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Varus Build Guide by Thiefie The Mage

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thiefie The Mage

Varus' Build for beginners-intermidiates

Thiefie The Mage Last updated on March 4, 2015
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Varus' Build for beginners-int

Varus Build

Ability Sequence

Varus' Build For Beginners-Intermidiates

Varus is a sniper or archery character. Sounds kinda lame, but to make him OP....
Okay, so we know Varus likes shooting people with his arrows. You NEED to buy items from attack speed and critical strikes, since Varus shoots arrows. Also, increase damage last.
1. Attack Speed
2. Critical Strike
3. Damage
I always "top it off" with mana regen and movement.