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League of Legends Build Guide Author xtehtalented


xtehtalented Last updated on August 13, 2012
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Yer this is for fun purposes. SO first and formost you want a character with a speed boost of some sort to get you across that line. The aim.... get to the opponents turret in as little time as possible. The world record stands at 50 seconds, send me a video of you getting faster and ill give you a medal of some description and ill post on this guide. To do SUPERBOWL you have to run from your start area to the opponents without them seeing you or hitting you, if they hit you, you automatically have to die to them. SIMPLE I THINK NOT. there are many obsticles and stuff in the way such as spawn, you have to time your run so perfect that they will only start to see you once your in their base and when youre there u have won, you cross the line at the pool turret where it will instantly kill you. Some tips I can give you. USE GHOST AND TELEPORT and buy wards, you can reduce your touchdown time by over a minute just by teleporting to a ward near or in their base... So do you have what it takes. I THINK YES........
Add me if you want to do this one time my summerners thing ****djfsdf yer is xTehTalented


This is a joke please do not have a go at me for something thi shumorous :D


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