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12 Dec
So thought i would blog quickly about christmas? who you bought gifts for and how do you celebrate xmas??? ... i know one of my friends celebrate it by dressing up with his mum and sister (both over 20+) and he's 17 but they dress up as a ninja pirate and monk, and have a good fun with it soo ... how do you guys celebrate xmas ?? post comment belooow telling where your from who you bought presents for and more importantly, how do you celebrate christmas?
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06 Dec

Views: 287 what the?

i was playing MW3 a few days ago did a nice little clip...i "render" it out to the call of duty elite cault of mine and next thing i checked my youtube a few days later...and BAM! the video of 20second clip was there?! lool lets send it to machinima and be a sad fan boy i PRESUUME XD time to level up on LoL now :) just got to 17 im trying to get 30 quick time!
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04 Dec

Views: 1041 BBCoding

hey guys just finish my guide for now on Miss Fortune on my page, go check it out here:
This is simple coding you can use on Mobfire when creating a guide or blog to give it a nice little look and can make it easier for the reader to understand, little things such as Morgana Nunu Master Yi are very simple and easy to do, when you want one implemented in to your paragraph or sentence you do the following:
  • ...
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03 Dec
Hey guys just put up a new guide for Miss Fortune a very nice one i must say, i use this all the time and get a very nice 13+ Kills and 0 Deaths, however that isnt the topic i want to talk about.

I made a YouTube channel a sum while ago and put two small video's of two game reviews and they did okay for a fresh channel, however i was thinking of finshing off my reviewing section with LoL .. HoN .. Homefront .. and Killing Floor ..... To start to do just commentaries, the game ill be talking over would be LoL since its a very nice game to watch and you cant lose your audience's attention...
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24 Nov

Views: 243 New guide ^_^

just put my first guide up on Malphite, hope it does well, the build works fine for my playing style so i hope it helps everyone else ^_^

Going to aone for Ashe next, i love her soo much an amazing carry to use !
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