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Ashe Build Guide by DeDark30

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

League of Legends Build Guide Author DeDark30

Ashe : A beautiful carry

DeDark30 Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

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Expanded Mind
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Utility: 8

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5/27 : After looking up at the comments, I rectified some of the main complaints. Did my best on spellcheck, put Banshee's Veil in the build, removed attack speed seals. Also added more description for the items choice. Also, I put a description of the passive and a use for it.

6/23 : Added a scoreboard of one of my game. Gonna add more as soon as I can. Don't play Ashe often these days, only if there's no AD carry.
7/05: Sorry for the no updates status, working with another build for another character right now. Changed the skill sequence, thanks for pointing out the mistake.

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Normal game : I was with two friends, you can see their names. Did it on June 3rd, gonna post more.

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Hello and welcome to my first build ever! Here, I'm gonna talk about a great champion, which is Ashe. Ashe was the first character I tried and I had difficulties with her. I passed on, only to come back with her after months of playing. It's there that I realised her potential. Ashe is an awesome champion, and I'm going to do my best for you to learn and be better with her.

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Your job as Ashe

Ashe is a Attack Damage carry. Her job is to deal as much damage as possible in the little time she got to attack, because she has low health. She's pretty successful as a carry, having pretty good skills to add to her base damage. She also have a great map control with her ultimate and hawkshot. In this build, we will try to have as much atatck damage and speed as possible. But first, the skills.

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Skill explanation

Ashe passive, it's decent. Charge up your critical chance when your not attacking ennemies. What you want to do with this is, when you recall and come back to your lane, your focus will be charged, and you'll be close to 100% critical chance. So you want to hit an ennemy with your first arrow, and right after throw a volley for extreme damage.

Pretty self explanatory. You activate the skill to slow the ennemy with your basic shot. This will give you the chance to land more hits on the ennemy, and also chase people a lot better. Don't forget to desactivate it when there's no ennemies around.

Your harrassing tool. This awesome skill is an area of effect that shoots multiple arrow that slows ennemies. This is what you'll use to harrass ennemies in your lane, but be careful because the arrows stop when they it a minion. Use your skill carefully.You can also use it in tema fights, and to add damage to your overall damage on your ennemies in a fight. Use it often, use it carefully.

The passive of this skill gives a nice boost to your late game money. But what you want is the active. Too much Ashes pass over this skill's utility. This is what will make the difference between a good ashe and pro ashe. The active lets you predict gank, have map awareness, check baron, dragon, etc. A flying ward. A very useful skill, use it often.
You can also use it to shoot ennemies in the bushes in a chase, because the skill will reveal them.

This is what makes people fear Ashe. This magnifiscent arrow will travel any distance to hit a target and stun her for a maximum of 3.5 seconds! This is an awesome tool to gank, destroy or stop a fleeing ennemy. Use it often, because it has a low cooldown :D When a target thinks he can fight back, punish their decision with this arrow. Stop annoying ultimate like 's one. Surprise an ennemy that doesn't see you. Engage a fight. So many use for this awesome skill. That little won't see it coming when he didn't recall and that big blue arrow comes right in his face when he has less than 50% of his life. Use it often and you'll dominate the field. Don't be afraid to do long shots from your spawn point, you might save someone or get an assist.

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Skill Sequence

Now, the skill sequence. The fact that I max volley as fast as possible is because of two things. First, it's your harrassing tool. Your ennemies will run away as soon as they see you after some volleys in their face. At high level, the cooldown is pretty low, so you can spam it on your ennemies.Second, it's an area of effect skill, which is awesome when team fights will start. After you maxed volley, you want to max out frozen arrow , and after hawkshot. Always put a point in your ultimate while possible, pure logic.

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Now, the runes. I use basic runes for Ashe. Armor penetration gives a nice boost of damage early game. The mana regen will help early game, while the cooldown reduction is awesome to spam your . I had attack speed seals before, but after some testing, I think mana regen is a lot better, especially for early game.

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Summoner Spells

I use these two because Ashe is very squishy, so I thought she need something defensive, something to escape well. Flash and ghost are very good at this. Use them plus your ultimate to flee easily a gank. I thinks it's the best choice.

But there's other option :

To win a 1v1 against a tough target or slow someone thats running after you, it's good. Still prefer ghost and flash though, because Ashe is tough 1v1.

For getting a first blood, but I usually don't need it. It still has its uses.

I don't recommend all the others actually.

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I prefer to start with a doran's blade. Gives you a nice attack damage boost for early game, great lifesteal to make you lane longer, and some hp to give you a nice survivability. Great item to begin with.

Beserker's Greaves Next, I go for the Beserker Greaves. Try to have enough money on your first recall to at least buy your greaves. These will give you nice mobility, and a great boost of attack speed for early game. Good boots, and cheap ones too.

Note: You could want to replace these by , but I think the phantom dancer gives enough mobility.

Do I need to explain? Awesome damage, Awesome critical. Perfect.

Great critical, attack speed and movement, which is awesome for Ashe.

Damage and attack speed, plus a great passive for Ashe because you land multiple hits. Your ennemies should be starting to cry like babies now.
You have a lot of armor pentration, so don't be afraid to hit tanks, but only if it's the only option. You hurt now. Kill those dudes.

Don't forget to sell your Doran's Blade at some point.

Great damage, Great lifesteal, just awesome for lategame.
Don't forget to kill minions to farm the damage and lifesteal on your BT, because +40 AD and 10% lifesteal is pretty awesome.

A new addition thanks to the comment, just tried it out and it works perfectly. Gives a nice boost of health and mana, which help your survivability, but it also gives a great passive which blocks the first ennemy skill, great against crowd control ennemies like or .

Other Possibilities :

Always great to have a second one.

To replace the either phantom dancer or black cleaver if you really lack survivabillity.It
gives a nice slow too to complement your . I don't really recommend this item though.

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Basic Laning : Middle

You are alone. 1v1 in the middle lane. Are you ready for this? Great, because Ashe is a wonderful mid. What you want to do is get your last hit with your basic attack, while you harrass with .
When you see an opportunity, start to attack with , using volley to complement, and you might get a kill.The fact that you start with the doran's blade makes you hit harder early, also with the armor penetration. Don't be afraid of hitting the ennemy!

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Basic Laning: Side Lanes

You have a partner now! While you are a better mid, you can still lane well. You basically wanna do the same thing as you did in mid, targeting the squishiest target. With the help of a good partner,you can get couple of kills, combining frost shot with volley.

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Advanced Technique: Back and Forth( Kitting)

You want to rampage melee character? You want to destroy them 1v1 ? Alright, your in the great section. The back and forth is painfully laughable agaionst melee. Lemme explain.

There you have a

He's running after you to get some hit. What you wanna do is :
1. Start the Frost Shot
2. Hit him and back a bit.
3. Repeat. Because he's slowed, he won't be able to land hits on you, but you will. If you do it well, he will never hit you while you destory him.
4. When he realise he has less health than you, track him with frost shot.
5. If he's about to escape( Flash, Ghost, etc.) Giant WTF Boom arrow to the face and bam he's dead.

Melee charaters will hate you so much for that. Master and use it wisely.

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Thank you if you read the whole thing. Tell me what you think about it in the comments, and feel free to vote anytime. Give me some advice too :D I hope you liked it.