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ADC GRAVES - Low Elo Carry Guide

Dablood Last updated on November 13, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

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Hello players, and welcome to the updated version of my first Mobafire champion guide.
I would like to start off with an introduction of myself. My name is Dak, I am a young student in High School and I was in low platinum last season. I'm known mostly for my graves in bot lane but I can play him in 2 roles. Graves is my personal favorite champion here in this game.. because he is pretty much the champion that I am best at out of all my other champions and is considered freelo to me.
Hope you enjoy! :D

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Laning Phase

Start with your standard ADC items.
In Laning phase, play as passively as possible until your supp wants you to go ham. If your support is passive then play passively until you can get your full combo and slowly become more aggressive but keep farming at a reasonable pace. Don't auto to drop a minion to last hit hp, let the minions do that so you don't force the wave into the enemy turret. At around level 3, start to ward the river to stay safe against ganks by the enemy jungler. Once you have 1300g - 1700g, go back to the nexus well and purchase a B.F. Sword as well as pots or boots if you have the extra gold. When you have your increased damage item, play more aggresive but also make sure that you are last hitting around level 6 go ham on the enemy bot laners when they make a dumb move to put them in their place and also to get ahead. On second back you should have the full Duskblade of Drak'thar. After you get to lane go ham as **** on the enemy until their jungler is bottom side.

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Mid Game

Keep farming in Bot lane and other lanes if they are being pushed in. if 3-4 enemies are on one side of the map and your allies do not need any help, go to the other side of the map and pressure a lane out to take a turret or some thing. If all lanes are pushed out, go into your side of the jungle to clear the camps, if all that is done as well as waves pushing out then ward objectives and journey into the enemy jungle to clear those camps and ward in there for vision on them. Try to contest objectives as a team and do not try to steal any alone or with as few as 3 members. If you are going to contest something, make sure there are at LEAST 3 of you.

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Late Game

Keep lanes push out far and try to stay as a group for the rest of the game, do not try to farm jungle because it will put you out of place and easy to pick off. As a group you will want to find picks in the enemy lines or split push two lanes, as a group of 2 or 3 per lane. Keep Baron and Elder Dragon warded at all times and contest them as a group as hard as possible.
When in the enemy base, try to get ALL of the inhibitors as you can without overstaying and end up dying. If you clear inhibitors as a group, you will be able to pressure their base and force them to stay in it. This also allows your team to roam the jungle freely and take baron or Elder Dragon without dificulty.

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Duskblade of Drak'thar

The reasons to have this for a first item are because for one, it has very high base damage, second, the item has 15 Lethality which is basically armor penetration and adds the total damage of the item to 80, third, it has adds high true damage to the next auto attack after your are not seen for 1 second scaling with the more lethality that you have, Finally it acts as an oracle alteration. Ontop of the fact that it does 65 damage, it also does around 150 just off the true damage proc of the item, it can do hundreds of damage with more lethality increasing damage from the passive dramatically. Ending in the result of a couple times more damage than the actual base damage of the item.

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Edge of Night

Still a new item, Edge of Night (EoN), has very high potential that some people cannot see. This item has very high base damage, has magic resist which is nearly essential, removes the need for a Maw of Malmortius with the active ability that can block the next incoming spell. This item is basically Maw of Malmortius however it has a more cost efficient build path and basically gives you Sivir's Barrier spell., and has 15 lethality which will add to the damage of your duskblade of drak'thar damage.

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Graves is a very good duelist and good group fighter.
Graves can just about go toe to toe with almost all champions and win. Some of the only ones that he cant do that to are champions that can literally do what graves does to you but worse. Graves has the movement from his E as well as the stacking armor passive from each proc of it stacking to 4 times allows him to be both super tanky in all sorts of fight as well as burst master. Graves can manuever around wind walls or regular walls with his dash to give himself an advantage when dueling someone, this also allows him to escape or engage in on a fight.
If you get a hold of Graves' burst combo and land them, he can single out almost any target within range and completely devour them.

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Split Pushing and opening the Gates

whenever you get the chance to split push or shove a lane out, do it. Split pushing lets you put so much pressure on the enemy team that it pretty much wins games.First of all in order to split push your team and the enemy team have to be occupied with something other than defending their turrets or they could even be on the other side of the map. By split pushing you are allowing your minions to go closer and closer to their base. after you split push a lane to the inner turrets, you come across a mechanic called the Gates. The gates are the inhibitors. By opening the Gates, you are destroying the enemies inhibitors and letting super minions plow through enemy creep waves and stacking up to become a massive horde of minions that will eventually help you pressure the enemy base and win the game. Opening the gates wins games a lot of the times so I highly recomend manipulating the strategy.