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Pantheon Build Guide by Luki bre

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Luki bre

Pantheon, the offtank or assasin

Luki bre Last updated on December 29, 2012
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why full ad runes? they are great for dmg and i think that only full runes can bring u what u want. for example what will u get if u have quats for dmg, armor pen marks, armor seals and magic resist glyphs? u will have 6 dmg bonus, 12 armor pen and 13 armor and 14 mr. in fact that 6 dmg doesnt change a lot. thats why i take full ad runes for 22 dmg, so i can buy armor and mr in game , and i will still have a lot of dmg. so dont be lazy, play and take full ad runes to shift whit ur previous ****ty runes and have a nice dmg and be the best in ur team. GL & HF with FULL AD RUNES!

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Skill Sequence

why maxing q? Bcs of a nice dmg thanks to ur ad runes and low cd of 4 sec, u can spamm it whenever u want on the enemy with the lowest hp in ur lane. e comes after q for nice dmg in teamfights and nice cone dmg, and u will need ur w only to stun little *****es and prevent them from running away like a *******.