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Assassin Creed Jungle Talon Style

Fangx Last updated on November 24, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 12


Defense: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Utility: 0

Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kindred Never thought of kindred as a real threat, don't think she is or ever will be, you will out damage her she can't really kite you
Xin Zhao This matchup is kinda one sided for you but if his fed his a worry, you out damage him really good, if you get in trouble you can get out just try to leap over walls before his 3rd q auto
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Hey everyone, I'm Fangx, I play on the OCE server, i joined in season 5 around August starting my ranking life in bronze 2, after playing for a bit i dropped down to bronze 5, But i found a passion for Talon and starting my slow climb, by the end of season 5 i ended up in silver, pre-season i reached gold and this season i got to plat by maining Talon, i have around 600k mastery points on talon so i play him quite often,

With the new Talon I had given up, i disliked him in the mid lane and i had thought they ruined him, Then i had a idea to play him like a assassin, i really love the assassin creed games and some of there missions, you have to get in kill who is needed to be killed then get out, i decided to merge that with my Talon game play and it worked out quite well

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Pros and Cons

The Pros
- Great Ganks
- Beautiful damage
- Can snowball really hard
- Can escape sticky situations
- Great dualer

The Cons
- Can be useless in team fights
- Can get shutdown really quickly
- Cannot auto reset (without titanic hydra) On towers anymore
- Doesn't have a slow anymore

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Summoner Spells

In this sections i'm still testing the spells i will recommend Flash Smite because its pretty much the basic jungling spells, really good for beginners because if you get in a sticky situation you can escape

But you can also take Ghost Now if you do plan on doing this, i suggest ganking really early, helping your laner and getting a flash out of your enemies, or even a early kill making you or your laner snowball really quickly.
The thing about this is, you will have to rely on your e, so you got to have really good map awareness, map pressure to make it work.
You don't have that extra gap closer only the move speed, you will also have
Youmuu's Ghostblade to help you out with catching up. Id say its a (high-risk/high reward) (still unsure)

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Pretty standard masteries for talon but here are reasons why we take them.
Thunderlord's Decree for that beautiful extra damage with your burst. Hitting them 3 times dealing the deeps.
Natural Talent You really don't need any life steal, you're a snowball cannon that extra ad adds up.
Sorcery 2% Increased Damage from Abilities, Did someone say extra burst?
Savagery Helps with jungle camps.
Double Edged Sword No pain No Gain Right?
Runic Affinity Why this and not Assassin Well you're in the jungle you want that extra buff time.
Merciless Hey you seem a little low on health, wouldn't it be a shame if i "stab" oh my bad
Dangerous Game Oh boy i love this mastery so much, think you're going to die and then you get a kill or a assist and your hp just comes back and dang you're one happy talon
Precision That Sweet Lethality and magic pen
Fresh Blood Just a little bit of extra damage could change that fight around just for you

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Now these runes i prefer, it may look a little awkward so let me explain, you get 72 extra health at level 18 it may not seem like a lot BUT This has saved me so many times i cannot explain, the amount of times i lived on around 1~30 hp and won games off it, Now if you choose to not go with this, change the 3 scaling health to Armor to suit your choice

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Why Q first? Well your first jungle camp is red or blue so its a single target why would you need w for your first camp.
The way you want to use your Q is AA - Q - AA, After autoing, once you q you will instantly auto
(Will update this later)

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In here ill be explaining on why i made this build like this and to support the build as well

Main question that will be asked
Why no jungle item??
The reason i decided to not put a jungle item in this build is because its just 60 ad and cool down reduction, you really don't need another Youmuu's Ghostblade that deals like 180 true damage removing this item allows you to get better items for the late game ETC Guardian Angel or Dead Man's Plate and still have enough ad to deal the dps needed.

Why Titanic Hydra and not Ravenous Hydra
One of the major reasons i picked Titanic is because it gives you way more survivability Another huge reason on why i choose it is because of the combo you can do with it will work out a lot more better in a aoe (cone) then what the Ravenous Hydra will.
Comboing like this will deal a lot more damage then what it would with Ravenous Hydra
AA - Q - AA - Titanic Hydra if done correct.
You get more hp, but less ad?
Yes, but with that more hp you can survive a lot more in team fights which is what you need now.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Even though Youmuu's Ghostblade lost its 40% attack speed id still class this item as one of Talon Core items because of the move speed still being really useful.

Why Ionian Boots of Lucidity and not Boots of Mobility
Well, the reason to this is because your Assassin's Path is a free Boots of Mobility
Plus you'd want that constant speed instead of that extra 90 move speed untill you get damaged, yeah this will allow you to move around more but if you get hit you can't get away unlike with Ionian Boots of Lucidity even if you get hit you stick with that constant move speed. That 10% cooldown will also reduce the time your walls refresh.

The Black Cleaver
The reason i put this item into my build is due to the fact you get so many stats you get two passives.
One of the passives is Rage, this will allow you to keep up with running targets once you hit them and if you get your w slow it will help a lot more.
The second passive is when you deal physical damage you "Cleave" some of there armor off reducing there armor by 5% each hit up to 30% (6 times) Adding this on with its default stats is a really useful item for this build.
You get hp, you reduce their armor and get move speed on hit this is why The Black Cleaver is so useful.

Edge of Night
Now this item was kinda a weird pick into this build, it works really well if the team has a lot of cc or high damage spells it gives Magic Resistance, Attack Damage and a Spell shield
This helps you out a lot if there is AP on the team or just hard cc.
Only downfall to this item is the channel time casting spells or getting damaged will stop the shield so you have to be smart when using this

Infinity Edge
Now why this item as your last? well that's because its not as important as all your other items yeah this gives your crits 50% more damage and your Q does crit at 100% if you're right next to them but id pretty much recommend this item if you don't need the extra survivability But if you do id suggest you going the items below

Guardian Angel Dead Man's Plate Spirit Visage

Guardian Angel
I suggest you going this if you feel like you need it, if you're having trouble surviving in team fights and you feel like you're not doing enough go this item you get that extra life and you could turn the team fight around and if you get caught out you still have another chance

Dead Man's Plate
I feel like if they have more ad or all ad going this item last gives you more hp more armor and extra move speed and a on hit effect what more could you want?

Spirit Visage
Kinda the same with Dead Man's Plate But if they have more ap you can go this.
If you do choose to go this item you can sell your boots and get any other boots ranging from Ninja Tabi, Mercury's Treads, Boots of Swiftness This choice is completely up to you

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Jungle path

So, Now you're in the jungle first clear, and you're on the bot side, what do you do? Start red or blue?, Starting blue is a more safer option plus Smite after losing around 100~200 hp you get full health, or you can choose to keep smite for the next camp Gromp.

The Safer jungle is (relaxed less action)
Blue - Gromp - Wolves - Back - Red - Krugs - Raptors - Scuttle (try to get health plant)- look for open opportunities.

The Risky jungle is (action early)
Blue - Gromp - Wolves - Based on how the lanes are going, go to river take scuttle and the health plant, then aim for ganking and securing a early kill.

So you've done your clears So now what? Have you ganked a lane? Does a lane need help? this is what you need to focus on mainly while talon jungling (And other junglers) do you have dragon control? Rift herald/baron control?
What i like to do is around level 5~7 ill gank bot if my bot or i can score a kill ill focus the dragon next as talons passive Blade's End is really good for taking dragon can be constantly reset after the dragon have been hit 3 times with spells (example 1 w and 1 q AA)

Try to help the lanes to push there towers, try to aim for objectives (pretty much basic infomation)

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Team fights

Now looking at my cons You would of seen that i said;
Can be useless in team fights
You need to be so careful in team fights because you could be the reason you lose it or the reason you win it.
One way i team fight is mostly sitting in the middle of the team waiting for the moment to assassinate, you need to choose your targets right.
You don't have the same aoe that you used to have, you cannot just go in and kill whoever you want (unless you're insanely fed but thats not the case in this) You can choose to engage but you have to just be smart about it.

Another way i team fight is sitting in the jungle waitting for the right moment to join in on the fight as seeing the enemy team will see it as a 4v5 and may engage, this allows you to leap over the wall getting to their most fed and possibly dealing a crazy amount of damage or killing them, if you can do this you have helped your team a hell of a lot taking away a huge threat

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Ending/Extra info about me etc

Hello to everyone reading this, id like to say a big thank you to everyone who got down here, this is still a W.I.P and i hope to keep it updated and add the better facts to make it better for the reader to learn.

Id also like to make a shout out to Vapora. When i was in bronze and i was trying to find new champions to play i stumbled across your talon guide and it had helped me improve so much, big thank you man, you were the one that inspired me to make this thank you again!
Another big thank you to King of Onions and CivilSnake, you two had helped me so much thank yous for being my OCE talon idols :)

This was my first guide hope yous like it :)