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Scared to play Ranked matches, dont want to get...

Creator: Sry4urLots
June 15, 2012 4:44pm
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Ive been playing LoL for almost a year now, Level 30, 2 full rune pages. Been playing hardcore the past 4 months I have 400 wins in normal 5v5. 300 wins in the past 2 months. I've gotten hell of alot better probably win about 7/10 matches. I have 54 champions ive worked really hard on my account. I would like to play ranked matches but im worried i will "suck" or wont be good enough to anyones standards and ill end up getting reported or banned. I would really appreciate it if someone with good ELO would help me and practice with me so i can get better and play ranked matches and own. Sry4urLots is my name on LoL.
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If you win about 7/10 matches, you probably have good odds in ranked as well. Just play your best champion, play your best, and make sure to cooperate with your team. Don't just autolock Irelia solo top if someone else called solo top before you. I am probably not the best person to say stuff like this, so I'll leave that to the pros. Here is a person that played a lot of ranked and has 1900 elo. Just PM him and I am pretty sure he will help you.

Click me to see
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Just because you play one game badly, doesn't mean you'll get banned.

Start off small with soloQ draft and work your way up. There's also always the option of just jumping in and playing. As long as you don't throw a fit, practice a bit on your own and play to your best, you should be fine.
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You can't get banned for playing badly.

I also have Le Ranked Anxiety.
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Well apparently even in normal matches, my uncle does really well and we duo lane both come out positive with 5:1 ratio most of the time, yet he gets banned literally every month for at least 2 weeks. So obviously kids are in the tribunal and kids play ranked and all report players for dumb reasons. Thats why im looking for someone to mentor me so that im so good to the point no one would ever want to report me.
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Make it three.

As I only played jungle for about the last 600 or so games and now some as support I feel like I got the hang of the roles, but my solo statistics in normal are only quite 1:1;
As I play 3/4 tanky or supportive champs I can usually not carry and it makes me angry if initiate perfectly only to see the carry turn around and last hit. Or if I ward and ping him back , cause 3 people are about to invade his lane, while he prefers pushing and does not react. It is more like wheel of fortune, but the carry role somehow is not that attractive to me.

In normal mode nearly every lane that looses blames the jungler, you all know the blame game. Some people make stupid decicions and because you can not always save them from them selves it is your fault.

As I get harrased enough in normals, I am not quite sure if I ever want the extra pressure of people raging even more in ranked as all that rage and people picking on each other even in the game lobby really is not my definition of fun.

I like competetive challange, I just do not like all that bad behaviour, which I guess, will be even worse if i slip to low elo (as I do not think that I will be a high elo player, as I play well, but I often times make stupid decicions, have not the quickest reaction times, at least not compared to teenagers, and when I see the pros playing, I realise the big gap everytime)

So well, guess I will still avoid playing ranked for quite some while until I start to loose interest in LOL.

EDIT: A good way tho not get banned is to be a good sportsman: Don't insult people, try to keep a positve spirit and do not feed on purpose or quit the game.

After about 1200 games I never got banned this way and people only said they will report me for whatever dumb reason for about 10 times...
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It's hard to get banned for solely feeding/being a bad player since it's not against the rules.

The trouble with ranked is that many take it too seriously but simultaneously undermine your team's success. An example is a colleague getting fed, but since another lane is losing and he dies to a champ from that lane, he will then go afk because his partners were feeding.

My recommendation is that you give your best, don't leave the game, don't surrender (you can turn it around, I've won a 10-40 game for their side because they got too far too fast and got screwed on nexus battles). Shepherd your colleagues (keep team together, avoiding insults and such. If X says he's pondering afk, remind him how much he is needed)
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by Mowen » June 16, 2012 9:15am | Report
The report option for "unskilled player" is just something people can click to make them feel better. It's like the close button on an elevator. It doesn't actually do anything and you can't get banned for being unskilled.

You can get banned for yelling at your team / refusing to cooperate / all the other things on there though, so make sure to always be polite and helpful. Besides, people are usually more willing to try harder for polite people than rude people so it will help you win.

I'd say go for it! I usually play ranked till I feel like I can't carry anymore / aren't skilled enough at that ELO, then switch back to normals till my skills improve. However, a lot of people suggest not doing ranked until you have ~500 normal wins because your elo will probably be below average.
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Do not talk in /all, keep cool on teamchat.

I mean really cool, do not argue, do not blame other, just don't. No matter how good a player can do in game, if he acts badly with other players he'll have trouble.
I'm a cool guy, when I judge some stuff in the tribunal I slam every player with bad manner, no matter their score; a player who had a bad game but keeps being nice with others has nothing to fear.

No one "punish" a player who acts nicely in teamchat and does his best.
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Don't get scared, 1200 elo players SUCK.

A lot.

Personal experience ^_^
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