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09 Mar
Let's be straightfoward here. I mean it.

When the enemy Ashe has Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancers by 20 minutes, and your AD carry has barely managed to get his B.F. sword;
when the enemy Annie has Will of the ancients and a Needlessly Large rod and your AP carry is only with Hextech Revolver and Sorceror's shoes;
when your jungler has died four times and the enemy jungler stole all of your buffs;
when your solo top is getting outfarmed and zoned, as well as giving kills away;
when your support isn't getting your carry any kills;

be realistic, it's a defeat...

Guys, whoever doesn't ACCEPT DEFEAT at that point is seriously kidding, unless you can just manage to carry and 1v5 every teamfight, please use the... Read More
26 Dec
I've posted a guide about juking recently (you can acess the link by my profile) and it was a BOOM of +1s!

I'm really really happy right now, which is unusual for me ^^

Well, I'm hoping to help as many people as possible, so... It feels like I'm doing my job to the community ^^
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26 Dec

Views: 297 Why is Amumu always sad?

I've just figured out that, whenever I played amumu I end up stuck with trolls :D

My friend ALSO, had this problem, in which he'd play the mummy and see a straight anger at him whenever a teammate nearby died...

In fact, let's say no to trolling and help the mummy acheive peace! NOW!!!
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