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6.22 | Carte Vitale - In Depth Marksman Twisted Fate [WIP]

Wistheriya Last updated on November 12, 2016
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This is a early release.

I'm still working on this guide.

Revision is in progress.

Don't care too much about mistakes and misskeys.

And for sure, enjoy.

Regarding Twisted Fate's position in the current Meta.
I've played marksman Twisted Fate a lot, since the end of season 6. And I actually notice that Twisted Fate has a really interesting place in season 7. The beginning of the season being centeered around assassins actually makes him a really safe pick. Because most of assassins just can't approach you. If they actually do, they eat a Pick A Card and simply get instanted.
So well, I hope you'll like playing him if you do so.

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Hi I'm Wisth'
Welcome, traveller. I'm glad to see you interested in playing marksman Twisted Fate. And I'll do my best to show you how to carry games with the supra stylish handsome card master.
But, Twisted Fate is a mage ...
Of course he is. But he has 2 abilities relying on auto-attacks. And anyway, even mid-lanner Twisted Fate play him for his utility, more than for his damages.
So Twisted Fate is a utility marksman ?
Yes, somehow. Ashe and Varus are both utility marksman too. But Twisted Fate is far more than an utility marksman. He's able to teleport to strategic spots. He also has a monstruous stun. Basically, Twisted Fate just wanna control the entire map, taking objectives, and surprising opponents. And then he's a potent damage dealer with decent control.
Why AD over AP ?
Because I'm a marksman main. Aside from that, Twisted Fate has two insane tools in his kit: Pick A Card and Destiny. Both received lots of several nerfs over years of league. And finally, in order to limit his potential, they gave Twisted Fate a bad damage scaling. He's mostly an early-game burster, and a late-game poker (lel). However, ADCarries mostly rely on their auto-attacks and items to deal damages. So basically, Twisted Fate and Ashe have the same damage potential. Which bring him back under the spotligh as a potent carry, with insane utility.
Why nobody plays him, if he's "that good" ?
Mostly because Twisted Fate is not designed as a marksman. If you compare Twisted Fate to Jinx: Jinx has 2 damage abilities, 1 self-peeling, and 1 damage ultimate. While Twisted Fateactually has 1 unused spell, 1 control, 1 passive, and 1 utility ultimate. This being said, Twisted Fate will actually only rely on his auto attacks to deal damages. And obviously. . . This is harder to play. It requires a good positionning, and more teamplay.

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AP Twisted Vs AD Fate

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Weaknesses and Advantages

Know your weaknesses
One of the biggest mistake in league, is playing champions while you don't know his weaknesses. If you go straight into a fight without being aware of your limits, you're just gonna be abused. An opponent abusing one of your weaknesses will lead you to death, and maybe to defeat. So, first, you have to know what makes you a champion, and not a concept. You're balanced and can be countered. You have to make sure that you don't exhibit vital. And never play against Fiora. Being abused is bad.

  • Range is medium low
  • Low micro mobility
  • Abusable early game
  • Abilities are magic
  • Destiny doesn't deal damages
In depth weaknesses

Abuse your opponents thanks to your advantages
Twisted Fate's best advantage definitly is his macro potential. When you get Destiny you can potentially act on every lanes. Moreover, Twisted Fate kit has some minor elements helping this way. His Loaded Dice and Pick A Card allow him to be a dangerous threat early during mid-game. And this advantage is what you're going to use in order to make a smooth transit to late-game. The second monstruous strength of marksman Twisted Fate is his Pick A Card. With a little bit a stuff you're able to lock someone. Moreover, if your target is squisy. You can actually instant kill it before the end of the stun. Making you really safe against assassins. However, be careful. Mercurial Scimitar counters Pick A Card hard.

in depth advantages
  • Stacked Deck scales from attack speed
  • High macro mobility
  • Destiny is a SS tier ultimate
  • Transits faster to mid game
  • Strong dueler when stuffed

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Runes - And alternatives

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Masteries - And alternatives

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Skills - In depth with Tips and Tricks - Needs a Remake

Passive : Loaded Dice: the gold gain from Loaded Dice is what will make you a better carry. It somehow compensate for your bad early game. If you manage to take early advantage, Loaded Dice is a great snowballing tool. However, be careful. Loaded Dice gold gain only scales on creep score.

Tips, Tricks and Trivia
  • The chance of getting 6 gold is 33%, while the change of getting 1-5 gold is 13% each, making the total average 4
  • Loaded Dice only scales off creep score. So basically, keeping up a good farm is vital for you.
  • The gold gain from Loaded Dice allow you to buy core items earlier in the game. Take advantage of it. And force move with Destiny while your opponents are stil unstuffed. Most of the time you'll have something like 400-600 gold from Loaded Dice when buying Infinity Edge. Making this a mid-game passive.

[Q]: Wild Cards: when you play marksman Twisted Fate; this ability may seem useless. However it has few interesting uses. First, it's a great farming tool if you're zoned. Don't hesitate to invest a point in Wild Cards early to be able to pick farm from afar. It may save few creeps if you hardly get zoned. Note that early, damages are not that bad, and may be anough to slowly poke your opponent. However this skill has a low hit rate when ennemies can dodge.

Tips and Tricks
  • Learn Wild Cards at level 2 or 3 ir order to get farm and poke if you're zoned
  • Don't try to deal damages with Wild Cards past 6
  • Don't hesitate to land a free Wild Cards when opponents can't dodge it (stun, snare, etc.)

[W]: Pick a Card: this skill may be tricky to use. As a marskman you'll mostly use it for the gold card. However during the early stages of the game, a blue card can be a good choice. However, don't try to use the red card too much. Early game, a blue card will deal more damages than a gold card. So basically, when you're throwing a card at opponents faces, ask yourself: "Can my support follow this card ?". And then, you'll know which one to pick. Being comfortable with card picking is a core on playing Twisted Fate

Tips and Tricks

[E]: Stacked Deck: this ability is what makes marksman Twisted Fate viable. And you don't even have to manage it as it's a totally passive ability. Early, it's a great farming tool, securing creeps, and also giving yousome attack speed. Bonus attack speeds means : more ease to farm, more micro mobility, more DPS. Stacked Deck and Runaan's Hurricane is a strong combo.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use the extra attack speed to clear waves faster and life steal more efficiently
  • Always couple Stacked Deck with Runaan's Hurricane
  • Early, landing Stacked Deck alongside a Blue card to burst opponent marksman or squisy supports

[R]: Destiny: this is probably the hardest skill to master. It actually puts you in a weaker position, compared with the opponent marksman. But allow you to do great things. Destiny grants you one of the best macro mobility in the game alongside a strong vision tool. However it has a long cool-down, and you won't stack it as a marksman. So you have to use it wisely and try to never waste it.

Tips and Tricks
  • Destiny allows you to gank another lane and almost secure a kill
  • Use Destiny at the begining of a teamfight if you have no vision of the enemy team
  • Use Destiny during a teamfight to reposition yourself
  • NEVER FORGET, Destiny has a 1.5 sec channel time
  • NEVER FORGET, Destiny leaves you vulnerable to a free skill-shot

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Itemization - Summary - Common builds

Starter pack
Lanning Pack
Core Pack
Core Upgrade
Filling Items

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Itemization - Lanning Phase

Grab your Starter Pack

In lane your job is: making gold. But you'll suffer opponent's pressure. Cause of course, they don't want you to make gold. So, you'll have to buy items that will both evolve into better items later, and, help you throughout the lane. Cull is a good option if you had a very bad start. Vampiric Scepter is a good defensive item, making your lane safer and easier to farm, and transits really well to late game. B. F. Sword is a nice offensive item to increase your zoning power. However, I don't like building it early cause it doesn't fit the attack speed build so well.

Analyze the situation
During the early stages of the game you have to consider some things to determine how you're gonna build. You have to determine what you're going to buy. And when. It's also important to know when you have to back. Staying with ~100 HP is bad. Mostly because you're more likely to die. But you also lose farm and exp. So it's actually better to quickly back. Also, you shouldn't stay in lane with 1750-2000 gold. Mostly because your opponent had time to shop. Thus making you vulnerable.

If you have less than 900 gold
If you have more than 900 gold


Q\\ When should I build and upgrade boots ?
Well, . . . It depends on what you've bought so far. And how much spare gold you have. Usually, I like the Vampiric Scepter path. When I have Vampiric Scepter in my bag, I actually follow with Recurve Bow. Then I go for Berserker's Greaves. These two last items are really gold efficient for stacking attack speed. And it makes your damage output decent for this stage of the game. However, if you actually chose to buy B. F. Sword then I would probably skip Boots of Speed and buy a Zeal. And then, a full Infinity Edge. Meanwhile, building Berserker's Greaves according to your spare gold. However, keep in mind that I don't really like this build path. Because it's more expensive and actually brings you less attack speed and less opportunities to roam mid early. You could also chose to build Boots of Speed instead of a Dagger if you feel like you're gonna roam mid. The extra movement speed will get you back to bot-lane faster.

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Itemization - Core

We've got damages. Let's grab some attack speed
Assuming that you've bought a Vampiric Scepter. You have the minimum damage and self sustain needed for the early/mid-game. You're also about to get your Stacked Deck to level 5. So we wanna make it work for us. So what we wanna do is abuse of on-hit effect early. And fortunately, for some reasons, Recurve Bow gives 15 on hit damages. So now here are the different ways to build your core.

-> -> ->
Attack Speed Path
Recomended Path
-> ->
Attack Damage Path
Hazardous Path


Q\\Why don't you rush a Blade of the Ruined King as a first item?
Tempting, huh? But it actually is not as good as it seem. And this item is mostly why people don't like marksman Twisted Fate. It seems obvious to rush Blade of the Ruined King. It gives attack speed. It gives on-hit effects. It's broken on Twisted Fate. But the good answer is that Blade of the Ruined King is never a good idea. It may somehow work on Vayne. But it's a weird circonstences matching.
What you have to remember is that: Blade of the Ruined King is a situation item. You don't build it because it fits your character. You build it to increase the range of targets you can take down. Moreover, Blade of the Ruined King doesn't transit into a crit damage build. So basically, if you rush it. You acutally will delay your damage outpout, for something being "meh, okay" at most.
And even late game, I actually prefer Mercurial Scimitar over Blade of the Ruined King for its Cleanse ability.

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Itemization - Filling Items