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[Season 7] GorillA style Jhin support

The Last AP Tristana Last updated on November 26, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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The Author

Hello, I'm "Squishy Support", I am 23 and i play in EUW. I started playing League of Legends at the beginning of season 2 and reached diamond during season 6 by playing AP tristana among others. I play mainly squishy supports (lol) but i also play some midlaners and junglers, and some weird ( but viable ) builds too. I'm planning to reach challenger during season 7 but i always try to keep my guides simple so everyone can read it ! You can check my other guides if you are looking for unusual but working builds, or for short guides about supports.

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What is Jhin support?

You might be wondering why someone would pick Jhin over a traditionnal support. The reason is that he offers UNIQUE utility that no other champ in the game can offer.
First, the Deadly flourish (jhin's W) gives a VERY long range crowd control (and the snare is pretty long when maxing W).
Secondly, his ultimate is one of the most unique tools in the game, it can be used as a long range initiation (a bit like ashe's ult) but also as an execute for cowards running away after teamfight.
Finally, his 4th auto attack will always hurt due to the %missing health and your pretty high AD even as support (due to your passive).

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Pros / Cons

- Good CC with very long range
- Long range initiation
- Traps give some vision
- Pretty good laning phase
- Good damage for the whole game
- 4th Shot is good to ks teammates

- Mobility 0/10
- Vulnerable to ganks
- Weak against blitzcrank & friends
- You won't save your ADC from assassins/divers
- Bad if you can't hit skillshots
- Considered as a very troll pick

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I think is the best gold income item for you. The yellow sightstone gives decent gold but less than this one, and doesn't give any damage, while this one gives 15 damage on-hit and 25A AP (you don't scale good with ap but it's not totally useless).

Less cooldown = more ults and more snares. You can also flash away more often ( and you will need it believe me)

This is cheap AD, and will also help you to kill tanks with your ADC. But remember it penetrates only the armor from masteries, runes, items, spells etc.

The attack speed + crit will give you AD, and the passive range increase will sometimes help you to use your auto-attack + snare combo

This is 40 AD for 1300 gold, which is very good (and in fact, with your passive it will give you more than 40). Don't upgrade it unless you are fed as f***.

attack speed and crit give you AD (i know i said it already grrrr). It also gives you some movement speed and a useful damage reduction.

Buy this when you get constantly oneshot by a full ap malphite (^-^)

If you are hyper fed, upgrade your bf sword and crit them to death.

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Your role during the game

Early game : Laning phase

During the laning phase, your role will be to :

- Poke with auto-attacks
- Snare the enemy adc or a squishy support when you can, so you can burst him down with your adc
- Put some traps in the lane bushes and in the river to avoid ganks
- Always keep the river warded
- Use exhaust to reduce damage during an extended fight (generally you will use it on the enemy adc)
- Use your ult as a powerful execute if enemies escape with low hp.

Mid game : First teamfights

During mid game, your team will have to fight for objectives. Your goals will be :

- Put wards in the important places
- Use ult to catch a carry walking alone so your team can kill him
- Put traps around your team even if they are not very useful
- Be ready to snare important people if someone engages a fight
- Kill people who are jumping on your carries with your auto attacks
- Ult FROM A SAFE POSITION at the end of a teamfight.

Late game : Crucial kills and objectives

When death timers are like 1min every kill becomes crucial. Your goals are to :

- Stay with your team and never walk alone.
- Initiate on an enemy carry with your ult. If he dies you will probably win the game or at least take huge objectives.
- Get ready to snare someone with your W if he gets caught by your teammates
- Stay behind during fights and kill what is attacking your carries
- Never ult unless you are 100% sure no enemy is around you

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Thnak you for reading !

Ok, i tried to keep this guide simple but i think i have not much more to teach you anyway. I hope you will have fun and stomp your opponents with this build ! Keep in mind that even in ranked mode it is just a game, so stay friendly and don't flame as it would only make your teammates uncomfortable and sometimes even hurt them. They are just people like you after all.
You can vote for my guide if you found it useful, and if you like it i will write more guides about my other picks.
Thank you and happy gaming !