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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zilean

Zilean on Speed

Zilean Last updated on July 23, 2010
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Zilean is by far my favorite all around character. He's agile when he needs to be and he can get a kill without having to get to close. He can get a teamate out of a sticky situation easily with a quick Time Warp, and if that's not possible, he can put a quick Chrono Shift on them and give them that second chance they deserve.

With this build I give your bombs the utmost capability to strike fear into that persistant Xin Zhao or Pantheon. With this build you have a great supply of mana and you have the ability to stay in your lane and/or assist elsewhere without having to worry about your mana deprivation.

Summoner Skill Abilites:
Ignite: Used with a bomb, can help you get that extra push Zilean sometimes needs for a kill.
Teleport: I prefer going back and forth through lanes and assisting as many of my teamates as possible whenever they need it. Time Warp is it's own version of Ghost (Just better) So I figure, why not have a Teleport as well?

Other Options for Summoner Spells:
Fortify: This skill is what I use when I see my team will need me bunked down in a lane. If I need to recall and my enemy champion gets a lucky push on my tower, I'll pop this and Time Warp my way back after refreshing my help. Plus, it really helps get on the nerves of enemy teams.
Heal: Whereas my build helps take care of a consistant mana pool, Health from a gank that you saved yourself from or maybe it's just depleted, Heal helps you stay in your lane longer while still keeping a full mana pool.