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Vi Build Guide by ChaseMorePlz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaseMorePlz

[6.16] IN-DEPTH Vi Jungle Guide! [YOUTUBE EDITION]

ChaseMorePlz Last updated on August 10, 2016

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

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Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sion You don't have much to worry about, getting CC'd when he has his team with you is something you want to avoid.
Nautilus Can CC/snare you, however that's just about it.. he doesn't provide much of a threat to you.
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Introduction: How To Jungle With Vi!~

What's up guys! I'm a Platinum Jungle Main in the North American region known as ChaseMorePlz. Today you will learn how to Jungle a lot more efficiently, especially with Vi. She will always be a great pick in the meta of League of Legends so she is a great champion to pick up and learn, however hard to master. After soaking up the knowledge in this guide you will be carrying games in no time! I also have created a YouTube video explaining how I play Vi and the mentality to have in a Ranked Platinum Elo game, be sure to check it out! (if I helped you out with this guide/video, subscribing to my YouTube Channel helps me out a lot!:

Here are some of my other Vi games as well (all games won in under 30 minutes!):

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Pros / Cons


  • Most importantly, Vi is incredibly fun to play!
  • She has a VERY high impact in games and a high potential to snowball due to her amazing kit.
  • Extremely mobile due to her gap closing abilities such as her Q, Vault Breaker and her Ultimate(R), Assault and Battery.
  • Easy to pick up and play, difficult to master. Takes a bit of practice, however this guide & videos provided here will help you do this tremendously! :)
  • Can be strong in every phase of the game; early, mid and late; becomes a very tanky DPS champion and offers a lot in teamfights, can create amazing picks and can peel a lot for your carries.
  • Her Ultimate(R), Assault and Battery can cancel certain champion abilities such as Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage if timed correctly, due to the fact that during the time that Vi ults, she is immune to Crowd Control!
  • Can cover LOADS of distance with Flash+ Vault Breaker OR Flash+ Assault and Battery.
  • Great sustain in the jungle with her passive, Blast Shield and good clear speed due to her W attack speed buff, Denting Blows.

  • Her Q, Vault Breaker and her Ultimate(R), Assault and Battery have very long cooldowns early on, be sure to use them appropriately or you will fall behind.
  • Weak versus Devourer junglers/champions that can CC and burst her down.
  • Animation Canceling is a necessity when playing Vi. It is very hard to consistently do, however you MUST learn how to do this effectively and master it to combo correctly with Vi, guides on doing this are on my YouTube Channel!
  • Relies on items to become very durable/provide damage.
  • A lot of champions/junglers can cause your Q, Vault Breaker to be interrupted/canceled, still putting it on cooldown. Your Ultimate(R), Assault and Battery can be occasionally canceled as well, by very awkward interactions in the game..
  • Getting early ganks off can prove to be difficult versus champions who have reliable escapes/abilities that make them untargetable.
  • Using all of your abilities to speed up your clear time will result in your mana pool to be quickly depleted due to their high mana costs and Vi's base mana. Keep this in mind when you don't have blue buff and you need to stay out in the field, don't spam while clearing! :)

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How To Combo, Auto Attack Reset and Animation Cancel!

Animation Canceling is key on Vi, and takes a bit of practice to master. This video will teach you how to do it correctly!

Your standard engaging combo with Vi is simple. Try to engage with either your Q, Vault Breaker or your Ultimate(R), Assault and Battery (when you hit 6 of course). After CC'ing your target with either of these gap closing abilities, you need to auto-attack, then instantly cancel the auto attack animation with your E, Excessive Force. After doing that, repeat the process by auto attacking and canceling the animation after your auto goes through once again with E, Excessive Force. Doing this properly will ensure a Denting Blows proc, which will reduce their armor and allow you to deal extra damage to them, and also gives you a brief attack speed buff to combo like this even quicker. The tough part while doing this is executing it properly every single time when clearing camps and targeting enemy champions. This is a key factor that separates poor Vi players from great Vi players. There are also other combos as well such as adding Flash into these engagements!

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How To Itemize Correctly with Vi

Be sure to read the NOTES at the top of the guide, I explain how/what to build Vi and itemize efficiently.

Consider what you need in terms of tanky stats depending on who's ahead on the enemy team. Enemy ADC snowballing? Build some Armor, Dead Man's Plate is an amazing Armor/HP item on Vi. AP Mid becoming a threat? A Spirit Visage or Banshee's Veil can help out a lot so you don't get 100-0'd by them; try to avoid dying in general as well. If there are multiple damage source threats on the enemy team, it is best not to rush just one source of tankiness. If you need both Armor and Magic Resistance early on, or at any point of the game really, it's a good choice to grab something like a Spectre's Cowl and a Chain Vest is a good idea!

Be sure NOT to build Vi as a complete "Glass Cannon". It can be fun to play in normal games and whatnot, but at the end of the day since your job may involve you diving into the enemy back line in teamfights, you will get blown up depending on how strong/smart the enemy team is in certain stages of the game. Items such as The Black Cleaver and Sterak's Gage are amazing on Vi, and scale extremely well. Building 40% CDR early on will allow you to use your Ultimate, Assault and Battery more to pick targets off. Cinderhulk first item will delay your damage, but the extra health will help a lot when the game goes on for a long time, and is a bit safer than building full damage early.

Building Vi correctly and staying ahead in farm will always result in you scaling into a late game monster. If a lane feeds/loses, you need to make up for them. You shouldn't blame your team for feeding/losing their lane, because it's nearly impossible for every game that you play that all of your laners end up winning or coming out on top. You need to get used to doing EVERYTHING by yourself to gain elo/win games consistently, especially in lower elos.

* Having/doing a certain amount of damage or being able to tank their damage in fights/sticky situations will make the difference in winning and losing games, and it's all revolved around the items you build. You need to make up for your team by being ahead in experience, up in gold; make up for them being behind by being ahead of them and if possible, the enemy team. Be sure to refer to the example builds and items at the beginning of the guide for even more information and item choices! You can be strong in every point in the game depending on your gameplay decisions, resulting in very positive results from the games you play with her :)

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Early Jungling Routes

It is optimal to start Hunter's Machete and level your W, Denting Blows first. Level your E second, Excessive Force and pick up your blue. After that you can either farm wolves, or skip them to pick up your red faster and gank lanes if they need your attention early. Be mindful that your Q, Vault Breaker has a very long cooldown early on. All of your abilities cost a lot of mana at every point in the game so it's wise not to spam them all and go out of mana(oom), even if it makes you very mobile and have even faster clears; basically use ALL of your abilities wisely. Ganking after your first rotation isn't required, however I advise you to get a bit of experience and practice ganking with Vi before committing yourself to this playstle. Getting to level 6 as fast as possible should be one of your main concerns, but you may be asking yourself.. how do I play the early game correctly to do all of this? That's why it's listed below! :)

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Pathing: How To Gain & Deny Leads

When you Path correctly, you will be in the position to deny the enemy team all of these leads you've earned for yourself, which will snowball yourself and put your opponents behind. Pathing is the first step to doing this.

What is Pathing?

Pathing is simply the most effective jungle route to take when clearing. Good pathing is generally the shortest path you take in the jungle to get to each camp, tower or objective the fastest. You need to be able to quickly navigate around the map to do a lot of things, but they are not limited to: farming camps, holding lanes, grabbing/stealing buffs, and contesting objectives whenever possible/reasonable. Counter Jungling is a way to somewhat deny the enemy jungler experience and gold. Depending on the jungler ans what you take from them, it may only somewhat hurt them or cost them potential power spikes/leads.

Farm Camps Effectively: Smite the correct camps and clear them while taking the least amount of damage possible. Knowing what and when to smite each camp at every point in the game is very important, be sure to know how to do this.
Holding Lanes: When your laner has to back or feeds lane, be sure to take the cs that gets PUSHED to YOUR tower, as long as it's safe to grab. Holding lanes and getting the gold and experience from minions is very important, however holding mid lane is the most imperative lane to hold. Be ready to do this, especially early on in the game.
Grab Your Buffs (and theirs!): Be sure to get to your red and blue buffs as SOON as they spawn. When you hit tab the spawn timers for both your and their buffs are there as long as you had vision of the camp when it was killed, you just have to use that information wisely.
Contest Objectives: Dragon, Rift Herald, Vision Wards, Buffs, Baron, Towers, etc.. You don't want to give these up for free now do you? Try to take them when you have an advantage/opportunity, and contest these objectives when you and your team have proper control over the map.
Counter Jungling: As stated previously, it depends what you take and how you and the enemy jungler can/could benefit from it. Buffs will hurt them the most, so if possible keep tabs on their red and blue buffs, denying this alone will cost them a decent amount of gold and experience, so keep this in mind :)

Now that you know how to gain leads, let's focus on denying the enemy team/laners these types of advantages so they don't get the upper hand on you :)

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Ganking, Taxing & Pushing Lanes

Ganking: As explained in the video, when you gank a lane you need to keep in mind of a few general things: their escape abilities; if their Flash, Ghost, or other escape summoners are up, and the Crowd Control(CC) your laners can provide for the gank. Knowing where the enemy jungler is can also be important so he does not counter gank you and completely screw both you and your laner over. If you are able to burn their escape summoner when you gank, be sure to time something like that such as their Flash. For the most part, you are able to get a lot of successful ganks off if the enemy laner is past the halfway mark of their lane, so after getting an important summoner like that, be sure to come back once again when they are overextending.

Taxing: Keep in mind while taxing, it can definitely screw your laner(s) over, but at the end of the day if you know what to do with this tax, you can get to your items faster and snowball other lanes around the map. To do this correctly, it is a necessity that you ONLY tax lanes when you pick up a kill, and attempt to balance the minion wave in favor of YOUR laner.

Pushing the wave to the enemy tower is optimal when they don't have a teleport to stop the lane from resetting. Your goal after getting a kill for you or your laner after ganking is to either keep the lane frozen in the middle of the lane, push it into the enemy tower and cause the lane to reset, or have it pushing towards your laner. If you cause your wave to push towards the enemy tower, you have basically screwed your laner over.

Why is it bad to have a minion wave pushing towards your enemy, rather than resetting it?
The answer is simple: This will cause your laner to overextend, which means they are very susceptible to ganks. This also means the laner is safe from ganks, so in general this is a lose lose, and can result in your gank backfiring.

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Choosing Smites & Jungle Enchantments

Choosing A Smite!

Stalker's Blade offers a great slow that allows you to catch up to targets a lot easier. Tracker's Knife is great for the extra wards, especially if you have a playstle that heavily relies on vision like myself. Skirmisher's Sabre allows you to deal more and take less damage from smited targets; all smites are great choices if used properly.

Jungle Enchantment Choices

Warrior is a great enchantment to pick up when you're ahead, a crazy power spike especially once you hit level 6. Cinderhulk is ideal when behind, however if you need the tanky stats they will benefit you and your team in a teamfight tremendously. Once again, neither option is a bad choice :) Don't forget to buy wards, and purchase a Sweeping Lens if you have the desire to kill wards/need to identify invisible units! Raptors also gives you a free Oracle Lens to clear vision in an area near you when you Smite them, so this is a nice buff to have as well.

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Transitioning Into Mid & Late Game

Pretty simple to adapt to Mid & Late game changes, you just need to be prepared and know when to switch up your game plan. Ganking lanes isn't really optimal after the earlier stages in the game, you need to turn your focus onto securing objectives around the map, controlling your minion waves and creating picks and achieving proper vision control around the map. Setting up for a Baron after getting these picks and this vision is how you finish games strong. Every single game is different, so however you go about doing this with your team is up to you. Later on, keeping your towers up and securing enemy towers will be very important, they will snowball the game tremendously so be mindful to not give them up for free. This honestly goes for any objective really. Smite also becomes even more important later in the game to secure objectives, so when they're up be sure to keep your Smite up as well to secure the objectives.. simple, right? Just be sure to time and hit them, don't panic when using Smite! Death timers also will get longer and shutdowns will effect the game a bit differently as well; try to avoid dying whenever you can, and if you do just be sure not to die for free/get picked off. You are a very mobile champion and have a lot of CC(Crowd Control), use this to your advantage!

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In conclusion, Vi is and always will be a very viable pick in the meta. She can get early ganks off, provide a lot of pressure and picks for your team, and becomes a devastating MONSTER at level 6! Also can turn out to be a very durable tank for your team with an optimal build and can turn out to be a very powerful front line. Her damage also scales very well along with her extremely mobile kit.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for new videos and follow my stream on Twitch if you want to see more of my gameplay and content! Have fun destroying your opponents on the Rift, you definitely will be soon! :D