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aziz 502 Last updated on December 12, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Anivia with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lux Probably the easiest matchup for anivia because as soon as her q misses, you can quickly out trade her. You can be aggressive for this lane.
Xerath Similar to lux, long range but useless early game. Your movement speed quints will enable to you easily dodge his q, which is his main source of damage, and as soon as you do that trade with him. Also, don't hesitate to all in him whenever possible, or trade with him as you will win 90% of trades
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Hello everyone, this is aziz 502 from euw. Just to introduce myself, I am a diamond 5 euw player that has been playing league of legends since before season 1. After exploring almost all the champions of the game, I realised that there was one champion that I both played well and enjoyed more than any other champion, and that was anivia, and after playing roughly 130 games with anivia, I realised that the way I played her was in a very high diamond level, and if you want to get out of elo hell, this is your perfect champion. p.s. when I had enough time to play with her i reached diamond 2 and almost diamond 1 with above 70% win rate, and despite many nerfs to her, I am still able to achieve the same results when using her kit efficiently

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Pros / Cons

So why anivia?

Extremely mobile and healthy in lane
extremely strong in all situations
Can comeback almost all types of games
Has an egg as her passive :p

Has no escapes apart from her wall
Very hard to master

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These, in my eyes, are the most effective runes for anivia.

Using m pen marks is extremely helpful for anivia because this enables you to out trade early game, and for the late game deal extra damage to squishy targets (more effective than ap)

Health per level seals are very useful on anivia as they make her tanky late game, and since the passive of anivia is already there, there is no need for her to get armor runes as they will be useless for the early game, and much less effective in the late game than health per level seals.

Glyphs: An important thing for anivia is to have her e available at all times for trading. This is maximised when you have cooldown per level glyphs, since it will give you a good chunk of cooldown reduction, and it is more effective than magic resist as it is not needed since the egg is already there, and generally lasts for the whole of laning phase.

Quintessences: Movement speed quints are the most effective ones on anivia since they make her much more agile and therefore the amounts of skillshots you can dodge are much more than when you have extra ap instead.

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12-18-0 are the standard masteries for anivia
The only controversies in these masteries are whether to get spell vamp or scaling ad/ap, where in my opinion vampirism is much more effective since the spell vamp is very effective with anivia's ultimate. The second controversial mastery is whether to use Meditation or Merciless, and in my opinion, using meditation is more effective since it will give you much more mana to spend, but this will decrease late game damage.

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You might think, is this guy trolling me?!

Well, not really.

Rod of ages is very helpful for scaling and therefore should be rushed, to give you a good chunk of health, mana and ap, and with its new passive also give you a similar stat to spell vamp.

Next up is the ZZ'rot portal, which is probably why many would think this is a troll build, however it is the perfect item to ensure that you will win when winning, and ensure that you can prolong the game when losing. So why ZZ'rot? This is mainly because not only does it give you a good chunk of armour and magic resist, it also gives you a lot of movement speed around towers, which is pretty much where you are most of the time in mid-late game. Also, with this you can push a lane the whole time while not even being there.

Archangel staff:
Anivia's ultimate requires a lot of mana to be used in team fights since it drains mana over time, and therefore archangel staff is very helpful with that.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Rabadon's deathcap is a standard item used on all ap carries, and it will be helpful late game as it will dramatically increase anivia's damage.

Void staff: Void staff is very important for anivia for her late game, as it will shred through tanks and anyone who builds magic resistance. Therefore build it before rabadon's deathcap to maximise your damage.

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Build order

After looking at the recommended items, you might be wondering which item should i build first?

Generally speaking this is how it goes:

Firstly You get your tear of the goddess and catalyst of aeons and quickly upgrade the catalyst to Rod of Ages to quickly stack it.

A common mistake I see when I read other guides is people rushing Archangel's staff as their first or second item. This is not useful at all as it is not efficient and leaves you in a bad spot and therefore i love to build zzrot portal next, to get the movement speed out of it and get to push lanes with it and get tanky. This way you can control the minion waves to your favour and make better plays since the enemies have to react to your minion wave pushing unless they want their towers to die.

After zzrot portal I tend to go Sorceres's shoes or even sometimes before it, and after that I complete my archangel's staff, which by then has around 600 stacks of extra mana.

Next, I would build a void staff since AP is not really that important as anivia has a very strong base damage, and the extra magic pen will be very helpful in order to deal more dps. Experimentally this is also better than getting rabadon's deathcap first.

To end the build I buy Rabadon's deathcap because by then I have enough resistances and penetration and therefore the extra ap will be handy.

This way is the best way to build anivia in my honest opinion and works against typically all matchups.

Note, however, sometimes some adjustements might be needed. For exsmple, buying armor because you are being hardly beaten by a talon or zed early game. In that case, pick up chain vest early on, possibly before rod of ages, to be able to cope with all that damage. However continue with the rest of the build normally in this case. You usually will not need this because you already have enough mobility and health / your passive so with correct mechanics it is very hard for you to die early game

That sums up my guide of playing Anivia. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions you can list them in the discussion/comments section. I will be updating you with clips in the coming month.

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Something that many people do not take into account when playing mages in the midlane is the diffuclty to farm in lane without expending lots of mana. Anivia is one of the hardest champions to farm with using your autoattacks, as there is nothing that helps you with last hitting. Therefore it is important to master last hitting before playing this champion. In my opinion the best way to learn that is to know your approximate damage on every minion, however this will take a good amount of time before being well accomplished.