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I Think I Need Help.

Creator: iBrewLots
February 16, 2013 5:35pm
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so, i've played about 10 games today. I've lost my lane once (went 1/3 in lane, counterpicked)
But, as far as i can tell, i only ever win when 1 other lane wins too. this has happened in 3/10 games today.
For example, last game i was 16/7 but my jungler was 1/8, top 1/7, etc.
I dont understand how its possible for me to win games constistantly and i just keep on dropping down divisions.
You guys probably think i'm a bad player, which i probably am, but i need help.

Oh, I play anywhere, usually ad mid/top.(Or, thats where i do well)
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Biggest thing if you're mid is to roam. Look @ my mentoring thread, I talk about roaming a bit.

But basically in soloq you have to be able to win your lane and influence other lanes whether they are losing or not. That's why I find mid the easiest to carry from -- shove your lane and roam and get kills bot and top and give lanes advantages they wouldn't normally have.

If you are top, you generally want to abuse any advantages you have by constantly pushing and drawing jungler pressure (make sure to ward), and eventually breaking towers and continuing to push if they are bot or doing dragons if you are not able to help on time.

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