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League of Legends Build Guide Author lecrae42

Rework Rengar in the Jungle Patch 6.22

lecrae42 Last updated on November 17, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Hello, my name is lecrae42 and i'm a high plat low diamond rengar main. At the time of making this, i've recorded almost 1k rengar games in my around 3 yrs playing, and over 600 games last season. In addition to this guide i have a you tube channel where i post daily rengar game play and occasional other content. This is my first guide so please leave me comments on how i can get better and improve.

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Rengar Jungle Pros and Cons


    Strong 1v1 champ
    Fast and Healthy clears
    Strong burst damage
    Strong post 6 ganks with ult
    super fun to play
    scales well into mid and late game

    weak pre 6 ganker
    very easy to invade
    needs gold to do well
    mediocre early game
    if you fall behind you struggle to get back into the game

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Summoner Spells

Smite is essential for jungling, without it you cant clear the jungle efficently or secure neutral monsters like dragon and baron late game, is a must have no questions.
Now i personally prefer to run ghost as its on a shorter cd then flash and allows you to cover distance faster when ulting. However with ghost you have no way out of fights and you have to commit all the way. Flash is the safer summoner to run as it gives you an escape if you get yourself in a awkward situation.

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Early game jungling

You typically want to start on your bot side buff as this well give you the best leash form your team, smite it to secure it and for the heal, then go to the next camp by mid, either the wolves if you started blue side, or the raptors if you went red side. A trick to get to the next camp with 5 ferocity ready to go is to leave the buff camp with 2 or 3 stacks already and then cast a spell while walking to the next camp. This works at any time as long as your in combat or where in combat for 6 seconds, you don't need to hit anything to get ferocity. For the most part you want to farm till 6, but if you seee your top or bot is pushing inot the enemy tower you can attempt a lane gank/countergank.

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Lane Ganking/Counterganking

This is the most common way to pressure lanes without your ult, and even with it up. What you do is go to a lane that is pushing to the opposing tower and get into the side bush. One of two things will happen, the wave will push back towards the middle of the lane allowing you to jump out on the unsuspecting opposing laners as most poeple dont ward the side bushes. The toher thing that could happen which is typically the better case scenario is the enemy jungler comes to gank and you and your team turn on him and kill him. This works bets if you wait for the opponents to initiate the play onto your team and then you jump in, as the majority if not all there cool downs will be used. you can also use your ult if you have it up to get the crit but i don't recommend it.

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Mid game

So at this point the game is past 20 minutes and towers are starting to fall or have fallen. you want to look for picks with your ult, and then try and group with your team for objectives. An easy way to get a pick is to push out the bot lane wave to the opposing side without it hitting there tower. The opposing adc will more then likely come down to pick up the farm and usually the suport wont be with them, allowing you to come in a kill them or at the very least force summoners and a back. This is even better if you can do it before a drag spawns or while your team is pushing in mid as it turns any fight into a 4v5 or 3v4 if neither top laner comes.

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Late Game and Teamfihgting

IN the late game you should be grouping for teamfihgts and looking to control baron vison. this is real crucial as rengar clears baron insanely fast allowoing you to either bait it or sneak it if you know that they have no wards on it. In team fights you primarily want to flank from the sides or behind the enemy to get to the adc to avoid being spotted by your opponents. the adc is your primary target as they usually have no defensive item to prevent you from bursting them unlike the mid who typically will have a zhonyas.If however you have a real fed adc like Jinx or vayne who can hyper carry the temfight if alive, you may want to look to peel for them instead. only do this if the enemy adc/mid isn't a threat.