid game, and gaining stacks in the middle of a CC-filled fight is difficult. Consider flanking the backline to use Children of the Grave and get an ADC ghost buddy.


More of the same
  • More splitting
  • More ghosts
  • But now more tanky
The later part of the build provides nice survivability, allowing for a bit more teamfight power. Still, you should primarily be pressuring down lanes to take inhibitors when possible.

With the healing of Gunblade along with the durability of other items, you can reasonably duel tanks and bruisers. Just continue to keep an eye out for ambushes.

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I hope you will have found this useful! If you have any questions, leave a comment or drop a line over at and! And be sure to check out !

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