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Vayne Build Guide by Marijn Troll 30

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marijn Troll 30

Vayne S4 Hypercarry Build

Marijn Troll 30 Last updated on November 29, 2013
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Hello everyone, my name is Marijn, currently playing at Gold III Elo. I main jungling, but recently I've been busy with increasing my ADC skills, and eventually I decided to make my first guide for Vayne, which is by far my favorite ADC. And for my first guide I decided to take a look at Vayne I hope you find my guide helpfull. If you have any tips/pros/cons about my guide please let me know in the discussion page.

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Farming with Vayne is not really hard, since you can technically last-hit 2 minions at the same time because of your Tumble. What does bother me about Vayne is that you lack a little bit of damage if you want to last-hit caster minions under allied turret range. (the turret damage + one normal attack leaves them with a few health). So for low/middle Elo players I reccoment you to build a bit more AD at the early phases of the game so that your normal attack will be able to kill the Caster minion. The high-Elo Carries shouldn't worry about that, since their support will help you last hit the minions.

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The pros about Vayne are that you only need 3 offensive items ( Blade of the Ruined King, Phantom Dancer and The Bloodthirster) to deal tons of damage, which basically means that you have 2 item slots free for defensive/utility/survivability items, think about: Mercurial Scimitar, Randuin's Omen, Guardian Angel etc.
What is great about Vayne as well is her kiting-potential, with your Tumble having roughly 2 seconds cooldown on lvl 18 you have the skillset to kite really well, if a dash every 2 seconds isn't enough for you, you also have your Condemn to shoot the enemy away from you, and maybe even stun them. And on top of that, you can remove any debuff with your Mercurial Scimitar


Vayne only has one con; in a teamfight you might find the enemy adc killing your teammates faster than you kill the enemy, this might happen because you chose situational items that might lack in damage but comes good to use for removing debuffs (think about Mercurial Scimitar). This almost never happens, since Vayne is a hypercarry which means the deals a ton of damage compared to other not hypercarries. In case this happens the best you can do is kindly instruct your team who needs to go for the enemy adc and who of your allies needs to protect you in which way.

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