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jhoijhoi's Mobafire Blog

16 Dec

Views: 7233 >> A Thank You! <<

Hey guys :) I would like to dedicate this blog entry to the signature makers of this site who have lovingly devoted their time to creating works of art for other people with no cost.

Thank you <3

I couldn't think of a way to do this beyond making a place where I can show case your work for all to see. So here's the roll call of a sample of the signatures (one per artist) I have received over the duration of my stay at MobaFire. Again, thank you...
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07 Jan
jhoijhoi's blog

I have been slaving away at work like mad. For those of you who don't know, I'm currently employed in before and after school care (primary); it pretty much entails being hit by flying basketballs, running around to investigate dobbing children and their stories, painting masterpieces, organising obstacle courses for Happy Heart Hour and ensuring there's enough rubbish littered around the place for the kids to pick up "Three for the Sea".

> In short,...
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29 Sep
... in no particular order of importance...
  • remove comment to vote
  • rearrange the main page to be less clustered, including reducing the news section to displaying only the latest two news articles - prioritise objectives and completely recreate the main page to meet these objectives
  • add more tiers to +reputation to make gaining reputation fun and worthwhile
  • add like/dislike buttons to comments - getting likes will increase your +rep passively according to a modifier, getting dislikes reduces that modifier until the amount of likes you earn outweigh the dislikes...
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18 Jul

Views: 2245 I'm Back!

Wotcha MobaFire 8D

Not sure if anyone's noticed, but I've been afk for a few weeks now (hence the above picture - 74 PMs? Wow, that's a record!). This has been due to a number of things, primarily my holiday overseas to Singapore and Thailand.

More than one hundred awesome things happened during my two and a half week trip, resulting in over 2700 photos on my camera alone. As such, I've tried to pick the "best" moments to detail in order to avoid boring you guys. Pretty much...
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