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Anivia, The Immortal CryoPhoenix

JumpScareNova Last updated on February 2, 2017
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

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Threat Champion Notes
Anivia I haven't actually played this before, so I can only really suggest getting early boots, and dodging her stuff while landing yours. Unless one of you gets a gank, I doubt either of you will be killing each other unless a mistake is made somewhere.
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Hey guys, I'm a friendly League Player by the username of JumpScareNova, NA (Yes I know T^T). I'm an Anivia main, and I've been playing her since I picked up the game. With the new Season 6 Updates, I thought I'd just throw down what I have built on Anivia so far. It's by any no means perfect, but I've found I still do decently well with it and I still have fun. I hope this proves to be of some use to some people as I like to typically do some weird and funny stuff. I like to keep each game slightly different and entertaining y'know? You don't have to follow my guide through and through 100% no changes, but if you do you won't be too horribly off as I tried my best to direct the basics to building Anivia. Feel free to make some changes in the game yourself or find some niche items you just like on Anivia. I like to encourage people to be different if they want to and I don't like people who are like "BUILD THIS, THEN BUILD THIS" on every little thing. I think every time you build a champion, you can do something a little different, whether it's the last item or the entire build to be able to adapt to each game better. My personal favorite niche to build on Anivia is Zz'Rot Portal because it's just a fun item. It gives movement speed to a champion that is typically slow, a decent amount of dual resistances, and a really fun active. It's not the best item to build everytime, and I definitely don't build it everytime, but it brings that little bit of separation from some games. I haven't finished this guide to the fullest extent that it could be, so please bear in mind the gaps (Example, the Champion Match-Ups). If you feel that I have missed something, feel free to tell me! I hope this helps and have fun playing the CryoPhoenix and daring that Zed to tower dive you. I did take the time to put in some notes, so if anything confuses you, maybe the notes would help! I've also updated this guide a bit for Season 7 up to Patch 7.2, as of right now I haven't finished looking over everything and editing it, but I'll try to have it done soon for the future!

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Unique Skills

Anivia is like most champions, they have some unique/semi-unique specific traits and abilities in their kit that allows them to be dynamic in the way each game is played. Something to note in Anivia at the moment, is that her kit consists of a lots of slows. Her q and ult are straight up slows and her q can place a nice hard stun on someone on top of AoE damage. Her w, or her Crystallize ability allows Anivia to create temporary terrain on the map. This wall can be used to block off jungle routes in the early game and can be used to block entries into your base at higher ones. In addition it can displace units standing on where it is cast, which is really useful against champions such as Teemo, who can go invisible by standing still, or by trolling your team and walling on top of them recalling or walling them into the enemy team. Fun Story: I walled off my AD Carry of Vayne to the entire enemy team and typed in /all chat "PENTAKILL OR DIE VAYNE". Needless to say, she 1v5'd them and made the moment legendary. Back on a serious note, the majority of Anivia's kit can be used to prevent an escape from an enemy or enable the success to an escape of you and your teammates. A useful tactic with Anivia's wall is that she can perform a denial to enemy champions that have jump or gap closing abilities in their kit. If you were to drop your wall in front of an enemy champion while their champion is in the middle of performing the animation of moving forward or in any other chosen direction, it will knock them back a little and cancel their jump/dash. An example would be LeBlanc or Tristana. If you place the wall at a specific time and place while they cast their gap closer, it will cancel it and place them against the wall. Useful for escaping and preventing escape. This tactics is set as a harder tactic to execute as it requires really good timing, however the continuous successful execution of it can change the outcome of situations such as a Jungler Gank from someone like Zac or a trade/all-in from someone like LeBlanc.

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With the new Season 6 Masteries, I've found myself more towards the Ferocity and the Cunning Trees. For this build, the Keystone chosen was the Thunderlord's Decree. I found I've liked this over Deathfire Touch because it allows me to get up to 5% extra CDR at the start of the game, which is helpful. In addition, Thunderlord's Decree allows me to deal more damage with anything that hurts, and it gives more burst to Anivia's attacks. Deathfire Touch is also a great Keystone, and I've found that it can also be successful. However, it doesn't do much early game and isn't the most noticeable changer in fights, although it can be the reason you trade in 1v1s and can catch a lot of people off guard, especially when stunned in your ultimate, Glacial Storm. Another Keystone people like to take on Anivia is Stormraider's Surge, which makes sense as it allows you to chase after people you've mainly bursted down. However, I haven't found a huge need for this mastery as Anivia has her W to prevent the escape of an opponent.

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Creeping / Jungling

So you wanna Jungle w/ Anivia huh? Well... Don't do it. You're infinitely more useful in Lane than the Jungle. Anivia is a slow champion at base and her early camp clears are mediocre compared to other junglers such as Rek'Sai or Elise. However, if you just want to have fun or do something really different, by all means go for it. If your team flames you or has little support towards the idea, just say that the friendly player JumpScareNova supports your decision and have some fun. If you do take her Jungle, be sure to watch out for invades, the enemy jungler may easily just decide to roam your jungle for free kills/farm.

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CS'ing w/ Anivia
Don't be afraid to use abilities to get a higher creep score. You can use her abilities to poke and open up windows for ganks from your jungler or force an all in/retreat from your enemy laner. A good thing for early game is to not spam your abilities and mainly poke with your auto attack when there aren't any creeps low enough to last hit. Make sure to not overextend on using your mana, as you can be caught out with no defense. That in mind, be careful for when your laner might take advantage of you using your abilities to go in on you. I recommend waiting until hitting Lv. 6 before using your abilities to massively/quickly clear the minion waves, as it gets significantly easier to get all of them once you put a point in Anivia's R - Glacial Storm.

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Pros / Cons

-Lots of Crowd Control in her kit
-Second Life in a Bottle (Passive)
-Massive Burst Damage Late Game
-Can create Terrain to your needs
-Not many people know the radius of your ultimate, so you can do great combos where you tip the enemies with your ult to apply the slow and open a window for her e
-Huge Tower Diving Protection - You can laugh as that Zed uses all his abilities and his ult, took two tower shots, damage from your abilities, burned his summoners, and take minion aggro to just see you go down in an egg and respawn 6 seconds later with full health under the safety of your tower.
-AoE Abilities - Anivia's Q has a larger explosive radius than most people expect, so use that to your advantage.
-Lots of Damage w/out Building AP - Anivia's base damages are really good, and can deal lots of damage even if you haven't built any AP yet, making early trades with most opponents easier.
-You have only one skill shot, and it's super slow. If it's going to hit, it's going to hit.
-Managing Mana early-game is a must and messing it up can lead to massive punishments
-Anivia is REALLY slow. Anivia has a lower than normal base movement speed, so getting caught really means you got caught. Especially since Anivia has no escapes in her kit.
-Doesn't have the most aggressive style of a mage in the game. Her cooldowns are long early game and runs out of mana really quickly.
-Low starting health - Yes there is her Passive, but it's not every death you have a chance to come back. Losing the passive can be very easy and cause a lot of things to prevent you to do well.
-Anivia's E (Her Nuke) is also incredibly slow. If the enemy opponent escapes from your ultimate before your E can land, there is a high chance it won't do double damage due to her recent nerfs.

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I hope this Guide was useful to some extent, and sorry if you thought it was a bit corny. Perhaps maybe you, the one reading this, will pick up Anivia? Heh heh. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't like Anivia or if my guide was confusing in any way or unhelpful or in your opinion poorly made. Anivia does have her bad match-ups and is generally a harder champion to get good at, so being out-skilled against a simpler opponent like Annie can be frustrating, however that river flows both ways. A bad match-up can be good for Anivia if the one playing her works around the kinks and weaknesses of the nightmare match-up you thought you had at the lobby/loading screen. Every champion can be built to suite each player's desires and this is just my preferred way to build her and I hope others will also enjoy this style was well. Something you may have noticed is that I included a lot of ability names within this guide. Yeah, kinda annoying and overextensive. But I find that most people don't know the names of some champion abilities, so I just put them there for the sake of having people know them. Yes, I know I probably put Anivia's ability names in way to much. Heh, heh, sorry 'bout that. Lol. Thank you for taking the time to get this far in the build and I would appreciate any comments/feedback you could give. I tend to not have any trouble with anything particularly harsh, so if you were to say "OMFG THIS GUIDE SUCKS, RETHINK YOUR LIFE" in a comment, I would still get something positive from it. Again, thank you, and I hope you have a nice day. (^_^)