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Ryze Build Guide by Panda of doom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panda of doom

Panda's Ryze -chews on his head.-

Panda of doom Last updated on November 30, 2011
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I am Panda. Ryze was my first champion. I bought him the very first time I tried him that is how much I love my Ryze. I use him from time to time and my old build was just random when I was just learning. Here is what I have reformulated for him. Ryze is a mage that if built in just the correct way can smash through alot of other champions. Just for explination, the first page is for 5v5 and the second page is 3v3. As for the Dominion, well, I dont know a thing about dominion so I do not have a build or guild for that. And here the electrifying experience begins.

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5 vs 5 Summoner Spells

(Te be edited later.)

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5 vs 5 Masteries

These were chosen for the most power one can pull out of a mage. Also fast recalling is very nessiccarry.