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Champion Stories: A look into another world

Creator: ShiftyCake
March 30, 2012 6:46am
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Welcome to Champion Stories. Feel free to browse what is here, and find updates on what is to come through here

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Ahri The Nine Tails Fox: Draft 3
Lulu The Fae Sorceress: Draft 1
Hecarim The Shadow of War: Draft 1
Master Yi The Wuju Bladesman: Draft 1
Dr Mundo The Madman of Zaun: Draft 1
Veigar The Tiny Master of Evil: Draft 1
Alistar The Minotaur: Draft 1
Riven The Exile: Draft 1
Fiora The Grand Duelist: Draft 1
Karthus The Deathsinger: Draft 1
Katarina The Sinister Blade: Draft 1
Karma The Enlightened One: Draft 1

His dull, lifeless eyes pierced into my soul. I gazed pitilessly at what used to be Jack Higgins, a lowly man with distinguished fetishes. The seduction was simple but, as always after victims, the damnation of human morality bored through my heart. I’ve become too human, morality has conquered me. The fox inside me is dying, and the human merged into me is growing. No more am I a fox, for my spirit has been chained. My will has been bound. Yet still I hunger, for my existence is not set like born humans. My creation was not perfect, and so I must hunt to maintain my essence. Yet every time I hunt, it becomes harder to kill. I need a solution, or I must face the inevitability of my demise. Yet a completed essence is ludicrous, impossible without the creator. Yet this rumour disproved that, promising to grant one wish in return for service.

It was whispered of a place where your dreams can be fulfilled, at the price of service. The Institute of War, it was called. Fight for the cause they said; until the end of days and a single wish will be granted. For some, the price is too high. For some, living is easy.

For others, Dying is easy.

So I sought this Institute out, searching far and wide for any information on its location. At first there was nothing. But as I wandered the lands, my hunger growing more and more prominent, I slowly gathered Intel on the location of this infamous Institute. Yet something troubled me, a consistent fact that people talked about.

Where the Institute lies, your true self is shown.

I was perplexed by this statement, how does it show your true self? I could not dwell on it long though, for the hunger grew evermore. Deciding to forgo any attempt at explaining this phenomenon, I moved onto the more important matter.

It took years, but after many false starts, I discovered the Institute’s secret location. Impossible was my first thought of the Institute’s location, for it existed in a place no-one ever looks. I raised my eyes as I stood at the top of the highest mountain peak, and gazed at the Institute of War in its full glory. Through the raw power overwhelming me, I saw a group coming down. I gathered myself, hoping that my quest is at an end.

Once they landed, they asked my purpose here and so I gave them the story of my plight. They mused this over and, after a heavy discussion, said it was indeed possible to perfect my transformation. They said the professor who was creating me left his research in their care, and that the research was perfected just months ago. Another transformation is not possible though, for you have to use a life essence to create such a being. I realized what happened to my creator, and wept. After a brief pause out of respect, they gave their price. I knew without a doubt what I wanted, and accepted straight away, albeit with a heavy heart. For I might not be killing innocents anymore, but looking into the eyes of your enemy and seeing the same fear emanating from your own is just as painful.

So it was that my hunger dissipated. So it was that the Institute accepted me. And as I walked the paths of War, my body started to change. I looked down at myself, no longer seeing a human. No longer dreaming a wolf. My true self was shown. So I strolled to my first mission, swishing my tails left and right whilst twirling my ball of deception in my right hand.

I am Ahri, The Nine Tails Fox,
and this is War.


It is in here that I found my true worth, for it is in here that I am at peace. I always escape to the solitude of my mind in order to comprehend difficult situations like what I’m in at the moment. It’s not like I wasn’t going to turn the children back into, well, children. A harmless game to me, yet it holds dire consequences in this new ever-changing world. So I come to be in this situation.

I watched an angry, disgusting beast of a man scream in my face, spittle flying everywhere. Banished he says to me, banished from the lands I was born in. This filled me with a blinding rage, how dare they take my birthplace from me? They have no right, and yet I could not hurt them. They’re still my people, so I must leave. I ran, leaving them in the midst of my tears. All I wanted was to play but, as always is the case, abnormality is rejected. Magic is no exclusion from this, and so I leave my land behind forever. Pushing forward, searching for a place that will truly accept me.

My Pix told me of a rumour of some Institute of War that is searching for ones such as us. And if they are searching for us, then they have found others. That means a place of acceptance, a place of hope.
So it was that we set off, searching for this rumoured fable. I would question the humans, whilst Pix would ask the animals. Months passed, I grew tiresome of the search. I was about ready to call it quits and head back to the Glade when I saw someone, later I found out her name is Ahri. She was battling this Golem, and I saw her struggling so I lent a hand. I called forth my pix to strengthen her and support her attacks, whilst casting whimsy to increase the power of her attacks. Still it was not enough, I saw she was not going to make it. I was desperate, not wanting such a beautiful creature to die. Suddenly, a power welled up inside me; I did not understand it but did not question it and sent it forth into Ahri.

Instantly she grew to ten times her size, truly becoming a monster that was so fearsome it shook the very ground it stood on. So the Golem was slain, such a powerful foe vanquished. As it disappeared, I saw these blue things circling around her. She walked up and greeted me; she asked why the Institute of War sent me.

I looked up at her with excitement, and stated my purpose. As she listened to my plight, I grew more and more tense. Finally, after a thoughtful pause, she said that indeed I could go to this place. She told me the place to go, telling her that if she does indeed want to join the Institute then it’s for life. I thought on this, but realized my answer would be yes. For there was no other place other then the Glade, and I have spent enough time living in a dream.

So I arrived at the mountain peak, staring in absolute wonder at the sight of the Institute of War. I saw them then, they greeted me. I stated my purpose and they accepted it, flying me to the place of dreams. I am here, finally. So I walk down the path, contentment on my face at realizing the extent of my dream.

I am Lulu, The Fae Sorceress,
and this is War.

They ran, screaming wildly around me. Foolish humans, they hold no power and with no power is no responsibility. They run their day to day lives in contentment, claiming ignorance at the damage they cause to this world. Well I have had enough. If no other creature is willing to stand against such beasts, then I must. A monster can defeat a monster, and I am such a monster.

Yet there are too many of them, my strength is not great enough. There is only one thing to do, become stronger. Simple enough thought, but actually doing it is something else. I am trained in battle but do not have the experience needed to take down a whole world of humans. Yet this Institute of War seems perfect for me, abnormalities that have been rejected by the human world. A place of War, full of beings powerful enough to strengthen me. It is there that I will grow to obtain the power needed to crush those insignificant beasts. As I travel to my destination, I think back to the past.

There is no such thing as mercy in the Shadow Isles, and compassion exists in fairy tales. It is a place of battle, for long ago the magicians created a spell that would send all the pain and suffering of the world into this island. Well it backfired, majorly. Not only did they send it over, but that pain and suffering became spectral beings. Powerful enough to wipe out the earth. Seeing the danger they made, they sealed off the Island before we grew too powerful. So we were left, to battle until the end of days. Or so they thought, but as time passed this place was forgotten. So it was that a prodigy magician found this island, and seeing the ward placed on it grew curious. He thought someone had warded it for treasure, for the ward was the most powerful he had ever crossed. As he disarmed it, the magicians from all those years ago sat up with a gasp. For they had put a trip wire on the ward, and they knew it was time to face us.

The ward lifted, and our curious faces ceased fighting for the first time in centuries. The magician thought we were statues for our stillness, and so walked among us freely. As we recovered from the shock, our opportunity became prominent. We all rushed to the magician and ran him through; he was dead before he hit the ground. It was time. We ran, into the day, into the world. Yet before we made it far, we saw them. Those accursed magicians that imprisoned us all those years ago. It seemed there was one last battle to be had before we could escape. So we fought. So we died.

Finally, I was the last one remaining as well as there was the last magician remaining. I knew I had won though, for he had used the last of his mana on the last guy. I walked slowly towards him, enjoying the fear prominent in his face. I walked up to him and, before running him through, I whispered, genocide is coming.

So I am here now, staring at this so called wondrous city. To me, darkness is wonder and so this city is hell. Yet I will endure, to become more powerful. Until such a time that I can slay those disgusting pathetic beasts that created me. I walked to the my first mission, blood lust pumping through my veins.

I am Hecarim, The Shadow of War,
and this is War.

It was silent, yet the children should be playing and the men should be working. If it’s silent eyes widened. I ran, towards what I already knew in my heart. As I arrived, I fell on my knees, for such a horrific sight I have never seen.

The whole village was covered in their remains.

I wept then, for everyone I had known and fought for was gone. My family, my friends.

My love.

As my thoughts grasped this truth, my heart hardened. I controlled my ragged breaths, and stood up. I left then, left the army behind. As I walked away, a deep ominous laughter came from behind. I twirled, and saw him. Singed, he horrified me. The look on his face was pure malice, and he had no sadness for the fallen. It was then that a blinding rage filled me, such a powerful rage I could not control it. I knew then, that I will destroy Singed if it is the last thing I do on this Earth. I left, for solitude...

I woke up with a gasp, darting my eyes around in fear. It is always the same nightmare, ever recurring to forever bore this hole in my heart. It has been many years since I started my quest to become stronger, and it was finally time to leave. I mused on what I had discovered, this League of Legends. For it is there that Singed is. I had finally found where he is, and now is the time to join their ranks. I will become one of them, to destroy one of them.

Noxus. Forever getting in my way. Here I was surrounded by 20 swordsman and 5 archers. At least I have some practice, I considered to myself. That instant they moved, and I changed. Suddenly, their moves seemed to move so slowly. My ability to speed up time around me is an exceptional gift, for it increases my speed tenfold. I moved between swords, ducking and rolling whilst stabbing them through the heart. I swayed to the side, avoiding an arrow by a millimetre before moving at blinding speed, taking out all the archers at once. I walked back towards the dead swordsman, cleaning my blade on their shirt. I walked towards the League, knowing that I am ready.

Here it is, the magnificent League, for it was wondrous. Truly a sight to behold, dazzling like the sun. I then saw them flying towards me, and so I greeted them. I gave them my story, omitting the details of Singed as to prevent suspicion. They muse over this, and finally said they would accept me. They then flew back, taking me with them. As I arrived at the steps, I saw Singed just inside. Instantly my anger came back intensely, but I reeled it in. My time will come.

I am Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman,
And this is War.

It’s always pain that awakens the patients. The simplest emotion in human existence, yet always the most complicated implications. I watch him thrash around, fear vivid in his eyes. Yet I don’t relent, for they always start talking once the pain subsidizes. I never understand their expectance of sympathy; they just have to look at my body to understand how little flesh means to me. A more horrendous sight has not been seen, for I have augmented my body more times than I am inclined to count. And have become something so twisted even I begin to have doubts. Yet my research shall continue, for I seek a solution to the problem that has haunted my sleep since I was born.


The only truth in this world is that all things must come to an end. I wish to show the true nature of such a fabrication, so I can reveal to this world just how truly forsaken a place we live in. Yet there are still fools who believe in their existence and its meaning. Life holds no meaning. Your life is a dream that must end; your legacy is a legend that must fade. No matter how big a footprint you place on time, eventually it washes away. The truth of this world is that there is no truth. We cling desperately to lives forsaken since birth, in the hope that they are wrong and existence holds meaning.

I am one of the few whom truly understand the nature of existence. So I seeked immortality through my clarity, yet there is no understanding in this world, so I must hide my true goal through the lies of battle augmentation. Yet still I was hunted, for no other reason then the damage I do to forsaken lives. It was only through the protection of Zaun that I was able to continue my research in peace. So when they told me of the League of Legends, and requested that I joined as a representative of Noxus, I knew I had no choice. Certainly the League has certain...benefits. For instance, when one of their employees go missing every once in a while they consider acceptable loss.

Through this unparalleled freedom, I have come very close to the goal i seek. I have found a way to regenerate myself through enhancing the restoration of my cells and preventing the damage caused to those restorative cells. It will not be long before I have completed my research, and can show the world its true nature.

I am Dr Mundo, The Madman of Zaun,
And this is War.

It was not us that did the deed, yet we were blamed because they had no-one else. I have been taken and locked away for years of solitude simply because I happened to be present. Fear was what drove the people to demand justice, fear brought from conflict. How as I supposed to know the trader was shady, it’s not like I have had much world experience. No matter how I pleaded though, they were resolute. They needed us to blame, or the people will turn dangerous. So I was taken, and thrown into this dusty little cell. I felt dread creep up my spine as my mind started to wander.

It was months before my gibbering began. It was barely noticeable at first, but gradually they noticed something was off. He’s gone mad, they’d say to each other. I smiled at this, for I knew madness was not my path. I had changed, yes, but not into madness. No, I changed into a being of sole focus. Such beings are to be feared, for they will do anything to achieve their goal. I am one who’s feared the most, for my goal is something of dreams.

The end of conflict.

It is the sole thing in this universe that is absolute and everlasting. For me, conflict is what brought me here. For me, conflict must he stopped. Yet years of solitude does not drive someone to democracy. No, I will end conflict through power, bringing this country to their knees if I have to. So as my years of solitude ended, I did not go home. Instead I searched for beings twisted enough to help me achieve my goal. These beings were wizards, darkened to the core. Yet through all the training, and power I was brought, I knew it was not enough. I deciding to search for another means of gaining power, and left once again.

So I found the League of Legends, a place full of beings just as dark and twisted as myself. It is here I am at home, and it is here that I can truly test the limits of my power. Therefore I will endure, until such a time as my goal can be achieved.

I am Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil,
And this is War.

Here Alistar, she says softly as she handing me the meal she could garner from the kitchen, it’s for you. I stare at her then, for her kindness was something I have never seen before. Why, why do you care for such a beast, I asked her one day. She smiled at me and said I don’t, I care for you. She is my light, shining bright in the darkness I dwell in. My insanity would have come a long time ago if not for her kind words and soft touch. Are you not in danger because of this Ayelia, I asked her one day as she hands me the meal. I am, she would say back, but no more than I am every day serving for these nobles. I nod at this, for it is commonly known serving girls are not treated lightly in such places. As I ponder this, my mind slowly drifts to the past…

Blinding rage. That was all I felt, there was nothing else. Just my rage, and the enemy. I moved, crushing them beneath my fists, destroying even the remnants of such despicable beasts capable of acts so treacherous. It was hundreds of slaughtered before they sent in their top summoners. After a long and hard battle, they finally contained me. Here I thought it would end, and I was content. Yet they had other plans for me, a despicable sport had been created a few years back. A successful sport. Yet it needed longer lasting…players. So they placed me in the Fleshling as a gladiator. Battle after battle I faced, and slowly it was driving me to madness. That was, until a serving girl happened upon me one day and showed me kindness in my darkness.

It is time Alistar, she calls to me urgently. Time for what, I ask and her reply is freedom. Ayelia explains to me that she has been saving and waiting for a long time. Now she has enough to bribe the guards, and knows every bit of this place. My mind struggles to understand how one can be so kind, to spend their years trying to save another being. I would dwell on that later, for now I must leave. The escape was easy, for no-one had ever attempted one before. As we reached the gates though, she refused to move any further.

I will draw them away Alistar, you know you will not make it fi I don’t. This League of Legends that was explained to me seems to allow full protection over myself; I told her we could make it. She shakes her head, and I know she’s right. Yet I cannot leave her. Go, she says, before it’s too late. I look at her then, and take in her brilliance. Alistar, I love you, and have sworn to save you ever since that fateful day, so go. I will find you; I say simply and tear my eyes away to leave. The last thing I heard from her was this. And I you.

I am Alistar, The Minotaur,
And this is War.

Faces twisted in agony surrounded me. Desperately I clung to my humanity, with only a single thought driving me on. Escape. I ran, miraculously avoiding the bombardments of chemical death created by my own ally. It was madness like no other, and so I ran away. Ran from the screaming. Ran from the dying. Yet still it could not escape me, for my mind itself had turned against me, playing those images through my head again and again. I felt my mind go fuzzy as my head was hit by debris. I slipped into unconsciousness, dreaming of an endless nightmare.

I woke up screaming, a wild look on my face as I drew ragged breaths. It is always the same dream, the same nightmare. Forever haunting me to remind me of the path I chose, and the path I ran away from. It had been many years since that fateful day, yet still I felt it as strongly as when I was there. Atonement is what I need, and there is only one place to get it.

The League of Legends. A place of mystery, where I might fight once again for a cause, but a just one. I have also heard tell of Singed joining this League, I might find my justice for the pain he caused that day. As I contemplated this, I sought for shelter. I was mere days away from reaching this place, it is only time against me now. I will find the pure Noxan Vision ehre, and I will bring it to them. Whether they wish it or not, I will make that vision come true. This is my goal, this is my atonement. To save Noxan from itself, to bring back what was once a proud nation instead of a nation of nightmares.

I am Riven, The Exile,
and this is War.

Fiora The Grand Duelist:

“She’s only the daughter of the Laurent’s; those cowards couldn’t kill a fly. Take her down boys.” Rage filled me like a fire burning up my heart, I was sick of this. The way I was treated, looked down on by men with lesser skill. Ever since the day my dad betrayed my trust, I have been hunted. Not for the purpose of capture, oh no. I am hunted simply because they believe I am my father’s daughter, a lying deceitful old man who tricked his duellists into losing. Such a man would grow a daughter to do the same, as their line of thinking goes. I must leave this accursed place, and prove my worth through the skill I have acquired. Yet where, anywhere I go I will be rejected for being a Laurent. Anywhere, except the League of Legends; a place of beings with the same twisted fate as I have.

There is nowhere else to go.

So I must reach this place, find out where it is with any means necessary. Whoever thought my own father would know its whereabouts. No matter, I have what I needed; the location. He has what he needed, his life. Now I must find my place among the twisted, and prove my worth to the League. Then, and only then, shall I be wiped from the desecrated house of Laurent. Suddenly time slows, and I see them charging.

I use one of my more prominent abilities, Blade Waltz. As the name suggests, I dance around the battlefield; cutting them down like ribbons. People say that I am arrogant, people are foolish. I just haven’t yet met my equal. When that time comes, I will have a battle I enjoy. Until that time, I must persevere and restore the honour of my house.

I am Fiora, The Grand Duelist,
And this is War.

Karthus The Deathsinger:

It is said love can break even the most dangerous curse. Fools talk, as it has always been. Love doesn’t break a curse, only a heart; and I was foolish enough to be trapped by it. She came here by accident, lost; hurt. A more beautiful sight I have never seen, I couldn’t help but bring her to my castle and heal her. She asked where she is, I said she is in a swamp. She seemed content with that and went to sleep in my arms. I reached my castle then, and took her to a bed chamber. As emotions battled inside of me, she rested. Rested for days, before she woke with a snap; asking how long she had been out. I told her, a few days, and she seemed to want to go. I asked her to stay a while longer, making the excuse of needing rest. She agreed, just a few days she said. As we spent time together, our love slowly grew until it reached a peak fo where she did not wish to leave me anymore. My once bitter cold heart melted at the sight of her, and I once again felt whole.

We spent many years together, many years of contentment and joy. I was happy, for the first time in my twisted life I felt happiness; until her father came. He had tracked her down to the swamp, and found her in this castle. He proclaimed that she was to come back to him, and when she refused he told her who I was. At first she was shocked, but love always prevails. She ;told him she cared little for who people made him out to be, and that he was to leave her alone. Outraged he drew himself up, and proclaimed “I will slay you demon, I will get an army big enough to destroy this retched place and you in it. Then I will have my daughter back.” With that he stormed out, surviving only because I refrained from killing her father.

We did not dwell on this for long, instead spending our time in contentment. Yet, as her father said he would, an army came. An army too large even for me; the battle was large. I wiped out most of their forces, but there were just too many. Finally, I was overpowered by this being called Singed. Her father gloated, beating my helpless body. Yet when he turned to her, there was no love in his eyes. He started a speech of how she is now unholy, and must be purified; death. Without hesitation he drove his sword through her heart, slaying his own daughter. Time seemed to stop then, and pain filled the void. Pain; and rage. A power welled up inside of me, strength I had never known. I drew it in, feeling every single being in this area, and released. Instantaneous death, killing everyone within the swamp. As I stood in the ashes, I wept for my lost love. I am a lich, yet even I cannot bring her back.

Now I am here, in the guild. For reasons they will never understand. I am not here for fame, nor for glory. I did not come to love, or be loved. There is one simple reason why I came; to stop the injustice I faced from happening ever again. I will even go up against the League itself if I must. For love must never be broken, it wrecks too many lives.

I am Karthus, The Deathsinger,
And this is War.

Katarina The Sinister Blade:

I stared into the eyes of my maid, seeing a fear rooted deep into her heart. A fear created from the madness that is Du Couteau, my father. “Go on child, kill her,” he said with an intensity I never saw before. I felt a tear fall down my cheek, “please father, she has done nothing wrong.” My father smiled, yet the smile was not happy or kind. It was sinister, and evil to the core. “No she hasn’t, my dear, but you are too be a warrior some day and like all warriors, one must dance with death.” “Now kill her child,” he said harshly, “or I will punish you.” I trembled at the prospect; my father didn’t become a general through kindness. I slowly brought up the dagger, its funny what you notice at times like this. I saw the engravings on the blades, the way they twisted and warped as if they were alive.

As I studied them, I brought them up with trembling hands. I readied to strike, and then locked onto her eyes again. The eyes can never lie, and the pity she had when she looked at me sucked me into its depths. I dropped the knives, hearing them clatter against the ground. I stared at the ground shaking in fear, “I can’t do it daddy.” I looked up at my father, and saw his eyes harden. He picks up the knives, and stabs the maid in the heart. I stifle my screams; not wishing to further provoke him. He smiles at my cruelly, a darkness in his heart I never noticed before. “We shall see daughter, we shall see.”

Cold, dark, alone. A month of isolation can do many things to an adult; to a child it can do much more. The first week took away my sanity, the second my reason. I reached a total of three and a half weeks before I stopped caring. I sat there for the rest of my isolation, no thought in my brain except one.

I heard the key turn in the lock, yet I did not move an inch. “Your father wants you,” the guard says as I continue to stare at nothing. “Are you listening to me child,” he says as he tries to force me up. I grab his hand and pull, throwing him over my shoulder. As he gasps for air, I pull out the knife at his belt and cut his throat. “I heard,” I say to the darkness as I make my way to my father.

“Where is the guard dear,” my father says with interest as I stare at nothing. “Dead,” I say coldly. My father smiles at that, “good. You have learned, it is time to begin you’re training.” “I understand father, I will start my training immediately.” Eventually my sanity came back, but by then it was too late. I had become a killing machine, proficient at every type of combat. Yet there was only one I was truly interested in, the one I truly mastered; the blades of the assassins. I requested a singular set for myself, the set that I carried with me to the League to do my father’s bidding. I named them Sinister.
The blades had engravings on them that twisted and warped as if they were alive.

I am Katarina, The Sinister Blade,
and this is War.

Karma The Enlightened One:

Gifts. When one has power, or “enlightenment”, there is always a reason behind it. Some gain it by losing their soul, others by being forced. Most, however, gain it by things called “gifts”; special abilities that allow you to become more then a normal human being. Yet what is a “gift” if not another name for curse. You want to know what enlightenment feels like, let me tell you the harsh truth.

You feel like Atlas, the weight of the world burdened on your shoulders. For gaining such knowledge and clarity comes at a price, you must either live with what you didn’t do or live with what you did do. For there is no middle way, you either use the power you gained to help the world, or try to live a normal life and forever be burdened by what you could’ve saved. That is the price of enlightenment, you must face the world while carrying the world. For there is nothing you don’t understand at such a state, and the truest statement in the world is the simplest. “Ignorance is bliss”.

Yet here I am; the figurehead of this so called fight. Leading the people to achieve freedom, for that is my duty. The normal people wish to leave extraordinary lives, and the extraordinary people wish to live normal lives. Yet I cannot, my duty is here; saving the people. Yet I can see our resolve weakening, and know there is only one more move I can make.

If I join the League, they have promised me they will look after my people. So I signed a contract, service in the League for all eternity in exchange for my people’s freedom. I accepted of course, and through the protests of my people I sent the letter. I said goodbye to them, but I could see they haven’t given up on me. I just hope they are not foolish enough to go against the League itself. No, I accept this for I must. All gifts come with a price.

I am Karma, The Enlightened One,
and this is War.

thanks Hogopogo for the banner :D
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I think that it was good, good to read. Good job!
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Damn, I forgot to reply.

Great story :)

DuffTime wrote:
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Too hot to be icecream.

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He looks like a hair gel advert on legs

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Very good read. Enjoyed the detail :)
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thanks you three :) It's still unfinished though, what you'll notice is that the sentences don't flow. I'm going to have to expand it to make flowing paragraphs instead of stilted ones.

But still, thanks for the support :)

thanks Hogopogo for the banner :D
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I updated it. I changed the story completely, giving a different outlook on the guild.

thanks Hogopogo for the banner :D
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cool +rep

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Champion #2. Dun duuuuun.

thanks Hogopogo for the banner :D
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'Dyeing is easy' should be Dying

'you're true self is shown' should be your

Not a big fan of either champ, but it was well written, and creative. Good work :3

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Acid Reigns
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Acid Reigns wrote:

'Dyeing is easy' should be Dying

'you're true self is shown' should be your

Not a big fan of either champ, but it was well written, and creative. Good work :3

thankyou :) specially for the input, I'm good at the creative side but find it hard to find those spelling errors.

thanks Hogopogo for the banner :D
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